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To Earn Your Trust


Chapter 7- City Wide Aftermaths.

"War does not determine what's right...but who's left..." -Angel of Mana

08:18:22 p.m., Kyoto District, D.R. Facility

When engaging enemies before you are spotted, the element of surprise is one of the most crucial strategies in the art of war.

"Felicia, I'm getting tired…"

"For the eighth time, stop whining Hie!"

Quietly and carefully planning out your steps is also a large part of this element. Of course there are sometimes in a situation where there may be small obstacles that obscure your mission.

"Hey Felicia, look at this. Looks like a red laser beam. Cool! I pass my hand through it-"

"Hie don't touch-!"

Sounds of panic and alarm screeched through the entire area of the D.R. Facility in Kyoto.


Okay maybe just a tad bit larger.

"What?! What the hell?! Who are you peop-"

"DEMI CLAW!" Champion form of DemiDevimon, Devimon, quickly silenced his prey as Felicia whipped around to glare at the now cringing Hie and Champion form of Kurasimon, DarkMunzimon.


"Whoops? WHOOPS?!!! You idiot! Do you realize what you've done?!!!"

"…Uhhh….I passed my…."

"THAT WASN'T MEANT TO BE ANSWERED!!!" She screeched which made him cringe even more into the corner like a mouse. Of course he had every reason to be afraid. He messed up….again. Not to mention all the possible things she could do to him at that moment.

Felicia was not someone that you would want to get on her bad side. Her history was nothing short of sweet either. Her mother's death, being abused by her father since she was little, picked on and made fun of at school were all the things that made her what she was today. A teenager with a very short fuse and those strange rumors floating about boys suddenly turning up missing after last reported seen with her, had Hie watching his back every minute of every second.

She was evil, Hie thought to himself. Pure evil.

"I guess that means going with me to buy my pills is out of the question now…" He thought bitterly to himself.

Felicia panted as she ordered Devimon to waste anyone that drew their attention before looking back down at Him. Hie braced himself for another scolding. When it never came, he looked up confused only to see her tapping her foot, waiting.


"Well, what are you waiting for?! Get up! We have a job to do you know…"

Hie silently nodded and slowly picked himself up. DarkMunzimon quietly followed and Hie ordered him as well to aid Devimon. Security guards flourished into the large open room, immediately cocking their guns and began draining their magazines. By this time some of the scientists were out of their overwhelmed state and began to clear the room. One of them suddenly paled white as he looked back to the room where the rotating disk stood behind the guard and the Tamers.

"The Data!"

The scientist ran back towards the machine, suddenly losing fear of his life at risk, another scientist trailing behind him yelling out curses.

"Konawa you fool! What are you doing?!"

"Inouye! The disc! I have to get it!" He replied back frantically as he began typing on the keypad. A large hiss was heard as the glass cylinder acknowledged the code entered and began opening the doorway to any prying hand.

Felicia and Hie urged their digimon on; when they noticed the predicament they've put themselves in.

"Damn it, they're taking the disc! Devimon take them out!!"

"Munzimon, distract the guards!"

Both digimon nodded as Devimon flapped his battle torn wings and began his ascension over the guards. They immediately followed in their line of sight to finish him off, completely forgetting the other digimon racing towards them with a glowing fist raised.


DarkMunzimon's fist glowed an aura of green light before unleashing a devastating punch that sent three of the seven left flying. He wasted no time letting off another upsetting attack as soon as the guards lost their surprised state.


The guards were left to lick their wounds after DarkMunzimon unchained a barrage of punches, knocking the winds out of them, even opening wounds. One of the guards caught by Munzimon's fist hurled straight into the machine, creating a rather large hole where his poor head crashed through while the rest of his body was left to dangle in shame against the machine.

Konawa dropped the disc with a yelp and fell back onto the ground, his fear of being killed coming back with full force. The other scientist Inouye was already beside him forcing him up.

"Don't just sit there! We have to go now! We can't st….oh god no…gah-."

Inouye didn't move a muscle as he stared with wide eyes into the face of Felicia.

"And where do you think you're going, hmmm?" He slowly turned his head to the digimon, Devimon who had already plunged his sleek claw into his chest. Konawa could only look on scared stiff as a strange yellow liquid started a path down the floor from where he was sitting. Inouye slowly turned his head again in his direction.

"K…Kona...wa……r-run…" Inouye suddenly fell limp and fell to the floor in a heap, sliding off Devimon's claw. Konawa snapped and wasted no time crawling away for his life. He grabbed the disk not too far from his position and ran like the wind for the door….

…Only to see another digimon, DarkMunzimon, standing in front of it.

He stood there stunned. There was nowhere to go. He was trapped. Felicia shook her head and began walking towards him, her heels knocking on the floor with each step she made. Konawa fell to the floor on his knees and closed his eyes, bracing himself for the death that was soon to come. He literally shook as the sound of Felicia's boots stopped and felt her hands snatch the disk away from him. He did nothing but stay still though it was obvious to everyone that he was visibly shaking as he still had his eyes closed, not to mention the small whimpering sounds that escaped his lips.

"Let's go…."

"Wha…What?" He thought to himself as he opened his eyes. He looked up only to see the retreating form of both the digimon and their partners. He sat there, the sound of the doors sliding shut indicating that they were gone. He couldn't believe it. He was still alive. He quickly began pinching himself growing happier with each second that it was real.

He turned to look around the area to see how much damage was caused by this sudden attack. There was not much but a box that stood a few feet away from him. He slowly but surely crawled his way towards the box, curious as it was not there before. He sighed with relief thinking how the day ended as he lifted the clips up, noting it to be a large suitcase.

He was going to live….

Opening the suitcase, fear came back overwhelmingly as he looked down at red and blue wires strapped to a white pack and clock ticking at seven seconds. It was a bomb.

Scratch that, life was just finding ways to amuse it self by giving false hope to fools like him.

"Oh bo-…"

Nor did it even want to give him the chance of finishing his last words. Flames, heat and pressure surged through the entire area crashing walls and windows, a large boom sound with fire and smoke escaping through the entire facility, alerting others in the area of Kyoto that the V.R.M had struck again.


08:39:41 p.m., West Shinjuku Mall

"Digi-modify! Speed Activate!"


It never occurred to DC what got him into this predicament in the first place. BlackTerriermon was having a hard time explaining the happenings while he was passed out, while dealing with two other digimon and their tamers who were just too attached to being recognized as superior fighters. BlackGargomon had lost enough energy already while escaping with DC, who was now wide awake, and was sadly forced to de-digivolve to his rookie form. What was even worse was the fact that he ended up back where he started; the entrance of the mall. BlackTerriermon unleashed a dark vortex hurtling straight towards Monocromon and Lynxmon.

This so conveniently happened to be two champion digimon.

"Damn it...how do I always get myself into these messes?" DC wondered with a frown to himself. "I'm almost out of cards and of all times, my partner loses energy and de-digivolves."

BlackTerriermon on the other hand: "Hey 50 yen! And what luck! It's all you can eat Wednesday at Taco Bell! Man this is great!"

"BlackTerriermon lookout!"

"Wha- OOF!" BlackTerriermon was sent hurdling to the air and into a TV store after his attack was deflected by Monocromon's armor while charging towards him. DC groaned and slapped his forehead and pulled out another card which he immediately slid into his D-arc.

"Digi-modify! Recharge activate!"

"There goes my last line of defense…" He thought bitterly. Boy was he in a pickle. He needed to find someway out of the battle fast before the other tamers had time to finish off BlackTerriermon, and by the way they were grinning, it would be very soon.

He looked down to the only cards he had left. A Training Brace and MetalSeadramon's River of Power card was all that he had.

DC scowled.

The Training Brace looked almost useless and there was no way in the world he could use the second one. BlackTerriermon didn't have the energy for that.

Especially a mega level card. His body would collapse under all that strenuous power. He bit his lip frantically thinking up ways to leave this battle unscathed.

"What's the matter? Afraid you'll lose your worthless digimon? Don't worry; we'll make it as painless as possible."

"Shut up!" DC snapped in anger. "No one's taking BlackTerriermon away from me….ever!"

One of them shook their head in pity. "You don't get it do you? That freak's a virus. And all viruses are dangerous…which is why we all plan to both bind them and wipe them out so we'll be known as heroes…."

"Bind them…that's it!" DC frowned, buying some time for BlackTerriermon to wake up, which he did. "Hey! We aren't dangerous! Just misunderstood!" He yelled popping out of the store and in front of DC.

DC nodded in agreement "That's right, they aren't dangerous…do you even realize what you're saying? How do you know they're dangerous, have any of them ever attacked you before….?"

One of them opened their mouth but suddenly hesitated at what he was going to say.

"That's what I thought, BlackTerriermon is my friend and I won't let anyone take him away from me! Especially from you! And he's a hybrid for your information!" He yelled preparing to swipe one of the two cards from his hands.

BlackTerriermon snickered. "That's telling them DC…you finally got the balls to stand up to bullies!"

DC face faulted and keeled to the ground. "What?! You mean you think I didn't have any before?!" He glowered at him.


"Some friend you are…."

"What? You want me to sugarcoat it for ya? You have some balls….that good enough?" He cackled while holding his little tummy.

DC frowned. "Oh yeah…." He replied sarcastically. "That really boosted my confidence….tch….no balls…..I'll show you ba-"

"ENOUGH WITH THE BALLS ALREADY!" One of the other tamers screeched. "Lynxmon wipe him out!"

DC shook his head, returning to the battle and swiped in the card as BlackTerriermon charged head on against Lynxmon and Monocromon.

"Digi-modify! Training braces activate!"

Both of the Tamers looked on dumbfounded. "Training braces? Ha! Those things are useless!"

DC smiled. "Not the way I see them. BlackTerriermon! Jump!"

BlackTerriermon did immediately what he was told and bounded off the ground.

"Lynxmon, don't let him psyche you out, after him!"

Lynxmon did what he was told and jumped off the ground as well. The training braces appeared on BlackTerriermon's long ears. Lynxmon opened his mouth to chomp down on him when BlackTerriermon used one of his small hands and land on his nose which he proceeded to push himself off of.

"Hehe! Missed me….BUNNY BLASTERS!!!"

BlackTerriermon fired a barrage of dark pellets in his face. It didn't cause much damage, but it was enough to send him sprawling back towards the ground.

"BlackTerriermon Now!"

BlackTerriermon spun his long ears around like a windmill and hurled the Braces towards his opponent. Monocromon braced himself to cushion Lynxmon's fall. It worked but at a costly price. The Training braces expanded clamped onto a surprised Lynxmon and began to wrap around the entire body. Since Lynxmon was on top of Monocromon on his back, the Training braces worked around and clamped onto Monocromon's legs. They were both caught in an awkward position and normally a champion like themselves could easily break it in two, were left to only struggle.

"What the hell is this?"

BlackTerriermon laughed as he landed on top of his Tamer's shoulders as DC breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank god this is ov-"

"This isn't over yet, don't think you can get awa-"

"Jeez, always with the whining and complaining," DC replied. "You're stuck, get over it."

"Well they aren't the only one that likes to complain."

DC gawked at his partner as he began walking away from the mall, the other Tamers fuming in the background. "And what's that supposed to mean?"

"Well there's time you complained about the TV falling out your bedroom window…."

"You tried to make it land on the mattress outside while we were moving, couldn't you take the stairs?" he argued flatly.

"With my size, tch……then there's the other time when Hiroshima shoved ice cream down your pants…"

"Because you-"

"And the time you got whacked by your sister's dollhouse from the shelf…"


"Not to mention the-"

"Alright already," DC intervened. "You made your point, I'm tired and-"


"I….ah forget it…let's just get out of here before they figure out a way to break free…."

BlackTerriermon nodded when he began waving something in front of his face. "What are you….hey is that money?"

He nodded. "Yep, found it under the revolving doors before I got hit, Taco Bell! Taco Bell! Taco Bell!"

He continued on chanting while they continued on their way away from the mall until at some point DC snapped and stuffed BlackTerriermon in his book bag.


08:49:07 p.m, West Shinjuku District, Hypnos

"Dude, how awesome is this!"

The chaos that vividly ensue almost an hour and a half ago finally dwindled down to a number of people still jogging here and there. Others, who believed the crisis was over, began picking up debris left over on the streets while others were still a bit paranoid and decided to stay in their houses for the time being. Henry, Rika and Ryo had managed to contain the damage near the mall, although there were a few digimon with a strange lust for battle that still refused to cooperate, so they were forced to use extreme measures.

"For the last time Kazu, we know already."

As planned, they managed to find Kazu and Kenta. They were surprised to find that Kazu's partner Gaurdromon had digivolved into Andromon. The sad thing about it was that he still hadn't gained any tact, nevertheless, Kazu took pride in it and began gloating to the world.

Jeri, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found. Their first guess was that she was probably at home with her parents. They tried calling, but the lines were down. They reached her house almost thirty eight minutes ago and found out she wasn't there, which made them worry.

"You think she could have gone to Hypnos?" Kenta piped up.

The others were silent for the moment, debating whether she was able to do just that, or that she was in trouble somewhere else.

"We don't know," Ryo replied. "Hopefully she will be. I've had enough of all the yelling and screaming. Her parents didn't take her disappearance well at all…"

Cyberdramon grunted in response while the others remained silent. They were able to see the building of Hypnos a long stretch away so it wouldn't be long till they found out the truth behind this entire pandemonium. Rika sighed as she trudged along the sidewalk, stepping over a fallen lamp post. She took a moment to look at the digimon. Renamon appeared to be fine as she bounded off from rooftop to rooftop. She hadn't shown any sign of fatigue since the turmoil at the mall and for that, the Digimon Queen was satisfied. She wasn't going to have her show any weakness whatsoever in case something else came up. Nor did she want to go to the extent of seeking others for help.

Terriermon was sleeping on Henry's head after the tiresome fight. He got knocked around the most so she wasn't surprised that he lost so much energy. Cyberdramon, on the other hand, looked like he could keep his form going for days on end without ever needing to de-digivolve.

She frowned at that.

She loathed admitting it, but Ryo was probably most reliable out of everyone in the small group. She wouldn't say he was the strongest as well, for her pride simply would not have that. Still, his courage and will to help the others, not to mention his constant nagging even after she gave him a good beating simply amazed her.

"We're here……"

She blinked and looked up at the building. She frowned even more.

"There's still electricity running here…."

Henry and the others nodded in agreement, suddenly not surprised.

"They probably have generators here. Not surprising really considering this place use to be the center of defense from all digimon….." Henry replied.

"It probably still is…." Rika snorted as she walked inside, gaining confused looks from the others. Ryo shrugged at them and casually walked in with his hands in his pockets, Cyberdramon trailing behind. The others followed suit.


08:49:07 p.m, Center Shinjuku Town, Somewhere

"Strange..." A figure muttered as he stared at himself looking for his other body parts. All he found, though, was just more of the same, nothingness.

"I'm not dead, am I?" he asked no one in particular, not expecting an answer.

"Heh, Sadly, no…." a voice replied. A familiar voice. His own voice.

"You again," Takato Matsuki groaned with a deep frown, not sure exactly how he felt about his counterpart being here. Hazard, how he hated hearing the sound of it.

"Where are we?"

"You are in the Void of the human brain. As I've told you, I am merely a fragment of your own awareness, thus I am emanating from yourself," the Hazard replied.

"…..Riiiiiight," he replied acting as if he understood what he just said. "So our body isn't really gone?" Takato asked looking around once more.

"Heck I don't know."

"What do you mean? You said we were in the void of the brain, so our body must still exist..."

"I never said it was our brain exactly."

"Wait….what?! How is that even remotely possible? You mean we're..."


"Someone else's?"

"There can be no mistake. If we were in our own body, we would not be as separated as we are now. Therefore, we must be in another body."

"Alright, but... how do we get back to our body?"

"Again….I don't know…."

"So we're stuck here?"


"That's really annoying, you know."


"Leading me to false conclusions like that."

"I know…isn't it amusing?"

Takato suddenly choked.

"But seriously, you are the one leading yourself to any false conclusions you might have."

"God! That statement is so ironic that it's not even funny."

"Really? Well it was not meant to be."

"So... How do we get out of here?"

"We might try contacting the other awareness that has its residence here."

"Won't that be... well...weird?"

"Most likely, but would it make any difference, I mean isn't it already unusual being here?"

"Good point…." Takato replied, letting out another sort-of sigh. "I guess you're right... So how do we do it? Contact the other awareness, that is."

"We could try shouting, maybe."

"You're joking."

"No, actually I'm not."

"………" Takato said nothing. It wasn't a debate; he had actually considered shouting the moment he awoke in this strange place. It was empty and depressing here, and most of all, it was freaking him out.


What he got back would have haunted anyone for years to come.


"Oh god no…."


09:03:52 p.m, Center Shinjuku Town, Cathedral

"Hey dino boy, who the hell are ya talking to, eh?"

Guilmon turned to look at Impmon perched up on top of the altar with a curious gaze.

"I'm talking to my tamer, Takato…"

Impmon gaped at him. "You're not serious are ya? You're crazier than a Gatomon on cat nip, Sheesh."

"No really, Takatomon's in my head…" he replied as he suddenly stared down at Takato's unmoving body on the ground. How he had gotten inside Guilmon's head was beyond the poor digimon's comprehension. On the other hand, he was still happy his Tamer was doing well.

"Takato why are you in my head…?" He asked, curiosity taking complete control over his senses. Impmon suddenly shook his head, muttering how crazy digimon became these days.

"Sadly, I wish I knew…"

"You can say that again…."

"Mmm…okay….Takato why are you inside my he-"

Takato sighed. "Guilmon, when I get out, I need to teach you the difference between a statement and a figure of speech."

"Okay! What's that?" he happily replied. How naïve he sounded would have killed Takato right about now. The Hazard on the other hand, bursted out laughing like there was no tomorrow.

"Never mind….."


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