"Mr. Wood, I trust that you do know the consequences and severity of this matter. Accepting it will require you to leave everything, as you know it in England, behind. I must ask you again: are you absolutely sure you are willing?" It was a low grave voice.

Thoughts flickered through his head quickly: Qudditch, his parents, his friends, his dreams, his home.


'consequences and severity of this matter'

'leave everything, as you know it in England'

'absolutely sure you are willing?'

'absolutely sure you are willing?'

Snippets of what had just been said repeated in his head.

'Are you willing?'

"Am I willing?" he had asked himself.

The answer seemed nowhere to be found. There was no answer.

A memory of two weeks back came back to him.

It was Katie. She was lying down on their bed, staring up at him, wearing a long sleeved nightshirt and a pair of his shorts.

"What would you do if I left you?" she asked, peering curiously at him.

His image frowned before answering with a wicked grin. "Find someone else of course."

At that her face scrunched up, and she shouted, "You prat! You wouldn't dare!"

His image smirked as he sat down on the bed and pulled her up.

"Why wouldn't I?" he spoke in a low voice.

"Because you promised you wouldn't. Besides, you love me." She was serious before breaking out in smiles.

His image grinned widely as he answered.

"You bet I do."

"I know you do." Came the whispered reply.

"Well then, what would you do if I left?"

Her nose wrinkled in thought.

"Hate you. For the rest of my life."

A solemn look crossed the face in his memory.

"Why? What if I came back?"

"Because you promised never to leave or make me worry. You promised to NEVER hurt me." She replied in a grave voice.

His image shook his head and grinned at her.

"Anyway, it won't happen. I won't leave you. So there'll be no reason for you to hate me."

"There better not be!" she giggled as she started to tickle him.

It played through his head, over and over. Would she really hate him? Could he afford to take a risk?

The man, shrouded by darkness, moved quickly, his actions sharp and jerky. He stuffed his clothes into the large bag he had, emptying his drawers and taking his belongings away. When he was done, he checked for anything he could have left behind. After all, he didn't know how long he would be away, or whether he would ever come back. For all he knew, it could be his last time here.

He glanced at his watch. Time was running short. If he missed the transmission, it would be dangerous to get another connection.

It was hard to see in the darkness, but he knew where everything was and what it looked like. He looked around, then disapparated into the darkness.

There was a brief "Pop" as he arrived in another dark room. It was a room in Fred and Angelina's house. He and Katie had stayed over, having partied late into the night for Alicia's birthday bash.

He could faintly make out the shape of a small lump on the bed where she was sleeping peacefully. He glanced down at his watch. There was really no time to waste. He had to be going. His heart seemed to slow down. It was as though he was devoid of any feeling. He was numb.

He rubbed his palms on his jeans and felt a small odd shape. He had almost forgotten what he had come back for. His hands fumbled clumsily in his pockets, till they finally grasped hold of it. Even in the pitch black, he could see it's shine. She would love it, but he wasn't sure whether it would do any good when she found out he was gone. Still, he wanted to leave it with her since it would be his last time here. He left it on her finger, before placing a soft kiss on her cheek and with a final "Pop", he disappeared.