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Well Morgan did it, she overcome her fear of being 'evil' and we're together again. Hopefully now it will last...

As for Ciaran, he was taken into the council and stripped of his powers, and is pretty much a living vegetable in some rest home in his hometown in Scotland.

I am personally training Morgan in her witch studies and I'm considering letting her do a Tàth Meànma Brach, so she'll be more prepared and sooner for what she could possibly face, and probably most likely face with such innate powers. Maybe she'll be ready for her initiation in a few short years, but with Morgan's powers, you'll never know.

Understandably, Morgan is still having a few home problems; her parents do not like Morgan's interest with the craft, but its getting better for her.

I just wish that Morgan could live with me and we could make all the beautiful magick we wanted, but that's my stupid imagination running away from me, Morgan won't be able to stay with me, she is only 17. But it will happen someday.

I've never felt this way about another person before, never been so full of life as I have been with Morgan, there's something about her, she's my soul mate, my mùirn beatha dán, the one person I am destined to be with, she reaches me deep, tingling all my nerves.

Well, I'd better go, Sky's Calling

- Giomanach


Oh Goddess, I love him so much; he gave me the strength to save me from my father, and from myself.

I hope to learn as much as him so I can learn to protect myself, I can't wait to see my own powers grow, people tell me that they're really powerful, rare, like one witch every few generations possess this sort of power, it's quite exciting.

But having said that, it's what makes me a magnet for darkness, I'm a reformed woodbane so dark witches see me as a threat, they'll do anything for my powers, that's why I need to be able to protect myself, that's why I'm a danger to my family, and Hunter, but I know that if Hunter and I stick together we can get through anything.

I'm still shaken up by recent events, a lot has happened so fast, it'll take a while to recover from it all.

But only one thing is for sure... my life will never be the same again

Morgan xxx

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