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Mi Casa Es Su Casa


"Hey Kagome!"

Diiiiiing Donnnng

"Please open the door, I'm not going anywhere until you open the door and talk to me, please!"

What the hell is he doing here? What the hell is he doing here? Crap.

Diiiing Donnng

Deep breathe, relax.

'Ok, now lets think about this shall we? I wake up naked in bed with a naked Sesshoumaru next to me only run down stairs in his shirt and answer the door

to find none other then his stupid, demented, retarded, ass-monkey of a half brother at my door. Well gee golly whiz don't I have a full house today!'

She thought riley.


"Go away Inuyasha."

She pinched the bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger vainly trying to ward off the on coming headache. 'I need a vacation.'

"Not until you open the door."

"I already did and now it's closed. Too bad so sad you missed your window of opportunity, so why don't you cry me a river build a bridge and get over it!"


"Oh that's cute, but I'm still not going away." He shouted threw the door.

"Who is that at the door?"

She went ridged.

'Shit. Is that Sesshomaru, please let it not be Sesshomaru.' She prayed in vain.

She slowly turned and peeked over her left shoulder.

'Shit! Its him, its him! And half dressed no less! But damn does he look good, he only has his pants on and his chest looks so- Hey! Not right now, think about the situation at hand. What do I say, what do I say?'

"Uhhhh, Jehovah's Witness! Yeah that's right, you know how relentless they are."


Sesshoumaru cocked an eyebrow.

"Uhh, yeah well I guess I better answer it, heh heh."

And she ran out the door as soon as possible shoving Inuyasha out of the way and slamming the door behind her. She let out a huff of frustration and stared at the last person she wanted to see right now.

"Inuyasha what don't you get about 'Leave me alone'? The 'leave' part or do you just have trouble understanding common Japanese?" She yelled at him in a hushed voice so Sesshoumaru couldn't hear.

"I-" He was about to respond when he suddenly took note of what I was wearing, nothing but Sesshoumaru shirt…shit.

His face turned red, but not from embarrassment, oh no, he was just that mad.

"Kagome," he growled out "what the hell are you wearing?"

She crossed her arms over her chest and stuck her nose up in the air. 'Who the hell is he to talk to me in such a way?'

And I was all ready to give him a long awaited piece of my mind but all I got out was "That's-" before I heard footsteps coming towards us and grabbed Inuyasha and ran for the bushes before Sesshomaru could see us.

I peeked through and saw him walk out a couple of steps before he turned and walked back. I sighed in relief too soon before I heard Inuyasha behind me.

"You fucked Sesshomaru?" He near shouted.

I sighed and got off of the ground. I dusted myself off and turned to walk back. I was not having this conversation with him now.

"Kagome, stop!" He grabbed my arm and turned me so I faced him again. "Answer me !" He ordered.

Frustrated beyond belief I screamed "No! Just go home, your making such a goddamn fool of yourself Inuyasha!"

"God what the hell was I thinking!"

He slammed his fist into a nearby wall, earning several cracks.

"I should just save myself the trouble and leave." His eyes dropped to the floor as he slowly leaned himself against the wall. "I was a fool to come back."

And with that he turned to collect the rest of his things.

She stopped and took a calming breathe.

"Look, why don't-" She started but was cut off by the slam of the front door and the sound of footsteps. She turned just in time to see Sesshoumaru disappear behind the side of the house. 'Where is he going?'

"Just tell me, are you two together?." He pushed further. And that question rang out in her mind as she gave a short answer and went after Sesshoumaru with Inuyasha shouting after her.

She reached him when he just about reached his car and he seemed to be ignoring her since he hadn't answered her any of the times she had called his name.

"Sesshoumaru!" She called again when she finally reached him with a hand on the shoulder which he unceremoniously shrugged off when he turned to meet her. She couldn't really tell if he meant to be rude or not so she disregarded it. "Hey why are you going?"

"Because I just realized something."

She frowned.

"Well can't it wait? I mean, you'd think that what just happened would take precedent over everything else."

"Hm?" And he cocked an eyebrow as to inquire what she was speaking of.

She shook her head, "Oh you've got to be kidding, can you tell me that you have not been asking yourself as to why we woke up naked in he same bed this afternoon or even why I'm wearing your shirt right now?"

He sighed, "Oh that." He drawled.

"Yes that, and why are you acting so weird anyways?"

He scoffed "Me acting weird? And I suppose running out the door in nothing but a dress shirt with a supposed Jehovah's Witness is what you'd consider normal activity?"

She lightly blushed and unconsciously tugged the shirt so it could cover a little more of her legs.

Not that it really did anything of course, but she tried nonetheless.

He looked passed her shoulder and said, "And hey wouldn't you know, there's my brother." without any amusement in his voice.

"I-I uh-"

"And as for what happened between us, is was a mistake plain and simple."

And that for some reason felt so wrong to hear. It just felt so wrong for her, but she went along with it.

"Y-Yeah, yes of course it was but-"

"I mean we both know it was the alcohol, which was an overly stupid idea on our part."

Her little world that she had already begun to rebuild after her tragedy was ever so slowly beginning to cave in on her. If he said one more word she was liable to crack.

"It's best if we just forgot about it. It meant nothing to either us so you can go back to Inuya-"


Sesshoumaru stared up at Kagome from the ground where he lay massaging his jaw where a bruise was already starting to form.

Kagome was furious.

"Has two years really changed you that much that you wouldn't even care that you took my virginity?" She screamed.

He cringed and he would never admit to her that she had taken his as well.

"You may be able to forget about it, it may be just another fuck for you, but I have to live with the fact that you were my first. You, of all people! And I bet everything you said to me yesterday about not wanting to hurt me and being sorry was all bull wasn't it?"

"No it wasn't-"

"Cause out of everything that has happened between us you've never hurt me more then you did right now."

And with that she turned and left him lying on the floor with way too much to think about to even have enough sense to call for her, cause she would've stopped. She would have accepted his apology without a second thought if he would just give one.

Inuyasha who had been silent up till now had heard the entire thing he made to move towards her but with one look he stopped in his tracks and she went on her way, paused then walked back towards him.

She stood there for a good while, just staring into his eyes and eventually he had to advert his eyes because her gaze was so haunting. He was so nervous that it seemed every pour in his body had opened up and he had feared he might drown in his own sweat. He was so tense that she nearly broke his neck with the slap she dealt him. Her combined strength and not to mention how tense he was gave him wicked whiplash.

He rubbed his cheek with his eyes still down cast until he heard her speak.

"Do you love me?"

After what had just happened with Sesshoumaru and how hers and Inuyasha's relationship ended she needed to feel something, she needed reassurance. At this moment she felt so low, so dirty, and when his eyes meat hers his heart broke all over again. She no longer looked made of that hardened alloy steel, but of something sheer and flimsy.

"Of course I do."

"Then why?"

And that was the question he was afraid of her asking. Just what should he tell her?

He sighed and tried his best to articulate his feelings about how he felt about their relationship and was rewarded with another slap.

"Are you fucking crazy? That has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard!"


"Oh no Inuyasha you better shut up right now! You are not going to try and defend this!"

He snapped his mouth shut and stared at the floor again. She sighed and her anger deflated. 'I suppose I can understand. I mean I do kind of feel responsible.'

"Inuyasha would you say I'm a blunt person?"


"When it comes to serious situations would you say I'm blunt and straight to the point?"

"Yes?" He answered cautiously and got a smack upside the head. "Ow"

"Then how could you think that I not care for you if we've been dating for two years!" And she paused for his answer, meanwhile Sesshoumaru burned rubber out of her driveway and she shook her head slightly before returning her attention to him.

"Well I-uhh, It seemed it like a good idea at the time?" He winced and expected another hit but instead she shook her head with a small smile playing on her lips.

"Inuyasha how many times do I have to tell you, any idea that comes out of your head should be disregarded."

"Oh haha, funny."

"I thought so, now that that's all cleared up I'ma go back inside before anybody else decides to show up and bother the hell out of me."

"Hey wait Kagome…are we ok?"

"Yeah I guess, can't really blame you per say, but I must say that is very creepy Inuyasha, actually that's by far the creepiest thing I've ever heard of."

"Ok, ok I know it was wrong very wrong and I'm very sorry, if I could take all back I would ….and I'm not just talking about us either, but about your family too."

Her smile diminished and she nodded her head in agreement as he hugged her.

"Kagome you're the best person I know and the last that something like this should've ever happened to." He rubbed small circles around her lower back and for a moment it was like they were together again. And when she lifted her head off of his chest it seemed like they were going to kiss, but something inside her ached so hard and screamed so loud that she winced.

He stared at her and asked in a quiet voice "You really love him don't you?"

Kagome sighed, why did he have to ask her that?

"I truthfully don't know. I think I might, but I don't know. We haven't seen each other in so long and now this? God, he acted like such a jerk."

"Guess it runs in the family."

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"Got that right." And she turned to go inside when he called to her again. "Yeah?"

"There's going to be a party at my house tonight, want to come? As far as I know you haven't been out in a while."

"Yeah sure why not, I could use a change of pace for a while."


"Hey Kagome haven't seen you in a while, howya doin'?"

"Just fine Koga, hey Ayame." Said Kagome in a passing greeting to a few school friends. She decided on going to the party after all she had been in her house too long.

She was currently walking along the back deck with cup of beer in hand looking for some more friendly faces she hadn't seen in a while. 'Hm, maybe I should go see Itachi and Izayoi."

"Sesshoumaru, you've been a great disappointment to me tonight."

"Yes father, but as I explained to you I was not in the best of mind frames at the time."

His father was a youkai of great power and wealth. With his tall broad shoulders and long silver hair that came down passed his butt and was usually kept in braided medium ponytail, to the public eye he was kind and generous but to everyone else he was something of a tyrant. He can be cruel and heartless when need be and kill without a second thought, and that is why Sesshoumaru was sent away.He saw the hidden potential in his son that no one else saw and he had to harness it. As soon as he saw what he was capable of there was no question about it, he had to be trained and disciplined and well taught. He couldn't very well let all that raw talent go to waste, could he?

Itachi was an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a God given saint to everyone but his eldest. He was the only one other than Inuyasha who knew him for what he really was, the boss of the Western Syndicate. And Inuyasha didn't even know everything. Everything he was told was very watered down and anything he did for his father was medial work, but Sesshoumaru was his prime specimen. Sesshoumaru was the one that took care of any competitors in the market, he made sure that anymore who crossed his father wouldn't be able to so much as cross their toes if need be. He changed their name to The Western Sin or The West Sin which he often referred it to.

He single handedly instilled the Western Syndicate with all it prestige and is the single reason why everyone fears it so. No matter who you are or where you are, if you're his mark your days are numbered and he hated himself for it. He wanted to be normal not some killing machine, but he had found his light at the end of the tunnel and it was Kagome.

Both of their fathers had in fact worked for the syndicate up until her fathers' death. They ran it together as best friends and partners in business, until the power struggle commenced, and lets just say Sessh is walking around with a whole lotta

guilt on his shoulders.

Itachi chuckled, "Of course I was aware, how do you think you both became 'drunk'? Surely you did not actually think you intoxicated?" in a mocking voice that made Sesshoumaru want to deck him right then and there.

He breathed deep. "So it is as I suspected, you did have a hand in what happened?"

"Only in that you both were not actually drunk, it would have taken two bottles each of that weak shit to make you both lose your inhibitions as such."

Sesshoumaru was suddenly filled with anger beyond belief at his father's intrusion. It was because of him that Kagome and him…

Itachi stood from behind his desk. "Do you hate me for interfering or do you want to thank me for giving you something that you would never have the courage to take?"

His anger boiled almost to the surface and he had to clench his fists in order to keep from closing them around his neck.

"It wasn't mine to take but only hers to give. You stole it from her."

"Oh do not think me barbaric as to do such a thing. I just lowered your inhibitions and that was all the incentive you both needed. All I did was give you a push in the right direction and you couldn't keep your hands off each other."

And just when Sesshoumaru was about to lose control Itachi spoke, "Speak of the devil and she shall appear." Kagome knocked twice before entering the study with a shy "Itachi-sama?"

He inwardly sighed when her eyes met his and the smile she had been wearing disappeared.

"Oh sorry, I'll come back later." She not only wanted to get away from Sesshoumaru, but the emotions in the room was so thick it was almost tangible. Looks like Sesshy didn't like what his father was saying….good the rotten bastard could rot in hell.

"Nonsense Kagome come here, how are you dong?" Itachi moved from behind his desk and enveloped Kagome in a hug as soon as she was near.

Sesshoumaru nearly gagged. If only she knew that he was not the only perfect specimen his father had wanted to train. For years Itachi had been trying to convince Minasae (pronounced mina- say (Kagome's father)) to train her and all he got her was a few years Tai Chi and Tae Kwon Do in which she accelerated immensely. Her miko powers had interested Itachi greatly, he couldn't stand to see such potential go to waste…

"Good as can be expected I suppose. How are things it seems like forever since we last spoke." Her voice stayed light and she was determined to ignore that lamppost in the middle in the room that kept staying at her like a lost puppy.

He sighed 'Great the cold shoulder.' He thought with a mental roll of the eyes.

"Well there is something that I've been meaning to talk to you about." His gaze flickered to Sesshoumaru before settling back on her and for a moment she thought of how mortified she would be if he knew what had transpired between her and his son. 'Oh God he probably does know…crap that's embarrassing.' She thought as a light blush settled across her cheeks that neither Sesshoumaru nor Itachi missed.

"Izayoi and I have been talking and we both thought it best if you came to live with us and we won't take no for and answer."

Both Sesshoumaru and Kagome started at this.

A "What!" with a two part voice echoed throughout the room making Itachi laugh.

"Don't act so shocked, we couldn't very well leave you to live by yourself. Sesshoumaru why don't you walk her to her room."

Kagome closed her gaping jaw and sighed "Very well then I accept your offer, thank you Itachi-sama." And she hugged him and left the room with Sesshoumaru trailing after her.

After a moment she held up her hand, "Not one word Sesshoumaru, not one." He smirked and closed his mouth.

Inuyasha was hanging out leaning on the railing of the deck in the backyard when he heard, "Hey Inuyasha!"

"Yeah? Oh hey Kik-Kikyou! What are you doing here?" He stuttered as he looked at her up and down to make sure he wasn't hallucinating, or drunk…well he could be drunk.

"What? I'm not invited?" She said smiling coyly.

Oh God that voice was too annoying to not to be real.

"No!" He shouted "What the fuck are you doing here?" He screamed in a hushed while dragging her to the front of his house by her arm. "I told you not to call, not to write, telegram, send word by carrier pigeon or pony express so what in Gods name made you think I'd want you to show up on my doorstep!"

She tusked and patted his chest. "I know you didn't mean it, but Inu-hon (short for honey) how come you didn't call?"

They stopped in his foyer and he turned to face her.

"That's because I was serious Kikiyou!"

"Hey Inuyasha, Kagome!" Shouted Sango from across the hall, where her and Miroku were now coming toward them.

"Shit!" Inuyasha started trying to shuffle Kikiyou out the door. "Please get out, leave, never come back, get out, GET OUT!" He said the last part in a thundering, but still hushed voice so the others wouldn't hear him. He finally pushed her out the door and locked it just as Sango and Miroku came upon him.

"Hey Inuyasha where did Kagome go?"

"Huh? Oh hey Sango, Miroku!" Said Kagome walking down the hall towards them.

'Oh shit!' Was Inuaysha's only thought as the real Kagome answered walking towards them in a navy blue baby T and cargo shorts with matching Chuck Ts, with a despondent Sesshoumaru walking after her.

Sango whipped around "Kagome? But I thought- Who was that Inuyasha was just talking to?"

"Hm?" Kagome inquired.

Inuyasha shot Miroku a pleading glance and he got the picture. It was her.

"A, Sango dear it doesn't really matter now, why don't we-"

"No, I wanna know! They seemed pretty chummy with his hands all over her!"

(Remember people, she doesn't know that Inuyasha and Kagome broke up yet.)

"Hey I was trying to get her out! My hands were not all over her!"

"Yeah well let's just see what's behind door number one shall we?"

"No lets just-"

"No how about we do open door number one." Kagome had seen the look he gave Miroku and now she was interested.

Sesshoumaru watched this all with mild interest. He wanted to see his brother crash and burn.

Sango threw open the door to find nobody. Inuyasha sighed in relief and everyone turned to look at him. "…What?"

Sango sighed and patted his shoulder "Inuyasha you know I love you right?"

His eyes darted around in uncertainty "…yeah?"

Her grip turned crushing within a second and her voice venomous "but if I ever find out that you have ever cheated on Kagome, I will kill you and if you run I will hunt you down and beat you like the dog you are. And that my friend is no idol threat for I will carry it out if I get wind of any and I mean any foul play." She let go of his shoulder and patted his head from where he was kneeling on the floor where her grip had forced him. "Good doggie."

Miroku and Kagome exchanged a glance of a foreboding disaster before he was whisked away. She shook her head and helped Inuyasha off the floor.

She smirked "Boy do I feel sorry you Inuyasha. I don't think Sango will be as understanding as me."

He grimaced when she touched his shoulder. "Oh and what gave you that idea?" He said sarcastically.

He sighed, dejected "Man, my days are numbered." As the three of them walked on to the back deck. Sesshoumaru lingered behind abit before deciding he could use a beer and entertainment when they found that the woman in the front had gone through the back.