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Summary: Ron and Hermione feel left out of Harry's life. Are they able to suffer the consequences of interfering?

Title: The Parchment

"There," Hermione said with a satisfied smile. "It's finished."

Ron looked at the decrepit piece of parchment and then back at his girlfriend. "That's it?" he asked her. "That'll do the trick?"

"Yes, Ron," she responded with rolled eyes. "This will write out everything."

"You sure it'll work?" he asked, still dubious. Hermione shoved him.

"Are you doubting me, Ron Weasley?" she demanded. Ron blushed.

"No," he said, abashed. Hermione smiled at him triumphantly.

"Good," she told him. "It should start working tomorrow, when he's awake."

"He talks in his sleep, too," Ron pointed out. Hermione thought about it and nodded.

"Let's stay up and hour and watch it, then," she offered. "Not like there are any classes tomorrow."

Ron grinned and nodded, moving closer to his girlfriend. Hermione rested against him. "And in the meantime?" he asked. Hermione giggled.

"Ronald Weasley, your mind is most spectacularly single-tracked!" she told him, then surrendered into his kiss.

They finally pulled apart at a slight scratching sound. "Look," Ron said. "It's working."

"I told you it would," she said smugly. Ron stuck his tongue out at her and turned the parchment so he could read it.

...no...nonono...leave her alone...just a child...
Not them...please...anything but them...I didn't...I'll do anything...
Ron! No, don't go in...don't do it...I'll...anything....
Please...please...leave him alone, you bastard...he doesn't deserve it...
Oh Merlin, no...Hermione...Mione...please, I never meant... I'll do anything, let them go...cast it as much as you like...bastard...
Never break...not for you...I can't...won't...Cedric, Sirius... Oh, Merlin...I've failed them...going to fail the—no!
I won't! Can't break me...not yet, not now...sick twisted...please run... He's going to kill you...run! I can't save you...I'm sorry, so sorry...
My blood...mine, all mine...on my hands, my hands, blood...

"Finite Incantatum!" Hermione sobbed out. Ron was too pale and shaken to say a word. The script on the page faded and was gone in silence. Hermione was still sobbing and Ron held her tightly, wishing with all his heart that there was something, anything, that he could do.

A/N: Well, that's it. Just a one-shot. I thought of making it a little longer, but it just seemed to end right there and nothing more would follow. Whether it's any good is up to you to decide. –Miss Laine