Hey guys, this is my first humorous fanfic! It's a cross between Lord of The Rings, Freddy VS Jason and the New Guy...pretty weird mix eh?

Jason begins his psychopathic life when he finally gets expelled from school...

*Updated regularly*

"Psst, hey you guys," a familiar voice whispered from somewhere in the room. Boromir turned around to face Jason. "What!?" he yelled, almost knocking Jason off his seat and onto Gimli's table. "Shut up!" Jason hissed. "What? You were the one who wanted to talk to me." "Yeah...but...arghhh!" he shook his head. "Never mind."
He turned to face Arwen in the seat next to him. "Want to get expelled with me?" he asked. Aragorn, who was sitting on the opposite side of Arwen, thumped his desk with a fist. "She's going to Hogwarts, boy," he warned the hockey-mask-wearing psychopath. Jason rolled his eyes and shuffled in his seat to face Gimli. Before he could ask, Gimli frowned and shook his head.
"Okay then, your loss," Jason told them all. "Uh Jason, why do you want to get expelled?" Arwen asked. Jason was suddenly warped into one of those dreamy let's-go-back-in-time states with the blurry screen and wavy lines that usually only occur in movies. Boromir immediately snapped him out of it. "Yeah, why do you?" "Well, remember that time we were at Elrond's party and-" "Oh yes, we remember that," Arwen laughed. "Yes we do," Gimli grinned under his funky Rob Zombie beard. "What happened?" Boromir asked curiously.
"Boromir!" Mr Krueger yelled from the front of the class. "Are you paying attention?" "Yes sir," Boromir yelled back. "Good. Anyhow, if we had fifty orcs and thirty elves..." his voice trailed off as Jason began to daydream yet again. How would he get expelled? Maybe if he burnt down the school? Or killed Asfrodo? Then something struck a chord in his mind and sent a melodious tune over the classroom. He would buy a machete and whack Mr Krueger over the butt with it!