Title: Amon Ra
Synopsis: Josh, Sam, Toby, Will and CJ and an old Egyptian legend.
Spoilers: Anything up to S4
Characters: See above.
Rating: G
Author: Jacinta
Notes: This story is written thanks to a thread at the Mozillazine Forums

The bar is starting to empty, but none of them want to leave yet. This is the last night of Sam's visit and no one is quite ready for the evening to end.

"Invisible?" Josh asks and Sam nods. "Why?"

"I was reading something," Sam replies.

Toby reaches for his drink, "Is the sun out there starting to effect you?"

"No," Sam protests. "The idea's been around since Egyptian times. Amon Ra could appear and disappear at will."

"Of course he could," Josh grins.

Sam ignores him. "A scientist has developed a cloak that'll make things disappear."

"Like in Star Trek?" Josh asks.

"Well, it doesn't actually make things invisible, it kind of camouflages them. But it'd be cool if you could be invisible," Sam says.

"How would it work?" Josh asks, remembering how much he's missed Sam.

"It'd be cool, you could go anywhere."

"No you couldn't," Toby argues.

"Why?" Sam asks. "Nobody could see you."

"You're talking invisible like the Invisible Man in the TV program?"


"Well, what if you got dirty, wouldn't the dirt show up?" Toby asks.

"Wouldn't it become invisible when you touch it?" Sam asks.

"Maybe," Josh concedes, "but you'd still leave footprints."

"So you'd have to be near a water source so you could wash often," Sam muses.

"What about food?" Will asks. "I mean when you eat at what point would the food become invisible? When you picked it up, put it in your mouth or would people be able to see you swallow?"

"You'd be invisible, not see through," Toby points out.

"It's a good question though," Sam adds.

"Wouldn't you get knocked over a lot," Josh asks, "by other people I mean. 'Cos if you're walking down the street and no one can see you then they'd run straight into you."

"Yeh," Will agrees. "And what if you cut yourself. Would your blood still be invisible once it'd left your body."

"That'd be freaky," Josh comments. "I mean a trail of blood coming from nowhere."

"Plus dogs would keep attacking you," Sam adds. "They sense a presence, they don't need to see you, but their owners wouldn't know you were there so wouldn't stop the dogs attacking."

"Until they saw the blood coming from nowhere," Toby adds.

"What if you were trapped somewhere?" Josh asks. "You could shout for help, but no one would be able to see you to rescue you."

"Yeh," Sam nods, starting sound a little worried.

"You four have really thought about this haven't you?" CJ asks. "That's frightening."