Poochy Woochy Baby

Deep Color



"Wake up, mom," Ban said with every bit of ridicule he could muster.

Kazuki started opening his eyes. It took a while for him to adjust to the bright light of the sun and after he got used to it, he sat up. He took in the situation, and looked the man in front of him from head to toe, then suddenly smiled, remembering last night's role-play. "Good morning my poochy—"

"Good morning. Let's get to work." Ban interrupted, so that he wouldn't have to hear the awful name.

"Wouldn't my baby want some breakfast?"

"No time for that. We have to finish by nightfall once it hits low tide. We should get there by early morning tomorrow."

"So what do you have in mind?" Kazuki said, suddenly becoming serious.

"Our fucking old boat died on us, so I guess we have to make ourselves a new one."

"Oooh…Like a baby? We're gonna make one?" Kazuki tried to make it sound playful like the way he babied Ban last night, but he didn't realize how BAD that sounded until it came out.

Ban jerked his head towards Kazuki suddenly in disbelief. He shook his head and looked away, though he didn't know why. He very much knew that he didn't mean it in the way that most people would take it for, but he had time to see that Kazuki was blushing a heavy red, like sunburn, and whether it was out of embarrassment or what was out of his knowledge. It just made him blush just as much for no apparent reason.

-5 hours later-

They had finished three-fourths of the boat/canoe/raft/whatever they were making. Kazuki was almost running out of strings by this time as they were used to put the wood together, and his hair was getting messier, and he was complaining about how he didn't like his hair covering his face and blocking his view. Though he said this, Ban found it very sexy that his hair was messed up and only parts of his face was seen when the hair fell to his face every time he bent. Ban tried very hard to shake off the thought, which was hard, after Kazuki decided to hold all his hair in a high ponytail that made him look so much more like a woman than he already did.

And it was noon. The sun was unforgiving. Their bodies would scream in protest about the heat that was boiling their brains like tofu if they could. Ban was quite okay, since he could only wear the loose black cloth under his white clothing and that was refreshing enough. But for Kazuki, he wore long-sleeves that covered every inch of his skin save the shoulders. That prevented the cooler winds to hit his skin.

"That's it. Ban, let's have a short break. If I don't, I'm going to die before we get back there." Kazuki looked at Ban with pleading eyes that Ban couldn't help but allow to get over him. He nodded.

"I guess we do need a break. We won't be able to paddle later," he said, but what truly was in his mind was that he could not really resist giving in to Kazuki's wishes, for the time being, at least. And it was good for him to be out of his sight for a while. He can't work properly while some hot babe was in front of him, ready to be attacked as no one else was around.

To his disbelief, after he got two coconuts for him and Kazuki to drink, Kazuki was already naked on the top part and wading in the water. When he caught him staring, he said, "Come on in, Ban, the water's very refreshing," with a smile. Ban, couldn't control himself. He felt himself getting hard, looking at Kazuki like this, especially when he had his back turned to him. God, the man was a lot sexier than Hevn. He had such a feminine figure that was in a million years that anyone would guess to be a man's. Breasts were the only things missing on Kazuki's front.

"Uh, no thanks… I'm still… drinking this… this coconut. Right here," Ban was getting tongue-tied and he was really hard now, he thought Kazuki would notice. He tugged his shirt downwards innocently as to cover the erection and sat down on the hot sand. He crossed his legs to prevent himself from running to Kazuki and start making raping him in the water.

He was very much enjoying his view, to say the very least. It was as if he was watching a movie in a panoramic screen matched with hi-fi surround-sound system. He felt like slapping himself hard in the forehead for being too aroused over Kazuki, a guy whom he used to consider lower than a friend. He had never thought of him in a sexual way before… and he actually had the impression that he was merely the slut of Juubei and maybe some other guys like Shido… and how strange --- now he found himself praying that he was part of that list.

"Oh shit! Ouch!" Ban was brought back to his senses when he heard Kazuki's curse and yelp of pain.

He rushed over to him in the water. "What's the matter? You okay?" he said, seeing the twisted expression on Kazuki's face, all the while searching the shallow waters for some sort of monster from which he knew he just had to protect Kazuki from if he wanted to make good.

Kazuki was clutching his jaw and the area in his upper back, close to the shoulders. Ban saw almost five jellyfish swimming around him. "Oh man. Get up, get up… now." he led Kazuki out of the water as fast as he could. He knew how much pain jellyfish bites caused. And Kazuki got two of them.

He let Kazuki sit down. "Stay still," he examined the bites. They were getting purplish. "Listen, I think those jellyfish were the poisonous kind. Don't move too much or the poison'll spread."

Without warning, he drew closer and sucked on Kazuki's jaw area and spat out whatever he got, if he even got anything. He wasn't even sure if there were such things as poisonous jellyfish. So basically, he was doing this to make sure… and maybe, because he liked the feeling of Kazuki's skin under his lips. His skin felt smooth and flawless and only if it were possible, Ban felt like tracing Kazuki's outline with kisses to his lips, but he reminded himself of the 'duty' at hand and now shifted his attention on the other bite.

There was no doubt in Ban's mind that Kazuki was not taking this easily. The man was stiff and motionless the whole time, his weight resting heavily on the palms of his hands that were supporting him on both sides. For unknown reasons, Ban, of all possible times,

After all that, Ban gargled in the ocean and when he came back, Kazuki had 50 recovered from the pain, but only 10 from the shock. Expectedly, he questioned the action. "Was that really necessary?"

Ban looked hard at him. "You think I did it because I wanted to?" Ban let out a fake smirk. Of course I did. "I'm not so desperate."

And though Kazuki tried hard to explain that that was not his point, Ban insisted that it was, and was nonetheless grateful that the Strings Master was not seeing through his false cover – or at least he thought he wasn't. "If I'd wanted to do that, I would, and I'm not taking advantage of the situation, like a real man would." So that makes me a fake man, doesn't it? "Trust me, Oh-Great-One, I know better than to be enemies with Juubei over you."

Kazuki felt hurt at that statement, rivaling the pain he got when Ban patted his shoulder hard. "Ouch!"

"What?" Ban looked at the area he patted and saw that it was red. He was that strong? He checked the other shoulder and saw that it was equally as red. He almost laughed at himself for being alarmed. It was just sunburn, but a very bad one at that.

"I'll get you some oil later. Sheesh, who told you to wear a shirt that exposed your shoulders in the first place?" Ban remarked, shaking his head.

"I've had no idea until this moment that I easily get sunburned. Trust me on this one, if you must…" they both laughed. Ban got his white blouse and slid it over Kazuki's scalded shoulders. "Thanks."

"No prob."

- - - - - - -

They tried to sail later that night, but they decided to postpone tomorrow, because the winds were very strong, and their raft looked like it needed some more touch-ups. Plus, they figured they needed a good night's sleep for tomorrow's journey. They were exhausted now, after a long, hard day.

Ban was first to lie down sprawled on the sand like the Da Vinci Man, looking up at the stars. "Agh! It just frustrates me to see so many of them!" Ban proclaimed in reference to the dots of lights in the sky, childishly messing his hair in annoyance.

"Why must you be frustrated at something so pretty?" Kazuki said, crawling on all fours and looking over Ban's head from the opposite direction.

Ban looked up to meet his inverted gaze. "Speaking of the devil, huh? How vain of you to refer to yourself like that," he muttered under his breath, quietly enough that Kazuki, close as he was to him, completely missed it.

"The sky here is clearer so we see more stars… I've never seen the sky like this before, either. In Tokyo, the lights are too bright, and all we see is blackish grey," Kazuki continued, now settling to Indian-sit beside the only other human being on the island.

"What d'you expect from that city, anyway?" Ban asked.

Completely ignoring the question, Kazuki answered, "I've always thought a sky dotted with so much stars would be a lovely sight. Now that I'm here seeing it, I'm taking my words back," his eyes were locked on the dots in the heavens.

"I told you it was annoying."

The smile on Kazuki's lips turned into a soft chuckle, and then into something bordering gentle laughter. "I didn't mean to say it was ugly---"

"Then what?" Ban asked impatiently, propping his head under folded arms.

"It's very pretty…"

"You know what? You actually strengthened my belief that pretty things coughpeoplecough are very annoying. I'm sorry, but I just don't get along well with beauty."

"But I wasn't quite done yet."

"See? Exactly what I was going on about prettiness. Tsk, tsk," Ban chided on.

"I think a lone bright star and a full moon against a velvety black background seems much more appealing. It's easier to draw stories with fewer characters," Kazuki explained.

Ban stared at him for a long time and said nothing. When he was done ogling him, he aimlessly and dumbly threw a palm-full of sand to Kazuki's direction. "What the hell are you talking about?"

This time, Kazuki laughed. He dropped to the sand on his back, struggling for breath. "That's what Ginji-san said when I told him that before. You're really partners in everything, aren't you?"

"Yeah, well…"

"Anyway, I didn't really expect you to understand."

"What, that you like making stories out of the moon and the lone star? Sure, I understand. That's very romantic. And that's not exactly a compliment, if you know me," Ban said.

Kazuki, half-embarrassed about the veracity of Ban's words, could only lock his gaze further into the skies. "It's an old pastime Juubei made me do during our first nights out of the burned-down Fuuchouin House. He made me look up at the sky, and we both made stories out of the only star visible and the moon. If I'd known better then, I'd have immediately figured that he only made me look up at that sky so my tears would never hit the ground nor leave my eyes."

"Hn, whatever you say…" and Ban turned his back to Kazuki.


"… …"

"Ban-kun, do you dislike me?"

Ban did not wince. "You bet I do. Now go to sleep."

But Kazuki went on, "For… for being involved with people of the same gender as I… do you dislike me for it? Is that why you have never liked me from the start?"

Yawning widely, Ban stretched as he sat up. Kazuki watched stupidly as Ban placed the back of his hand on his, Kazuki's, forehead, as if checking his temperature. "Oh my, you're burning," Ban spurted, not putting much effort into his acting. He took his white over-shirt off and placed it over Kazuki as a blanket.

Unknowingly, Ban was laying his eyes again on the longhaired man for longer than he should have. He brought a calloused hand to stray locks of his long hair and brushed it away from his questioning face. Kazuki thought nothing of the gesture, except that he was finding it hard to resist brushing his cheek against that hand. In the little contact they had, he knew that hand to be very warm.

Thunder and lightning were telltale signs of coming rain. And true enough, a few seconds post the aforementioned indicators of rain came the first few drops of precipitation. One by one (and quite swiftly at that) the drops were starting to stain the white sand into a darker shade of flesh.

It was going to be a long night.

- - - - - - -

/to be continued

Notes: Lots of additional dialogue and scenes there. I'm getting somewhere, I promise. – D.C.