Chp. 31- Friendly Concern

Ginny's Thoughts

Ginny's Conscience

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"Hermione? Could you tell Malfoy that he's a pretentious pig, and that if he doesn't stop stalking me, I'm going to smack him in his big fat head?"

"I think you heard her for yourself Malfoy, so run along....Otherwise I will report your sudden hobby of stalking teenage girls to Dumbledore."

Draco growled in annoyance at both of us, but he turned on his heel and left in the other direction. Ginny sighed with relief when he was finally gone, and she turned to face Hermione. The older girl was staring at her, her eyes wide with disbelief.

"I am so curious now as to what has happened between you two. Merlin last time I saw you, you were both happily in love..."

Ginny felt tears spring into her eyes again, threatening to fall as she thought back on the past couple weeks she'd spent with Draco. Damn him to bloody hell for making her so completely wretched now!


She sniffled softly to herself, before wiping at her eyes quickly before Hermione could look over at her and see the waterworks threatening to start at any moment. She wouldn't allow herself to start crying hysterically over Draco, especially not in public.

Why should I be crying over his stupid mistakes? It's all his fault, and he needs to leave me alone and stop making me feel bad, when I was just doing the thing that was right for our baby and myself. Things would get so much better if he'd just leave me alone till he'd thought about his actions, and then he could apologize for being careless about my feelings.

I hate to break it to you angel, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. You knew him before you got absorbed in his world, and the thing he hates most in the world is to apologize, or be wrong in any way. And if he was wrong, he's not likely to tell you that. He's a Malfoy darling…

Well I'm not even going to think about taking him back till he shows at least some more remorse than he's been giving me. If you could even call that remorse, which I don't think you can…

Ginny lifted her head in determination and told herself that he wouldn't break her resolve till he'd shown her that he was so sorry for what he'd done, and hadn't been considering her feelings. It wasn't asking very much. It was the least he could do….

Hermione let her go when they were outside the Transfiguration classroom. "Would you like me to come back and take you to your next class? Then I could walk you to lunch…I'm sure Harry wouldn't mind."

Ginny gave her a weak smile before shaking her head no. Hermione really was too nice to her.

"I can get myself to my next class and lunch. If he follows me, I'll just ignore him. In fact, I'll probably have Colin walk with me to class, that way Draco won't come near me."

Hermione nodded in agreement, and gave Ginny another quick hug before heading off to her own class. Ginny watched her retreat and trudged into class, and collapsed into her seat. She placed her head in her hands, trying her hardest to regain some composure.

She was exhausted, moody, and feeling wretched still about what was going on between her and Draco. She couldn't help the last part though…

It was then that she felt a hand on her shoulder, her body going still with fear. He wouldn't really come into her classroom would he?

"Ginny? Are you alright?"

She breathed with relief when she heard Colin's voice and looked up at him with a small grin. Thank Merlin…

"Yeah I'm fine Colin. Just really tired. Got a bit of a headache…"

Colin grimaced at that and sat down next to her, letting his eyes run over her. He frowned slightly as he took in her rumpled, exhausted, pale appearance.

"Are you sure that's it Ginny? You don't look well at all. Are you feeling sick?"

If he only knew…

"A bit Colin, but I'm sure it will pass within a couple days." Yeah right….

Shut up you stupid conscience! No one asked your opinion.

Colin continued staring at her. There was something different about his friend, and he couldn't put his finger on it. Something was off about her…

"Have you gone to Madam Pompfrey to get yourself checked out?"

Ginny paled slightly before gulping. "Uhh…No I haven't Colin. But I'll make sure I do that, alright?"

Colin nodded in response before turning away from her and grabbing his supplies out of his bag. Ginny breathed a sigh of relief when his attention was off her, and proceeded to get her books and other things she would need out of her own bag.

The rest of the class soon filed into the classroom, and Ginny paid attention to their lesson for the day with the best of her ability. It really wasn't her fault that she couldn't concentrate. No it was all the Head Boy's fault…

She shook her head to get her thoughts from Draco and scribbled some notes down. She was going to concentrate if it killed her. And tonight she was going to study those bloody concentrate spells till she was able to do them with ease.

The bell rang after another half an hour and Ginny packed her things up, hurrying up till she was walking next to Colin. He glanced over at her quickly in curiosity, but saw her staring down at her feet. He was going to find out what was going on with his best friend if it took a year to do it. Something was definitely up with her that she wasn't sharing with him…

Ginny could feel his eyes upon her and made sure to keep her eyes on the ground as she walked past him. Too bad for her that she looked up at the last second, unable to keep her eyes away from him, and saw him looking at her pensively.

She quickly turned her eyes away from him, her heart squeezing painfully. She bit her bottom lip and blinked her eyes to get the tears that were threatening to fall right in the middle of the corridor to go away.

Ginny felt the bile slowly churn in her stomach, and quickly flew to the nearest girl's bathroom, Colin fast on her heels. She threw the door open and ran into the nearest stall, collapsing on the floor and spewing her breakfast into the porcelain bowl in front of her.

She didn't stop for several minutes, and when she was finally done, she flushed the toilet and leaned back against the stall's door. After she regained enough strength in her legs to stand, she went out and rinsed her mouth and washed her face. She looked up at herself in the mirror, and was horrified by her appearance.

She was still pale beyond belief, but her cheeks were slightly flush. Under her eyes were huge dark circles, showing how little she'd slept and how horrid she was feeling. She was trembling slightly, and felt sick to her stomach still.

After closing her eyes and taking a couple deep breaths, she turned away from her reflection and went back out into the corridor. She looked up and saw Colin staring at her with concern. He pulled her close and hugged her tightly.

"What's wrong with you Ginny?"

Ginny let herself get lost in his warm embrace, pretending it was the person she wanted the most, instead of one of her best friends. She cried into his chest, unable to hold her tears back anymore.

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