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Chapter 5

"Due to the fact that neither one of you is in your homeland you shall be wed by the customs of this land." Jolyen said seriously. Toby had proposed to Faith the night before and they had decided to forgo an engagement and wed the next morning. So here they were, Jolyen presiding over the ceremony with most of the Aes Sedai, novices and Accepted present along with the budding army of Salidar and those from the other world.

"Toby, you come to me asking for the hand of this woman as your wife. Is this true?"

"It is Jolyen Sedai." Toby replied.

"Faith, you have accepted Toby to be your husband. Is this true?"

"Yes it is Jolyen Sedai." Faith whispered looking lovingly at Toby.

"Then with the consent of those gathered here today I pronounce thee wed. You may now share your first kiss as a married couple." Jolyen smiled. She had bent the rules a little and shorted the ceremony from Earth so Faith and Toby would understand it. Originally the ceremony would have been longer and more drawn out but she didn't think that was necessary. Faith and Toby kissed, to the crowd's approval and the men began to bring tables into the green center of town for the celebration to begin.

The music was a mix of Earth and something distinctly other-worldly that just screamed Salidar and Aes Sedai. It was a miracle that the batteries in Faith's CD player still worked, but then again no one really listened to it in light of recent events. As the happy couple was dancing David pulled Jolyen aside.

"I leave tomorrow Jo. As much as I hate it I have to go. I've been gone for a week and in a war anything can happen in a week. I will come back as soon as I can Jo." He explained. Jolyen nodded.

"I'll miss you. Stay safe you big oaf." She hugged him tightly and looked about the village. "As much as I want to go with you David my place is here. The Forsaken are running loose, though none of my sisters will admit it, the Aes Sedai order is breaking down, I need to stay here and protect Jamie and Faith." David nodded in understanding. He gently kissed her and moved away through the crowd. Jolyen put on a happy face for Faith and Toby, not wanting to ruin their happy moment with her sorrow. She turned at a tap on her shoulder to see an Accepted standing behind her.

"Jolyen Sedai, the sisters have found a way to send your friends home." She whispered. "They can all leave. Only they can take nothing of this world with them."

"Take me to a full sister, Accepted."

"Yes Jolyen Sedai."

"Sheriam, what do you mean you have found a way to send Jamie, Faith and Toby home?" Jolyen called as soon as she walked into the room. The faint sounds of partying could still be heard outside.
"Yes Jolyen I have. There is one problem however. They can take nothing of this world with them. Jamie must leave behind Logain, as for Faith and Toby, their wedding will not hold. You must remain because you were born here and David has far too many ties to leave. However they will be safe. The taint of this world will not touch them there." Sheriam walked to the other side of the room and picked up a small wooden dragon.
"Fitting isn't it? The very thing that brought them here will be the thing to send them home." She handed Jolyen the dragon. As she curled the younger woman's fingers on the figurine she said "Make the right choice for them Jolyen. It may hurt them now but you know it will help them."
Jolyen looked about the sparsely furnished room and sighed. She shook her head. "The choice is theirs to make. I can not do this to them. I will not be the one to decide Sheriam. I cannot tear them from spouses and friends. And if Shi'Tan" She continued to spite Sheriam's feared gasp "wins here how long until his reach extends to their world? Yes, they will decide." She turned heel and walked back into the happy music filled air. She was going to give three a choice, one that would result in pain on all sides. No matter what the choice.
'Light let them choose the right thing.' Jolyen prayed as she tightened her fingers on the small dragon. 'Please let them make the right choice.'
"Jolyen, may I have this dance?" Toby approached her. The batteries had finally run out and a few servants had dug up instruments from Light only knows where and had continued the music.
"Won't your wife be upset that you're dancing with another woman Toby?" Jolyen said glancing at Faith who was happily dancing with Logain.
"Not in the slightest. Besides I have a feeling you have something to tell us." He took her hand and led her to the clearing. As they danced she spoke.
"My sisters have found a way to send you, your wife, and Jamie home." Toby began to interrupt but Jolyen stopped him with an upheld hand. "There is a catch. None of you can take anything from this world with you. That means you and Faith will no longer be married, Jamie must leave behind Logain and I will not be going with you. Because the very clothes you wear were made here they can not go across. Only what you took with you can return and the gateway will forever be sealed. Think on it Toby. Shi'Tan will not be a threat to you or Faith or Jamie. In another year or so you can marry her properly and Jamie can find someone she loves on the proper side of the gate." When she finished she looked down.
"You see Toby; my sisters are not giving me a choice. Sheriam told me to choose for you all. They take for granted that I would send you back. None of you were supposed to be here. This isn't your fight." She pleaded. "Please make the right choice."
The song ended and Jolyen made a move to walk away. Toby grabbed her back and didn't let her walk away like she desperately wanted to. Faith shot him a questioning look before seeing the thinly veiled anger in his eyes and sought out David to dance with.
"I noticed that you didn't mention David among those going home Jolyen." She opened her mouth. "Don't start; let me guess, 'David has too many ties here' 'the fate of my world rests in his hands'. Well let me tell you something Jolyen Sedai, We all have ties here-"
"But yours are still weak enough to leave!" She protested. Toby continued as if she hadn't spoken.
"We have lives here Jo Dee. Faith and I are married, and you expect me to give up my WIFE because you want us to go to a home we don't have anymore?! I don't think so! Jamie is married to the man she loves, yes he's odd, yes he could channel before, but that doesn't matter. If she leaves he will die. Is that was a human life means to you Jo? Sending three people away from things they love, to forever pine because of what they lost? I know I could marry Faith back where we came from but what about Jamie? She would never see her husband again and then you get to watch him die because you took away the one good thing in his life. And I would never see David again, he is my best friend Jo and you'd be sending me to a place where I'd never know if he lives or dies." He hissed.
Jolyen pulled out of his arms, her eyes flashed before she walked away from him. Over her shoulder she hissed, "Do not think I had not thought of all that Toby. And do not under any circumstances think I am above compulsion if that's what it takes to get you three home."

It was early the next morning and David was once again leaving to find Rand once more. As he readied his horse he was approached by Sheriam.
"I see you are leaving us child. So soon after your friend's wedding. However I believe you should wait a few hours. You may not be traveling alone. I have long thought of sending one of our own with you. The Phoenix and the Dragon reborn need Aes Sedai council. If you would tell me of a woman you trust I will see to it that she is sent with you."
"I can't do that. I will not tie someone's fate to me directly. I've read Rand's books on what happened the last time the Phoenix rose. I know that I will die for this cause."
"Prehaps it is a good thing we do not know what our future holds, for then there would be nothing to hope for. You have lost your hope. I intend to send someone with you so you can find it again."
David shook his head. "Let me tell you something and you can quote me on this to you're Aes Sedai friends, 'intelligence is like underwear, we should all have it but we shouldn't show it off.'" He turned his back to Sheriam and continued with his horse.

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