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---Food Fight! Chapter 2---

On the way there, Rockman saw plenty of other NetNavis and various programs headed in the same direction he was going in. After a few seconds, he was standing in the entrance way to the Net Cafe, in the middle of the Net Square. Many NetNavis were sitting down at tables and chatting over cups of what looked like coffee. Looking around, he spotted Roll just before she wrapped her arm around his arm.

"So this is the Net Cafe? What are we supposed to do here, I thought that NetNavis can't eat."

Rockman wondered as they both walked in and sat at one of the round tables set up. A waiter-NetNavi served them coffee.

"I think it's just a social-gathering type place, where NetNavis just meet up to talk. The coffee just sets the mood... Anyway, Rock... do you like this?"

He looked around before answering her. Suddenly he wished he hadn't, because he saw Gutsman at the counter, aiming a carton of chocolate milk at the two of them.

"I was enjoying it up until this point!"

He ducked under the table, Roll looking at him confusedly. Gutsman threw the milk, which sailed through the air, but it hit Ms. Mari's NetNavi instead. The poor purple standard Navi was lying on the floor, dazed, soaked with the brown cow juice. Roll screamed as a glazed donut came bouncing off the table they were sitting at, ducking under the table too.

"Um, I think he's jealous of us... I'm sorry Rockman."

Roll apologized, feeling horrible about having their 'date' ruined by Gutsman and his obsessiveness. Rock shook his head and smiled at her.

"Don't be silly Roll, you couldn't have possibly known that this would happen. Besides, it's been fun so far! Nothing's really gone wrong. What do you say we get out of here?"

Rockman and Roll got up and were about to go out of the Net Cafe when Gutsman came out of the kitchen, after searching for flingable food. With a battle-cry, he launched the object in his hands, which happened to be a tomato. The bright-red veggie whizzed by a few customers, heading straight for Roll, whose back was turned. Rockman turned his head to glance at her, but caught sight of the incoming veggie-fruit. Gritting his teeth, he pushed her out of the way, getting hit right in the face. Roll cried out, Rockman having fallen down onto the floor, red juice covering him. To an onlooker, it looked like blood.

Before anyone knew what was going on, a slice of pizza flew through the air, hitting a NetNavi in the arm, who in return threw another piece of food, and another NetNavi threw another piece of food... which escalated into a huge gigantic food fight.

Roll kneeled next to Rockman, who was wiping the remains of that aerial tomato off his face. He smiled at Roll, who smiled back at him. They both laughed at the silliness of their day out, and walked out the door... only to be stopped by Gutsman. Who was covered from head to toe in cream pie filling.

"Wait a sec Rockman! Let's have a duel!"

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