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Chapter 1: Vacation

Thunder clouds shifted towards the east as the wind was picking up, the sky was black and it began to rain, the day was perfect for a funeral, the funeral for Will's beloved wife, Elizabeth Turner. Will sat there motionless in his seat as the priest said his last prayers for his lost wife. Lizzie, what he liked to call her, died of pneumonia just a few days ago. Will's heart was heavy with the memory of her, all the adventures they been through and good and bad times. Will stared at the tombstone as he stood to say good-bye. It read "Rest in Peace, Elizabeth Anne Turner, loving daughter, wife, and friend" he dropped in Elizabeth's favorite flower, white tulip, and said his last goodbyes and with that he left the cemetery promising to never love again. As Will walked down the path way to his buggy he spotted a familiar green parrot, he gave it a eyeing look once more and was for certain it was that old guys talking Parrot.

"You can come out Jack, there is no sense in hiding from me" Will said. He turned towards the Oak tree when he heard a rustling noise, he saw Jack jump from the tree and walk over him to him. He didn't even say anything that took Will by surprise and Jack hugged him. Not a gay hug, but a friend one, one that understood his pain and suffering and wanted to ease it.

"She was a good lass, I surely will miss her sprit. Will you be ok mate?" Jack asked. Will turned to him and trying to not to break down and cry nodded his head. He looked he wanted to say something and Jack took notice.

"Speak up, come one what do you have to say?" Jack asked. Will looked up into him.

"There's nothing to go back to, I can't go back to the house it reminds me too much of her, I don't know where to go" Will said. Jack looked up at the sky and looked like he was thinking hard, about he was going to say what he wanted to say.

"Will I don't mean to sound mean, but move on, she would have wanted you to, savvy?" Jack said in his usual way. Will just looked at him and shook his head and walked away.

"Well then what you say I were to take you on a little vacation to ease your pain?" Jack said in his convincing way.

"What kind of vacation?" Will asked. Jack gave a hold-on-I- thinking looks.

"We can sail away from here and your troubles, how does Cuba sound?" Jack asked with his dashing pirate smile. Will raised his eyebrow up in suspicion. (A/N: Doesn't this remind you of Alex? lol, inside joke)

"And why, may I dare ask Cuba?" Will asked sarcastically, he knew Jack very well, he wouldn't go somewhere without having a good reason too, usually it had to do with...

"Sorry mate I can't lie to you, I want the Cuban Treasure, it is said to be made of white gold, can you imagine white gold" Jack said, his face starting to light up. Will rolled his eyes.

"Aye, I can imagine white gold but how will we get it? We need crew..." Will said.

"Got one, well kind of we need to make a stop somewhere," Jack said knowing that he planned on sailing to Tortuga and finding the cheapest men he could find.

"A map" said Will.

"Got it"


"Got it"

"Money?" Will asked. Surely he couldn't have any money. Jack gave a sneer smile and patted Will on the back

"Will old boy, that's where you come in, let me buy you a drink." Jack said as he swung his arm over his friends shoulder, and led him toward the bushes that he had previously emerged from. Jack and Will walked down to the local pub to have a drink and to talk about there next grand adventure.

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