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Notes: This opening is very SHORT. In fact, it is barely anything like the story that will follow, so keep that in mind.

Warnings: For this chapter… none.


Broken Rules

            He was always searching. It was his way of life, this constant pursuit. No one ever really knew what it was that he was searching for, although many theorized when they thought he was not listening.

            "Enlightenment," suggested a retired restorer in a small-town diner as he watched the young man through the front window. A lifted arm, a cloud of dust, and the visitor was climbing into the cab of a beat-up Chevy. Kicking up gravel and dirt, the truck disappeared around the bend.

            "Is it fame?" was the question of a haughty young woman. She adjusted the shoulder strap of her thong bikini and smiled over her wine cooler at him. He tilted his head and smiled in return before turning and walking through the damp sand toward the rushing water of the Atlantic. A barefoot woman with a baby on her hip pointed to a group of children, chasing sandpipers in the sand, and the man ran to join them.

            "Love," snorted a middle-aged businessman as he stared sorrowfully down at the chiseled letters on polished marble, standing forlorn in the ground. He blinked as a flower appeared in his vision, its blood red petals drooping in the cold. Careful not to prick his fingers on the thorns, the businessman accepted the flower, laying it across the headstone cautiously. He turned to watch the stranger pause by a tree, dropping a bouquet of roses--one shy of a dozen--on the ground before continuing toward the road.

            Money... Alcohol... Adventure... Political power... A simple job... The list was endless. People who asked him were never answered. Those who offered little more than aimless conjecture were ignored. He moved on, endlessly searching.

            Until one day, when a young man and his photographer friend offered him a ride.


Notes: This is for anyone wondering about My Life—in the works. Due to some problems I had yesterday (yes, yesterday) that will remain between myself and those to whom it is relevant, it may be slightly past the end of this month, but I've already got a good chunk written, so please look for it if you will. ^_^ Until then, this story consists of about 6 chapters, so I'll be updating about once a week.