Okay, I think before we start…Meskhenet, disclaimer please?

"'Kay! Jasmine (the previous speaker) would like me to tell you people that the Master Of Orion games belong to Atari Games, Infogrames and Quicksilver Software(aka the people who developed the games)."

This fic is centred around the intro and storyline in the encyclopedia from Master Of Orion 3, since it's the only game I have played (though if anyone knows where I can find the previous games or, hopefully, the website, please tell me)

"This will be a five-part series, with the titles based around the five Antaran X's (eXploit, eXplore, eXpand, eXterminate and eXperience), starting from where the Antarans created the Mrrshan."

Oh, and it's Mrrshan-centric!



Antaran Sector

Research Station

The newly appointed Antaran leader, Neosla Finini, watched his scientists trying to create a suitable life-form for their newest purpose-building an army that would be aggressive, agile and the perfect ground combat units.

A shout came from the station to his left. "I have it! The perfect species!"

Every single Antaran currently in the facility rushed over as the pod split open.

What was revealed was a cat-like humanoid, with large feet, a long tail, powerful paws, sharp claws and a slight mane running down the neck, all of which were covered in light brown fur. The creature opened yellow eyes and looked around in confusion.

Immediately, the Antarans began testing their creation's physical and mental strength.

They were perfect. The scientists were soon working around the clock creating more of their new race.

One Galactic Cycle, however, the new species decided they were tired of being mere puppets to the Antarans…

The intercom crackled, and Neosla answered it. "What is it?"

"Sir! The new creations are revolting!"

"Corporal, this is not a good time to make a joke."

"I'm serious! They're breaking free!"


"They're rampaging toward the shipyards and…the guards…aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!"

The intercom was cut off suddenly, and Neosla Finini rose from his seat, livid. It seemed like the "project" had succeeded well.

Too well.

Meanwhile, the creatures stole an Antaran colony ship, pitching the craft through a lone TDP and settling on a planet in the Fieras system. They called themselves the Mrrshan, and one day they would use the power they were created with, along with more advanced technology, to rise up and challenge the Antarans…


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