Chapter 5: No need for men

Sirenity just stood there bewildered by the man in front of her. His eyes chocolate brown and his rich dark coffee hair was tousled everywhere as if he had just been...swimming, and hadn't properly combed his hair, but his eyes were staring at her. But not at her, at her soul or so how she felt he was looking at her. She quietly looked the other way towards Celina and eyed her for help.

"What do ye want Will?" Celina asked. Will just kept staring at the light- brown haired beauty and wondered why the heavens bestowed upon him such a remarkable beauty and her eyes were aqua marine. He was so entranced by her, he didn't hear Celina talking to him.

"Mate, what in the brikkins do ye want?" Celina asked again. Will shook out of his trance and faced towards Celina.

"Jack wants to know if you're feeling alright Miss..."

"Sirenity, her name is Sirenity" Celina answered. Will's attention turned from Sirenity to Celina and then back to Sirenity.

"Well miss Sirenity, I do hope you are feeling better?" Will asked. Sirenity just nodded towards Will and walked back towards Celina.

"Oh Miss Sirenity, Captain Jack and I wanted to know if you would like to dine with us for dinner, since we don't want the crew to get all superstitious over a girl." Will asked. Sirenity just stood there and pondered about his request, she nodded a yes. Will smiled and turned towards Celina.

"Get her ready for tonight and teach her about the ship and where we are going, we port at Tortuga in the morning" Will said and then left. After they heard the door click shut Sirenity and Celina let out a sigh. Sirenity fell on Celina's bed and thank god that Will didn't hear her.

"What are ye going to do, luv? How are you going to not talk through out the whole dinner?" Celina asked. Sirenity raised her hands in the air as a sign of 'how am I suppose to know.'

"I haven't the slightest idea, Celina, maybe I can just nod and smile like I always do when ever I'm around men," Sirenity said. Celina just rolled her eyes.

"Aye, but what did you think of that young lad Will?" Celina raised her eyebrows. Sirenity just blushed and nodded.

"I thought he was all right, I mean his eyes are" Sirenity said. Celina gave her a weird look.

"Sounds like if you're starting to have a little crush on him lass" Celina said. Sirenity just sighed.

"I don't know lets see what happens at dinner, so teach about the ways of pirate," Sirenity said. Celina gave Sirenity a famous Jack Sparrow smirk and told her about everything. "And all this from a woman who said she had no need for men."