Chapter 1: Battle with Naraku

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Blood pored out of Inu-yasha as he got hit with Naraku's tentacles again.

"Inu-yasha!" Kagome yelled.

Sango was out cold as well as Miroku. Kirara was protecting Kagome while Inu-yasha fought Naraku.

"Haha, Inu-yasha you shall die. Kagome would love to watch your demise. To bad Kikyo's not here to watch it." Naraku laughed.

He growled, "You shall die Naraku!" He said as he launched himself at him. One hundred demons burst form Naraku's body as they all attacked him. He killed as many as he could. He landed as he saw the wind scar. He sliced through it as all the demon's fell to the ground.

"Now Naraku. DIE!" he yelled as he used the wind scar. There was a bright light as Kagome walked up to him. "Inu-yasha, you did it!" she said as she slowly walked towards him. He turned to her with a smile on his face. "It's finally over." She smiled back but it soon faded when she realized there was still one demon alive and it was headed right towards him.

"Inu-yasha! Behind you!"

He spun around to see the demon. He had no time to dodge it. He closed his eyes and waited for it to attack but nothing happened. He opened his eyes to see Kagome in front of him. "NO KAGOME!" but it was too late. The demon pierced right through her. She gasped as she fell into his arms.

"Kagome! Kagome! NO! Why did you do that?"

She slowly opened her eyes half way to meet his. She gave a weak smile. "Inu-yasha I'll never forget you..."

"N-No Kagome. D-Don't leave me. P-Please Kagome. Hold on a little longer. We'll get you to Keade's and you'll get better. J-Just don't die on me!"

She shook her head, "No Inu-yasha. It's time for me to go, but I want you to know that I...I...I..."

"What Kagome?"

"I..." She didn't finish as her eyes closed and she left the world of the living.

"Kagome" he whispered before he yelled her name, "KAGOME!" He tried to fight back the tears but couldn't any longer. They flew down his face and landed on Kagome's pale skin. He stood up still tears streaking his cheeks as he sliced the demon in half. He dropped his sword on the ground and knelt down beside Kagome's limb body. Miroku and Sango woke up to find Naraku gone but a male hanyou beside the dead Miko. They slowly walked up to him as tears were shed for there Miko friend.

They walked up to the God Tree as they said goodbye one last time. They all prayed she'd have a happy after life.

**** Kagome Higurashi Village Miko and
Loved by Monk, Demon Slayer Kitsune and
Hanyou ****

9 Months Later...

"Hunny..." The human women said to her demon husband. "It's a girl." He smiled. "She has your inu ears" She giggled as she looked down at her beautiful daughter.

"You know she'll grow up faster because she's a part inu demon and she'll probably be an out cast. As well as you because you mated to a demon."

She smiled as she kissed her husband. "I don't care as long as I have you and our daughter then I'll be happy." He looked down at there daughter.

"What should we call her?"

"I don't know but something inside me is telling me to call her Kagome."

There child giggled, "Then Kagome it is." The inu demon said.

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