I had watched the trio from the moment they entered the Great Hall, and took a seat at the Gryffindor table. I always watched them. No, I always watched her. Potter and Weasley never appreciated her as much as she deserved. Her brilliant mind and skilful talents was hid behind masses of bushy hair. Only few appreciated her, I as one of them. Of course I would never let anyone know. I would never let anyone know, that I secretly watched her, admired her and tendered her. Tendered her skills. The moment I saw her skills, I knew she was something special. I've always tried to help her, as best as I can without blowing my image.

Detention sometimes where she had to make difficult potions. Where I challenged her instead of doing what I did with the other students who got detention. Sometimes, when I get tired of it all, I look at her essays, so precise and perfect, just the way I like it. Of course I could never give her the top- grade she deserved, I would like nothing more than to do so. To tell her, that someone appreciates her brilliant way of thinking. I have, of course, told her loads of times, well more like hinting, that her so-called friends are the ones who keeps her from achieving the ultimate.

Potter and Weasley always makes fun of her, their small comments and the way the mock her of being such a busy bee. They should open their eyes! I feel like I'm the only one to see through that bushy hair, to see the real Hermione Granger. A young, beautiful, intelligent and interesting, woman. What does she see in Potter and Weasley? They can't provide her with anything useful! They only think of Quidditch!

I played around some potatoes on my plate, while I secretly watched as the trio got up. Come on Hermione, open your eyes, you deserve more than what they can give you. Open your eyes and see me, see who I really am. I can't help you if you don't look into me, and see the truth! I know you can see the truth, just look at me! I pleaded with my heart – she's done it before, looked at me in a strange way. First time it happened was when I gave her first detention in the beginning of the year, I could feel it. She has to find out by herself, it's much too difficult otherwise. Come on, turn around and look at me – my heart sunk into my stomach as she disappeared through the double doors of the Great Hall.

One day, one day I promise you I'll appreciate you. One day, when your blasted Potter-friend has defeated the Dark Lord, then I'll show you the truth, my feelings. One day I know I will be able to nurse you with my whole heart and mind. One day...

But until that day, I have to watch you, watch you has the end of your seventh year approaches and then you will seek happiness elsewhere. But no matter what, I promise you, and myself that when it's safe, I will find you and I will tender you forever.

One day...