Digital Destiny BY:taiCHI Note: Hmm..... Any story suggestions? No bossy people okay? Oh an er um sorry for leaving out some of the digimon. Sorry for making Matt cold blooded. I sorta used some pokemon stuff. Eek! How so un original. This chapter is also very conceantrated on Sora and Tai mostly.

All Tai could think about was Sora that night. He walked back and fourth thinking about her. As he walked back and fourth he tried not to remember about what had happned to Agumon, Palmon, Gabumon, Gomamon, and Biyomon. They had finally been destroyed by a evil powerful force. Only Patamon had survived because it had destroyed the evil. It destroyed by once again turning into Angelmon. But to destroy this evil they had to make a sacrifice that no one knew would happen... The digimons power had been totally wiped out and the digimon were too. No they werent turn back into digieggs. They just died as each and everyone of them slowly got destroyed. Tai driped some tears and tried to force the memmory out of his mind. He wiped his tears off before anyone could see. He approached a moonlit lake and sat on a large rock. The lake was so clear you couldnt see a ripple in the water. As the moon slowly went down Tai's eyes got lower and lower. He was now asleep in the quiet of the night. As the sun soon rised Tai was opening his eyes. He yawned and stretched out. He walked back to the lake. He just sat there and looked at the calm quite lake. A hand touched his face. It was so warm and peaceful. It was Sora. They then looked into each other eyes and slowly started to kiss. As they did there crest started to glow. They were lighting up the lake like a thousand candles. As their bodies touched a light had filled half the planet with light. A bright flashed filled the sky and there sat 6 digimon. Tai stopped kissing and said,"Sora I love you". "Me too Tai",Sora replied. Then they had finally noticed that there digimon were looking at them! "Please dont tell the others",Tai said. They just giggled. Tai and Sora had then headed back to camp with everyones digimon. As they approached camp they stopped holding hands and decided it was best to keep this a secret.

More to come.