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To Earn Your Trust


Chapter 1- First for Everything.

"Consider how much more you often suffer from your anger and grief, than from those very things for which you are angry and grieved." –Marcus Antonius

00:00:00, City of Shinjuku, Unknown.

Has anyone ever told you how sometimes, people can easily turn against you, depending on what you are, look like, or possess? They take a good look at you and immediately shun you from their place of perspective? I have. I want to tell you a story. A story of how I was shirked away from others. Not because of what I looked like, or even what I was, but because of what I possessed. I was rejected from others because I was a Tamer, but not just any Tamer.

I was a Tamer who possessed a digimon who I had as a 'virus' for a partner.

A lot has changed over the past 4 years. The world as we knew it was full of Tamers….everywhere. Tamers here in Japan, Tamers across the sea in America, you get the drill. There were so many in fact, that it became a frequent greeting if you ever met one of them passing by you with a digimon partner. And over time, Mankind has used these to their advantages.

Digimon card battles nearly became obsolete, though there were quite a few who still lived to playing the old fashion way. When I meant the old fashioned way, people have found new ways of doing real live battles between one, two or more digimon. It became popular and even more universal as well if you ever see two or more Tamers challenging each other. They would hold Tournaments and such, just for their own profit.

And over time, they slowly began losing what they had when they had their first digimon; possessed by their vicious lust for fame, money and battle, not caring about the feelings that digimon had or ever will. It makes me pale to see how people loath over money and power just to benefit themselves. Heck even the Original Tamers themselves, who started it all, would go to limits to gain power, even by hurting their own partner. It really repulses me.

But then again, does that make me one of them? I mean…I have been the same as everyone else. I am after all human right?

You're also probably wondering when all this had happened, no? It started with the first Tamers that defeated the monstrosity known as the D-Reaper. I won't get into that, but all I can tell you is that was when all the trouble began. After the so called Tamers defeated the strange digimon, rumors have been spreading about its source; that the monster that attacked Japan was a virus, which brings up another question. Why a virus? It's rather fickle actually. The word 'virus' in the dictionary means a bug. A germ. A disease. And it's pretty obvious because of its dangerous effects on human beings that no one likes a disease right? Ever since then, virus digimon of all types were hated, deleted or just beaten up for the fun of it. Not only that, life has been anything but hell for me and Guilmon.

My name is Matsuki Takato...this is my story.


00:00:00 a.m., West Shinjuku District, Bakery

It was a normal day like almost every other in Japan. Bright and sunny were the streets of Shinjuku and the cities were as busy as they usually always were which is not too surprising for most people. People moderately walked down the sidewalks, heading towards their work or other occasions. For me, well it was my first day in high school. I moved here to the west city of Shinjuku from the Itchijou District. It wasn't very far from here, so moving wasn't a problem for me. It was okay I guess; something I should get used to overtime. My mother and I moved into a bakery. It was not much, but just enough to get by. My father...well...died. He was killed by one of the Parasimon that attacked Itchijou about 11 months ago.

Ever since then, I wasn't the happy, careless and lazy kid I was before. It was the reason my mother and I moved in the first place. Like every hero I've always dreamed about, I belived I could save him by biomerging with Guilmon...I failed. Every human being has a limit to accomplishing something, no matter how hard you try and I was no exception to that, Gallantmon or not. Yes, I cried. It was one of the hardest things in my life. I'm just another weak human being like all the others who try, and in the end, give up hope. And after all that pain and hatred in my heart, I was given a terrible curse.

Watching him die, just for my sake, I let out all of my anger and sorrows, helping me achieve a new digivolution I wished I never unleashed. I called it a mode change. At first I thought that it was just sheer luck and a blight that I went to a higher level. But I later realized that it was an involvement given to me by my father right after he died. It wasn't until I realized later that I simply needed to…let go. Soon, I learned to tolerate my pain, making it my strength.

After killing the Parasimon, though there were some that managed to escape, a man by the name of Yamaki recruited me into an organization called Hypnos. What was amusing about it was I hadn't realized Yamaki was a member of Hypnos until I greeted him there. It's ironic how that place was built to get rid of digimon. Instead, they recruit Tamers now from different areas to perform special tasks of sort, which for some strange reason bothered me. At first I refused, but later accepted it to help my mother's incomes.

And also, I promised myself that no matter what happened that I would protect the ones I loved. My mother, Guilmon, and even the ones that hated me. And in order for me to do that, I had to 'Earn their Trust'.


06:03:07 a.m., West Shinjuku District, Bakery

14 year old, Matsuki Takato woke up groggily and quite noisily doing his latest routine; getting ready for his first day in High school. Lazily looking at the clock with an air of idiocy on his face, he noticed it was only six in the morning.

"Damn it….I hate waking up so early," he muttered under his breath. He threw the covers off himself and slipped out of bed with yet another contagious yawn. He walked towards the door through the hallway, forcing his aching body into the bathroom.

A sudden faucet noise was heard followed by a screeching yell. Years of using the bathroom should have told him never to stand in front of a shower right when you turn the handle. The water's always cold before it gets warm.

He blamed his accursed life.

Taking a shower, he dried off and went back into his room. Putting on his uniform and orange-rimmed goggles found on his desk where he had tossed it the night before, he headed downstairs where his mother and Guilmon were already awake and opening up the bakery. The savory breads stretched over a placed counter, tantalizing and hugging the air with their scrumptious aromas, whizzed through the two-story apartment like a silent viper waiting to strike.

"Morning Takatomon!" Guilmon said happily. Takato slowly smiled at him then sighed, still remembering that odd nickname Guilmon introduced to him years before.

"Guilmon, you know I'm not a Mon," he stated bluntly.

"Okay Takato," he replied cheeringly. Then he went back to his snooping, drooling at the bread lying up on the counter out of his reach.

"Good Morning Takato," his mother sighed, looking rather stressed. "Go and get ready for breakfast, and be quick about it. It's your first day in high school. Don't want to be late." Takato frowned sighing quietly as well.

"Yeah….sure," he said with a dull tone. Takato's mother eyed her son silently, watching him slowly maneuver over to the breakfast table and sit down with a small thud. She walked over to him with a frown.

"Honey, I know it's hard, but moving here was the best choice. I don't know what I would do if those people did anything to you or Guilmon if we stayed any longer. Besides, one of Yamaki's employees says this is a very nice neighbor hood."

"I know," he muttered. "It's not your fault. It's just that...well...I."

He sighed again. He had to admit, coming here to the city of Shinjuku probably really was for the best. There were so many things he wanted to forget where he used to live. "Never mind, I don't feel like eating. I'll see you later Mom."

Ms. Matsuki smiled at him and ruffled his browned colored hair. "Well...okay. Be careful." Takato nodded then walked off, Guilmon trailing behind. She sighed again.

"He won't even look at me now," Ms. Matsuki thought gloomily. Shaking her head softly, the brown-haired woman took a glance at the front door one last time before returning to the kitchen to bring the last bread out the oven for any awaiting customers.


06:29:07 a.m., West Shinjuku District, City Bus Transit

Takato got on the city bus along with Guilmon, flashing his pass once before moving to a seat. Apparently there were a lot of teenagers about his age on the bus having lots of fun, playing around, showing off their digimon, and just plain chatting with each other.

Takato, on the other hand, just sat quietly in the seventh row on the left side in the driver's side with Guilmon, keeping to himself and getting curious looks from other students and their digimon partners. He mostly stared out the window looking at the scenery and other cars passing bye with his eye's view. Every once in a while, he would glance at the others on the bus, but always ended up staring out the window or at the seat in front of him again.

"Takatomon, do you think the kids at the school are going to be mean to us again," Guilmon asked quietly, slowly but surely breaking the silence between them.

He couldn't help but ball his fist at that. They hurt him before. Those snotty kids from the previous school he attended hurt Guilmon, for one obvious reason. He wasn't going to let that happen here. Takato slowly looked down, suddenly a bit more lively now. "I don't know for sure boy; this school is different from the ones we used to go to. But don't worry about it. I'm sure it will be better than the last one."

"I hope so," Guilmon replied grimly.

'I'm lucky this bus isn't full or I would have to sit next to someone.' Takato thought, closing his eyes.

How unlucky for him, as more and more kids poured into the transportation vehicle, filling up the seats one by one. Takato was too deep in thought to even concern about what was suddenly transpiring around him, unconsciously petting Guilmon while the viral digimon nestled onto his Tamer's lap. Once they found out about his digimon partner, Takato thought, it would only be a matter of time before they found out he was a virus.

He was tired of it. So very tired of the world he currently lived in. Everyday they had been running from everyone. All those beatings and terrible remarks he had received were dreadful, just because his partner was a virus. Had the days of the D-Reaper and Parasimon attacks really affected everyone's minds that much? What happened to that world before where anything and everything was equal, friendly and joyous? He never had an experience like this years before. Takato's face quickly became a big frown.

"If anything happened to my mom or Guilmon, it would be only a matter of time before they found out the real me. They will know that I'm someone not to be fooled around with. I swear I won't let anything happen to my Mom or Guilmon. After all, I did promise my dad," he thought. At that moment, he sensed something.

A smell. But it wasn't just any nasty old smell, but a pleasant one. Apparently Guilmon smelled it as well, as he shifted his weight on Takato's lap. The scent was getting stronger with each breathing moment. He recognized it from somewhere before. What was it? It smelled like...Lilacs and...

He suddenly sniffed quietly again

"Wait a minute...it smells like…Sakuras, in the fall? How is that...?"

"Mind if I sit here."

Takato blinked and looked up to see a strangely familiar girl sauntering over him.

"Humph, well that explains it. For a second there I actually thought I was going crazy. Next thing you know I'm gonna hear that damn voice in my head again." He thought with a slight miffed expression

Looking more carefully at the girl, he noticed her hair was a mix with red and brown, tied up into a pony tail shaped into a weird spiky design.

"Reminds me of a pineapple I once ate…hated those weird American fruits."

Her face was soft and unwavering, showing an emotion that was anything but happy, and her eyes were a soft lavender color. She wore what she was normally supposed to wear, white and black uniformed blouse with, wait a minute…

"Why is she wearing pants?"

He had noticed that every girl he saw was wearing a skirt not pants. It looked rather odd to see female wearing male uniformed pants. Takato shrugged. Ah well, it wasn't his business and he immediately discarded the thought.

"Help yourself," he stated similar to a tired sigh.

The girl nodded with her continuous frown and sat quietly in the seat, while Guilmon shifted again, letting her sit and Takato looked out the window again. He suddenly quivered. He didn't know why, but he felt like he was being watched.

"How far is this school?" He thought.

Half an hour passed by and it was beginning to get very tedious on the bus, and he was starting to get impatient. The only thing from keeping him agitated was the pleasant scent coming from the cute girl sitting next to him.

"Wait a minute… cute…… Nah…" he thought to himself again. Well she did have some attractive qualities about her, though why she screamed tomboy in his mind because of her pants was anyone's guess. Stereotypical thing to do no doubt, but not everyone can help themselves. She did look rather familiar. Where did he see her before?

"I wonder if she lives by a lot of Sakura trees. Wait no, what am I saying? It's the beginning of fall. Well…either that or she's wearing perfume.

He sighed. He was beginning to lose interest in the cars passing by.

"I guess I could start a conversation with her, though by that deep frown on her face, that looks like the last thing that's on her mind. Why do I get the feeling I'm signing a death wish just by looking at her?" He wondered.

The moment he looked away towards the window in case he did get a scolding for it, something caught his eye.

He wasn't sure, but there was a shadowed figure jumping from one tree to another. It was strangely moving at a quick rate. No human could move that fast, so he was guessing it to be a digimon. Guilmon had already looked up from his resting position staring out the window as well.

"Takato, what's that?" he asked. Takato remained silent as he focused more on the figure until whatever it was, came into view. Then he realized what it was.

"Well what do you know, that's a Renamon, first time I've seen one…" he replied out loud. The girl sitting next to Takato looked like she snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Takato with a passing glare, though Takato was oblivious to her staring.

"A Renamon? What's a Renamon Takato?"

"Well umm they're...here let me show you." Takato pulled out his deck of cards from his uniform jacket on the inside where a pocket was hidden from view, and went to sorting through them until he found what he was looking for. It was a holographic card of a yellow fox standing up, wearing two purple gloves that had the symbols Ying on one, and Yang on the other. The girl's eyes flashed when she saw the card in his hand.

"Humph……another fan boy…" she thought with a grunt and looked away towards the front.

"Ahhh, she looks very graceful Takato. But why is she following us?"

The girl rolled her eyes and Takato sweat dropped. "I don't think she's following us. There's probably some Tamer on the bus who belongs to her."

"Really? Why isn't she in the bus like us?"

Takato stared at him for a moment. Well for one thing, the only article he knew about most Renamon, if not only one, were that they didn't diverse much with other digimon, and people happened to be in the category of diverse as well. But he still wasn't so sure.

"Don't know really. Guess she doesn't like crowded areas. Can't blame her though. There's too much people in here, and too much noise. It's almost annoying."

A slight nod came from the girl as if she agreed with his response. Then she suddenly blinked and wondered why the hell she was even listening to what they were saying.

Takato sighed yet again, as he placed the cards back into his pocket jacket. This was getting very boring as he was starting to fall asleep. The girl sitting next to him was still quiet as ever and decided that conversing with her would just waste more of his energy that hadn't fully came to him yet. It was still too early in the morning. It was then that a voice suddenly rose from all the others throughout the bus.

"Hey, Rika!"

Nonaka Rika turned away from Takato and looked up to a boy with dark brown hair with matching eyes. Beside him was a rather large digimon the almost looked demonic with extended wings. She growled in anger. Takato inched slowly away. He was right not to bother her. He finally knew who it was now. Nonaka Rika, one of the original Tamers he met before unknowingly to her, was not one of those happy, welcoming people you would just walk up to and say "Hi, want to be my new friend?" which they would graciously accept your offer and frolic somewhere pleasant. She was quite the opposite.

"What do want Ryo?" she demanded rather harshly. Akiyama Ryo only gave her his cocky smile, not affected at all by her intimidation.

Takato quietly sighed, his eyes still closed. "Of all places, the Digimon King is here. And I'm sitting next to the Digimon Queen herself. Will wonders never cease…"

"Nothing much, you care to sit with the rest us?" he asked. Rika only stared at the legendary Tamer.

"No," she replied rather flatly.

"Oh come on Rika! Don't you ever want to sit with us?" said yet another boy from a seat in the back. He wore visors on his head and a large metal digimon was standing behind him.

"What did I say Kazu, no," she declared, putting more emphasis on the last word.

"Are you sure, Rika? You looked bored out of your mind." This other one replied as he had short black hair, while a strange green rabbit was on top of him.

"N-O...no. Can't you get it through your thick skulls?" She raised an eyebrow. Really now, what was so great about sitting together talking about whatever nonsense she didn't want to hear.

"Let's get a seat! If she doesn't want to sit with us, let her do what she wants, you can't force her you know…" replied a girl with short, light brown hair. She also wore a strange sock puppet on one of her hands that seemed to make it talk for her.

"Come on, wildcat. I'll challenge you to a card battle if you want. Of course it wouldn't matter. I'll still win, but I'm still welcome for a challenge." Ryo gloated. Rika looked at him with a scoff. If there was one thing that annoyed her the most, it was him and his stupid nicknames.

"I told you not to call me that! I'll say it one last time! N-- Rika was interrupted as a voice, unfamiliar to all of them, spoke up.

"Do you guys mind taking this somewhere else?"

Takato was in no mood to hear their rowdy arguments; it was loud enough in the bus as it was. He tried hard to ignore them, but they practically shouted in his ears and he was only mere inches away from them.

"Why is it I'll never find any peace in public areas anymore…?" He thought with a frown.

All eyes turned to the boy with goggles sitting beside the Digimon Queen with a look of annoyance on his face. On his lap, Guilmon looked up to them with the same expression. Kazu gave a rather large snort.

"Yes we do mind," he replied rather curtly. "Why don't you mind your own busine-?"

"Why don't you make me?" Takato questioned demandingly, suddenly raising his voice this time, as he opened his eyes to glare at him. This 'visor boy' already pushed the first button. He was somebody that was going to get pounded if he didn't watch his mouth. Takato had let people like him get the better of him in the past and he was simply tired of it. "First day of school and already someone's starting to piss me off," Takato thought grimly.

During the past few months since the 'incident' with the Locomon, Takato had never allowed keeping his anger mutually. Although there were times he could keep it in check, patience was definitely not on his side when it came to being looked down upon constantly for practically a quarter of his life.

So it was no surprise that Kazu was taken aback by Takato's attitude along with the others. Rika could feel her heart stop as the red dinosaur's expression change suddenly from a look of annoyance to hate. His eyes narrowed to an unnatural yellow color as he glared at the others, mimicking his partners' expressions.

Rika wasn't a girl that was easily frightened, she saw too much to be scared by a stupid little boy. But this one however, sent a slight chill down her spine, and that was quite a feat for someone to do something like that to her.

An awkward silence was followed soon afterwards as every Tamer on the bus was hushed by the contagious peace from the back towards the front. Most others suddenly began whispering among themselves watching the scene that began to unfold. Then out of nowhere, large growls began emanating out of Guilmon and Cyberdramon as the two traded heated glares.

A wild spec of rage was in guilmon's eyes when they dilated and Kazu nearly fainted. Like a viper, he slowly bobbed his head from side to side over his Tamer and almost near Rika as well.

And out of sudden instinct, Takato jerked Guilmon towards the window….

As if he knew what Guilmon was about to transpire….

"Guilmon…" He commented sternly, holding his neck with his entire arm. "Calm down…." He whispered.

Ryo stared down Takato. It was obvious that Kazu shouldn't have opened his mouth like he always did; nevertheless, he stood his ground and was prepared to pay for his consequences for doing so. If this kid wanted a fight, he'd happily bring it ten fold. His thought was cut short as the bus came to a forceful, yet smooth stop.


Takato slowly got up along with Guilmon who he was still latched onto, and abruptly brushed them out of his way before stepping off the bus. Everybody else got off the bus as well and headed towards their destination spots before school started. The Original Tamers stepped off the bus last still thinking about the scene that formed before them.

"Who was that? I've never seen him here before," Jeri asked, breaking the silence.

"Don't know. He's probably new here," Henry answered.

"Way to go Kazu! You finally have coerced yet another bully to pound on ya! I bet he could do at least 100 push ups!"

"Terriermon!" Henry scowled at him.

"He isn't even that muscular!" Kazu complained. Everybody snorted at that remark. Takato had the body of a swimmer. It wasn't like that of a wrestler, but it was lean, and every part of it was muscled.

Kazu stomped his foot in indignity. "Now you listen here!" he said, waving his finger in the air, "This kid may 'look' more muscled than me, and...But I bet I can beat him up. And if all else fail I can get Henry to beat him up. Right Henry?"

Henry looked at him as if he wanted to jump off a bridge and just shook his head, a common reaction when dealing with a crazy idea from Kazu.

Rika, however, snickered at the thought of Kazu or Henry beating up uhhh...what was his name? She heard his partner say his name. Tak-a-to? Honestly, Kazu and Henry were strong, but there was no way Kazu was as strong as him. It was easy to tell these things. It was typical of Kazu to be so smug, and arrogant. Boys were always so thick and immature in her opinion, and they seemed to have a natural talent for aggravating her, especially now, because ever since that foolish Kazu brought up the subject of fighting him, something kept on nagging Rika in the back of her head. 'What is it? What is it that keeps on bugging me?' She asked herself furiously.

"And did you see the tension between that digimon and Cyberdramon? They looked like they were going to go at each others throats! I'd pay to see that."

"Terriermon. You're pushing it."

"Pushing what? I'm telling you, that's no ordinary digimon. That's a freak of nature…!"

Henry groaned. He just never stopped. Terriermon began giggling out loud until a form passed right in front of them scaring the hell out of Henry and Terriermon.

"What was that?" Cyberdramon said, his eyes narrowing at the poor green digimon.

"Okay! Okay! Sheesh, it was just a joke."

"It better be for your sake," Kazu huffed. Ryo kept silent, though he blatantly agreed with Terriermon's smart remark.

"Terriermon, that wasn't a joke and you know it." Everyone looked at him, curiosity overwhelming them.

"What are you talking about Ryo?"

He looked at him. "You know exactly what I'm talking about Kazu, that kid's digimon isn't normal…"


"He's right," Henry replied. "Didn't you notice the look in his eyes? Not to mention they dilated the moment you pushed both of them enough to get angry…."

Kazu shifted uncomfortably.

"So then what are you saying Brainiac….?" Rika, said, her arms folded in a brooding manner.

Henry frowned. "That digimon's a virus…"

Kazu fell to the floor. "What?! How do you figure that?"

"That look, it was the same look the Parasimon had when they attacked, it was the same look on Beezlemon's face as well."

Jeri nearly swooned.

"If he's a virus, then that means there will be more rouses than usual; funny that the population continues to increase here." Renamon suddenly commented, seemingly appearing out of the shadows.

Henry nodded. "We'll have to keep an eye on them both for the moment, no telling who else is going to aggravate them. I seriously doubt that other Tamers would take his anger too lightly."

"And if he really is strong, then I wish to challenge such an opponent…" Cyberdramon relished the thought.

"Hold on a sec, we won't even go to that extent unless we're sure he's unstable. I suggest that before we do anything we should explain this to Yamaki at Hypnos. He should know what to do." Henry explained.

"What ever you say Brainiac, I'd just leave him alone, I don't even see the point frankly," said Rika as she began walking off. The others exchanged glances before walking off as well.


07:24:42 a.m., West Shinjuku High School, Main Campus

Takato was tired. Not only that, he was a bit angered as well. Guilmon on the other hand had a look with an intent kill.

"Too close," he thought bleakly. "Guilmon nearly snapped…I need to avoid anything like that…I need to find a place where he needs to calm down for the time being. Going to class in the state that's he's in, isn't going to help anything at all."

He abruptly stopped and looked up at the large school with a forlorn look on his face. People walking here and there with Vaccine and Data type digimon by their side, laughing and cheering. Others are seen battling, while others watched on with gleam in their eyes like it was the fight of the century. His face turned into a mournful sulk.

And briefly wondered if the place would be where his ire and sorrow would end.


Fall Of Mana - As you can already tell, I looked back on my work through the years as an author and noticed how crappy I wrote my stories. I decided to fix that. Angel of Mana Author dies this year. I am now known as Fall of Mana because of my improved ability to write. Where an old legacy falls, a new one begins. That is the reason of my name change.

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