A/n Hey all! I thought you'd like to know I'm back with a new fic! This one is about the wonderful Hunter! (Bet all you Hunter fans are thrilled!) Its about him just arriving in Widow's Vale and while he's doing his seeker business! Well you'll understand when you read it . . . it's basically another way of how Cate Tiernan could have don't the whole, Cal-Morgan- Hunter-Selene thing, but because of the dates used in the book I'll stick to the whole time it was written to make it easy on you guys! Okay please read and review . . . hope you like it!


***July 1999

Cal Blaire . . . just hearing his name makes my blood boil, I met him today, my fathers eldest son, a son he had with Selene Belltower one of the worlds most darkest witches, but my father had left them to be with my mother and I, that's all I knew about them and all I wanted to know, for now. To tell you the truth I wasn't exactly jumping for joy over the fact I had met him and neither was he, he was at this Wicca conference I wanted to check out, I can't remember how we were introduced but all I remember is us arguing and if I hadn't had walked out of the room, I swear I would have killed him there and then, something in my gut tells me I should have. He didn't see things our way, the way of the Wiccan rede, all he cared about was himself, and I knew he worked dark magick, like his mother. His deep gold eyes were full of mockery and there was something he was hiding in them, something dark . . . I know that won't be the last time I see him.


*September 2001*

"Yes Kennet I understand, so what does this job actually entail? What's the story?"

Kennet Muir, my mentor as a Seeker for the international council of witches, and my good friend, he had called round to my small rented flat in southern England near Essex. He had a new job for me, he hadn't given me the full details but I was needed in Widow's Vale, upstate New York, he said he couldn't tell me anything about it until I was out there. And I wondered why, this was unusual.

"Hunter, this job is extremely dangerous, I need you to find out what you can, give me full reports, and then do whatever you must to bring them in to the council"

I demanded to know what I was being asked of, "Kennet, I need to know who these witches are, this is so unlike you, what's going on?"

His lips pursed together and I knew that wasn't usually a good thing.

"We needed the best we have, and that's you at the minute, we just didn't want your personal views interfere with your decision to do this"

"Personal views on what?" I asked quietly

"Well the witches you will be tracking down are Selene Belltower and Cal Blaire,"

Oh great! I thought sarcastically to myself, I did want this mission, I felt if the council though I was good enough to send me after Selene Belltower then I'm going to do it, I despise Cal sure enough, but as a Seeker I won't let my personal views cloud my judgement, I hope

"Right so what you want me to find out?" I asked calmly, trying hard not to show Kennet how Cal makes me feel, I'm sure he was fooled.

"Well we think they're working on something, something bad, we know they've been practising dark magick but we've not enough proof against Selene herself, she's been very careful, but we know there's something in Widow's Vale she wants . . . and badly, we need you to find out what it is, we've got all the information we could from Robert Wilson, and now I'm afraid its down to you"

I nodded, poor Robert, he had managed infiltrate Selene's San Franciscan Amyranth cell for about a month and found out quite enough to send me to New York but eventually he was found out and hasn't been seen since, we don't know if he's dead or began to like being in Amyranth and we don't have enough information to find out how to get them or prove anything, like we mentioned the coven is highly careful and secretive.

Kennet handed me a stiff white envelope, "You plane tickets are in here, and we've rented you a small place in Widow's Vale, the next month is paid, but anytime over that then you have to rent it yourself, its not flashy, just big enough for you and your cousin"

"So you're actually allowing me to take Sky this time," I smiled

"Well you'll only take her along anyway, you always do," he sighed

Damn straight, I thought.

Sky and I are cousins, but we mean so much more than that to each other, we were raised practically like brother and sister after my parents . . . after they disappeared.

"Well you leave first thing tomorrow morning, good luck Giomanach, keep in touch," he said picking up his things and heading for the door.

"Yes Kennet, you know I will," I closed the door behind him.

Widow's Vale here I come, I thought to myself.

Being a seeker takes me to a lot of places but there was something in Widow's Vale that appealed to me, I had never heard of it until this morning, but as soon as Kennet said the name I had felt instantly drawn to it, and immediately wanted to go, mission or not.

What is it that draws me to it? Beckons me to it? Is it the fact that Cal was there and I wanted so badly so see him go down? No that couldn't be it; I didn't know he was going to be there straight away, maybe my subconscious knew? I'll have to wait and see.

I went to my room and pulled my sparse needs together and stuffed them in my case, I called Sky who had gone to visit one of her sisters and told her to come pack for we are going to America.