-hikari yuuko-

April 3rd, 2004.


Because two people always need to have some kind of understanding…


He looks at her with a downcast smile, his chestnut bangs falling over his young face. And so, she arches a curious, thin brow at him. He doesn't say anything though, and continues eating his cereal. She shakes the matter off and in no time they are done with their breakfast.

The walk to school is silent as usual, that is until they meet his short, blonde friend on the way. He speaks cheerfully with their new companion; however, she remains quiet the whole trip.

She doesn't even realize that she is already entering her classroom, gaining a few looks from her peers, boys gaping admiringly at her, girls talking in hushed whispers… She doesn't care that everyone stares at her anymore. It is not important.

She sits on her place tiredly and drops the schoolbag, boredom evident on her face. She pulls out the notebook she will be using for first period and a blue pen as the two boys walk in. Surely, she had left them behind somewhere after the school gates.

She looks up at him briefly, and as their eyes meet, he smiles again… a fake smile.

But she knows.

She turns away, not wanting to see the look on his face, the calm, warm orbs gently trying to study her.

Her face turns paler than it usually is and her hazel eyes begin to water as she finally notices the date written on the top right corner of the large blackboard.

Oh, she remembers now.

A date she wishes she could forget, yet not so entirely. She brushes the tears hastily with her long fingers. She's not the type of girl to cry. She just can't, because she doesn't even remember the feeling of tears on her face. No, she wouldn't cry.

This day brings back so many memories, so much pain. Because… five years ago, the two of them met. Five years ago, he lost his first friend at the same time that she was freed from all of her demons…

She feels his comforting hand resting on her right shoulder as she continues to stare ahead. The golden-haired girl nods to the air seconds later as he takes his tan-skinned hand back and sits on his own place next to her.

His friend watches the silent exchange between them oddly, his eyes big and round, but doesn't even have time to ask because the teacher enters the room and quiets everyone down… He sits down, looking at them worriedly, but turns around and starts paying attention the old professor's indications.

The sound of desks, chairs, and people moving around the room seemingly awake her from her trance. Her eyes shaking as she tries hard to pay attention too.

Today, five years ago, she learned for the first time… how to love.

He knows too.


A/N: I was hearing my two, brand-new Ozoresan Revoir cd's *smiles triumphantly* and then suddenly I couldn't keep myself away from writing. I've used their past on another fics as subtlety as in here, but I think I understand things a little better. I mean, I've only been able to read some of the manga's reviews and scripts, and managed to get some scans, but I'm not as good in Japanese. On the cd's I could only make out phrases, but coupling the text with the other info I had, made it clear enough for me. This is rather simple to understand and short, and I'm pretty happy about how it came out. I hope you liked reading it. Please review!