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"TK! Wait!" Yolei yelled running down one of the many corridors of the school.

"Yolei? What's up?" He said, chuckling as she gasped for breath.

"Tai...Is having...A...Surprise party for...Kari." She said between breaths. "Here." She said, handing him an envelope. "It's next Saturday. Just show up around 5:30, and Tai will help you with the rest."

"Ok then. By the way, how are you going to get Kari out of the house?" He asked, walking into both his and Yolei's homeroom.

"Hey Yolei! Come here! I need to ask you something. Alone." Kari yelled across the room as she saw Yolei and TK enter.

"I'll tell you later." Yolei whispered to TK, then walking towards Kari.

"Hey Kar, what's up?" Yolei said, taking a sit next to Kari.

"Hey, um..." She started, lowering her voice. "Has TK mentioned anything about my birthday?"

"No, not that I know of." Yolei lied.

"Damn." Kari said with hints of frustration in her voice. "TK always remembered my birthday when we were younger. He knew it better than Tai. Now he's just...Not paying attention. The other day I called for homework, and he didn't even remember what day it was!"

"Well, maybe he's just been busy. I mean, everybody has tests and such, and he's also got basketball on his shoulders, so it's got be difficult to juggle." Yolei said, trying to comfort Kari.

"I hope you're right."


"OHMYGOD! I Do not understand men!" Kari yelled frustratingly as she slammed the phone down.

"What did he do now." Tai asked, irritated.

"He can't come over because, apparently, his mom had to suddenly work late, and he can't leave the house." She said, unconvienced. "I swear Tai, he is going to drive me to my death."

"I'm sure he was telling the truth, Kar. It's not like the two of you are in a fight or anything. Give him some time to come around." Tai said, sitting down next to her on the couch.

"If we're not in a fight now, we're going to be soon."


"Yeah, that's right Mimi, I'm taking her to the ice show. You know how she loves ice skating." Yolei answered Mimi over the phone.

"And you've made sure everybody can make it?" Mimi asked.

"Yeah. Well, actually, I haven't gotten a definite yes from TK."

"Oh, you better call him. You've seen what he's been doing to Kari. If he forgets this one, he's going to set her off her rocker." Mimi said.

"Yeah, I'll do that now. Thanks for helping out Mimi. See you tomorrow."

"Bye." Mimi said, hanging up.

"I better call him now." Yolei thought.

She dialed his number, and he answered.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Hey, TK. It's Yolei. Listen I-"

"Yolei, can I call you back? I have someone on the other line." He interupted.

"No, no. It's ok. I was just calling to remind you about Kari's surprise party tomorrow. Ok?"

"Yeah, yeah, sure. I'll uh, see you tomorrow. Bye." He said in a hurry.

"Alright. Bye." She said, hanging up. "How strange. He's never in a hurry like that." Yolei thought out loud.

TK pressed the flash button, and said "Hello? Molly? You still there?"

"Yeah, I'm still here." A voice said from the other line.

"So you think you can make it over tomorrow after school?" He asked her.

"Of course. Oh, I can't come over, but you can come to my place?" She said attempting to seduce him.

"Um, ok. I guess I can make it. I'll see you around 4. Ok?" He asked.

"Yeah, ok. See you then." She said, hanging up.

"Now what was that thing Yolei told me about?" TK asked himself after hanging up. "All well, probably isn't important."


"Matt, where is your brother?!" Tai said, scrambling to get everything out of sight.

"Last I checked he was still at Molly's." Matt replied, helping Tai to shut off all the lights.

"Well why didn't you remind him about the party?" Izzy said, helping to shut off all the lights.

"I thought that was Yolei's job!" He said, irritated at all of questions.

"She did call him! She told me she would as soon as we hung up last night!" Mimi said.

"Oh great. He forgot." Matt said in a huff.

"Ssh! Shut up, I hear Kari! Everybody in positions." Tai whispered, hiding behind the couch.

"Alright, here we are Kari! Outside of your apartment!" Yolei said especially loud for everybody to hear inside the partment.

"Yolei, are you high or something?" Kari asked, unlocking the door and opening it.

"SURPRISE!!" Everybody yelled, jumping from behind things and turning on lights.

"I-I can't believe this! You all put this together behind my back?" Kari said, laughing.

"Of course. It wasn't hard." Yolei said, giving her a playful punch.

"I can't believe everybody's here! Mimi, you came? I thought you said you were busy!" Kari asked, hugging Mimi.

"Yes, I did say that. Doesn't mean it was true." She said, chuckling.

"So true." Kari grinned. "Matt, you came? I'm very surprised! Um, where's TK?" Kari asked after glancing around the room and noticing he wasn't there.

The whole room went silent.

"Guys? Where's TK? Did you not invite him, or-"

"We did, Kari. He was just busy." Yolei said putting a hand on Kari's shoulder.

"Matt? Where is TK?" Kari asked irritatingly. Matt didn't answer.

"MATT?! WHERE IS HE?!" Kari asked again, this time yelling.

"Kari, he's...He's studying with Molly Reori at her house." Matt confessed.

"He's...Studying? He..." Kari whispered. "I'm going over to see him. And you know what? If any of you follow me, I am going to take my rage out on you, not TK! Got it?!" She said angrily and she grabbed the keys and stomped out the door, leaving everybody to wait for her return.

"Some party." Yolei said.


Kari walked up to the Reori's apartment and knocked on the door.

"Hello?" A woman answered. "She must be Molly's mother." Kari thought.

"Hi Mrs. Reori, I left my notebook here theo ther day while studying with Molly, I was wondering if I could get it? I think I left it in her room." Kari lied.

"Of course." Mrs. Reori said, opening the door for Kari to enter. "She's in her room as well."

"Thank you." Kari said, walking towards Molly's room.


"TK, look, I know you like me. I can see it in your eyes every time you look at me." Molly said with an evil grin.

"Wait, what? Where would you get that idea?" TK asked.

"Why else would you ask me to help you out? I mean, c'mon. The hottest guy in school wants help from me, a 'ditzy cheerleader.' What other reason would you've come over?" Molly asked, battering her eyelashes.

"Look, Molly. I only came here because I needed help, and everybody else was busy. Now I appreciate you thinking I'm hot, but-" TK started nervously, but was interupted by Molly pushing him up against the wall and placing her lips against his. "What am I doing? I'm putting myself and my feelings at risk, as well as Kari's. I can't do this. I can't." he thought. He started to put his hands on her shoulders to push her away, but didn't quite get there.

"TK!?!" Kari exclaimed, opening the door to Molly's room.

"Kamiya?! What are you doing here!" Molly said angrily pulling herself away from TK's side.

"K-Kari, it's-it's not what it looks like. I swear!" TK said, scurrying himself up.

"I highly doubt that, Takeru Takaishi." Kari said angrily, her eyes wet with tears and hands balled into fists.

"Kari, please-" TK said, trying to comfort her. He put his arm around her, but she pushed it away.

"Leave me alone, TK. Just leave me alone." Kari said, looking him straight in the eye. She turned, and walked out the door, fighting back the tears that wanted to scurry down her cheeks.

"Kari.." TK started to say, walking towards the door that she just left out of. "Molly, I have to go. Don't bother calling me. Got it?" TK said. He picked up his books and walked out the door.