Title: Nightmares of a Hero, Tears of the Foe

Author: Shinigami Liliz Black


Chapter Four: The Illness of a one last heir

He looked up at the roof, the early bright rays of the sun illuminating the room. He groaned at the warmness spreading around his body and shook the covers off. What time is it? His hand reached over the night table, pulling on his glasses and taking his wand out. "Tempus."

Ghostly, blue numbers appeared floating in the air, making 9 o clock the morning. He dismissed the spell as he stood up and walking over his trunk, pulling out a shirt and an old baggy jean from his cousin. He pulled then on, as he yawned trying to shake the sleepiness of him.

He made his way to the kitchens as best as he could. He barely paid attention to where Paine had taken him last night; the house was full of door and many corridors to actually know where the kitchen was. Though in a matter of minutes, while scratching and tousling his messy black hair, he made it. He entered the kitchen and suddenly found himself chuckling at the scene.

Paine was making her way to a chair scratching her messy mop of raven hair murmuring incoherent things. Remus was serving some delicious scrambled eggs to Rab who was grinning in return. At Harry's presence, Remus greeted him with a cheerful morning smile.

"Oh Good Morning Harry!" Remus said, his smile returning. "Hungry? I made some breakfast."

Harry sat down beside the sleepy Paine, who was tucking into her breakfast, and noticed Tobias sitting on the chair conjured last night. "Good morning young Potter," he said softly, smiling at him. Harry smiled back as he thanks Remus for filling his plate.

Then the fireplace burst into green flames and a figure stepped out, shaking his dark robes off from the ashes. He looked up, his long greasy short length hair reaching his shoulder, almost covering his pale face, dark orbs and hooked nose.

"Morning," me whispered in a cold voice.

Paine and Rab looked up from their breakfast and grinned, "Hey Severus," she exclaimed. "Yo Sev," Rab said at the same time as Paine.

Severus nodded in greetings to Rab and walked over to Paine touching her shoulder, "Things are smooth I pressure?"

Paine had let go of her fork and to Harry's surprised had wrapped her arms around Severus's waist. He really didn't expected Paine to show such affection for the other man, after all he though Snape hated anything related to the Potter.

Severus scowled but even so tousled her raven hair, "That's enough Paine."

The other witch nodded, pulling away, "Why don't you join us Severus?"

Severus glanced at Tobias, looking at him intently and shook his head, "I have matters to do; I dropped by to give this to Potter." He slammed a letter on the table where Harry picked up his goblet, "Dumbledore sends you this, plus he'll be joining all for lunch."

Harry picked up the letter, glancing at Snape who sneered in return before walking over the fireplace. Tobias had stood up from his chair, calling after Snape. "Severus."

The dark tall man turned to look at Tobias with a raised eyebrow. "Be careful," Tobias whispered looking deeply concerned.

Severus nodded shortly, turning his back on the other man and disappearing into the green flames. Remus had finally sat down in front of Harry, mug of hot coffee on his hand. "Go on, read it."

His hand opened the envelope and pulled the letter out.


I'm terrible sorry at the circumstances that has come your welfare and the truth of this family member. You must understand this was for your own safety and your aunt's as well. The Dursleys had been informed of your departure of last night and the tight circumstances they had to survive now.

I can assume by now you know about Paine Potter. There's not much I can say about this. Much of your aunt's life had been completely unknown through the pass seventeen years and the fact that Regulus Black is with her. I really ask to be precautions of anything; you know there are little places where you can be safe, even if there's a house full of Aurors.

Grimmauld Place has been handed down to you after Sirius's testament along with all of the Black belongings. It's quite confusing why Regulus had not received any of the sorts but as Sirius was identified to be the living heir of the Blacks by the house, all Sirius spoke and wrote are law that cannot be broken, unless you decide to give the house and belonging to someone else.

I hope you like the Potter residence you're staying in. I can tell you, you'll find more than you can see in the many doors of the residence so be very sharp. Sometimes walls can speak.

We will see each other's shortly,

Albus Dumbledore

Harry folded the letter, "Nothing much," he whispered to Remus, "Just to be cautions."

He sighed as he resumed his eating, thinking about the words the old wizard had told him,

You'll find more than you can see in the many doors; sometimes walls can speak.

Could it mean there was something more than just the structure of a Potter residence?"

He paced around the room impatiently, his black robes billowing behind him at each step.

His expression was deeply filled with concern, his eyes clouding in curiosity. What is this all about?

A house elf popped in and bowed. "Master Malfoy will be with you shortly."

"He'd better be," Severus mumbled.

Just as he said it the doors burst open and Lucius stepped in; chin held high and walking with elegance. He held his fine polished, black wooden wand with a steely silver serpent hissing in malice at the tip, in a very powerful way. His robes were black silk and smooth thick material that only the wealthy could afford. His polished, black leather, high heeled boots match his trousers perfectly.

Lucius shook his long, white blonde hair away from his face and bored his silver eyes in Severus's onyx ones. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this unexpected visit?"

Severus stepped in front of Lucius, both were the same height. "What is going on Lucius? What's wrong with Draco?"

The tall blonde dropped his gaze walking over the white smooth sofa sitting gracefully on it. The end of his cane hit the floor as he rest his hands on the top of the snake's head. "His condition has worsened. I fear this is running faster than expected."

Severus ran his hand through his greasy black hair, sitting on the couch oppose to the blonde, "Lucius, you must know, that it's not uncommon if the condition worsened, clearly you should had know of this beforehand."

The blonde slammed the end of his cane hard of the floor glaring at his friend, "You're suppose to help here Severus! He's my only son!"

Severus sighed, "Lucius there is no other cure at the moment, and I had come empty handed at my researches. Look now that Paine's here, we'll might be able to find a solution to this, you know how close she had come to the Aeonites's followers."

"Still," Lucius whispered now resting his chin against the forehand of his hands on is cane, "After I stepped out of Azkaban, things had not been going good with him nor Voldemort. He's very persistence in asking for him and you know what happens when he becomes corrupted."

Severus nodded in returned, now more concerned as ever, "Does Narcissa knows?"

Lucius looked down at the ground, "She obviously does, though she can't really do much, she's pure and sane; he isn't." He looked up worried at the other man, "I don't want all this for my son Severus, he's my only son."

"I know, neither do I Lucius," he whispered, "I'll try all I can; Regulus and Paine will be able to help us on this."

"I've had know Paine for a long time Severus," he said seriously, "She saved him from being killed by the tribes when the effects started."

"Why don't you ask Dumbledore?" Severus asked, "He can help us Lucius."

"No!" he snapped, "I don't want him involve in this!"

"Draco will be going to school Lucius, Don't you think Dumbledore will notice these changes?"

"The old man is busy enough with Voldemort to take notice of this," he whispered standing up. His left hand rubbed the spot the Dark Mark was and scowled, "He's calling."

Severus stood up as well, looking at the tall blonde intently, "I'll let you know if a treatment comes in."

Lucius nodded in returned he conjured the blank white mask; He pulled out his wand and he placed the mask on, "Thank you."

Severus bowed in return before the other man disappeared with a loud crack.

Outside the living room, the figure hidden inside an Invisibility Cloak pressed against the wall, his silver eyes clouding at the conversation held inside. He let his body dropped down to the floor as the second crack followed and burry his face on his hands. "I'm so doomed."

He felt a wet snout on his left hand and jumped, making the invisibility cloak slip from his body. "Chico," he called softly wrapping his arms around the beautiful gray wolf, "Chico I don't want to die."

The wolf lowered his ears, whimpering feeling the unhappiness on his master voice. His snout sniffed over his cheek and with his tongue he liked the tears falling down off.

He pushed away a little, looking at the wolf with sad tearful silver eyes, "Thank you Chico." The wolf wagged his tail happily in return.


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