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Author's Note: Well, this is a bit frustrating; it is hard to write in character on these characters, so please excuse me if they seem out of character. Even though I watch the episodes repeatedly, however I've discover that it is hard to try to keep to the character's personality. So, bear with me if they seem a bit different, thank you. ^_^ My beta reader still has to go over this, and until she goes over this, I am afraid this thing will have grammar errors. *Sweat drops*

Title: Immoral
Author: Fuji S. Yuki
Rating: PG-13
Pairing; Fujicest
1st person.
Status: Complete

No matter how far you run, I would always be a step behind you. Even though you hated me so greatly for my vices and my immoral love for you. You still love me, even though I am the brother that you despised so much that you had to run away.

No matter how many perils you face, I always want to be by your side holdng onto your hands. I want to meet you across the river that shine in the moonlight and grasp onto your brown carmel hair, while stirring that soul that seem to reach inside of me.

How I love you so dearly, and yet you shunned me so badly, whether it was from fear, hatred, I am not sure. But all I can tell you my dear little brother is I still love you.

I grown patient in waiting for you and like a docile new born bambi I await for you. Hoping beyond all hopes and trepediation that you would journey back to me. For even though I am different and my love is ill willed and unbrotherly all I can do is just breath.

Many have noticed my timely devotion to you. Many hinted at the savagery that I possess in revenging for you. Some even hinted that it was brotherly love, but in truth it was my way to show you that I cared, that I was courting you, by defending your honor.

For even though I am unhonorable in my love, I still honor you with all my soul, for your the other half of me and even though I might seem a bit over bearing. This is all I can do for you--for it is said that to love the most you have to let go and I have.

If I had pressed the issue of you leaving me to nee-san she would have made sure you would never leave. But I didn't because I have faith in you--even if you can't see it. For you my dear brother are everything to me even if it means that you wanted me to die I'll gladly do so.

For your worth it, because your you--your Fuji Yuuta the most precious person in my life.