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Summary: For her, 'loving' and 'trusting' are the biggest mistakes she have done in the past. But for him, those were the things he needed unconsciously in his perfectly planned life. What if the two unexpectedly meet? Will they try to save each other or will they just make the situation worst? S+S, E+T, T+M

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"phone conversation"
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*~= 'Finding Myself In Your Eyes' =~*
by : K a m I n a r I - c h a n

…Ladies and Gentlemen, in five minutes we will be landing Kai Tak International Airport. At the moment, please fasten your seatbelt for safety purposes. Thank you.

The sound from the speaker awoke her senses from deep stupor revealing a pair of exquisite emerald orbs, that's been hiding behind the thick spectacles, as it gleams at the ray of the sun. Free at last! She thought, screaming her hearts out in excitement while she adjusts her seatbelt in proper position. In five minutes, my new life will begin… she added whilst remembering the reason why she's here in the first place…


"Why did you do that?!" Touya said angrily at his imouto while slamming the door.

"What did I do now?" the 19-year-old lady innocently said, grabbing another batch of cookies as she tried to focus at her fuming brother.

"Why did you punch Sieyo-Sensei at lunch? Of all people, why the Dean?"

Here we go again… Sakura thought in a singsong manner, "I didn't punch him, I just knock-out the fly in his nose."

"Yeah and you accidentally give a full force at the old man's face." The jet-black hair guy sarcastically added to Sakura's defense, "…and the reason?"

"He touched me."


"Are you deaf? I said… the jerk touched my rear." Sakura said, burrowing her eyebrows in the process.

"Sakura, honey. We need to talk." Kinomoto Fujitaka, President of one of the top firms in Japan said worriedly to her daughter, interrupting the fighting siblings.

"Dad, no." the black-haired guy insisted, looking intently at the eldest man in the room.

"No, Touya. It must be done."

"What must be done?" Sakura interject at the father-son conversation, somehow, she felt that it's very important for his father. "Is there something wrong, 'tousan?" following her brother as it take a seat beside their father.

"Honey, I'm very sorry… but I think you need to be tied down."

"What?!" feeling her heart thump faster than normal, "…you're joking, right?" switching her glance from her father, to his unnerved brother and back again to the deep brown pools.

"I wish I am but…our company's going down and the only way to save it is to wed you off to the son of this tycoon." Seeing the flinch of the young lady, "…don't worry, you're in safe hands. We've become partners before."

Sakura can't believe what her father was saying. It's been two years since her family opens this topic for her selfish reason. "But, I thought you understand? I thought we're not going to discuss this anymore?" she said coldly, not noticing the concerned looks of the two Kinomoto males as she recalled some experiences that changed her philosophies in life. Wincing on some scenes, Sakura opened again her mouth to protest but her brother beat her to it.

"But, father. If that tycoon was your business partner before, why can't just that businessperson lend us some money so there's no wedding to be held? Besides, you two knew each other, so what's the problem with that?"

"Touya, you don't understand. It's not proper to just lend some money to a company if you're in top of the business world. If you did that, might as well lend money to every corporation. So to make it formal and less intrigues, we arranged this marriage."

Realizing that this is a battle she had lost long before she knew, she composed herself by closing her eyes and as it opens again, it only reveals a dull and unemotional emerald orbs. "I guess I don't have a say to this. Am I right?"

"I'm really sorry, Sakura. But you're right."

~~~End of flashback~~~

So without a second thought, Tomoyo, Touya and I decided that I should ran away from our home.
Looking at the people below through the oval window as they become clearer and bigger. I know that I totally upset father, but I can't just agree to that idea. I can't see myself in the future to be with a total stranger. So now, I'll be living on my own...and maybe come back if the engagement will be cancelled… Narrowing her eyes as she realized something Hell! I didn't ask father what's the company's name… oh no! Maybe I-It's… Shutting her eyes tightly. …Not again! Not him! Picturing an image she tried to forget for two years.

Thank you for boarding Cathay Pacific flight DB 809. Welcome to Hong Kong, the fragrant harbor. Today is Sunday, eleven forty-five in the morning. Temperature is 22 ºC and the weather is a sunny one. Thank you and enjoy.

So, where is this place that Tomoyo and Eriol talks about?
Sakura thought, scanning her organizer in her hand while she grabs her luggage on the other. "Let's see…"

"New here, Sir?" an unfamiliar language surprised her for a while as she turned to the owner of the throaty voice.

"Sh!" Sakura replied to the lady in her forties. In someway, she curved her lips slightly at the lady for not noticing her real gender. Heck! She needed to change her real identity so that her father will have a hard time finding her. Thanks to Tomoyo's idea! She silently thanked her best friend whom she left in Japan. "Qing wen, Empire Condominium zai na li?" (Excuse me, could you tell me where Empire Condominium is?) Adjusting her thick spectacles at her nose.

"Cheng yi lu gong gong qi che dao tou xia. Dao er shi lu zai Des Voeux West Jie xia che." (Take the Number 1 bus and get off at the terminal. Then, transfer to Bus 20 and get off at Des Voeux West Street.) Smiling at the auburn-haired guy while taking a few steps at the airplane stairs, "It's easy to see for it's the tallest building in there."

"Xiexie, wu an!" (Thank you and good day!) Sakura said as she also get off the plane. Hong Kong, watch out! She eagerly asserts as the May breeze runs through her newly cropped, jaw-length auburn hair. She feels really refreshed at what Tomoyo had done in her hair, crying it for an hour as the raven-haired cut it, though.


"That idiot!" he yelled, turning off the speakerphone in the process. He has just had a half an hour conversed with his cousin in Japan and informed him that he'll now have a housemate. "I don't care if he's the four-eyed fiancée's cousin!" he added, grabbing his things before he enter the bathroom.

Turning the shower knob, he slightly relaxed while water hit his muscular physique roughly. Every drop feels like a needle prick, giving its pressure to some sore muscles of his. And as he enjoys the foamy feel of the soap, his mind kept recalling the exchange of words earlier because ever since his cousin goes off to study in Japan, he's living their shared unit alone.

In view of the fact that the Xianggang Daxue---an exclusive for male---is far from his home, the Boliao Zhou, he had demanded his mother to let him live alone, which the woman opposed. So to permit him, he bring Eriol with him since he's his classmate, assuring his mother that they'll be both safe all by themselves.

But being Li Xiao Lang and Eriol Hiiragizawa---the former being one of the elite persons in China and the latter being the son of a CEO---the land owner insist that they should be given the first-class unit in the building, though he wouldn't bother if they're given a small one.

"What's so important with this guy that I have to take care of him? Who does Eriol think he is? Making me a babysitter to a total loser." He angrily said to no one in particular, cursing his cousin---whom he called Idiot---every now and then.

True, that he misses his sorry for a cousin, but it's not fair to give him a responsibility like that! "…And because of that, I have two problems to think! First, is my life and the other is the loser transfer student!" rinsing his self from the slippery feeling of the soap and the shampoo. Then a loud knock was heard from the outside, "And whoever that is, will be dead in a minute!"

Snatching the towel in the process, "Wait, a sec!" he yelled, wrapping the cloth at his waist. He made a long stride in reaching the door in time. "Now, who the hell's bothering me at this time?!" bellowing at the visitor as he opened the front door.

"Uum… Wei." (Hi.) A petite auburn-haired guy bowed in respect then looked up, staring hard at the amber eyes, "…Li Xiao Lang zai jia ma?" (Is Li Xiao Lang here?)

"Wo shi Li." (I'm Li.) Syaoran replied to the guy in front of him. Somehow, he felt the stubbornness in the emerald pools. Is this the guy the idiot was talking about? Scrutinizing the lithe form and smirking as it adjust its large eyeglasses in its small nose. So that's why four-eyes want me to baby-sit him.

"Wo shi Nakamura Shun. Jian dao ni hen gao xing!" (I'm Nakamura Shun. Nice to meet you!) Sakura said bringing her right hand to Syaoran. Sensing that the young man didn't exert an effort in shaking her hand, she brings it down at her side. "…I'm your new hou---"

"---I know who you are! And if you want to be my housemate, you should follow the rules." The amber-eyed guy said in Japanese, as he walks his way at the counter where the kitchen and lounge was being separated, leaning his back to it, "First is I don't want people who are nosy, only wimpy girls do that!" making Sakura closed her knuckles,

"Second, no girls allowed and no trespassing. Your room is in the right side, while mine is on the left one so there's no chance that you'll forget where your room is, because it is being divided with this long lobby…" moving his head towards the hall where it has a big glass window at the end.

"… Kitchen is over here and the restroom is just beside It." pointing his thumb towards his back, "Lastly, as you've noticed we're going to share the bathroom, so I don't want it messy. You can use the tub but be sure to drain and clean it afterwards…understood?"

"Y-Yes!" Sakura squeak, resulting Syaoran to stare at her big time! It never occurred to her that she'd be frightened to this young man. I thought I lost that feeling? "Thank you, Li-san! I'm going now in my room." She bowed, regaining her masculine voice as she hurriedly gets in her new room. Whew! That was close! I hope he does not perceive anything or I'll be dead chicken! Imagining herself being strangled by Li-san when he found out that she's a girl all along. I must do my best to act. Closing her door at the same time.

Whit-whew! Eriol sure have a taste. Whistling as she scans her eyes before the blue room, she can't help but be awed at the things before her. She didn't imagine that her room will be as large as this one, this sure is big, She said, gazing at the large glass door that's leading to the balcony as she lays her tired body and her bags on the soft twin-sized bed. I'll just unpack my things later…


"What do you mean that she's gone?" Fujitaka bolt from the blue at the statement of his son, "Are you sure that she's not in her room? Maybe she's with Tomoyo? Tell me Touya that what you're saying from the start were all lies. Onegai?"

The young man heave a sigh, he's somehow guilty for telling untruths story to the old man, but what will happen to Sakura if he let the marriage to be done? "I hope I am, father. But just as I've said earlier… I didn't find any Sakura in every place she used to hang out."

Shocked at the revelation, he clasped his head with his hands and started to stare at his smiling daughter in the picture. "T-This c-can't b-be happening. What if she's been kidnapped? God Touya, I don't know what to do!"

"Are you problematic that the other company will back-out if they knew that Sakura was lost?" crossing his arms in the process. Somehow, he needed to know if his father had become just like other businessmen who's only goal for life is to accumulate money. "With all due respect, Otousan."

Fujitaka stare at his son, astounded, "What are you talking about? Is that why she's lost in the first place?" looking apprehensively at the black orbs, "If I've known earlier, I could have cancel the engagement. But I hope you both understand… I couldn't let this company to just be bankrupt, for this is the business Nadeshiko and I put together with our own hardships. That's why I'm fighting for this company. I don't want Nadeshiko's adversity to just go into such waste!" remembering his deceased wife. "It's not the money, Touya… it's about the only thing that your mother left us…"

Tears starts to well up in his eyes as he continues, "True, that she has pictures and special memories with us, but it's different! I love your mother, that's why I can't live without her. To hell with this company! I can kill myself if I want to. But, your m-mother… Nadeshiko…. She wanted me to move on…" Heaving a deep sigh as he released all the feelings he kept inside, "And I can't! T-That's why I keep this company going on, for it gives me a feeling that your mother is still with us. Watching us…"

So, that's the true reason. Bowing his head in shame. He does feel what his father was feeling. For I experienced it too... It's not so long ago since he lost someone he loved dearly. And he blames his self for what happened, until now. It is true that he's really scared of what his sister is doing in her life, but he's a hypocrite. For he too, became objective, thinking all this time that his father became greedy, to the point wherein he made his little sister as the payment.

"I'm sorry father if I've accused you of something. I know it's really awful telling you all that lies…" Patting the shoulders of his crying father. "I didn't know the real story… t-that's why…"

Should he tell the truth?

"That's why, what?"

Maybe Sakura will forgive me to what I'm going to do… Imouto, gomen nasai… I know it'll hurt you… but, "That's why I've help Sakura escaped…"

"Touya you didn---"

"---But I did!" the young man remorsefully said, "And now, I don't know what's Sakura in to, right now."

"D-Do you know where she is?"

Touya shook his head, "I'm not really sure father, I just help her escaped from our security, but I overheard her on the phone last night with someone about going to China."

"China?" The old man asked arranging his specs at the same time, "But what would an 19-year-old lady doing in China? She doesn't even know anyone there. Touya, I'm really scared of your sister's fate. China's a big country for a lady like her." Rubbing his temples and dialing some numbers on his cell phone, "Hello, Japanese Interpol? I'm Kinomoto Fujitaka, I'm asking for some of your agent to find my daughter… Hai, Kinomoto Sakura, and I think I know where she is but can you just come to my office so I can tell you the details and give out some things that might help you in finding her…" gazing at his son, "…Hai… Hai… Arigatou. I'll be waiting at the lobby. Ja."

"I'm sorry, father" he said as his father pressed the end call button.

"No, it's okay. I do understand your feelings," smiling at his guilty son, "… you're just being an over-protective brother. But I hope you trust me this time. It's really for the best, especially for your sister. She's been avoiding the topic, after t-that incident." Remembering an event concerning Sakura.

"Don't worry father, I'll help you find her."


Strong aroma filled Syaoran's senses, as he entered his dorm room, Must be Nakamura-san, I didn't know he knows how to cook. Too bad I've eaten my dinner. He silently added.

"Konbanwa, Li-san!" A tenor voice broke his fête, and there he saw the funny looking guy he ever met. Heck! He almost thought that this guy's not qualified in this exclusive school. He almost looks like a girl! He screamed in his head as he observes the busy auburn-headed guy preparing the food for two.

Sakura moves faster at her work when she felt the hard gaze of the young wolf on her at the counter. He's suspicious of my actions she thought while she prepares the table for two. Somehow, she decided that she needed to tell him the whole truth so that she can act freely when they're alone. But when she remembered that Syaoran despises female population---thanks to Eriol---she changed her mind in continuing her plan. Besides, people here knew me as a guy… she added.

It is the truth, because after unpacking her things, which took her until five o'clock, she decided to go to the University by foot---which is not that far---and goes to the registrar's office to complete her requirements. It really shocked her for this is her first time again to blend with male population, and somehow, they looked at her strangely for her nerdy outfit. The weirder, the better She thought every now and then when people start to stare at her, especially after encountering with danger earlier.

So here I am, trying my power to be manly as I can be. Placing the dish in the table.

The incongruity!

She promised herself not to clash again with opposite sex. Yet, desperate time calls for desperate measures---sounds cliché and still it's the reality. She has achieved in using the mask for two years but here she is, trying to break it with her tomfoolery herself. Even making her self one!

"Konbanwa." Syaoran replied to her, she's really thankful that the young man knows how to speak Japanese, making her not to feel homesick.

"…I tried to made some dinner. Care to join?"

"I'm not hungry." He coldly answers the skinny guy.

"Oh." Who does he think he is? She thought inside. She's trying to be polite in here, but no! This stupid guy think she's happy to live with him…then, he's totally wrong! If not for Eriol, she's going to strangle this man to death. "It's alright, it's my fault anyways. I assumed that you still haven't eaten your dinner. Gomen, nasai." Where did that come from? She didn't mean to be nice! She should be hardheaded for she's speaking to a guy.

Yeah! A guy!

Those pervert, liar, dirty bastards! She shouldn't be talking to him like that for he didn't deserve it! Every chap is her enemy! But on the other hand… she feels that this guy is different. But I will not find it out! She thought stubbornly, it isn't my business anyway. I'm just being a weedy girl, that's all! Trying to believe what she was saying as she collect her self in the process.

Seeing mixed expression of the guy, "But if you don't mind, I would like to take a bite." The young wolf replied, making Sakura wide-eyed as he grabs the nearest chair before him. I think I should be friendly since he's living with me from now on. "Arigatou." He said as Sakura offered the food in front of him. "Dim sum?"

"Hai. Hiiragizawa-san told me that you love dim sum, that's why I've cooked them. Besides, it's my way of thanking you for allowing me to be your housemate." Gritting her teeth for saying such sweet lines. Though she meant every word.

Nodding his head whilst chewing the food, "I didn't allow you." Syaoran respond, "…it's more of, I don't have a choice. Four-eyed just told me an hour or so before you rang the doorbell."

"Gomen nasai." God, she never imagine herself being a weakling again! Oh well, it's much better than having a husband.

"It's okay." Raising his eyebrow to Sakura as he saw her clouded appearance, "So what brings you here? Seems kind of rush, I might add… " Surprised at his self for being so talkative. He really doesn't socialize well to others, but somehow; he feels unperturbed talking to this emerald-eyed guy.

Sakura sighed; this guy sure doesn't want nosy people… she thought sardonically, "Nothing, I just want to detach myself from family business." She said coolly while playing with her chopsticks, not daring to look at the young man.

Shaking his head in understanding as Syaoran stood up, "Thanks for the treat." He uttered, walking his way to his room.

"Umm, Li-san." Sakura called out to the young man, this will be the last time that I'll asks a favor from a guy. "…Hiiragizawa-san told me that we have the same school and same level. W-Wou… W-Would you help me tomorrow in finding my classroom, and maybe tell me who's your captain in soccer?" arranging her glasses as she looked up to the chestnut-headed guy.

"You want to try-out?" he asked, only to receive a slight nod from the geeky guy. Is he sure? Man! He looks like a twig that if the ball runs over him, he might get smash. "But the try-out was over last month, I don't think they'll let you in since they have completed the members already."

"But I would like to try." She insisted, "I think they still have a room for one guy."

Syaoran shakes his head in the process, He's really determined about this. He thought, "What's your position?"

"Forward." Making the young wolf raised its eyebrows.

"Okay. What's your section?"

"Four-one." fixing up her specs at the same time as she looks straight at the amber eyes.

"Good, we have the same section. So I expect that by quarter to seven, you're ready to go." Crossing his arms whilst leaning at the wall, "Soccer is at five noon, don't worry I wont disappoint you in your try-out." Leaving Sakura wide-eyed.

Damn! That young man is the captain ball? Sakura thought for a second as she hears a loud bang behind the young wolf's door. Hope I pass the trial… getting up as she gather the dishes for she lose her appetite at her impending doom. But think about it, he really can be the captain. She considered, because with his well-toned muscles, dignified stance of six feet, and determined aura, he must have been telling the truth. The thought of this makes Sakura's cheeks flushed. She doesn't even remember looking at the young man that long for describing him like that. Must be the jet-lagged.

After placing the plates in the cabinet, she started to walk at her room and upon reaching it; she gently closed the door and grabs her bag. I miss them.


What's happening to me? Syaoran asks right after he closed the door of his room. "Man! Eriol will laugh at me on how soft I am to his soon-to-be cousin-in-law!" Punching the door at one fell swoop. But somehow, I feel strange about this guy… Syaoran became wide-eyed; I'm not thinking what I'm thinking! He stubbornly said closing his eyes in the process as he walks his way to his bed.

Lying comfortably, he start to look at the painting at the wall, his favorite singer, Angel… he thought while smiling inwardly. It wasn't really her name, but it suits her well. It is true that he loathe women but something in this teenager's voice make's him feel…relaxed?


For him, every time he hears the soft voice of this lady, he feels more secured and at peace. Funny thing to admit but…

It's true.

He may be the heir of Li Corporation, the cold-hearted guy, the captain of football team and the master of martial arts, but that doesn't mean that he's not human. He also feels pain, sadness, remoteness and he also becomes tired.

Exhausted to everyone's demand...

That's why when he heard the angelic voice of this lady for the first time, he can't help but smile as he extraordinarily felt what he longs for, in all those years. He couldn't forget that night.

That unforgettable night…

It was unexpected for his only purpose is to give Eriol an important parcel from the Li Corporation in which his mother strictly ordered. And honestly, he hesitated the idea for he really didn't want his sorry-for-a-cousin to bug him endlessly---though he missed him. So as he stays in Tomoeda for one day and one night, his cousin give him a short tour to the town and ending their day to a famous bar in the city.

And there he saw her…

The most beautiful creature he ever saw. It's amazing how an ethereal beauty end up in such place, but he's thankful for the opportunity Kami had given him. Her feature is so enthralling that he can't take his eyes off her… her deep striking eyes, long silky hair that sways gracefully every time her head moves, soft contours of her lovely face, and a cute dimple that slowly crept near her pink lips when she sings---all engraved in his mind. He was so occupied that he didn't even noticed Eriol was the pianist back then. But a tap to his back brought him to reality…to the Cheshire-cat grin of his so-called-best friend.

And because of that, he promised to his self that he will not tell Eriol about it for he also remembered that four-eyed warned him to back off if he have any intentions. He remember how intense those azure pools as if he really cares for that lady. Like an overprotective hawk… hence, he kept his passion of his to his self up to the point that he forgot to ask the lady's name… I think it's Ryoko---no, Satoyo---ah, Tomoyo… if I'm not mistaken. Recollecting what little he remembered about his cousin's lecture.

Gazing one more time at his work, Syaoran grabs his disc man and plays one of his favorite songs from the compiled CD that he secretly buys to the bar owner. He's really lucky back then, for he found out from the manager that his CD---which has blank cover---was the first copy of the album that his Angel will be passing to a well-known recording company.

Pushing the play button, a lovely voice soothes his soul as his day ended with a beautiful lullaby.


"Eriol, are you sure about what we did to Sakura." Amethyst eyes gaze at azure ones; "I think she can't handle the pressure in there after… after…" clinging her arms to her fiancé as they lazily sits on the couch at her room.

"Don't worry about it. I assure you that my cousin will not do any harm to our Sakura-chan." Looking lovingly to the lady beside him. "…Besides, you should focus more on the upcoming career, ne? I received a call from the recording company and they want you to go there for contract signing. You've been waiting for this!"

"I know, but I also want Sakura-chan's point-of-view… I can manage but… it's still different… I can't go on… " Shutting her eyes at the same time, "…demo even if she's not saying it… I know she trusts me."

"Un… that's why you should have faith in her too." He's really blessed to have a fiancée like her. He really feels the degree of concern his Tomoyo gives to Sakura. God only knows how much he loves this girl. "Even though Syaoran hated female population, I think he'll make an exception for Sakura."

"You think so?" forgetting the latter problem, "…But I thought people there don't know her pretense? And what's with your cousin hating the female population?"

Eriol heave a sigh, She sure really cares for her cousin, but I can't blame her… "Tomoyo, dear. You don't know my cousin. I bet you that at this hour, the young wolf is in hysterics, knowing that his roommate was a girl."

"And an extraordinary one, you know." Tomoyo giddily added.

"I concur." Eriol repeated, agreeing with his beloved. "…Because, he's been living all his life with five female. That's why he knows every move of Venus' descendants."

"Where's his father?"

Somehow, azure pools starts to get dim yet he covers it immediately with a fake smile, "He died when he was still in high school. And from that day on, he only has the opposite specie to live with him in that big mansion."

"So, that's why he resent females."

Blue-haired guy shook his head to the angel before him, "Somehow…" Touching her nose with his forefinger, "… because, his mother and sisters didn't flirt with him. I don't even understand that guy! He refuses every girl that's been trying to win his attention. I think it has something to do with his ideals that females are men's weakness."

"Maybe." She said smiling, "But I think the girls in Hong Kong were not trying hard?" she point out to the young man. "And I bet this time, his morals will change because Sakura-chan is there." Aiming her hand at the blinking cell phone of her fiancé, "I think you should answer that one."

"Do I have to?" Eriol pout in a cute style, he do love talking to his princess, "I don't want to---okay." Bowing his head in defeat as Tomoyo gave him a stare, "I never win against you, do I?"

"I believe it's because you love me, ne?" looking at her fiancé as it pressed the 'ok' button of his cell phone and answers the phone seriously. He sure knows when to be professional. But before she added some list why she likes him, jealousy arises in her heart when she saw the smiling and glimmering azure eyes. Now, why is he like that? Giving her darling a suspicious look.

Feeling the gaze of his princess, "Umm, I think someone's in her PMS…" he whispered to the person at the phone.

"Eriol, just give her the God-damned phone!" The person demanded him as he reluctantly passed it to Tomoyo.

"Who's that?" young lady asked pissed off, getting the phone to Eriol "Moshi-moshi? Daidouji speaking." she politely said yet she could tell that there's still a bit of jealousy in her voice.

"Mou, Tomoyo-chan! How could you think I was getting flirty with dum-ass!" The person irately said to her.

"Sakura-chan!" she yelled. There was no mistake that the person on the other line is Sakura. She's the only one who can curse Eriol like that! Smiling to herself as she looked back at her prince that's busily looking at the pictures---her pictures. Correction: curse every male, just like that! Swaying her head dismally for she knew that even if Sakura acts tough, she's shattered like a fragile glass. "How are you? Are you okay? Is Li-san treating you right? I missed you." Heaving as she end her interrogations.

"Relax, Tomoyo-chan. Diajoubu daiyo! So care to tell me what happened after I left?"

"Oh Sakura, you don't know what happened. Touya told your dad! And now, Japan Interpol is negotiating with the police there in China to find you. Somehow they find out where you are…"