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Chapter 1 - Ranma Metallium (incomplete)

Well, now that I look back at it, I'd have to say I first noted that I was

different shortly after entering Nerima with Pop. Why didn't I notice before,

you ask? Well, it wasn't like I really had the chance to watch other people

before. We were always on the move, hopping from one place to the next,

two steps ahead of an angry mob of shopkeepers and dojo masters. When

everyone is always angry at you and your Pop, you get to feeling that that's

the way things ought to be, like it's all natural and stuff. You think I'm

shittin' you? No, it really does feel great to have people hate me. The most

natural thing in the world. It isn't so surprising now that I know what I am, I

guess. What, you mean you don't know what I am? You aren't real social,

are you? The other students, they usually tell the transfers all about me.

Either that or they send you to Nabiki to make a quick yen - I hear she's

been giving bonuses to anyone who sends someone to her for information.

You don't know Nabiki? Man, you're living dangerously. I'll tell you about

Nabiki, she's considered the most manipulative, dangerous, and well informed

person in Nerima. They say she knows almost everything and everyone in

this town and what she doesn't she can find out fast enough. She certainly

charges enough to do it though. Anyhow, I'll save you some yen and just tell

you. You'll need the yen to pay Nabiki off sooner or later anyhow. Or you'll

need it to repair your house or something. This place is really rough.

Anyhow, I'm Ranma Saotome of the Saotome School of Anything Goes

Martial Arts. Never heard of the Anything Goes School? Yeah, well,

I'm not really surprised you haven't. It's only practiced by two families. Three

if you count the Freak, but I don't and no one else does. The Freak? He's the

town perv - you're no girl, so you're safe. He's always stealing the girls'

underwear and raising hell. As for the other martial artists in town, well,

most of them either want me dead or just plain want me. Yeah, there are a

bunch of really pretty girl martial artists around here. See here? This one's

Shampoo. She's a Chinese Amazon. I beat her in a tournament a while back

and she's been trying to marry me ever since. Turns out they have this crazy

law dealing with outsider men who beat their warriors. Yeah, it's crazy. No,

she doesn't have any sisters here! They'd be kind of out of your league.

What, you're a second dan in kenpo? That isn't even close to good enough.

Anyhow, this girl here is Ukyo. She sells okonomiyaki a few blocks over

thataway. She's also trying to marry me. Don't ask - my father is an idiot. He

engaged me to this girl too, Akane Tendo. You want these photos? Hey, go

right ahead. Here, here's some more, you can start a collection or something,

maybe sell them to the other students or something. This one's Ranko,

another student of Anything Goes; this here is Ryouga Hibiki, the eternally

lost boy; this is Kodachi Kuno, a crazy gymnast, yes, she's also after me; this

is Mousse, another Chinese Amazon. There's some other people you should

know about as well if you want to avoid becoming a bloody smear in a fight,

but I don't have photos of them. No, you can have all the photos. Yes, really

- well, just give them away if you don't want them. I'm sure the other

students will be glad to take any photos you don't like. They'll probably even

buy them off of you, actually. Oh, don't mention it. It's not like I really need

the photos. Naaah, don't worry. Get in trouble? The principal won't care.

Well, I've got to go to class. Maybe I'll see you around, OK? Just be careful

around here, it's dangerous.

** * * * * * * * * * * * * **

'That was pretty easy' I thought with a smirk. Nabiki had been selling photos

of my girl side again to Kuno, and, while it wasn't that annoying having her

always taking those photos of me, not getting paid was what really pissed

me off the most. It wasn't that hard to get her pay me, though. Nabiki always

was a sucker to manipulate, because she always believed herself to be

beyond manipulation. She didn't realize that her need for control made it

easy for me to play her like a marionette. As soon as her factors saw photos of

the girls floating around that weren't sold through them, Nabiki would come

to me and ask for my help in making some more cheesecake photos to sell.

Photos that I would get money from, unlike the candid shots, as Nabiki's

instinct would be to get pictures the other supplier couldn't get, and she'd

need my cooperation.

I assumed a well rehearsed look of utter boredom as Hinako-sensei started

to drone on and on about the complexities of the English language. Akane's

angry visage was visible out of the corner of my eye, but she wasn't yet in

that finely honed rage that was such sweet nectar to my inhuman senses.

This would not stand. "Wow, Akane, you really look uncute today." I said,

adopting a blank look that said 'I have no idea how rude I really am'. That

look never failed to bring out...

...ah. There we go. The sweet feeling of all her unbalanced rage and anger

washed over my soul like water from the freshest mountain spring, as she

glowed an intensely bright blue. Her aura dominated our section of the room

and added the sharp taste of fear to the mix, as the terrified students had

every hair on their necks standing on end from the sheer power of Akane's

rage. Best of all, none of them could act on their emotions, as Miss Hinako

would suck the battle aura of the offender until they were as weak and limp

as a wet dishrag. It was shaping up to be a great day to be a mazoku.

** * * * * * * * * * * * * **

In retrospect, it probably wasn't that great an idea to get that stupid,

condescending smirk on my face. No matter how good I felt at the moment,

it was no excuse. I knew that doing it would break Akane's fragile control

over her temper, I knew! I shouldn't be waking up in the nurse's office, with

weak, wobbly knees and feeling like I got into Happousai's sake again. Ugh.

It is with extreme force of will that I'm able to get up and lurch unsteadily to

Akane's side. She too is showing all the signs of a close encounter of the

Hinako kind, looking like death warmed over. Speaking of people who look

like death warmed over, I see Gosunkugi is in here too. He's probably passed

out from those fainting fits he's been having lately. Of course, both

Gosunkugi and I knew the real reason he was passing out, but it was unlikely

anyone would really believe us if we were to tell them. It's really his fault,

after all, that I found out the truth of my heritage, and I really don't know

whether to thank him or kill him.

I mean, on the one hand, I know for sure that the stupid panda and his flaky

wife had no say in my genetic mix. While I had suspected that for a while,

well, at least with regards to my father, having it proven was a real relief.

I no longer had to worry about polluting the gene pool if I ever had kids.

On the other hand, finding out you weren't human really sort of shakes your

world. It might explain why I always reveled in chaos, hatred, and anger that

has always swirled around me, might explain why Kasumi's cheery demeanor

always frightened me, but I hardly expected these things to be my birthright,

my destiny. I was human, and yet not. It was an uncomfortable place to be,

and I think, if it weren't for Jusenkyo, I wouldn't have been able to accept it.

But if I could cope with being part girl, I could cope with being a mazoku,

too, despite the big changes it had already made in my life. Like picking up

my first student in the Art, and we're not talking Anything-Goes, here.

Hmph. The tomboy's not going to be going anywhere for awhile, at this rate.

Looks like the fact that she ate her own breakfast this morning really

lowered her resistance. Looking at Gosunkugi, who also had severely

depleted reserves, I frowned. To think that Gosunkugi would manage to

mess up my life even worse than it already was just with a simple spellbook.

He had used a spell, one that, oddly enough, had worked for him. The spell

was supposed to summon a powerful demon. Instead, it summoned a certain

purple haired trickster instead. Little did he know that he had just changed the

course of two timelines.

** * * * * * * * * * * * * **

I had been lazily running through my kata that day, idly wondering why

Ryouga's attack was so ineffective against me. I mean, the Moko Takabisha

really hurt Ryouga, and he's had the benefit of that Bakusai Tenketsu training.

He should be able to just shrug off my blasts, given that his own ki-blasts hurt

me a little, but are nothing special. Yet each blast shook Porky right down to

the bone. I dismissed it as an unsolvable mystery - maybe the training P-chan

had gone through wasn't effective against ki blasts, maybe the 'soul of ice'

training left me resistant to the blasts, who knew - and concentrated on the

wooden post in front of me. Although it would be impossible to do for most

people, I had taken to using the Amaguriken to lightly tap the post. If I timed it

just right, the post would vibrate more and more until it snapped. I think the

sensei called it resonance in science class. Anyway, it was a good way to work

on coordination, as it required perfect timing to strike the post at just the right

moment. I had just heard the post make a sharp crack as the wood bent just a

little too far when a stranger stepped into the yard. "Ranma Saotome, I

presume?" he said, with a familiar smug smile on his face. I had seen it on

Nabiki before, and it had never presaged anything good for me before.

"Who the heck are you?" I asked, annoyed that my training had

received yet another unwanted visitor with a ridiculous power level.

Sometimes, I wondered why Nabiki didn't have a bunch of T-shirts printed up

that said 'I Got My Ass Kicked At The Tendo Dojo, Nerima-ku, Tokyo!'., or

maybe 'I survived Ranma', and sell them to the challengers. She'd probably

make more than what she got from her naughty photos of my girl side. This

purple haired clown was wearing something that looked like a wizard's version

of Ryouga's traveling outfit or something, except he had a staff instead of an

umbrella. "Are you here to challenge the dojo in mortal combat? If so, you

should have used the rear door." Not that anyone actually bothered to read the

sign. Well, the Dojo destroyer might have, but I wasn't there at the time, was


"Actually, I'm here to see you.," he said, "if, indeed, you are Ranma Saotome."

He seemed amused by something, smiling in that annoying fashion, eyes almost

closed from the force of the grin. "You see, I have information that might

prove useful to you." I wasn't stupid enough to ask anything right then; long

experience with Nabiki had taught me that much. I leaned on the broken

practice post, chin propped on hand, and assumed a half lidded gaze, trying to

wait him out. Though I was vaguely curious what knowledge the guy might

have, I knew if I answered him he'd have the upper hand in the negotiations.

He finally stepped back, leaning against the wall of the Tendo house. "I may be

able to show you the means by which you can cure your curse."

"Really?" I asked excitedly. No! It was too good to be true!

"Yes... I've been keeping an eye on you, actually. You certainly have the

potential to be a powerful mage." He smiled knowingly at me, opening one

purple eye to look into mine. "And the best way to counter magic is with more

magic."I gave the stranger another baleful stare before disinterestedly turning

back to my practice. The post might have been snapped, but it wasn't like I

was going to waste my time on some charlatan.

"Yeah, right, magic. Sure. Well, I might train with you, but I need proof." I

said, still trying my very best to appear disinterested, bored even, that this guy

was wasting his time. I had just jumped into the air to give this guy a good

look at the elegance of the aerial fighting techniques of the Saotome ryu when

a big fireball (?) slammed me through the wall of the dojo. Quickly rolling to

put out the fires it had set on my clothes, I got up and prepared to beat the hell

out of the guy. Even Ryouga didn't attack me without... well, actually he did,

but no one else was that rude! "What the hell are you doing?"

He raised one eyebrow in false shock. "Why, didn't you ask for a

demonstration of my magic? Oh, well, I must have been mistaken." He turned

around and began walking towards the front gate.

"No, wait! I'm sorry I didn't believe me!" This guy was for real. This gave me

the best shot at ditching my curse that I had gotten in a long time. I wasn't

going to just let opportunity walk away. Besides, that fireball might be useful

in a fight. Heh. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to use them against Kuno,

because that would make him right about something, which just might herald

the end of the world or something. "Listen, I'd be happy to learn magic from

you, Mr. , ah..?"

"Xellos Metallium, at your service." he said, with a small bow.

** * * * * * * * * * * * * **

That was how I ended up visiting another world to begin my studies in the

arcane. Every single day, I vanished into thin air, having been careful to ditch

any of my relentless pursuers back in Nerima. Every day, I ended up training in

the various magical arts under the most sadistic seven year old the worlds have

ever seen. Of course, he really wasn't seven, but it was difficult to think of him

as anything other than a kid, even when he revealed himself as being some kind

of ageless demon lord or something. Hellmaster Phibrizzo, loyal servant of the

Lord of Nightmares. Strange to think that such a terrifying personality would

occupy such a harmless looking body, but he had a point that no one really

expected any trouble from a kid. I had used the same principle with my girl

body plenty of times, after all.

I had taken to the study of black magic like Mousse does to water, which

actually kinda annoyed me. I mean, my cure was most likely to be found in the

realm of white magic. But it was hard to disagree with the sort of offensive

firepower I was accumulating. I could level half a city block without breaking a

sweat. And it wasn't like I would use this Art to corrupt the other one I study -

I was fighting all my battles the old fashioned way back in Nerima. I'd never let

my hand to hand skills die, even if I could take Happousai three falls of four

with these spells.

It was also at this time that I studied the art of intrigue under Phibrizzo, of

taking the game of trickery to a plane even Nabiki couldn't comprehend. How

to control without even looking like you were doing anything. Not that

Phibrizzo actually sat down and lectured me, like he did on magic, constantly

drilling me on magical theory and the role of the mazoku and the dragons in

the world, but instead I learned it from the way Phibrizzo would subtly

manipulate the local merchants and town guards into never bothering what

appeared to be a homeless street urchin and his older friend. Phibrizzo would

always gloat about his mental superiority over them, and let slip a few tricks of

the trade. And from time to time, Xellos would drop by. Apparently, Phibrizzo

had ordered him to help some people looking for a "Claire Bible" which

supposedly contained magical knowledge lost to the ages. I had been all hot to

go after it myself and see if it had any hope for curing my curse, but Xellos and

Phibrizzo had told me it was mostly about the war fought between the mazoku

and the dragons a thousand years ago and some information on black magic.

** * * * * * * * * * * * * **

It was after a month of this study that I went to Phibrizzo and made my

request. Sure, I had been his student for a while now, but I wanted to make it

official. I owed him. Besides, I had some suspicions I needed confirmed. The

two of us were returning from the market, where we had cadged free eats by

posing as a cute girl and her adorable little brother. "Hellmaster?" I asked.

"Yeah?" he replied, taking a lick of his ice cream cone. It was kinda ridiculous

to imagine one of the most powerful, evil mazoku lords as a young kid with an

ice cream cone, but there it was. "What is it, Ranma?"

"I would like to, um..." I searched for words. How should I make my request?

"I would like to become your student. Officially." He stopped licking his ice

cream cone and stared me in the eyes.

"I could take you on as a true student, but the other mazoku would look

askance if they knew I was training a human in the secrets of the mazoku." he

said, getting the hard, cold set to his eyes that told me this was truly the

Hellmaster Phibrizzo, mastermind of the War of the Resurrection of the

Demon King. I had to steel myself for my next question. It had been one which

I had long feared, given all that I had gone through in my short life.

"I'm not human, am I?" I asked boldly. Phibrizzo jerked as if stung. He

dropped his ice cream, forgotten as he stared at me. "I've suspected for a while

now. The way I'm drawn to anger and fear like a moth to the flame, the chills I

felt when this town held its festival. I've seen you react much the same way.

I'm not human, am I?" He looked down at the melting dessert, then shook his


"No you aren't. Come on." However, my suspicions confirmed, I went further

in my musings.

"Xellos. Xellos is my father." Phibrizzo turned around, his eyes as large as

dinner plates, shock plainly written on his face.

"How did you figure THAT out?" he asked, incredulous.

"He said he had been watching me for a long time. Why else? I fell in the

Jusenkyo pools not even a year ago, and that was my first experience with

magic. He wouldn't have had any other reason to link me and magic." I looked

Phibrizzo in the eye, trying to put the same iron in them as he could. "Unless

he was my father, and knew magic ran through my veins."

"You are correct, as usual." He walked off in the direction of the beat up hovel

he used as a base while slumming as a human. "You're more than worthy of

being my student."

"So you'll accept me?" I asked. Despite the fact that I had known the man for

only a month, there was a bond between Phibrizzo and I. My father... Genma..

had never acted so pleased as I mastered the martial arts as Phibrizzo and

Xellos had as I picked up the art of black magic. In the back of my mind, I

knew why they were so happy; they wished to mold me into another powerful

ally of the mazoku, there to bring chaos and pain into the world. But that was

overruled by the need to fit in somewhere. No one in Nerima had ever

accepted me, and my father had maintained a certain separation from me after

Jusenkyo, as if I were some kind of horrible failure. "You'll take me on as an

official student?"

"We'll see. You're going to be very, very busy for the next few week, my

young friend." he said, with a cruel smile etched into his youthful face.

** * * * * * * * * * * * * **

I was snapped out of my daydreaming by Akane sitting up on the cot in the

nurse's office. "Jeez, Akane, why'd you have to be so violent? Miss Hinako

really did a number on the class because of you." And, likely as not, was still

adult after the ten minutes or so that had passed since we were dragged in

here. There had been a heck of a lot of ki in the air, and that Happo 50-Yen

Satsu had drained Akane and I worse than usual. I think it might have had

something to do with the fact that I was absorbing the power of all the anger

and fear in that room or something. Gos had been knocked out too, but that

was to be expected. Akane was giving be a hateful glare, as was usual after I

did this to her.

"Why do you have to be such a jerk, Ranma?" she said, as I adopted a 'Who,

me?' look. Just for a quick recharge, really, but she wasn't rising to the bait.

Pity. I watched her leave as she stomped off back to class. I turned to my


"So, Gos, the usual place for your lessons?" I asked. "Oh, and I might need a

few more pictures of Akane, Shampoo and I if Nabiki isn't sufficiently worried

about her little buisness empire." I smiled, remembering what I did to that

transfer student, and thinking of Nabiki's likely reaction.

"Why don't you just sell them yourself and make more money, Master

Ranma?" he asked, slightly fearful and resentful. He was angrier at me now

that he knew I pissed Akane off on purpose, but more fearful of me now that

he knew my true nature. He was also rather obsessed with magic, and had

willingly gone to his worst enemy and begged me to teach him. I accepted him;

after all, it served my needs to have a lackey.

"Well now, that is a secret." I said, with the wink and finger that humans found

so annoying. It was, of course, blatant theft of my true father's routine, but

sometimes the simple ways worked best. The real reason I worked with Nabiki

was that it gave me a hold on her, and she was the only adversary I worried

about. That, and it was fun. "Oh, and what have I said about calling me Master

Ranma?" I asked, arching an eyebrow.

Gosunkugi looked at his feet and mumbled something. "What was that?" I

asked, wanting to end this and get back to class.

"I'm sorry... Master Metallium." he grumbled, scooting toward the door and

then fleeing toward Hinako's English class. I placed my hands on the back of

my head and took my time walking back to class.

Ranma Metallium.

Has a nice ring to it, ne?

** * * * * * * * * * * * * **