Chapter 21: Build and Release

Author's Notes: WARNING!! THIS IS A LEMON CHAPTER and it's explicit so don't it read if it makes you squeamish! This is my first attempt at a lemon with not-so-flowery descriptions (I just hate using the word "manhood"). I used italics for the lemon portion, so you can skip it if you'd like.


When I first started spending my nights with Sakura I saw in her eyes a kind of vulnerability that I couldn't turn away from. In her eyes I could see she was lost and broken and deep down inside I knew it was my fault. Sometimes I would catch her looking off into the distance, search for something... Or maybe mentally running away... She'd turn to me, that distant look still in her gaze, and pierce me with that look as if to blame me directly for all the things that went wrong in her life. v

She was perfectly right in doing so. Here she was in a place far from being home, her family long dead, and her used body serving as bait for murder. Even if Sakura couldn't remember herself, even if she never rejected this life, she couldn't possibly accept it. No one should be able to accept this kind of life. I knew she felt dirty, guilty, and more than anything she felt alone. And it's my entire fault.

I comforted her the way men and women comfort each other. When we joined bodies there was nothing but two bodies melting together. No guilt, no loneliness, no scars... Every night together was a blur, but if Sakura could escape the pain, even if it was only through a purely physical act, than that would be what I will give her. It was all I could give her.


Sakura returned from Konoha after two weeks. Tired and a little beaten down, Sakura, without much explanation, took Sasuke out to the porch and began talking to him. She told him everything she learned while she was gone. As Sakura went deeper into her story, her recollections began to tumble out of her, almost uncontrollably. There was an urgent need to let someone know what had happened to her, to let someone know that this really happened. Her experiences were real. The status of her family, remembering her rape, her encounter with Itachi. Thinking about the events in her past, realizing none of it was a dream began to hurt. She knew nothing could be taken back, but it was still painful to remember. Sakura plunged into a stunned Sasuke's arms and began to sob.

Sasuke sat terrified as her slender form shook so violently that it seemed she might shatter. He was paralyzed with guilt, only able to hold her and nothing more.

Snow quietly fell to the ground. A thin layer of pure white blanketed the ground. Sasuke and Sakura remained silent in the same position of embrace. Sakura had calmed down, relaxed by the falling snow. She pulled back, still looking at the ground.

"I know..." she started softly "everything... I understand now."

Her expression wasn't angry or spiteful. It was an expression of full acceptance and a little sadness. Sakura looked at Sasuke in such a way that let him know this concerned him specifically.

"I know." she said again, her voice still quiet but resolute.

The second Sasuke peered into Sakura's eyes, an entire conversation had flashed between them with no words spoken. They knew in an instant what they wanted from each other and why. They knew that unlike before, they were both stable enough to make rational decisions. In this moment, they wanted to be reunited in the specific way they know how.


Sakura and Sasuke entered the familiar scene of a mostly empty room lit by a single candle.

Sakura pushed Sasuke down onto the mattress, directing him to remain upright as he sat. Sakura lowered herself to her knees in front of him, leaning forward so that she had to support herself with her arms, her face intimately close to his.

"Is it too much for me..." she whispered "to ask you to need me?"

She moved even closer closing her eyes as she pressed her lips lightly against his cheek. "Could you need me tonight the way a man needs a woman?"

"Yes." Sasuke replied in a breathless whisper. A sigh escaped him as her moist tongue slid from the base of his neck to the corner of his jaw. "I need you."

Sakura pulled open his shirt. She left a slow trail of light kisses from his neck to his waist. The contrast of cold winter air and Sakura's light, warm breath made Sasuke especially sensitive to her soft lips against his skin. When she reached his waist she pulled at the cord of his pants with her teeth, pulling the waistband down with a suggestive tug. With a smile, Sasuke removed his shirt and pants and returned to his original up right position. The smile on Sakura's face was playful and needy. She removed her shorts and shoes so that she wore only her mesh top and underwear. She got on all four and crawled toward him like a cat stalking its prey. She moved forward so that she was hovering above him. She dipped her body down so that the tips of her breast grazed his chest. She then slid her head further down, allowing her slick tongue mark its trail again from the base of his neck slowly to his waist. She was hungry for exploration, for those spots on Sasuke's body that drove him mad.

Her lips found their way to the area around his dick. She kissed lightly but deliberately around his hardened dick specifically to tease him, to make him notice how close she was, to make him feel every particle of her that touched his skin. Keeping her southern position, she looked at him for eye contact and shot him a mischievous smile. Without breaking away from his gaze, Sakura touched the tip of dick with her tongue and gave a slow short lick. She ran her tongue around the head before enclosing it in her mouth. Sasuke groaned and fidgeted in his, wanting desperately for more contact. Sakura gave the tip of Sasuke's dick a light bite before releasing Sasuke, eye contact still unbroken, and sitting up in front of him. She smiled again.

The now naked Sasuke sat up straight, his heart beating fast, body temperature significantly raised. Sakura leaned back resting her weight on her elbows and pulled her legs out in front of her, opening them just enough to be indecent. She was quite suggestive. Sasuke knew immediately she was handing control over to him which he was eager to seize.

Sasuke gently pulled off each article of clothing from Sakura's body as if to suggest she stay in the same position until he told her to move. He was a bit of a control freak in bed, but Sakura enjoyed that in a man.

"Look at me." he said aggressively "Don't you dare turn away."

Assuming her role, Sakura nodded at him helplessly. She watched as Sasuke spread Sakura's legs apart and used his index finger to trace the throbbing slit between her legs, juices spilling just over the lips in anticipation. Approving of his brief inspection, Sasuke locked his intense gaze onto hers making sure she doesn't look at anything else except the back of her eyelids while blinking. He lowered his head to her pussy, licking slowly and tentatively upon Sakura's folds. Sakura moaned, her muscles becoming tense at the unbearably patient pace Sasuke had decided to start with. He continued, taking one slow lick and one slow lick down, while continuing to watch Sakura's eyes rest upon him. He took extreme pleasure in her furrow brow and slightly open mouth, panting. Hungry for more, Sasuke closed his eyes and delved deeper into Sakura. Increasing his pace slightly, Sasuke explored the inner regions of Sakura's pussy, licking up eye drop of wetness he had built up only to create more. Sakura writhed and squirmed in her place, still holding the same position, but wanting badly to push her hips forward and bring Sasuke closer to her. Sasuke steadily increased his speed, moving his tongue around her in way he knew would bring Sakura to her breaking point.

Sasuke waited for the deep throb which let him know she was right there. Unable to bear it, Sakura took the weight off her elbows and lay on her back, moaning to be pushed over the line completely. Sasuke had other ideas. He sat up to look at Sakura who was still panting, her eyes closed in pleasure.

"I told you not to look away." Sasuke said with a sigh, though this was not a disappointed sigh. He stood up on the mattress. Looking down at Sakura, he led her by the chin onto her knees. "Please accept your punishment."

Sasuke gently ran his right hand through her hair, stopping before reaching the ends. With this hand he held the back of Sakura's head, bracing her. "Look at my dick." he said firmly. Sakura abided, knowing exactly what he had in mind. Her eyes watched in anticipation as he slowly inserted his hard dick in her mouth which she accepted readily. "Now look at me ."

Without a motion of agreement, Sakura's eyes moved from the top of Sasuke's crotch, up his firm and rigid chest, and back to his eyes which were now a glaring red. Sasuke pulled his dick in and out Sakura's mouth in slow, pronounced movements to allow her time to salivate and massage his dick with her tongue. Sasuske especially enjoyed the way her blood flushed lips felt plump against his skin as though even her lips took pleasure in the act. He quickened his pace for several strokes, before slowing down again. Sakura watched Sasuke's head tilt back, eyes closed in pleasure, as she felt Sasuke push his dick further into her mouth. The head of his dick pressed against the back of her throat, causing it to tighten and salivate. Tears filled Sakura's eyes in response, but she was more than ready to accept this.

Sasuke paused to see Sakura's gag reflex. He knew it was painful, but Sakura was willing and he was excited. "Once more." he said huskily.

Sasuke made a few quick thrusts, each stroke causing him to get a little harder, before making one strong push into Sakura's throat, getting it as deep as her throat would allow. Sakura gagged, but did not back away as Sasuke held his position for a few moments, admiring Sakura's subdued position. He pulled himself out, taking pleasure in the saliva that dripped from Sakura's mouth. Gagging is grotesque to see, but somehow extremely satisfying at the same time. Sasuke felt no guilt because he knew Sakura enjoyed it as well. There was something satisfying in being completely submissive to him sexually. Sasuke re-entered Sakura's mouth, this time making no pauses for a build-up. His pace was immediately fast and hard, causing the blood in his dick to increase. Sakura could feel Sasuke get harder and larger in her mouth, the head of his dick again reaching the back of her throat. Sakura felt a violent throb in Sasuke's dick, which he immediately pulled out with a loud groan. Now he was the one who was panting. Sasuke laid back on the mattress and motioned for Sakura to join him to signal he was relenting his control. Sakura laid on top of him, resting her head on his chest as he pulled a single sheet over them. The heat of their bodies and the musk in the air was more than enough to protect them from the winter's cold. Sakura inched up closer to Sasuke's face to kiss him gently on the lips.

"Tell me the truth," she said quietly "because we both know it already."
"I'll tell you anything." Sasuke said in a whisper.
"You don't love me, do you?" she asked.

Sasuke paused. Moments of silence ensued.

"No. I don't."

Sakura pulled her arms behind his head to hug him close to her. Sasuke cupped both sides of Sakura's face to pull her in for a kiss. Sakura pulled away to look down at him. Her emerald eyes were as clear as he has ever seen them, penetrating him to the soul.

"Sakura..." he whispered, closing his eyes as he rested his hands on the side of her hips which were lowering themselves onto him.

Sakura guided Sasuke into her, savoring the feel of his hard muscle piercing through her tender flesh. Sakura moved her hips at a slow pace, still holding Sasuke close, listening for his quiet moans. Sakura increased her pace, moving herself to the point of orgasm while moving consistently enough to pull Sasuke along with her. Sasuke could feel himself get close.

"Wait." he said pulling himself away from Sakura to pull out a condom. "For the both of us."

Sakura resumed her position after Sasuke slipped the condom on. After building up a rhythm again, Sasuke took a little more controll by thrusting at a fast pace. Sakura moved with him. As the speed and intensity of their thrusts steadily increase, both Sasuke and Sakura could feel each other become more tense around them. Sakura sat straight up as the pleasure spread throughout her body. She pounded faster and harder, greedily seeking more pleasure until her pussy clenched around Sasuke tightly, spilling an excess of moisture around him. Unable to take Sakura's wild movements, Sasuke pulled Sakura to him, clutching as his dick twitched in orgasm. Sasuke groaned into Sakura's ear in pleasure.

The two of them immediately relaxed. while still enjoying the high of their orgasms, Sasuke pulled Sakura off of him to take off the condom. Still resting on top of Sasuke, Sakura whispered into his ear.

"I don't love you either."


In the silence the followed after Sasuke fell asleep, Sakura looked up at the ceiling with tears quietly rolling down her eyes.

"I can't love you..." she said aloud.


Still half awake, Sakura laid on her side looking at the darkness of the room. Sasuke slept behind her almost peacefully. Sakura shifted onto her back, resting her head on her folded arms. She satisfied, yes, about having the opportunity to claim Sasuke physically. No woman can resist the pleasure of bringing a man over the edge. At the same time, Sakura ruminated over the truth of their situation. The almost peaceful Sasuke slept, but she was well aware it was a light sleep. There is no peace of mind for either of them at this point. Sakura entertained ideas of living happily ever after for many years, but she let them go knowing it wasn't possible. Occasionally in recent times Sakura would entertain these ideas again, regardless of how convoluted their situation was. Sasuke was, after all, with her right now. Her and her alone.

But this isn't happily ever after and Sakura knew it. What brought them together was a string of tragedies leaving both of them nothing to hold onto except each other. They were in a situation where if they were found out, both would lose. Sasuke is wanted for Sakura's murder. As soon as Sasuke is discovered, he will surely be trialed and punished. Although Sasuke could easily prove his innocence by revealing the whereabouts of Itachi, Sakura would be discovered and would most certainly be punished. Itachi's involvment wouldn't change the fact that it was her hands that killed those men. For this reason, Sasuke never made a move. And somehow, Sasuke could sense there was no home for Sakura in Konoha. After her visit, he could see in her eyes a sense of permanent loss. There was nothing left.

Sakura's eyes lazily drooped as she slowly fell asleep.


It was past dawn. In her dreams, Sakura could hear Itachi's voice whisper to her.

"He is wanted for murder..." Itachi's voice echoed. More faintly followed his final words "...and so are you."

Sakura sat straight up out of sleep. A growing feeling of horror spread through her being. She turned to Sasuke who had fallen deeply asleep. Violently, she shook Sasuke awake.


Hazily, Sasuke struggled to look at Sakura who he could already tell was in a panic.

"Sakura..." he said rubbing his eyes "What is it?"
"Sasuke, we have to leave. NOW."
"What?..." Sasuke said confused "Why?... I don't-"
"We have to go!" Sakura yelled.
"Well... let me get some-"
"NO! Don't bring anything!" Sakura said standing up getting dressed "Just get dressed. We're leaving!"

Sasuke abided without further question. Sakura had him running out of the house full speed. Still sleepy, Sasuke could barely keep as they made the trek down the mountain towards the village through the freshly fallen snow.

It happened so fast.

Sasuke watched Sakura turn back to him as they ran. She was hastily explaining something to him, but somehow he couldn't hear her. Maybe he was too tired. Or maybe he knew what was happening the instant it started so it didn't matter what she said.

Sakura turned to look ahead of them only to notice a familiar figure in a long black cloak lined with red clouds. Icy red eyes looked back at her. She stopped dead in her tracks, just barely noticing Sasuke appearing in front of her before being engulfed in a white light.


Two silhouettes walked amongst a pure white light. The taller figure, a male, walked in companionable silence with the shorter figure, a female. Both looked straight ahead of each other, neither looking back.


Naruto raced to Feint Village so fast he was breathing heavily and exhausted. But he was optimistic. After Sasuke suddenly disappeared in his search for the Haruno's killers, a deeply concerned Naruto left Konoha to look for him without even telling anyone. It's been months, maybe even a year or so, since he's made contact with headquarters, but the mere possibility that he might find his friend got him so energized he couldn't look back. Naruto was a little dense, but he could find anyone if he really wanted to. All the clues lead him to this place, Feint Village.

It was still dark when Naruto set foot in Feint Village. He observed the empty street, wondering exactly why anyone would be here. He made his way to the end of the street where there appeared to be a dead end. Nothing. A little disappointed, Naruto looked at either inn to see if there might be someone awake to take him in. With his back turned to the dead end, Naruto could distinctly feel flower petals fall to the ground behind him. He turned around. The boarded off path seemed more inviting than he had originally realized. Abandoning the idea of rest, Naruto ventured beyond the dead end to investigate.

He moved deeper into the path so that he could no longer see the village behind him. The air was eerily quieter than the empty streets. Even among the woods there were no sounds of leaves rustling or animals stirring. It was as if everything was dead. The sight of cherry blossom petals falling appeared before Naruto in the distance.

This was defintely a sign.

Naruto raced ahead, almost excited about discovering something. He knew he was close. When he got there, Naruto fell to his knees with his eyes wide open with disbelief.

"No..." he said defeated.

Just before the sunken Naruto was a pair of bodies. Both hardly a few hours old in death. There was Sakura, laying on her back peacefully in quiet surrender. And then there was Sasuke on top of her, arms spread out appearing as though he were protecting her. Both of their chests were cleanly pierced in the heart. Blood pooled around them.


"I think Naruto will be mad at us for leaving him. He hates being left out of any journey." said the female voice.
"He'll just have to deal with it. He can catch up with us later." her male companion replied.

Peacefully and quietly, the two figures walked beyond the horizon until they could not be seen.



THE FINAL REALLY LONG AUTHOR'S NOTES (I really like writing these things)

Yay! I'm finished! The ending probably turned out worse than it could have been because I lost interest for the longest time. The important thing is that I did indeed finished so let's all throw confetti!

To be honest this fic spiraled into something I wasn't altogether happy with. Mostly it was sloppy and I'm sorry to those who noticed this. The fic as a whole turned out a lot darker than I originally had planned, but with the way I set things up this ending seemed like the only way to end this story with some class (and raunchy lemon). Still, I loved writing this piece. It's my first really long story and my first attempt at a lemon, so regardless of it's short-comings I love it (beast of a fic though it may be).

Also a note about the lemons aspects. You probably don't need to hear this kind of speech, but some people don't know and I don't want to feel responsible for others getting the wrong idea. First of all despite the mild shades of roughness on Sasuke's part in the lemon scene, Sakura and Sasuke were both consenting adults. Mutual consent is important! Second, protection. If there is lemon, there should be protection. As far as lemon goes, take care of yourselves! Also, if this story gets deleted because of the lemon content, please let me know so I can upload this elsewhere.

Thanks to everyone who has read and review this fic. Writing for the fans is another strong point of motivation. So thanks!