The Hermit:

Wesley turned the card over. He'd found it in the bottom drawer of his desk and now, couldn't stop touching it.

The Hermit's wise face seemed to ask, why have you been talking to plastic hamburgers, Wesley?

Why are you asking the question, you know the answer?

What is the answer, Wesley?

Wesley glared at the Hermit with discontent. First that bloody hamburger, now this...

Stupid Hermit

Wesley propped the tarot card up and whispered for the first time aloud, "The father will kill the son..."

He knew he couldn't take it back now....

Damn hermit made him do it


A/N: Hey. It's Lindsey! Not the evil yet attractive handless lawyer. The female fan writer... some people are so *glances at review* anyway! (hehe)

I wrote this for the Open on Sunday drabble challenge. It's got sort of a Wonderfalls-ish feel going on, you think?


... Plllleasse?