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Title: Nightmares of a Hero, Tears of the foe

Author: Shinigami Liliz Black

Summary: Pre-HBP!New ideas! Fixed and Improved! Harry is having nightmares, the war is just beginning and mysteries lash out. Will Harry be able to love someone after his nightmares? Slash! Rape!

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are created and owned by JK Rowling, and various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Warning: slash! Rape and abuse!

Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Others.

Category: Angst/Romance.


Notes: Pre-HBP!I suck at titles! I must thank Furor Scribiendi for writing all those Lucius/Harry stories! Brunette in my place means someone of tanned skin and dark hair. So I'm going to call Harry brunette.

Chapter One: The Tears of a Hero

He yawned as the sun blaze down on Privet Drive through his window. He stretched his hands towards the night table, eyes half opened reaching for his glasses. After placing them on, the swirling room came into focus as he stared at the ceiling.

For the past sixteen years of his life, he had been living in Privet Drive with his blasted uncle. Life was living hell; until Hagrid, the big, nice giant, came and handed him his letter of acceptance to Hogwarts. Since then, Harry had attended the magical school and learned the magic his parents did at his age.

Harry Potter swung his legs of the bed and walked out of his room while scratching his stomach. He untapped the toilet as his shoulder relaxed after feeling his urge of peeing , and he adjusted his boxers. He looked at the reflection in the mirror. Harry had become a handsome young man. His hair was messy black, completely untangled reaching his neck. Hermione had been bothering him to cut his hair, but he simply refused. His skin was tanned from spending hours under the sun while doing chores around the garden. Two dark emerald eyes stared back at him, shinning with mischievousness as he fingered the lighting bolt scar in his forehead: The souvenir of his parent's death.

He brushed his teeth, and sighed as he left the bathroom. Not only did he lose his parents, but this year, his godfather and only remaining relative , Sirius Black, died while attempting to stop his cousin Bellatrix from blasting Harry to hell.

After his fifth year at Hogwarts, things had changed; especially in his uncle's house. Dudley had lost weight and he was now into kick-boxing, often using Harry as a punching bag. Luckily, his Quidditch practice had trained him to endure pain and taught his muscles to resist the blow, though the next day a blue bruise would come out .

Uncle Vernon was more aggressive than ever. Especially now that Harry is sixteen years old. Once, he remembered, he had been punched by a very angry Vernon when he accidentally dropped one of Petunia's best Chinese tea cup sets while he was cleaning them. That incident left a long painful bruise on his jaw; and days with out chewing hard foods.

He entered his room and opened his wardrobe, looking for some old jeans to wear since Petunia seems to fill his day with chores. His friends rarely wrote to him, since Ron and Hermione were with Ginny and the Grangers over in the U.S., and thier letters arrived later than expected.

"Harry Potter!" his aunt Petunia yelled downstairs making him frown. 'So much for a peaceful morning.'

He threw on oversize t-shirt of his cousin's, and headed down stairs toward his screaming aunt.

"You were supposed to make breakfast!" she shrilled.

Harry murmured something like, 'worse than a banshee', and retrieved a frying pan from the cupboard that used to be his room. He watched how Petunia hugged her son as he stared in delight at the brand new model computer. Of course; it was Dudley's birthday.

"Since you're now seventeen years old and you'll soon have a license I decide it is time you have your own car," Vernon announced, retrieving a key from his pocket.

Dudley screamed like a girl who saw her favorite actor wink at her. He snatched the keys from his father's hand and ran outside, followed by his mother. Vernon clucked

Harry couldn't help but snort as he flipped the pancakes in the frying pan. Vernon shot him a glare and smirked. He didn't like that smirk.

"Watch it Potter," he whispered, approaching Harry. Harry found himself rolling his eyes at the big wide man.

"I didn't say a thing," Harry said, retrieving the pancake from the frying pan and walking to the refrigerator to get the bacon. He was about to open the icebox when somebody turned him and slammed him against the refrigerator. A hand gripped his neck.

Vernon was inches away from the brunette's face. He saw those dark emeralds widening in fear. Vernon felt his lips turning into a smirk and ran his hand around the waistband of Harry's jeans, teasing.

Harry's breath was stuck in his throat as Vernon slipped his hand inside.

"Dad! Dad!" Dudley yelled excited.

Vernon withdrew his hand and stared at the terrified brunette. "You're lucky."

"Coming Dudley," he called.

Harry stood for several seconds looking straight ahead, breathing heavily. This was not normal

Harry sat on his bed looking at his owl's empty cage. Hedwig was gone for two days, delivering a letter to Ron and Hermione.

"I bet she will come home tired and hungry, after all that flying."

He was clad only in his boxers and the glittering moonlight washed his chest and shoulder with white light. He clucked at the full moon, remembering his father's friend Remus Lupin; who was surely turning into a wolf at the moment. He removed his glasses and closed the curtains over the window.

He cuddled into his bed and was about to drift off to sleep with a soft click prompted him to turn around. A big hand shoved him into the floor and stuffed a scarf into his mouth. Through the peeking moonlight, he saw Uncle Vernon smirking down at him.

Hastily, he was slammed onto his stomach; boxers removed and legs spread wide. He heard the whispering of a zipper and felt his eyes widen in fear at what was about to come.

He heard the man sneer evilly as he slammed inside the boy, making Harry's eyes water, his scream muffled with the scarf. The movement continued. Withdraw, slam, withdraw, slam…each thrust harder than the one before.

Tears streamed from his green eyes as the man took hold of his groin, teasing him.

"I am in command," he sneered, and slammed into the smaller form, making Harry scream at every thrust.

He was being raped.

Soon his uncle climaxed inside him; then he withdrew and zipped his pants. Harry felt is ass throb, unable to move as he felt his blood dripping on the floor.

"This was just the beginning boy," Vernon said on a cold voice unlike his, removing the scarf as left the room.

Harry couldn't stop his tears. He felt so dirty. He cuddled around his own blood and seed and drift off to sleep.

He felt the sun burning down his face and naked body. Stirring, he sat up and winced as his ass burned from last night.

Last Night…

As soon his mind recalled what happened, his stomach flipped and, grabbing his boxers, he dashed to the bathroom and threw up. His eyes watered as he noticed the dried blood on his thighs.

Why everything happen to him?

Petunia's ears perked up at the sound of someone vomiting. She hurried upstairs to find her nephew exiting the bathroom. He looked dazed, pale, and smelled of puke. She crossed her arms as he slowly looked into her glaring blue eyes.

"What is wrong with you!" she hissed. Harry sighed and his stomach flipped once again, and he dashed into the bathroom.

Petunia suddenly felt pity seeing how her nephew, clad only in his boxers, was kneeling at the toilet, puking.

'Did his eyes just flash with humiliation? Did he really cry?'

Petunia dismissed the thought and headed downstairs, not caring if her nephew was sick or not, and decided to make breakfast herself. Dudley came downstairs yawning, scratching his sandy hair and flopping onto a chair to wait for his breakfast.

"Good morning," Vernon said in a cheerful tone. Dudley looked at him sleepily and mumbled, "morning."

Petunia pecked her son's cheek. "How's my little Dudley?"

"Fine," Dudley half growled, feeling annoyed. Harry entered the dinning room in long baggy jeans and an oversized dark blue t-shirt. Hastily, Petunia handed him the frying pan and he began his usual morning chores.

"Oh! I just remembered; I have to buy groceries," she said while Harry served the breakfast.

"Why don't you take Dudley with you to get his licensing process finished?" Dudley's eyes shined and he nodded his head almost banging his chin on his chest.

"Wonderful!" Petunia screeched in glee. "I can't believe my Dudley is growing to be a charming man!"

As Petunia was busy cheering on her son, Vernon sneered at Harry. Harry shuddered mentally and froze at the realization: no Petunia, no Dudley; just Vernon and him. He tried to hide his trembling hands as Vernon smirked at him.

Hours later, Vernon bid Petunia and Dudley goodbye and entered the kitchen. "It's time to do your chores, slug."

He leaped forward to grab Harry but the boy slipped past by him. Thank God he was faster than the fat man. Harry ran upstairs, very unlike him, trying to avoid Vernon. 'Where is my Gryffindor side!' he yelled mentally. 'I'm supposed to be brave!'

Vernon grabbed his ankle, making him slam his forehead on the edge of the stairs. "You're not getting away!"

Harry struggled; kicking the man's face and finally breaking free. He scramble to his feet and ran towards his room; he turned the knob…


'Damn it!' Harry yelled mentally as he noticed Vernon storming up the stairs. 'Open up!'

Abruptly the door opened but he felt somebody shoving him to the floor, very hard. "Curse you brat! Look what you did to me!" he pointed at the swollen nose. "You'll pay for it!"

His foot shot out, hitting Harry hard in the ribcage. Harry did not scream, refusing to give his uncle the pleasure. He bit his lips hard as a punch connected with his jaw, making his eyes water.

Vernon removed his belt and tied Harry's hands with it. The brunette's eyes widened in fear as Vernon ripped his jeans open and flipped him onto his stomach. 'No. No!' he screamed mentally, refusing to humiliate himself in front of the man. Vernon parted his legs and slammed himself inside the brunette.

Harry felt himself choking as Vernon fucked him. He could not see the boy's face since it was pressed to the floor, his tied hands above his head. Vernon gripped nephew's hip, digging his nails into the tanned flesh. He scratched the brunette's back leaving faint lines of red throbbing flesh.

Harry let out a short wail of protest as Vernon sped up, feeling his arse on fire. His groin hardened and he cursed himself to tears as he tasted blood in his mouth; He could see blood dripping down his thigh.

Vernon withdrew at the verge of climaxing. He flipped Harry onto his back and came in the brunette's face. Making the seed mix with the tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Scream you whore! Moan, wail, beg for your innocence!" Vernon sneered his eyes flashing a horrible bloodshed color.

In rapid strokes, Vernon teased the brunette's groin as the boy whimpered, shaking his head; refusing to come. Vernon growled and gripped the boy's balls making him yelp. Taking full advantage, Vernon forced Harry to cum all over his stomach and chest.

"All those protests made me hard again." He sneered as he lifted Harry's legs over his shoulders.

"No! No!" Harry whimpered and Vernon shivered. 'Damn it! Where is my Gryffindor pride!'

"Uhgr, I love to hear you beg," he hissed as he entered Harry. The boy tensed all over and Vernon moaned.

"God, Potter! You're so tight!"

"Stop, Stop! It hurts!" he wailed. Vernon laughed maliciously and slammed into the boy even harder than before. With every thrust, Harry's ribcage cracked, causing him to hiss in pain.

He was being raped this time, twice.

As soon Vernon climaxed, he withdrew and spat in Harry's face. "You'll always be a slug, brat."

He slammed the door shut as Harry curled into a ball on the floor, wincing in pain. His pride was crumbled as silent tears rolled down and sobbing escaped his lips. Never, in his life, had he felt so useless.


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