Title: A sweet surprise

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Chapter 39: The birth

Last time...

Dende looked up at Gohan and grinned.

"Thanks, Gohan. You would not believe how often I cursed you at the beginning, but then, when I got the knack to fighting, the punishment you inflicted onto me changed into something different. It became a chance for me to learn something new, something I had not even considered before. I apologize for the pranks I played at you and I promise I won't do it again." he ended solemnly.

Gohan nodded, and was just about to answer when a frantic telepathic message reached him.

'Gohan! Come fast! My water broke…'

Now the continuation...


Videl, Bulma and Chi-Chi were sitting in the kitchen, discussing the latest fashion-trends, when all of a sudden Videl's face became pained, and subsequently she clutched her stomach with one hand.
"It's getting worse." she whispered.

Chi-Chi and Bulma looked at the young women concerned.
"What is getting worse, dear?" Chi-Chi asked, her tone filled with concern and suspicion.

"Pain... in my abdomen. Been having it since last night. At first I thought it was just indigestion, but now..." she said and trailed off, clutching her stomach.

Chi-Chi looked at Bulma and grasped Videl's hand.
"Do you think the same, Bulma?"

The blue-haired scientist nodded.
"Videl, is it a rhythmic pain or is it constant?"

Videl grimaced.
"Rhythmic." Then she understood what Bulma meant with her question. "What! I can't be having contractions just yet! It's too early!" she exclaimed concerned.

Bulma's response was to smile at her gently.
"Trust me, Videl, everything is perfectly in order. You know that Saiyan babies, and even part-Saiyan babies at that, develop faster than normal human babies. Even though Pan is only a quarter-Saiyan, the Saiyan genes in her are dominant. Meaning, that you don't have anything to worry about. My latest scans indicated that something like that might happen, as Pan is far enough developed. Everything is in order, Videl." she reassured.

Videl's facial expression relaxed, only to contort in pain some time later.
"Aaah!" she exclaimed, clutching her stomach with her free hand again, while Chi-Chi rubbed her back in sympathy. She knew exactly how painful contractions were.

"I wonder why Gohan does not notice the fluctuations in your KI, Videl. Hmm, I bet he's too engrossed in a fight..." Bulma mused.

"That are our men. Fighting before everything else. Typical." Chi-Chi exclaimed, only half in jest.

"At least your water did not break till yet." Bulma said. "But we have to get you to hospital as fast as possible. To be honest, I don't fancy playing the role of a midwife." she said only half-jokingly.

Suddenly Videl's face contorted in pain again, as the next contraction hit.
"Kami, it hurts!" she said softly. Her grip tightened slightly in Chi-Chi's hand and her free hand was holding her stomach.

"It's okay, Videl. It's all okay," Chi-Chi said and patted her daughter-in-laws back.

Slowly the pain abated and gave Videl opportunity to breathe deeply. Bulma handed her a glass of water, and Videl took it all too gladly and emptied its contents thirstily.

This reprieve was however short-lived, as the next contraction hit several minutes later. Videl bit back her tears, but yelped.

Chi-Chi looked at her daughter-in-law.
"Videl, Bulma will give word to Gohan. I will get you into the car. We can't wait any longer. We have got to get you to hospital, dear."

With that, Chi-Chi helped Videl into a standing position, while Bulma made her way to the cellar, intent on notifying the father-to-be.

Chi-Chi and Videl had nearly reached the door, when Videl suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. Next she looked down at herself, horrified.
'Damn, I should be old enough to know when I need to use the loo, ain't I?' she thought, chiding herself.

Then she noticed the amount of fluid and put two and two together.
'Gohan! Come fast! My water broke…' she send instinctively to her husband.

End Flashback

Down in the GR

They could see by the look on his face that something important had happened, and all activity stopped instantly. Goku looked at his oldest son concerned, and when Gohan nodded to him it confirmed what he had thought. It had started.

Gohan looked in the round of warriors and friends, keeping his emotions in check.
"Guys, I gotta get Videl into the hospital fast. She told me seconds ago that her water broke."

Offering that as an explanation Gohan rushed out of the GR and to his wife. Now that he was not concentrated on the fight solely any more, he could actually feel the changes in Videl's KI. It would probably be hours still until she actually would give birth, but he had to get to the hospital. Pronto.

He did barely notice that the others followed suit behind him and he actually knocked the door to the cellar of its hinges in his haste to get to his wife. Gohan's Saiyan side was going strong, and it was responding to the pain he felt through the bond he shared with his mate. She needed him, and he would be there.

Unconsciously he had already switched into Super Saiyan Three mode, to offer a maximum of speed and protection for the task ahead. Luckily the next hospital was only five minutes away at maximum speed (he had actually tested it beforehand, although it had startled the poor personal quite thoroughly).

The scenario that greeted him was the one he had awaited. Videl was lying in the living room on the large sofa, while Chi-Chi held her hand. His mother looked up at him, and her face lit up.
"There you are finally, Gohan. We wanted to take her to the hospital via car, but she refused to be taken once her water had broken. She said she was waiting for you, and it was your duty as her mate. Thus we moved her here."

Gohan smirked proudly while acknowledging what his mother had said with a nod. His Videl was acting the way he had hoped she would. He nodded slightly to himself. In some aspects, Videl was quite Saiyan, and he was glad for it.
"Who am I to decline my duty?" he asked, bend down to one knee and swept Videl in his arms in one swift motion.

His mother smiled at her son. Seeing him the way he acted made her proud. Maybe it was a good thing after all that the warrior in Gohan had broken through. Her son was so manly!
"Oh Gohan, just wait a moment, you'll need that!" she said and reached for a bag. The bag he and Videl had packed for just this occasion.

Gohan flashed a small smile at his mother as she gave him the bag. Holding Videl with one hand he slung the back over his shoulder with the other.

Meanwhile the others had gathered in the living room too, making it quite crowded. Gohan, who was about to exit, looked over his shoulder.
"We'll meet in the hospital." he said and stepped into the direction of the door that led to the balcony.

Before he could reach for the door handle, however, Videl had another contraction. In pain, she grabbed the nearest thing available, in this case, flesh. Gohan's flesh, his right arm, to be exact,

As Videl clung to him, Gohan was more than glad that he had not even considered to power down, for his flesh was so much harder as a Super Saiyan Three than in his normal form. But still, that had nearly hurt! His mate was strong, and it made Gohan proud.

The contraction ended soon enough as Videl released her hold on Gohan' arm. Oh boy, was he ever glad that his skin was so hard now. Funny how his dad has survived without a Super Saiyan form. He would have to ask him how he had managed this. Later.

Gohan then opened the door that led to the balcony and stepped outside, holding Videl securely.
"Sorry, Gohan, I didn't expect it to be this strong..." his wife apologized, only to be met by a smile.

"Don't you worry about it. No harm done, hun." Gohan said.

And with this, he took off into the air, his precious cargo cradled safely in his arms. Gohan extended his aura to cover his wife too, and then he gathered speed. Soon he was nothing more than a golden streak in the air to the others, fading in the distance.

Goku clapped into his hands.
"Okay guys, I say we give them ten minutes of a head-start and then I teleport us all over. Who's for some lunch now?" he asked with his trademark Son grin.

Several groans could be heard, but they could not deny the logic of what Goku had suggested. It would be odd to be earlier at the hospital than Gohan and Videl themselves, and until everything (except the birth, of course) was settled, it would be best to leave the young parents-to-be to their own devices.

After all, they were adults, and from the 'training' they had received the previous months they knew what they had to do. Chi-Chi looked up from her place and nodded. Preparing something to eat would probably distract her from her nervousness. For now she could do nothing more than wait and pray to Kami that everything would be alright.

Speaking of Kami, said Namekian going by the name of Piccolo, acting Kami of Earth, who had still to mind everyone else's business, was pulling every string possible to assure a safe travel for his first and until recently only student.

He had to subtly 'redirect' a crazy glider who would have otherwise crossed paths with a certain demi-Saiyan in the mother of all hurries, not to mention an adverse weather front with was headed this way. It was the least he could do for Gohan, and he did it all too gladly.

Meanwhile, while Chi-Chi was preparing some food for the waiting Z-Senshi, Gohan was nearing his destination. Videl, who had not suffered from another contraction just yet, was snuggled up against his chest.
'We're almost there, hun.' Gohan send to his wife telepathically, and Videl nodded.

He sped up some more when he felt Videl's KI fluctuate once more, and the next contraction hit seconds later. Again Videl gasped in pain and grabbed hold of Gohans arm in a rather firm grip, barely able to stand the pain. As the pain finally abated, she wondered more and more how people could want to go through this more than once.

Gohan kissed Videl's forehead once her face had relaxed again, and that simple gesture of affection gave her back some strength she had lost during the contraction. Seconds later Gohan descended and landed in front of the entrance of the 'Community General hospital', startling quite a few people in the area.

Without wasting any time Gohan grabbed the next person that looked remotely like an employee and demanded assistance. Still in Super Saiyan Three mode and quite frightening looking, it worked like a charm. Videl was quickly retrieved and wheeled off to one of the delivery rooms.

Luckily for Gohan, Chi-Chi had called Videl's doctor right after her water had broken. The doctor met her in the entrance hall to her relief, then looked about for the soon-to-be daddy.

Gohan had finally powered down completely and tried to follow his wife who had been wheeled into the delivery room already, but then he had got lost in the hospital. Using his enhanced Saiyan senses he found her scent, which was unmistakable to him.

It was the oddest thing ever to see a grown-up man sniffing the air, but the few passers-by only shook their heads and had no second thoughts. Loads of strange this happened around here, a man sniffing the air was nothing out of the ordinary.

And finally, after what was like a life-time to Gohan, he had arrived outside the delivery room, where the doc was already waiting for him.
"Ahh, there you are, Mr. Son. Good, I thought we had lost you. Here, put this on. It's time to help the newest addition to your family onto this world." Videl's doctor told the now nervous looking Gohan.

Using all of his inner strength as a warrior Gohan put himself together and seized control of his emotions. Nodding to the doc he was about to enter, when he suddenly remembered something.
"Doctor, I've forgotten something and will follow you shortly."

The doctor shrugged and opened the door that led to the delivery room, while Gohan contacted his father via telepathy.
'Hey dad, we're at the hospital right now. The hall is clear, so you can teleport over any time.'

Luckily for Goku his son had contacted them via telepathy, as he and the others were currently busy devouring Chi-Chi's cooking. The Son matriarch had made full use of Videl's kitchen, and her nervous energy had produced quite the meal.
'Okay, son. We'll finish right up and IT over. You just give me a lock.'

Gohan nodded and send his father the mental image of the hall he was standing in.
'Alright, dad. See you when you have 'finished up'. Let me guess, mom's nervous energy produced quite a meal, huh?' he added grinning.

'You bet, son.'
was Goku's, and Gohan could hear the grin. 'We'll be over in a few minutes. I'll inform the others now. See you soon. Oh, and son, do what the doctor says, they know what they're doing and what's best. Believe me, I'm talking from experience here.'

'Ok, dad. I'll enter the lioness den now. Wish me luck!'

'You'll make it. You're a warrior after all. I will call Hercule, too, can't leave him out, can we?'

'Nope. Till later, dad.'

With that he closed the telepathic connection and entered the delivery room.

Over at Gohan's house

Goku looked into the round.
"As you can guess, Gohan 'called'. Videl's already in the delivery room, and Gohan's with her. He send me a mental image of the location, and it is now safe to teleport over. I'd say we do just that."

Nodding heads everywhere.
"It is time to welcome a new Saiyan to this world, Kakkarott." Vegeta stated, and Goku nodded proud.

"That it is, Vegeta. Chi-Chi, could you call Hercule and inform him? I guess he'd want to know."

His wife nodded, got out her mobile and informed the Word Champ of what was going on. Predictably Hercule was quite nervous, and said he'd be there as fast as possible.

As soon as the conversation was over, Chi-Chi grabbed hold of Goku. Luckily Instant Transmission also worked if you touched the person who had touched the 'teleporter', otherwise it would have been quite problematic and ridiculous looking to boot if every Z-Senshi would have had to touch Goku.

The oldest Son Saiyan put two fingers to his forehead, concentrated on the image his son had send him, and they were off.

A minute before Gohan had decided that it would probably be much safer for him to power up and make his skin as hard as possible. He had a feeling that he would need it. Without breaking any sweat Gohan switched into Super Saiyan 2 mode. That should be suffice...

Gohan had put the hospital gown, which the doctor had given him, on and had entered the delivery room. The demi noticed that security personal was standing at each side of the door. He had noticed beforehand that an ID-card was attached to the hospital gown.

Gohan pointed to the card.
"I'm Gohan Son, and my wife is in there. So make it fast!"

The guard standing right checked the ID-card.
"Umm, this says Gohan Son has black hair and black eyes. So you can't be Gohan Son, pal." he said smirking.

Said Gohan Son sighed. He should have guessed something like that would happen. Deciding not to give in to his urge to beat those two goons into next year, Gohan switched out of SSJ2 into his normal mode.
"Is this better?" he asked.

The guards looked at him flabbergasted, and once they had overcome their shock, checked the ID-card and the person before them.
"O... O... Okay, Mr. ... Son. You have clearance."

Gohan nodded and powered up again. To his satisfaction he noticed that one of the guards had fainted. Jerks! This obstacle removed, Gohan entered the delivery room, smirking at the thought what his father and the other Z-Senshi would do to the mental constitution of the guards. He shrugged. That was not his problem, was it?

Videl's doctor had looked at him surprised as he entered.
"Mr... Son?" Gohan nodded. "Didn't you have... black hair and black eyes just a minute ago?" the astonished doctor asked.

The demi-Saiyan nodded.
"Never mind now, doc. I'd say we have more important matters at hand." he said and went to his wife's side. "Hi, hon."

Videl looked up at him from her bed and managed a weak smile.
"Hi luv."

She wanted to say more, but then the next contraction hit and Videl cried out in pain. She grabbed Gohan's hand, and the demi-Saiyan was very glad that he had switched into Super Saiyan 2 mode again. Boy was she strong!

He didn't know what to do for her. Even his experience as a warrior was of no help here. Gohan couldn't even begin to imagine what the pain felt like.

He could definitely tell it was agonizing judging by how her fingers were nearly digging into his skin. All he could do was to hold her hand and be with her, trying to comfort her.

"You're doing very good, Videl!" the doctor encouraged her.

"Get it out of me!" she shouted, nearly crying out in pain.

"Just breathe, luv. You're almost through this one." Gohan coached her, lending her some of his energy. It seemed to work, as Videl's face visibly relaxed. After a few seconds the contraction was over, and Videl leaned back, still holding his hand.

Just as the contraction was over, Chi-Chi entered the room. Gohan had barely suppressed a snicker when he had heard the shouts of the guards. That must have been a funny picture. It was a pretty stupid thing to try to stand up to his mother when she was determined. Unless one was a Saiyan warrior...

Chi-Chi rushed to Videl's side instantly, while the others obviously waited outside.
"Videl, how are you?"

Videl managed a smile.
"Good, mom, except for the fact that I'm giving birth."

Gohan's mother smiled in understanding.
"It will soon be over, daughter. Be strong."

Videl nodded, and Gohan noticed that Videl was working up quite a sweat, as the little baby within her grew restless and wanted out.

Chi-Chi looked at the doctor.
"Doctor, how far apart are they now?"

Videl's doc, who had been quite astonished by the happenings of the last few minutes, pulled himself together due to the experience he had gained in countless years.
"Every four minutes now, Mrs. Son."

Chi-Chi nodded, satisfied.
"She's getting close..." she murmured. "Soon my son is going to be a father!" she then stated with delight.

Gohan could not help but shake his head as he held the hand of his wife.
'Typical mum...' he thought.

As the next contraction hit a few minutes later, Gohan tried to comfort his wife the best he could, but again he had no idea how to do so. He had so absolutely no idea what she was going trough right now, and thus he could only offer his presence to help his wife.

Once this new contraction was over, Gohan had a question for the doctor.
"Doctor, when will my wife deliver?"

The doctor looked at him.
"That's hard to tell. It could be a while. I can't do anything unless there's a problem and so far there isn't one. It all depends on the baby. It'll come when it's ready." he replied, standing patiently at the bedside.

Two minutes later the next contraction hit, and Gohan could feel through his bond and through observing her KI, that it was a lot stronger than the others.

"Oh Kami, not again!" she said and squeezed her eyes shut, grabbing Gohan's hand more strongly.

"I hate you!" Videl suddenly yelled as the contraction hit full on.

Gohan looked at her shocked.
"What?" he asked, before remembering what he had read. It was a reaction that often occurred, and he had to play along.

"You did this to me! You're not going to touch me again! Ever!" she yelled and screamed out in pain again.

"Videl, I . . ." he began.

"Just take it, Mr. Son." the doc advised.

Gohan nodded and did just that, knowing it would only be temporary. Then he strengthened his grip around Videl's hand and began to strengthen her with his KI once more, and he noticed the look of surprise on Videl's face with a smile. It was obviously working, and he was making it easier for her. Good.
"Sorry, luv. I didn't mean it." she then said, when the contraction was finally over.

Gohan smiled at her.
"Sssshhh. It's okay, hon. You concentrate on Pan. Don't worry about me."

Videl nodded.

Gohan thought to himself as he stroked Videl's cheeks. Now they only had to wait until Videl was actually ready to give birth...

A whole bunch of hours later...

Gohan exited the delivery room with a large smirk on his face.
"Guys, the newest addition to the Saiyans has finally arrived!" he exclaimed happily, but with a warrior's composure.

Goku was the first to approach him and smiled at him.
"Congrats, my son!" he exclaimed.

Gohan mirrored the smile and decided to say what the doctor had said to him.
"And it is a girl. As we said. And it's the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world!" he exclaimed.

The older Saiyan smiled even more.
"That she surely is." he said and patted his son on the back.

Vegeta however had other interests.
"And what is she?"

Gohan knew instantly what the Saiyan Prince meant.
"She has a tail, Vegeta. And she is going to keep it." he said softly.

Vegeta smirked with pride at hearing this. That was all he wanted to know. Gohan was a true Saiyan, and the Saiyan Prince was sure that he would make sure that Pan was too, even if she 'only' was a quarter-Saiyan.
"Good to see that she takes after you." he said, and Gohan understood, mirroring the Saiyan Princes' smirk.

The Prince of all Saiyans was sure that Gohan would train her as soon as she was old enough, and he as the Prince of all Saiyans, would see personally to it that this young Saiyan would unfold her full potential.

Bulma quickly took over where her mate had left off.
"And, after whom does she take?"

Gohan grinned,
"We could not see the eye-colour yet, but she has Saiyan-black hair. Thick and unruly." he said proudly.

Bulma nodded and pulled the proud new-father in a hug, which he returned all too gladly.
"Congrats, Gohan. I wish you, Videl and Pan all the best."

Gohan smiled at her.
"Thank you, Bulma. That means a lot."

Goku looked at his son, a smile playing in the corners of his mouth.
"And what about your mum? How did she take it?"

At this, Gohan smirked a full-blown smirk.
"It was actually quite funny, dad. As soon as Videl had given birth to Pan, and the nurse gave a screaming Pan to Videl, Mom exclaimed 'I am a Grandmother! I am a Grandmother!' and fainted. It took some nasty smelling salts to revive her, but she recovered quickly."

Goku smiled at hearing this. It was so typical for his wife, but he would not have it any other way. The fact that she had not come out of the delivery room meant that she had stayed with Videl. He would check on his wife later.

Before the others could question Gohan any further, a nurse asked if they would all would like to meet near the nursery to view the new addition to the Son family.
"Let's go see your newly born daughter, son." Goku said softly as they followed the rest towards the nursery.

Once there, all were Oooing and Awwwing at the windows as the nurse showed them Pan. The little girl wailed and howled, and was easily distinguishable due to her tail. She bore Videl's facial structures, Gohan's hair colour and Gohan' eyes, as they could tell now she had opened them. She was indeed perfect.

Hercule, who had as recently as now arrived, rushed forward.
"How's my little girl?"

Gohan smiled at him reassuringly.
"Completely exhausted, but ok. She fell asleep within minutes after giving birth to our wonderful daughter. That's why I'm out here too. I got shooed out so she could get some well-deserved rest."

He patted Hercule on the back.
"And now we have another little girl!" he exclaimed happily and led Hercule towards the window, so that the older man could have a look. Seconds later Hercule nodded happily. The little one could be told apart from the other babies easily, for her tail was simply too obvious.

Hercule smiled.
"She is wonderful, Gohan! Do you have a name for her already?" he asked.

The others instantly pricked their ears. Gohan smiled.
"Of course, Hercule. Since ages. Videl and I have decided to call her Pan. It is Latin and means 'Everything'. That's just what the little one means to us." he explained.

The others ooowed and awwweed. This was simply too cute.

And thus, a new life had entered the world. Her name was Pan, and she would give her parents a lot of sleepless nights in the future, but one smile of her would repay her parents instantly. Now a new challenge would begin for two young lovers, who had now become two young parents. The future looked bright.



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