A/N: Well, here we are! My very first Friends fanfic! *Takes a bow.* Thank you, thank you. First, this is a very… unlikely pairing. I really do not think I have ever seen a Chandler / Phoebe story, but I do hope they're out there. Secondly, the story is rated R, and if it gets worse than that, I'll be moving it over to adultfanficion.net. The story takes place at the very end of 308, The One with the Giant Poking Device, in which Janice leaves Chandler for her ex-husband. I definitely stole a scene from 306, The One with the Flashback, which was Phoebe and Ross instead of Phoebe and Chandler (which for the purpose of this story, never happened). For the purposes of creative freedom, everything that happens after 308 is currently obsolete as well. Oh, and expect to see a couple of stolen quotes from the show. =) Happy reading!

Rating: Eventually R

Paring: Chandler / Phoebe

Disclaimer: If I had any connection with Friends, do you REALLY think I'd be writing this story?

Chapter One – Endless Love

Chandler sat, eyes closed as he hugged a Lionel Richie album and Janice's shoe close to his t-shirt clad chest. A bulky pair of headphones sat on his head, feeding the music past his ears as his mouth sang the words to Endless Love. Janice's words kept playing over in his mind, as much as he tried to make them disappear by raising the volume of his own voice.

"You're my soul mate."

Chandler cringed. It wasn't supposed to end this way. The truth was, Chandler had been alone most of his life. Janice was certainly not his ideal woman, but at least she was there. At least she was his. She loved him, and that's all he was asking for. That's all he wanted. But she needed something else, something more, and that something was undoubtedly her ex husband.

Just as those thoughts were swimming in his mind as he continued to shamelessly sing the words to one of his favorite songs, the door opened and Phoebe, pizza in arm, walked through the entrance. Hearing him sing and noticing the way he clutched the record in his arms protectively, Phoebe set down the pizza box and walked towards Chandler's recliner, her own voice joining his as she began to sing as well.

Hearing her voice, Chandler's eyes opened and a smile ghosted across his lips at the familiar face of one of his best friends. They each continued to sing, words perfectly matched, voices filling the air in something that was definitely not harmony as Phoebe took a seat on the arm of Chandler's chair.

Chandler's head tilted upwards and his eyes closed as he screeched out a solo, and Phoebe's thumb lifted in the air to encourage him on a job well done. His eyes opened again and he tilted his head to look up at her, her own eyes cast down to focus on his dimly lit face.

As they continued to sing, Chandler could feel a warmth somewhere deep in the pit of his stomach. Despite her quirkiness, despite the fact that she was, more often than not, way out there, she could almost always make him smile.

As the song came to a close and they each struggled to find their own note, Chandler's head slide to the side, his cheek resting against the warm fabric of her brown suede shirt. She placed a kiss on top of his head, her hands proceeding to lift the headphones from his ear. She gently placed them on the floor, along with the record and its player, and Janice's shoe, before sliding to her knees in front of him. Her eyes were genuine with concern as they studied his face and his own eyes returned her intense gaze.

She could see something in him that other people never seemed to find. It was a rare glimpse, and there was a part of her that felt special every time she found it. He was sensitive, despite the sarcastic quips that flew from his mouth like the exhaust from an engine, but more than that… He was heartbroken. She had seen it on previous Thanksgiving's when he would talk about his parents, and she could see it when he would watch Ross and Rachel with a longing that no one but Phoebe ever took the time to notice. And she could see it now, with his face turned in a frown as his eyes studied her, wondering what was going on behind her soft blue orbs.

She took her time, slowly lifting her hands to cup his cheeks. She sat up on her knees and propped her forehead up against his own, taking the time brush her thumb across his soft skin. She stared at him for a long time, and Chandler decided she must have been observing his aura or one of those new age things that Phoebe prided herself in. He was startled out of his thoughts when she finally spoke.

"You are amazing. She was an idiot for choosing Gary."

He raised his eyebrows in surprise and pursed his lips. "You think so?"

She nodded. "I know so. Because you're funny…" She kissed the tip of his nose. "And because you're smart…" She moved her lips to his cheek and pressed another kiss there, too. "And any girl would be lucky to have you." She finally stopped her mouth against his upper lip and puckered her own, her eyes searching his face for some sign. A sign of what, she wasn't sure – to stop, to keep going – but she knew when she saw it, she'd understand.

He opened his mouth and she expected him to speak, but instead they latched themselves to the soft mounds of her lips. His hands moved urgently to the back of her head, his fingers wrapping themselves through the silky blonde strands that hung like golden sunlight against her head.

What the hell are you doing, he inwardly scolded, this is Phoebe! She's just trying to make you feel better!

The words made sense to him and before the kiss even began, he pulled away. His face was contorted with a mixture of confusion and possible regret as he muttered quickly, pushing himself back against the chair as a desperate attempt to get away from her.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know what I was doing! That was you! You didn't want-" But before he could keep going, her lips were welding themselves to his again as she pressed her body up against his. He vaguely heard her mutter "sshhh, its okay" against his lips, but he'd never be quite sure if she said it or if he imagined it.

The weird part was it didn't feel weird. He should have been freaking out because he was kissing a woman he'd known for years and had never looked at as anything more than a friend. You still aren't, his mind contradicted, its desire, its physical attraction, it's

"Ohh…" Her hand was now on his thigh, squeezing lightly. Her mouth tasted sweet and warm, and her tongue was far more skilled than he had expected as it probed his lips and explored curiously the dark crevice of his mouth. He tugged lightly on her hair, his body reacting to her in a way that he hadn't felt in a long time.

Kissing Janice had been different. It had been… comfortable. There hadn't been heat for as long as he could remember, but this… This was heat. This was passion.

Her head pulled away momentarily, both of their chests heaving as they struggled for breath. His eyes were still closed and she smiled with satisfaction. The look on his face was the reaction she had wanted.

She pulled away to stand up, and Chandler's eyes flew open. He jumped out of his chair as she made her way towards the open door and he moved swiftly into the kitchen, reaching out to grab her arm.

"Where are you going?"

She crossed her arms over her chest. "Back home."


She laughed quietly and brought her hand to his shoulder, patting it gently. "In time, Chandler. In time."

He sighed, desperation playing across the features of his boyish face. He brought his hand to cup her cheek, thumb grazing her swollen lower lip. "Phoebe, please… don't go."

She smiled sympathetically. "Joey's going to be home any second now. Oh! Come to dinner with me!" She jumped once, clapping her hands together, and he smiled. "Yeah, come on, we can… we can get dessert. Nothing heals like chocolate."

He studied her for a moment and finally nodded his head. "Sure, just let me change."

She shook her head. "You look perfect like that. Let's go."