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Gohan and Videl: A sweet surprise

Chapter 1: A sweet surprise

Last time...

The two weeks passed by all too fast, as it's always with good times, and Gohan and Videl really learned how to live and interact with each other (without any interruption from parental side^^) for the first real time ever. The bond they had created now went even deeper and they had shared many of their deepest, hidden thoughts and feelings with each other.

At first it had been quite hard for Gohan who had always kept his private thoughts and feelings to himself, but now around his wife it had been easy and he had done it all too gladly. If anything, than this showed how much he loved her, and Videl was so happy that he trusted her this much. Both enjoyed these two weeks only dedicated to them, and they spent most of their time relaxing, playing, joking and even fighting (so much for make sparring your foreplay). But the time went by all too quickly, and soon the two weeks had flown right out of the window...

As the young couple had not used protection at all, a sweet surprise would be waiting for them...

Now the sequel...

Goku, Chi-Chi and Goten were visiting Vegeta and Bulma. A barbecue was to be held, and naturally the Saiyans were looking forward to it. Bulma and Chi-Chi were busy preparing the food, while Goku, Vegeta and the chibis trained in the GR.

Gohan and Videl had not re-emerged yet from their honeymoon, but they had not told the others when they intended to so. After all, it was their 'free time', and it was their decision when they would come back.

What the others knew was that they would be away for roughly two weeks. Gohan had told his dad that they would fly back, so he did not need to give them a hitch.

The women were enjoying a little garden party with their own private chat before the actual barbecue, when suddenly...

"Kakkarot, do you feel this too?" Vegeta asked inside the GR, looking at him.

Goku nodded, as did the chibis. Goku was all smiles and even Vegeta smirked, whereas the chibis were a little confused.

"Yes, they must be on their way back and near enough so that we can sense it."

Goten looked at his father.

"Dad, why is there another KI in Videl's body?" he asked innocently.

Trunks looked at Goten.

"Don't tell me they did not talk to you about the birds and the bees!" he said in an earnest tone only an eight years old can manage.

Goten looked at his dad, even more confused.

"What have the birds and bees done to Videl, dad?"

Goku scratched the back of his head.

"Umm... heh heh... how to explain that?"

Vegeta groaned.

"Kakkarot, why don't you tell him the truth? He's a Saiyan. He'll cope with it." Vegeta looked at Goten. "Brat, your older brother is going to be a father. His mate is pregnant." he explained matter-of-factly.

Goten looked at Vegeta big-eyed.

"Pregnant? You mean she's gonna get a big belly and all?" he asked.

Vegeta nodded.

"Yes, brat. And occasionally you should run for cover, for pregnant females, regardless of which species, are extremely irritable during their pregnancy." he explained. Goten gulped.

Goku looked at Vegeta, a bit put out.

"Hey Vegeta, what'd you do that for? Now he's scared. And besides, he would surely have liked the 'birds and bees talk' better."

Vegeta looked at Kakkarot like one would look at someone mentally retarded.

"Kakkarot, don't tell me you've been told this ridiculous story. When Bulma wanted to tell Trunks this human nonsense, I stopped her without a second thought. It is plain ridiculous and explains nothing."

Goku smiled goofily.

"That may be right, but it sounds so much nicer..."

Vegeta shook his head.

"Kakkarot, you're a dreamer..."

Trunks however patted Goten on the shoulder

"Wow Goten, you're gonna be an uncle! That's so cool!" he exclaimed. Then he leaned forward and whispered something into Goten's ear, in such a low voice that even the other Saiyans were not able to understand it:

"What'd ya think, will your nephew or niece help us with our pranks?" he asked.

Gotens' eyes gleamed. He nodded vigorously and answered in the same low voice

"We will train him or her. The little one will be a master of pranks, just like us!" he exclaimed with pride.

Vegeta came over.

"Brats! What are you talking about? If you have to talk at all, then do so that everyone can hear it! Whispering in front of the royal family was forbidden on Vegeta-sei and prosecuted where ever possible. The sentence was death. So be careful!" he stated.

The chibis did not know if Vegeta meant what he had just said, but they nodded nevertheless.

"Good!" was Vegetas' comment. "Now let's go to the onnas. They will want to know the news." he said.

Trunks and Goten cheered and ran out of the GR. Goku looked at his long-time comrade.

"Was it really necessary to scare them, Vegeta?"

Vegeta looked at him, a smirk playing in the corner of his mouth.

"By all means, Kakkarot, by all means..."

Two minutes later, inside the Briefs residence

"Videl is what?" Bulma asked, surprised. Vegeta and Goku had as recently as now told them the news. She had not expected that the young couple would found a family this fast...

Chi-Chi on the other hand was positively gleaming with joy and only the fact that she already sat stopped her from falling right over.

"I am going to be a grandmother! My dream comes finally true! I will finally have grandchildren! I am SO proud!" she exclaimed, totally beside herself with joy and jumped one metre into the air, crying

"Grandchildren! Grandchildren!"

Vegeta was shaking his head. Trust this woman to overreact. Sometimes he wondered just how Kakkarot was able to endure this totally hormone-controlled woman...

Speaking of Goku, he approached his wife and hugged her from behind.

"And I am gonna be a Granddad. Wow! That's gonna be cool!" he said, smiling.

Chi-Chi looked up at him and smiled.

"Yeah, I guess you are right. That IS gonna be cool!" she said, while trying to imagine her Goku as a granddad. Well supposedly she had to protect the little one from getting hurt by a super strong and too enthusiastic granddad, but she'd manage THAT easily. Her frying pan of doom would see to that...

Bulma looked at the others.

"We should call Hercule and tell him the news. He's got a right to know." she mused.

Goku and Chi-Chi nodded, whereas Vegetas' face wore a sadistic smirk.

~ Heh heh, I pray to Kami that this news is too much for him... ~ he thought.

Bulma noticed this of course.

"What are you smirking about, oh husband of mine?" she asked, perfectly knowing that he was up to something.

Vegeta looked at her, and his smirk grew even wider.

"Nothing, onna, just thinking..."

Bulma nodded, although she KNEW that he was up to something. And when he smirked like that it was better to run for cover...

"Okay, I'll call Hercule and ask him to come over." she said and got her cell-phone. Vegeta groaned, for he could not stand that old fraud. But his mate was right; the old fraud got a right to know that the newest Saiyan addition was on its way, even if the offspring would 'only' be a quarter Saiyan.

But regarding the fact how much of a warriors spirit Gohans' mate possessed, the little one might prove to be a worthy addition...

to be continued...

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