A Chance To Say Sorry: Part 2


Aragorn awoke with the rising sun the next day. He had barely slept a wink, his thoughts constantly on Legolas and the pained look the elf had held the last time he saw him. The more and more Aragorn thought about the argument, the more he realized how out of line he had been and how much he had probably hurt his best friend. It took all of Aragorn's will not to wake the elf in the middle of the night and apologize. But now that the sun had raised it was time to speak with him and amend the wrongs.

Aragorn gingerly rose from his comfortable bed and quickly got dressed. He wanted to speak to Legolas as soon as possible and it was a rare time when the elf slept past sunrise. He walked fast paced to the room where he knew the elf slept and tapped lightly on the door.

"Legolas?" he asked softly. There was no answer.

Aragorn felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. What if Legolas refused to speak with him? He decided to try again.

"Legolas?" he repeated, a little louder then waited less than patiently for a response. When none came he felt sick, but he decided he wouldn't take Legolas's silence, he had to speak with him, for better or worse.

"Legolas, I'm coming in." he announced, then slowly opened the door and peered in. The room was empty and the bed had obviously not been slept in. Aragorn was puzzled, but then noticed the cabinet doors hanging open and one of Legolas' tunics missing. His pack was also gone as well as his hunting knives. Aragorn's heart sank as he realized Legolas must have left during the night, probably back to Mirkwood where people wouldn't yell at him for no reason.

But then something odd caught his eye. Legolas' bow was still present, resting in the corner of the room. If Legolas had really left his bow would not have been left behind. Aragorn began to wonder where his friend had gone. He noticed the windows to the balcony slightly ajar and wandered over to peer out. As he walked out onto the second story balcony he felt the cold winter morning on his face and let his eyes close softly, confused as to where his friend had gone.

Suddenly he was brought out of his thoughts by a loud whinny and loud shouts from the courtyard below. Aragorn opened his eyes and saw a horse rush through the gates of his home, wildly kicking and nipping at anyone who tried to come near it. Aragorn immediately recognized the steed and his stomach felt heavy.

He quickly turned on his heels and ran full speed down the stairs and out the front door of the house. He quickly pushed the elves aside who were trying to calm the animal and went quickly to the head of the horse. The animal calmed significantly when he saw Aragorn's familiar face. He began to nuzzle the man frantically as Aragorn stroked the soft mane.

"What happened here?" Aragorn demanded to the elves around him. "Where did he come from? What is going on?"

"We don't know," one answered. "The animal just ran through the gates in hysterics, we have no idea what happened to him or what befell his rider."

"This is prince Legolas' horse." Aragorn said gravely. "If anyone knows anything they best speak." None of the elves spoke up. "You mean to tell me that no one saw when he left or where he was going?" Aragorn asked incredulously.

"I'm sorry Estel," one answered, "none of us saw anything. We don't know what happened to the prince."

Aragorn suddenly felt sick, like his world was collapsing on top of him. He knew something had happened to Legolas. Legolas had left in the night and had not returned. Aragorn only knew one thing, that he couldn't sit idly by while his friend needed aid. A hard resolute look hardened on his face as he realized what he had to do.

"Someone tell Elrond what has happened. I am going to find him." Aragorn then quickly mounted the horse. "Show me where he is." He whispered softly in the horse's ear. "Help me find him." The animal's ears pricked up and it let out a soft whinny. "I know you are scared, but we must find your master, please, help me." Aragorn pleaded. The reluctance of the animal confirmed his fears that something ill had befallen his friend. The horse seemed to realize the gravity of the situation and must have agreed for he quickly took off out of the gates carrying Aragorn out of the city.


The horse ran as fast as its tired legs could carry it. It had traveled all night trying to reach the safety of the city, and now it was again going full speed. Aragorn held tightly onto the mane. He was not accustomed to riding bareback, but he hadn't wanted to waste the time of saddling the horse, every second that ticked could mean worse things for his friend. Aragorn began to recognize the path that the horse had him on, the animal was leading him back to the site that he and Legolas had camped in only a night before.

As he rode, Aragorn couldn't get horrible thoughts of Legolas' fate out of his mind. What if the elf was seriously hurt? What if he was dead? It would be all his fault. Aragorn tried to push these horrible thoughts out of his mind. He couldn't stand the thought of Legolas being hurt because of him. He had to focus on finding him.

As Aragorn realized they were almost to the site he slowed the horse's pace. The animal once again seemed very nervous, but continued on. Aragorn pulled his cloak tighter around him and began to scan the trees. Soon they would be upon the campsite, but he didn't want to miss any possible clues. The forest was very quiet especially for mid morning and it unnerved Aragorn even more than he already was.

"Legolas!?" he called loudly, hoping for a response. There wasn't one. "Legolas?" he tried again. Still nothing. "Lego...." Then something caught his eye, a body of a dead wolf lying in a pool of blood. The horse whinnied softly at the sight.

Aragorn slowly slid off the horse and commanded it to stay put. He then ventured forward and knelt by the dead animal. It hadn't been dead long, probably half the night. Aragorn saw the long clean cut across its neck and had a strong suspicion of who had killed the animal. He then moved forward and found three more carcasses, but it was what was stuck in one that caught his eye. The hilt of a knife was just visible protruding form the neck of one of the dead beasts. Aragorn ran over and fell to his knees, pulling the knife out of the animal's neck. He recognized it immediately.

"Legolas." He whispered. He then turned and saw a pool of silver red blood in the middle of the three animals and a trail of it leading down the hill and into the cave. Aragorn thought he was going to be sick. He suddenly broke out into a run covering the distance between him and the cave in a moment. "Legolas!?" he called frantically. "Legolas!?" He finally reached the mouth of the cave. The first thing he noticed was the dead fire and Legolas's pack sitting next to it. But it only took him a moment longer to see the limp figure lying against the cold stone.

"No..." he whispered. "Legolas, no!" He quickly ran to his side and dropped to his knees. "Legolas..." he choked, tears beginning to form in his eyes. Legolas was pale, paler than Aragorn had ever seen an elf. His lips were tinted blue, his eyes were tightly sealed shut. Aragorn then lowered his gaze and saw the horrible bite marks across Legolas' side, shoulder, and leg. There was a pool of blood surrounding him. "Oh, Legolas, please...please don't be dead." He whispered. He shakily moved his hand over to the still elf's neck afraid of what he'd find. There was a small faint beat of the heart. Aragorn could have cried with joy, but his happiness was short lived. The elf didn't have much longer, he was frozen and had lost a lot of blood.

Aragorn pulled the limp freezing cold form of his best friend into his lap and tried to warm the elf's freezing body. Aragorn quickly pulled off his cloak and wrapped it around his friend trying to restore warmth and life to the still form. Aragorn, still cradling Legolas in his arms, reached for his pack. He had to quickly stop the bleeding, although the freezing cold of the elf's hypothermic body had significantly slowed the bleeding on its own.

"Hang on Legolas." He whispered. "Hang on, don't leave me."

He quickly began to bandage the deep wounds, trying to keep as much blood into the deprived body as he could. He didn't have time to do much, he had to get Legolas back to his father quickly. Once he was satisfied that he had slowed the bleeding enough, he lifted Legolas from his lap and ran quickly from the cave.

Legolas's animal sensed their departure from the cave and quickly ran to meet them, making an alarmed noise as he saw the lifeless form of his master cradled in Aragorn's arms. As if he already knew what to do, the horse knelt down carefully so Aragorn could easily place Legolas upon the horse, then quickly climbed up behind and wrapped his arms protectively around the dying form. He was shocked at how cold his friend had really become.

"Norolim..." he whispered to the frightened animal. "Run like the wind."


At least an hour had past but for Aragorn it felt like an eternity. He was huddled tightly over his friend trying to give the pale elf as much body heat as he could. The elf's condition had not changed at all. In fact, it had worsened. Legolas' breaths were now coming short and raspy and his skin had begun to turn an ashen gray. Aragorn's heart was breaking as he watched his friend slowly dying in his arms. "Legolas, please, don't die. Don't leave me." He whispered. "I'm so sorry...so very sorry." The horse continued to gallop along carrying the precious cargo to safety.


Elrond stood on the balcony of his study despite the snow and cold. His hands were gripped firmly on the stone railing as he stood, intently watching the gate and listening for any sign that his son had returned. His servant had told him what had happened at the break of dawn. Legolas had left sometime in the night, but his horse returned rider less. Then Aragorn, in a state of panic over his friend's fate had ridden off as well with nothing but a light cloak and had still not returned. Elrond sighed quietly and whispered a prayer to the Valar to watch over the two young ones that he cared so much for.

"Father?" a voice behind him said. "Are they back yet?"

"No, Elrohir, they have still not returned." Elrohir knew as much, but he couldn't stand the silence any longer.

"Let me go after them." He stated.

"Give them more time." Elrond said softly. "I don't want all of my children trekking through the snow. Just give them time."

Suddenly Elrond's body straightened. In the distance he could see a single horse quickly approaching the gates. Elrond suddenly turned and strode quickly out of the room, Elrohir following in close pursuit. When Elrond reached the gate he could hear the horse's hooves and in a few seconds the gates had opened and he saw his son upon Legolas' horse bound through the gates and come to a quick stop. His heart went cold when he saw what Aragorn was carrying.

Aragorn quickly handed the limp form to his brother who was already at the side of the horse. Elrohir gasped when he felt how cold and lifeless his friend's body felt. Elrond turned to the nearest guard who had let the two in. "Hurry, prepare a bed and have the healers bring blankets and my herbs, go!" He then quickly walked to Elrohir and placed a hand softly on Legolas' cold pale skin, feeling a very faint pulse. There wasn't much time.

"Father, I..." Aragorn began to explain, but Elrond quickly held a hand up.

"Not now, Estel, we must get him inside quickly. Come." The three quickly turned and rushed the prince inside the palace.

When Elrond reached the bed he carefully laid Legolas down on the sheets and immediately began removing his cold, wet clothes, but slowly so as not to aggravate the deep bite wounds the elf had over his body. Aragorn stood over his father, shivering and tense as he watched his father begin.

"Estel," Elrond said quietly. "Go get warm."

Aragorn shook his head quickly. "I won't leave him,"

"It will only take a few minutes Aragorn, please, get warm. You will get sick if you don't and then I can't let you be in here with him." Elrond said softly, never taking his eyes off Legolas' form. Aragorn hesitated for a moment, but then took heed of his father's words and left to quickly get changed. When he reached his room he quickly closed the door and collapsed on the floor, the horrible feelings of guilt and worry finally taking over. Tears began to stream down his face and he buried his face in his hands. He couldn't move or think, all he could think of was Legolas' face the last time he had seen him, hurt and grief playing deeply in his features. Now his friend was lying in a room down the hall, frozen and dying, and it was his fault. This thought sent Aragorn over the edge and his body became overwhelmed with emotion. He began to cry outright as he sat with his back against his bedroom wall. He cried for his words, for Legolas' condition, for the unfairness of it all. He just cried.

Finally he realized he was wasting time that he could be at his friend's side. He quickly wiped the tears from his face and eyes and grabbed a new fresh tunic and a blanket and quickly put them on, then sprinted down the hall.


Elrond had gotten Legolas out of his wet clothes. He was concerned about the deep long bite marks over Legolas' side, but his major concern was how low the elf's body temperature was. The elf was much colder than he should be. His lips were tinted a light blue and his skin was dry and freezing to the touch. Elrond couldn't figure out how the elf had survived this long but could only guess it was on pure will. He watched as his servants quickly prepared the hot water bath that he was waiting on. He hoped that if he dunked Legolas's body for a few moments in a hot bath it would be enough to at least bring his body temperature out of immediate danger.

Once the bath was done Elrond quickly picked up the prince and moved him to the bath, slowly submerging him into the warm waters, but careful to keep his chin well above the top of the water.

"Elrohir, hold his body down under, his whole body needs to be under water." Elrond said calmly. "He must be in here for at least a few moments. Hopefully the hot water will save his body temperature faster than just blankets." Elrohir did as he was told. Legolas' head lolled to the side and rested softly on Elrond's arm as he supported the elf in the water. The elf lord tried to keep his breathing calm despite the quick nervous beating of his heart. He placed a hand on the elf's forehead to feel if there was any change. Legolas' body felt warmer. Elrond let out a small sigh of relief and let his eyes close for a moment and just felt the lapping of the water in the bath against his hands trying to forget that a young elf who he considered like a son was in a critical condition in front of him.

They let him float softly, both father and son sitting in a tense silence, neither wanting to speak their fears about the elf in front of them. They were both brought out of their thoughts abruptly when they heard a deep cough. Both quickly turned their heads to the submerged elf.

"Legolas?" Elrond said softly. The elf didn't answer, but coughed again, a small amount of blood trickling down his pale cheek. "Legolas, open your eyes." Elrond commanded lightly, trying to get any response. Legolas took a sharp labored breath and his eyelids slowly fluttered. Elrond and Elrohir watched and waited, hoping and praying that Legolas would open his eyes. But it wasn't to be, it seemed the elf gave up and just sank back into darkness, for he once again became still and quiet. Elrond let out a soft sigh. He noticed the water was beginning to turn a pale red as the circulation in Legolas' body picked up and the wounds began to bleed more freely. "Let's remove him from the tub and get him quickly wrapped in blankets. I have to see to his wounds." Elrohir nodded and they lifted Legolas out of the water and back to the bed.

When Aragorn had returned to the room Elrond was just finishing cleaning and bandaging the last of the deep wounds.

"How is he?" Aragorn asked softly. Elrond looked up and saw his son's red- rimmed eyes and ragged appearance but decided not to comment on it. Aragorn was too emotionally fragile to speak about things at this moment.

"He is more stable," Elrond answered, "but his breathing is still labored and his body temperature is still too low. We also have to hope his wounds don't become infected. He's lost a lot of blood Estel, I don't want to make any promises."

Aragorn nodded silently. He moved closer to the bed and looked upon his friend who was buried up to his chin under blankets. He looked so pale and fragile. Aragorn had to swallow the lump forming in his throat.

Elrond realized that his son may need time alone next to Legolas' side, and since the elf was a bit more stable and wouldn't be left alone, he decided to take his leave. "Come Elrohir, I need you to help me find your brother. He will want to know what has happened." Elrohir nodded and moved out, sparing one last glance at his injured friend and grief stricken brother before quietly closing the door behind him.

Aragorn sat quietly, the room unnervingly silent, the only sound was the soft labored breathing of the elf lying in front of him. He turned his gaze slowly back to the form of his friend. His stomach churned violently as he realized how close he had been to losing his best friend forever. Aragorn tried to forget the fact that he could still lose him and just focused on the fact that Legolas was still with him, if only barely. He took one of the prince's slender hands in his own and shivered when he felt how cold they were.

"Legolas," Aragorn said softly. "Legolas please open your eyes." But there was no response from the unconscious elf. "Legolas you have to open your eyes." Aragorn continued. "You must, because you can't die, you are immortal and you aren't supposed to die." He stared at the pale unresponding face and a lump formed in his throat. "I am so sorry, Legolas. I am so sorry for yelling at you and blaming you for what wasn't your fault. It's my fault you were out there and it's my fault that you are where you are now." Aragorn suddenly realized he was crying. "Legolas please open your eyes. I couldn't live with myself if you died because what would I do without my best friend?" Aragorn then couldn't find the strength to speak further, he slowly laid his head down on the elf's chest and began to sob, his tears staining the nightclothes the elf was dressed in. It didn't take long before Aragorn was asleep and the room was once again quiet.


Aragorn awoke slowly the next morning, slowly realizing that his head was resting atop his friend's chest. He quickly pulled his head up and gazed toward the window, noticing the light filtering through giving brightness to the room. He yawned slowly and let his gaze fall on the unchanged face of the prince. He still looked the same as he had when Aragorn had fallen asleep the night before. He brushed a stray strand of blond hair from the pale face and let out a soft sigh.

"Good morning," a voice from behind him said. He quickly turned and saw his father gazing down on him.

"I...I must have fallen asleep sometime last night." Aragorn said, explaining his presence in the room.

"I know," Elrond said calmly. "I came to check on Legolas in the middle of the night and saw you sleeping there. I hadn't the heart to wake you."

Aragorn slowly stood. "How do you think he is fairing ada?"

"He is not showing as much improvement as I would have liked to see," Elrond answered truthfully. "But he is still stable and there is more color to his face, and that is a start."

Aragorn smiled at his father's encouraging words. The fact that Legolas was under the care of the best healer in Middle Earth helped Aragorn feel more at ease.

"Estel, could you please bring me Legolas's clothes? I would like to put them away for him, although they are ruined now." Aragorn nodded and slowly walked over to the bed where the clothes lay. He picked them up and slowly felt the soft green fabric under his hands. He stared down at the bloody clothes, calmly tracing the fabric over the pocket, when suddenly he felt something inside. He reached his hand down inside and felt a small chain, so he wrapped his hand around it and pulled it out. When he opened his palm he gasped softly.

"Estel, what is it?" Elrond asked, walking over. But Aragorn was speechless. In his hand he held his lost necklace. It was cold and still damp from being buried in the snow, and the chain was broken, but the pendant on the end was still there. Aragorn once again felt tears well up in his eyes and he let his fingers run over the smooth silver. So this is why Legolas had gone back.

Elrond stared over his shoulder, seeing what Aragorn held. He could tell by Aragorn's pained expression that he had found it in Legolas' pocket. Suddenly both realized why Legolas had left in the middle of the night and why he was hours away from the colony in the freezing cold. He had gone to find the necklace so he could bring it back to Aragorn and return a smile to the man's face. Aragorn suddenly felt sick, the overwhelming guilt over what he had done and what had come of it washing over him. He ran to the edge of the balcony and began to wretch over the side, clutching the necklace tightly in his palm. He suddenly felt a strong hand on his shoulder and turned around, his pained red rimmed eyes meeting the soft brown ones of his adoptive father.

"Aragorn, what has happened here is not your fault." Elrond said softly. "Legolas knew deep down that you were not really angry with him. He went out there to help you, and what befell him out in the cold was not your doing nor could you have prevented it." Aragorn didn't believe him, not for a moment, but hearing his father say this made him lean into the comforting embrace that was being offered and he began to once again cry over the unfortunate events. He felt his father's soft hands stroking his hair as he clung to his robes. "He will be ok and he will make it. You two will be able to relieve everything that has happened between you. Have faith Estel. You are hope, and to give up hope now would be falling into despair."


Aragorn leaned over his friend, his elbows resting on the edge of the bed as he tiredly watched his friend's pale face and felt his chest rise slowly up and down with each labored breath. In his hand he still tightly clutched the small object that had caused so much pain and heartache in such a small amount of time. It had been hours since he had found the necklace in Legolas' clothes, almost two full days since they had found him. The man let out a soft sigh and looked out the window into the dark night. He then opened his palm and looked at the small silver object he held. Suddenly the little thing that seemed so important at the time didn't seem so important anymore. Now there was much more at stake, something that Estel would lament losing much more than a small piece of silver. He looked back to the unchanged features of his friend, feeling tears surfacing in his eyes again. He pushed a stray piece of blond hair from the elf's face and placed a hand on Legolas' chin.

"Legolas," he whispered, "Legolas, please hear my words. Open your eyes, my friend. Open your eyes." Despite the pleading words there was no response from the elf.

"I found the necklace, Legolas. I found it in your pocket. Legolas, why did you do it? It was because of me, wasn't it? Oh, Legolas, you are so much more valuable to me than this little piece of silver. But I sure didn't show you that." Aragorn lowered his eyes to the sheets as he continued to speak, letting his heart and soul pour out what it desperately wanted to say.

"Legolas, I am so sorry for what I said and what I did. I know it wasn't your fault that the necklace was lost in the first place. It was an accident. I see that now. Oh, Legolas, please open your eyes and let me say this to you. You have to know how sorry I really am. Please don't die, please..." Aragorn choked on his words as sobs shook his frame. He lowered his head down on Legolas' chest and began to cry into the soft fabric that the elf wore.

Aragorn was suddenly pulled from his sorrow and sobs when he felt a hand lay gently on his head. He abruptly pulled up and quickly began to wipe his tears away when he froze in shock. There looking back at him were the weak, yet opened blue eyes of his best friend.

"Legolas," Aragorn whispered as joy filled his heart. "Thank the Valar." Legolas smiled weakly, but the smile was quickly replaced by a pained grimace. Coughing filled the room as Legolas' body tried to clear his underused lungs. Aragorn's eyes widened with worry and he quickly helped Legolas into a sitting position to help him breath easier as the coughs began to subside. Once Legolas had his body back under control Aragorn once again lowered him down to the bed to rest.

"How..." Legolas whispered hoarsely, wondering what had happened to bring him here.

"I found you, out in the cave, you had been attacked by wolves. Legolas you were almost dead when I found you." Aragorn explained softly adverting his eyes. Legolas frowned as he began to remember the trouble he had run into in the forest. But even more troubling were the memories of how he had gotten to be there in the first place.

"The necklace," Legolas said softly, adverting his eyes from the ones he feared were still angry with him. "I found it for you, it's in...my pocket." He said, his breath coming in short gasps.

"Shhh, Legolas, don't over exert yourself, my friend." Aragorn urged seeing how much this talk was weakening the elf. "I found it, but Legolas, it was never your fault. I'm so sorry my friend, this is all my fault." His eyes once again dropped to the bed for he was ashamed to make eye contact with the injured elf.

Legolas lay there lost for words. The last thing he remembered was being out in the snow because Aragorn was upset, and now Aragorn was full out forgiving him and even blaming himself for what happened. Legolas' heart was uplifted to hear that his best friend was no longer angry with him, but troubled at the guilt the man held.

Aragorn kept his eyes to the bed, his heart in his throat. Legolas had been silent for a few moments now and it was almost too much for his shame to take. He suddenly felt a hand cup his chin and lift his head slowly back up and he met Legolas' concerned gaze.

"I would have went after the necklace regardless of whether you had said what you did or not." Legolas emphasized. "I know how much...it means to you." He finished, feeling very fatigued.

"It means nothing compared to what you mean to me, Legolas. You are my best friend. I would have been lost if you had died, do you understand? Legolas, you could have died and I would have lost one of the most important things in my life." Aragorn choked out, feeling the tears once again returning as all of his emotions flooded out. "I am so sorry for what I said to you, Legolas. It was never your fault and I..."

"Don't worry over it, Estel." Legolas said with as much authority as he could muster. "There is nothing to forgive. Besides, someone has to be there...when your silly short termed human memory loses things."

Aragorn looked up with a start at Legolas' jab and met the sparkle in the blue eyes. He laughed softly at first, then harder as all of the concern, worry, and guilt washed over him and was replaced with relief that his friend didn't hold him at fault. Legolas began to laugh softly too, but the laughter pained his wounds and he soon began to cough, which dragged Aragorn out of his laughter and back to the fragile state of his friend. Once Legolas got his coughing under control he began to shake as his body felt overly fatigued and cold.

"You're shaking." Aragorn pointed out.

"I'm fine." Legolas said stubbornly.

"Not this time, my friend." Aragorn said with a raised eyebrow. "I'll be back, I'm going to get you some blankets. He hurried from the room to his own to gather as many blankets as he could. His heart was pounding with relief and joy now that his friend was awake and seemed to be slowly recovering. But even more so he was forgiven, and that meant everything in the world to him.

Once he had the blankets he raced back into the room and found Legolas lying there very still with his eyes open, but slightly glazed. Aragorn's heart jumped into his throat in panic as he made it to the side of the bed and quickly placed his hands on Legolas' neck, feeling desperately for a pulse. Under his fingers he felt one, still weak and thready, but stronger than it had been before. Aragorn took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, and instead tried to relish in the happiness that his friend was sleeping with his eyes open once again.

He took the blankets that he had gathered and softly spread them over the form, tucking them in around him to keep him as warm as possible. Fatigue then took him and he found his eyelids dropping shut. Aragorn took his friend's hand in his own and comforted himself in the chair next to the elf's bed. In a few moments he was fast asleep.

And this was how Elrond found them the next morning. Legolas lying in the bed, slightly propped up, his eyes partially opened and glazed with his head resting against the man's, and Aragorn curled up in the chair in a position to get as close to the elf as he could, each had their hand in the others. Elrond smiled widely. He was happy to see that the elf was finally recovering physically, but even more relieved to see that their hearts were recovering from so much guilt and heartache. He didn't have the heart to wake them.

He looked back at the two peaceful beings as the light from the rising sun filtered in and danced off their fair faces, starting a new morning and a new day. Elrond, not having the heart to wake them turned for the door, deciding he would use this rare time of quiet in his house to get things done before the house was filled with the reprimands of an overly concerned motherly human and the grumbling of an even more stubborn elf prince. Elrond laughed at this thought, his heart merry and uplifted for the first time in two days. Everything was going to be fine, he thought as he made for the door, sparing one last look at the sleeping pair. Yes, everything was going to be just fine.

The End