Sort of a Ranmazoku side story short-fic Gosunkugi, Apprentice Sorceror

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It was in the still morning before dawn, and I smiled. The posters and pictures of Akane lining my walls flickered with an eerie light - not an unusual occurence, but for once this was not caused by my magic candles, but by the sorecerous arts!

I dispelled the lighting spell as I flicked the light switch. No matter how cool it might be to summon the arcane forces, it was really tiring to call upon the mysterious powers of the demon Saotome. Metallium. Whatever his name was. It didn't matter. He had finally given me the tool I needed to cast him down and take the beauteous Akane from him!

"Son! You're cackling evilly again!" my mother's voice drifted in from the kitchen.
Mortified, I grab my books quickly and ran out the door. I wouldn't be eating breakfast, but sleeping late was a small price to pay for learning the Dark Arts. The hefty book Ranma Sa - Metallium had given me yesterday sat on my desk, open to the section on summoning demons. While it was all right to learn from Ranma, I didn't exactly want to have to rely on him. Unfortunately, I just got Ranma when I tried the spell. Luckily I was able to kick one of Akane's bras I bought off Nabiki into the circle and convince him I was trying to see if I could summon Happousai before he got suspicious. I should have remembered that from the first time I tried to summon a demon - you only get the nearest one unless you have a name.

I suppose I got lucky, though. Now that I sent the demon possessing Ranma back to whatever hell it came from, the demon is in control and willing to teach me magic. And once I learn enough magic, then I can dispel the demon and kill Saotome and Akane will be mine! (1)

I was rudely jarred out of my thoughts by the same gang of people who stole my money every day. Well, today, they had a suprise. I was no longer the weak boy they could push around! I had learned my battle tactics from the great demon Ranma Metallium himself!

"Come on, punk, give us all your.. whaaa?" the octopus-masked punk said,
stopping as he saw my "aura". In reality, it was just a lighting spell, but hey.. this is Nerima. I cackled madly.

"FOOLS! Know this, I am Gosunkugi, student of the dark arts!" I increased the brightness of my spell and began to gesture dramatically. "I shall inflict upon you the greatest tactic of the arcane arts, the most secret technique of my school..."

"He's going to blow us to ashes!" one now frightened gang member said.

'No, he's going to electrocute us!" another said.

"He'll make Kodachi fall in love with us!" cried the last. Everyone shuddered.
That was a pretty good idea, actually.

"And now, I shall..." I paused dramatically, grinning a ghastly grin, the better to go with my spooky eyes, "RUN AWAAAAY!"

It was a few seconds before I heard the leader yell "Hey... get him!" By that time, I was already in the clear.

School was interminably boring. I suppose it is to most students, but it's usually the most interesting part of my day. Not any more, what with my magical studies and all. I saw Sao.. er, Metallium was currently female after the brief rainshower. As it was lunch, I figured a test was in order. It wouldn't do for the magic to be cut off simply because Ranma was a girl. Now, who to hit with the spell... it couldn't be the demon Ranma herself, that would just be stupid to try, so it would have to be someone else. Preferably someone that was another rival for the fair Akane.
Someone like Kuno, who was now trying to glmop onto Ranma and denouncing my master. I should be able to cast that simple curse spell Ranma taught me.

"By the cold waters of Jusenkyo, I invoke thee, Chaos Demon Metallium,
Afflict those who stand in the path of your glory!"

It was entertaining to watch Kuno come down with an acute case of laryngitis.
Ranma apparently knew when some one called upon her power, because she flashed me a quick thumbs up after Kuno let go of her in horror. He was clutching his throat and making unintelligible sounds before rushing off. At least that annoying, pompous fool had shut up. I was really hoping for something more dramatic and debilitating, but I guess Metallium just wanted him to be quiet and stop annoying her.

It then hit me like a ton of bricks. (technically, Ryouga hit me like a ton of bricks,
because I was in between him and Ranma. But that's just being literal.) I was now dangerous. For the first time, I could do something even to the strong people who opposed me, like Kuno. I gave Ranma a quick glance as she taunted Ryouga into a towering rage. With the demon Metallium as my ally, I would finally control my own destiny.
(1) Yes, Gos believes Ranma is possessed. That's part of the reason he's so willing to apprentice himslef to Ranma.

This was a mini-sidestory to Ranmazoku and occurs during chapter 2, for those of you wondering. Not many are, I wager.