Digital Destiny By: taiCHI Location: Digiworld Chapter 1

Tai walked into the cave with Sora. Looking around in the pitch dark cave, Chills ran up their backs. Bats everywhere. No relief in sight. They slowly apporoached a bridge. Tai took the first step and the bridge started to crack. He looked down and saw a endless pit below. He walked slowly to the other side. He was almost on the other side when......POP! The bridge rope had snaped! Tai leaped for the other side.He landed the leap. " Sora comeon dont be afraid just hold on",He said. Tai slowly tried to reach his hand for Sora. Tai knew he could never leave Sora behind because she was his only love. His true love. Tai and Sora's hands finally touched and Tai pulled Sora over on the other side of the bridge. " Hope we never have to do that again",said Sora. "Yeah me to",Tai replied. As the two finally reached the end of the cave they saw the rest of the team. The cave had led them to a deep dark green jungle. The jungle was al moist from an early rain fall. The Kawagamon's were on search for food. But because of the trees were so big the Kawagamon's couldnt see them. They walked on and on. " Matt im hungry",said T.K. "Well find some food real soon okay T.K.? ",Matt replied. Just them Patamon did a boom bubble. Bananas and fruits and berries fell down from the tropical trees above. " Wow Matt look its raining food!",Said T.K. Matt just laughed and ate more. " We should set up camp now you guys",Said Matt. "Ok" , replied Sora. The took sticks and branches and made a little TeaPee. As they slept, evil digimon were revealing themselves to the world. A Tyranomon walked into the forest as its giant feet crushed the smalltrees below. Boom! Tyranomon shot huge fireball's into the forest. T.K. woke up screaming" Matt the forest its on fire!" Matt without not opening he's eyes said" T.K. stop your bickering its probably your nightmares, Now go back to sleep" A stream of smoke filled the wooden made TeaPee. Matt finally woke up and saw the large fires outside. " You guys wake up!!!!! Theres a fire outside!!!!!!" Matt yelled. Everyone woke up and ran outside. Flash. Flash. Flash. Flash. Fires everywhere!" Whered do we go? " yelled Mimi. "We ran to a nearby lake. Jump in the lake and you wont get burned",said Tai. Everyone dived into the lake. Sora Surfaced but then she was pulled back down. And then two people surfaced.That couldve gave me a heart attack! Oh its only you.

To Be Continued