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Robin looked around the room, there really wasn't much to see, just dust and an old bed. He sat down on it and it creaked loudly. He sighed and layed back. Exhausted, he fell asleep.

Robin found himself standing in black nothingness. It was quiet, no one was there. He didn't move or do anything, just waited.

"Robin!" He heard a girl's voice yell. "Robin!" The girl walked out of the shadows, smiling. "It's been awhile." Robin stared at her and she giggled.

"Mina?" The girl nodded. "What-How did you-I mean-I thought-" He kept stammering, all his words seemed to come out wrong. "Mina…"

She hugged him. "Everything's going to be ok." Robin hugged her back, he felt happy but still shocked. How did she get here?

Robin heard a shot go off and turned around. There was the guy from two years ago, his brother. He grabbed Mina's hand and started to run. "I won't let him hurt you." He reassured her, she gripped tighter on his hand.

They kept running but his brother seemed to be getting faster every second. Another gun shot rang out and Mina screamed. She let go of his hand and fell to the ground, holding her side.

Robin stopped and got down next to her. Blood was starting to soak her clothes. "Mina!" Robin yelled. "No!" She gave a weak smile, tears running down her cheeks. Then she disappeared.

"How could you do that?" He heard a cold voice say. He turned around and saw Raven.

"I didn't do it! He did!" Robin shouted back but his voice was shaking. He looked around for his brother but he wasn't there. "I didn't do it!" He repeated.

Raven glared and then walked off, disappearing too. "Raven!" But she didn't come back.

Robin's brother appeared in front of him. "It's all your fault. You did all of this."

Robin woke up in a cold sweat. "I'm getting out of here." He said to himself. He got up, walked to the door, and slowly opened it. He looked all over the main part of the lair. No Slade. He walked towards the huge door but before he could try anything it fell down, there were the titans.

Robin cursed under his breath and jumped up the rafters. 'Just find a weak spot in the roof and make a run for it.' He thought.

Beast Boy, in tiger form, jumped up after him. He growled and pounced. Robin took a chance and jumped. Robin landed and Beast Boy missed, causing him to crash into the floor. Robin kicked a weak spot on the roof and climbed out.

When he got on the roof he noticed it was slick from the recent rain, he slid and started to fall. He was just about to hit the ground when he stopped. 'What the-' He looked to the side and saw Raven, holding onto him with her powers.

When Raven noticed that he saw her she let him drop. Since he was so close to the ground it didn't matter. "Raven, thanks I-"

"Save it." She snapped.

"You have every right to be mad at me. Heck, I'm mad at me too. Everyone is. But please…can I explain?" She didn't say anything so he went on. "I led that girl into the alley, even though she said she didn't want to go in there. I should have listened when she said there would be psychos out but I didn't. I might have made her go out in the pitch black but I didn't kill her. It's still particularly my fault, I know. But I didn't directly kill her…No…My brother, the guy who kidnapped you, killed her." Robin couldn't believe how stupid that sounded, she'd never believe that.

"Robin-" Raven started but didn't finish, instead she fell to her knees, holding her chest.

"Raven!" He ran to her side. "What's wrong with you?!" Raven's breathing became quick gasps and she fell onto Robin. He held onto her tight and she rested her head on his shoulder. "You're going to be ok…" He told her but he wasn't sure. 'She has to be ok! I'm not loosing her too!'

"Another one of Robin's girlfriends dies." Said a voice. "Don't go out with this guy, he's jinxed to kill people." His brother laughed. Robin looked at him and his hand was up, glowing. "Don't worry you'll be with her soon. I'm killing you after I get done with her."

Robin gently set Raven down. "You're not going to do anything to her." He said firmly.

"Oh, look who's brave!" He laughed more. Robin jumped up and kicked him in the side of the head. His hand glowed brighter. "Don't do that again, I'll just kill her faster."

Robin tripped him and then stepped on his hand. His brother let out several curses and pulled Robin's leg out from under him so he fell down too. His brother got to his feet, "She's going to die because of you!" Robin jumped at him and made him fly into the building. There was a snap of bone and yelp.

"That's it!" Yelled his brother. "Because of that move, you die first!" He took out a small gun with his hand that he could still use. It was the same exact gun he had used the one night in the alley. "Goodbye, Dick." He shot it, Robin tried to dodge but it still hit him.

Robin clutched his shoulder and gritted his teeth. His vision began to blur. His brother stood there, smirking. His balance began to go and the last thing he saw before it all went black was a brick hitting his brother's head.

-A week later-

Robin got out of bed and held his shoulder, memories from that night flooded through his brain. He heard a knock on the door. "Come in."

Raven walked in. "How are you feeling?"

"It was a week ago, I'm fine." He smiled at her.

"I don't care if it was a month ago, are you sure you're ok?" He nodded. "I'm sorry about this whole mess. I shouldn't have thrown you off like that."

"No you were right. I deserved it." He sat back down. "I got myself into this and I'm just glad you forgave me."

She sat down next to him. "You didn't mean to and anyway I was sick of breaking up Beast Boy and Cyborg's fights. That's your job." She gave a slight smile.

"I missed you." He leaned over and kissed her. After he stopped Raven was blushing, but nothing blew up.

"I missed you too." She kissed him.

"TOFU!" Yelled Beast Boy.

"MEAT!" Cyborg shouted back.

"Friends! Do not fight!" Begged Starfire.

"Looks like I'm needed." Said Robin as he got up. He grabbed her hand and they walked out of his room.

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