Chapter Eleven: The Final Word

POV: Atem

/Am I dreaming?/ I asked myself. /Am I really kissing a goddess...and is she really kissing me back?/

I pulled away to see her reaction, and was relieved to find her smiling.

"Sahara," I whispered, "I...I suppose you realize that I...that I..."

Sahara nodded. "That you love I do for you."

I didn't quite stare, but my eyes didn't leave her face either.

"Sahara..." I whispered.

I adored just saying her real name, even though I'd never called her at all in the long time we spent together. It was so poetic...

Sahara kissed me on the lips simply, her gold whiskers brushing up against my cheek.

"I'm surprised I didn't figure it out sooner, to be perfectly honest..." she whispered, "I mean, I adored being near you, and I adored everything you ever said to me...all around, I adored you."

I smiled. "Well, that's nice to hear..."

I then frowned. "Considering I kept hiding things from you..."

"It's already forgiven," Sahara said, waving her hand dismissively, "I know the truth now, and that's what matters."

POV: Sahara


I looked up to see Seito jumping down from the arena and toward Atem and me.

"What is it, cousin?" Atem asked.

Seito looked cold, but his eyes still showed a tiny bit of friendly, family warmness toward Atem.

"You won the duel," he said simply, "And you have spoken to your love..."

Seito then looked at me. "But I also have something to say to Sahara."

I blinked in slight surprise..

"And what is that, Seito?" I asked.

Seito bowed his head so his eyes were hidden in shadow.

"I'm so sorry for manipulating you..." he whispered, "I never should've forced you against were too innocent to be taken advantage of...I knew he loved you, and I was jealous...since my own love life didn't work out..."

I saw some silent, emotionless tears run down his cheeks, and my heart ached.

Poor Seito...

I never knew he had been in love...

I patted his shoulder.

"I understand," I replied, making him look up at me, "Love can make you do crazy things...but even if you weren't in love, I would forgive you."

"You have no reason to," Seito said expressionlessly.

"Don't I?" I asked.

"I tricked you into hurting Atem," Seito explained in the same monotonous voice.

"Atem is not hurt," I said calmly.

"Goddesses don't need to worry about mortal affairs," Seito continued.

"I'm in love with a so called 'mortal,'" I replied.

"I'm a lousy bastard, according to both Atem and Jou," Seito said dully.

"You have a good heart," I concluded.

Seito looked shocked. "You really are innocent, aren't you?"

I laughed. "That's me! Innocent as can be."

"That is obvious."

I froze.

That voice...

But it couldn't be...!

"Mariku," I whispered in horror.

POV: Atem

I froze too as Sahara said that name.

I turned to stare the shadows where the voice had come from.

A man came out of the shadows. He had spiky, platinum blond hair and dark lavender eyes that were filled triumph and spite.

"You!" Seito hissed.

"Hello again, Priest Seito," he whispered, before looking at Sahara, "And Suzuki...or should I call you Sahara?"

Sahara hissed like her feline side. "Get eaten by Ammut, Mariku,."

I gave Sahara a side look. I'd never seen her this angry to see someone...then again, she hadn't really seen anyone for most of her life.

"Sahara, who is this?" I asked.

"I'd like to know that too," Horus said as he eyed Sahara suspiciously.

Sahara didn't take her eyes away from Mariku.

"He's the no-account bastard who Seth said I would marry when he was pretending to be my father, remember?" she muttered to her brother.

My eyes widened. /A fiancée?/

"Him?" Horus snarled as he glared at Mariku too, "What do you want?"

Mariku laughed evilly. "Now, now, Horus, that's no way to treat your cousin."

Horus's eyes narrowed. "So 'Mariku' is only your human form...and if you're Seth's son, you must be...!"

Mariku glowed, and then transformed into a god. Black bat wings were sprouting out of his back, and his complexion was black also. His spiky, platinum blond hair and purple eyes, however, stayed the same.

"I am Khayer," he introduced with himself with a smirk, "Only son of the god Seth and nephew of Osirus."

"But..." Horus whispered, "This...this makes no sense..."

"Oh, doesn't it?" Khayer asked.

"If you're Seth's son," Horus said suspiciously, "Why did you become Sahara's fiancée?"

Khayer smirked.

"Isn't it obvious?" he asked, "My father wanted you to tell Sahara the truth and get her into her goddess form, so I used the fake pact Seth to get Seito to help me challenge the Pharaoh into a duel and get Sahara so confused."

"You used me!" Seito hissed, "Why you filthy son of a-"

"Anyway," Khayer continued, "I'm sure Horus remembers the deal made between my father and his father."

"Of course I do," Horus snapped, "Sahara was supposed to start her life as a mortal until my father deemed it appropriate to turn her back into a goddess."

"Exactly," Khayer whispered, "And now Sahara has to go back to the Land of Gods...and stay there...forever..."

POV: Seito

I felt a lump appear in my throat.

"F-forever?" Atem repeated in horror.

Horus glared at Khayer. "That...that can't be true...!"

A scroll appeared in Khayer's hand, and he opened it.

"In the words of the contract our fathers made," Khayer said, "'Sahara, Goddess of Children and daughter of Osirus shall prosper on earth as a mortal girl with no sight nor hearing, and return home when deemed appropriate by her father, to live the rest of her immortality in the world of her parents.'"

Horus grabbed the contract and read it through for himself, and then looked at Sahara sadly.

"Khayer's right, Suzu..." he whispered, " need to return"

My eyes widened. But that means...Atem and Sahara will never be able to see each other again...!

"NO!" Sahara screamed, "NO! I...I'M NOT GOING! I'M NOT LEAVING! I CAN'T!"

"It was agreed between our fathers," Khayer said in triumph, "The pact is unbreakable, and you'll leave this world whether you like it or not."

He grabbed her by the wrist.

"Time to go home, Sahara," Khayer whispered into her ear.

And the two of them vanished.

"SAHARA!" Atem yelled.

My cousin ran over to the place where she had stood.


I couldn't believe this was the end.

"Horus, isn't there some way...?"

I stared at the empty place Horus had been.

He was gone too.

I looked again at my cousin, screaming his beloved's name and begging her to come back.

But she never could...Sahara could never come back...Atem would die from sadness, probably...and it was all because my jealousy and foolishness...

Atem fell to his knees and began to sob.

"Sahara..." he whispered, "No...Sahara..."

I wished I could comfort him...but I just couldn't...

How can you comfort someone when you feel like crying along with him?


Atem ruled Egypt justly and wisely, being a Pharaoh to remember, but everyday he thought of nothing but his dear Sahara. He wrote poems dedicated to his beloved, and wished everyday for a single sight of her.

The young Pharaoh never wed, and his counselor Isis never made him, because she was one of the few could see how broken he really was.

After rebels succeeded a summoning of powerful Duel Monsters and Millennium Item magic, Atem destroyed most of them (with the exception to a Tomb Robber who stole the Millennium Ring) and finally decided to lock the Items away.

With the help of his Court (Jou, Isis, Seito, Lord Titian of Syria, and Jou's sister Trinity), he sealed the power into the Millennium Items and hid them away. But before he and Seito hid their Items away, he locked their spirits into them in the event of the Duel Monsters returning, they would be able to vanquish them together.

And when Atem's body was buried, a single, romantic poem had been written on his golden tomb:

The sun rises in the west,

I can't believe I see the light,

After so long without your sun,

All I've known is black night.

Your sun marks a life's start,

Somewhere, a baby smiles his first,

I've had more than one life without you,

But all those times were the worst.

You're now by your brother,

Flying above my land and heart,

I think of our first and last kiss,

But that memory rips me apart.

You have so much power now,

Power you never even knew,

I'm not talking ethereal, darling,

I mean my love belongs to you.

I may be locked up forever

In the iron chains of Fate,

But I could never, ever forget you,

It'll never be too late

For me to always love you,

For me to always care,

You may be a Goddess eternal,

But for you, I'll always be there.

I'll worship you forever,

Until the end of time,

I'll worship your memory,

And sing of your sunshine.

You're the Goddess of my heart,

Our bond shall never sever,

Whether or not we meet again,

I'll worship you forever.

Not a single archeologist, to this day, could ever figure out whom the poem was dedicated to...

But then again, how could an archeologist interested in museum donations ever understand love?

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