Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, Pegasus -in love with- Funny Bunny, possible hints at other pairings, insanity, mix of diary/third pov, language, oocness (hey, I already warned for 'insanity'!).

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written at 19th april 2004, by Misura

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"Merry Easter! And don't forget to give your six little sisters those chocolate eggs!" Joey cheerfully called, as Yugi and Yami found him.

"Joey, you need to give us seven of those eggs," Yami informed him, already reaching for the small basket in Joey's hands. It was quickly snagged away though, while Joey shook his head.

"No can do, Yami. You can have one, like everyone else. Same goes for you, Yugi, though you can take one for Gramps too."

"But Joey, we really need seven! It's a matter of life and death!" Yugi pleaded.

"Sorry, Yugi. Rules are rules. I can't make an exception for you, just because you're my friend," Joey argued.

"Awww, come on, Joey. Please?" Yugi made his eyes go wide and wobbly. Yami noted with satisfaction that Joey's shoulders slumped a little, indicating the blonde was about to give in.

Unfortunately, Yugi was knocked aside by an agitated, white-haired person at that moment, who sent the smaller boy crashing into Yami.

"How dare you two bug my idol like that! Have you no heart? You ought to be grateful for getting the opportunity to get to meet such a grand person as Funny Bunny!" Pegasus roared.

Yami was too busy keeping his balance while also supporting Yugi to reply, which might have been a good thing for all concerned.

"Listen up, you - " Joey began, shutting up abruptly as he was glomped. "Uhm ... help?"

Pegasus gazed at him adoringly. "I will give you all the help I can, snookums. This I swear on my word of honor. I'll make sure you'll never have to work for that nasty Kaiba-boy ever again."

"Well, that doesn't sound so ba- "

Pegasus was forcefully shoved away, causing Yami to fall over after all, with Yugi landing on top of him, while Pegasus managed to stay standing.

"Have no fear, the other Bakura is here!" Bakura proclaimed, eyeing Yugi and Yami with disdain. "Can't you two get a room or something?"

"I never thought I'd say this but ... thanks," Joey said. "I owe you one, Bakura. Now, before people recover, I think I'd better go ... "

"Not so fast, 'snookums'. I have a reputation as villain to keep, so it really wouldn't do for me to go around saving people. Therefore, unless you want me to give your adress and phone-number to that psycho over there, I suggest you hand over your costume." Bakura grinned.

"What is it with people today?" Joey groaned. "Is -everyone- out to molest me today?"

"Actually, Ryou's the one I intended to molest," Bakura replied coolly. "You're not -that- good-looking, you know. As to the Pharaoh and his midget ... "

"I didn't mean it -that- way, you pervert!" Joey protested.

Bakura shrugged. "It's not as if I care. Just give me what I want and I'll leave you alone. Or, well, alone with these three." He gestured to Yami, Yugi and Pegasus.

"I'm -not- - "

A card hit Bakura on the forehead, its impact sending the thief stumbling backwards. Seto calmly strode forwards to pick it up again.

"Nobody is going to 'molest' -my- puppy."

Joey rolled his eyes, a gesture that was fully lost on Seto, since he was staring at Yami and Yugi, who somehow still hadn't succeeded in disentangling themselves. Maybe that was due to the many buckles on both their clothes.

"This one time, I'll pretend I didn't hear you called me a dog, Kaiba. Because I'm simply way too glad to see someone who doesn't - "

"Nobody except for -me-," Seto added.

Joey backed away, slightly relaxing when he caught sight of Mokuba coming to stand next to his big brother.

"Whoa. What -happened- here? What are Yami and Yugi doing?" Mokuba curiously peered at the two persons in question.

"There's time to investigate later," Seto declared, stepping up to Joey. "At present, making sure that the image of Kaiba Corp. doesn't suffer any more than it already has takes priority over simple curiosity. Come along, mutt. There's a limo waiting over there, which will take you home safely."

"How do I know I can trust you?" Joey inquired suspiciously.

"You are currently in my employment, puppy. And Kaiba Corp. has got quite specific regulations concerning the way superiors may or may not treat their subordinates," Seto informed him.

Joey stared at Mokuba, hoping for a somewhat clearer reassurance, but Mokuba appeared too busy collecting the flyers and chocolate eggs that remained.

"Aside from that, there is the fact that disobedience in this matter will make me entitled to keep your salary, on the grounds of having caused Kaiba Corp. considerable moral damage."

"Bastard," Joey hissed. Seto merely smiled at him.


"Let me get this straight : you -told- Ryou you had hidden eggs around the house, only so that he'd be feeling guilty enough to allow you to dress him up. In fact though, you hadn't done -anything- and went out to -steal- a costume?" Yami demanded.

Bakura scowled. "That's a very simplified version of the truth."

"He did bring me breakfast in bed," Ryou reminded Yami. Yugi nodded pensively.

The four of them had gathered in Ryou's living room, after having seen Pegasus off to a certain TV-studio. Yami had proposed to MindCrush Bakura, but Yugi had objected. (Obviously, Bakura had objected too, only -he- couldn't pull off the 'cute, innocent and about to cry' act as good as Yugi.)

"-And- you're also still out to collect all seven of the Millennium Items," Yami continued, as if he hadn't heard either Bakura or Yugi.

"What? Who told you that? I'll - " Bakura snarled, jumping up. Yami smirked.

"I rest my case."

"He was just -thinking- about it," Ryou objected. "You can't condemn him for thinking something!"

"And he did try to give Ryou a special Easter. It's not -his- fault that it didn't work out. That proves he's in fact a nice and good person," Yugi reasoned.

"But he didn't actually -do- anything, aside from assaulting Joey. And making breakfast," Yami retorted.

"It's the thought that counts," Ryou stated.

Yami looked from Ryou to Yugi and decided that arguing was hopeless.

"Then can we go home now?"


"Kaiba?" Joey glared at Seto, wishing he'd been smart enough not to obey the CEO. The limousine turned out to have more than one department, separated from each other by untransparent plastic glass. Which meant he was practically alone with Seto, at least until they'd reach their destination.

"What is it, mutt?" Seto didn't take his gaze off the screen of his laptop.

"Could you maybe remove your hand from my thigh?"

"Why?" Seto asked, still not looking up.

"Uhm ... 'cause it's against your regulations?" Joey tried.

"Oh. I forgot to tell you."

"Tell me what?"

"You're fired."