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Kami-chan: Again thank you my dear readers for reviewing! And before we really start the story here's Syaoran to reiterate the past chappies for us! Take it away Syaoran!

Syaoran: ehem. –((combs hair with fingers))- Thanks, kami-chan. So as what the sea monster was tel—

Kami-chan: a what? Sea monster? Hey big guy! You want me to make you a gay big time so you wouldn't be partnered up by Sakura? –((raised eyebrow))- huh? Huh?

Syaoran: ehehe. Okay, okay! (don't want to get in Kami-chan's bad side now, do we?) so, as I was saying, here's the past chapters!

– Nakamura Shun goes overseas. He and I met in Hong Kong and there, we've become housemates. Believe me when I say I'm a bit annoyed by him, since I don't want strangers living in the same condo with me. (nod) (nod)

I've also introduced to you the love of my life…angel. It is a picture of the girl I met when I visited Eriol. And since then, I couldn't stop thinking about her and her wonderful voice. So I painted her… she's really beautiful…

Chapter 1
– Shun goes in the same school with me, an all-boys-school. He had a fight with Chang, a guy he encountered the other day with some high-school girl. Talk about juvenile delinquent. But I knew right then and there that he'd win so I stopped them. Heck! It took us thirty minutes in our fighting earlier that day, and I've seen him how he fights so I stop them before any damage was done in Chang's part. He also met Matsumoto Kuno, a guy from his past. But I wonder who that guy really is?

Chapter 2
– I had given Shun the hardest try-outs of all time! (smug!) but I regretted it since he was called by our teacher together with that Matsumoto guy to perform something in English… if I remember it right, it was titled "a conversation at the park", which was truly controversial? Well, it's because somehow, I saw a glimpse Shun's feelings. He could be really scary when he's mad. (nod) and guess what! Shun and I were assigned to do the class presentation called the nininbaori… it's a traditional stage play from Japan wherein two people is acting as only one man with a coat around him.

Then, we had our training, which was really funny! We both fell flat on our face when he gave me a piggyback. Hahaha! (points at self) am I really that heavy? (shrugs)

Lastly, after we call it a day, geeky guy goes home with bruises on his body… so I thought she needed my help, hence I left the first aid kit at his door.

Chapter 3
– In this chapter, you've had a peak at my lonely life—me being a businessman and the reason as to why I am called Mr. Perfectionist. And what more…! Shun met my closest sister, Fanren when he's hunting some job, and he even had a conversation with my mother about me! Don't you think it's a bit rude? Talking behind my back and all?

Well… anyways, I'm a bit glad that I now know the name of the mysterious singer, my angel… it was Tomoyo! Unfortunately she's also four-eyes' fiancée, so I gave up on her…

Chapter 4
– Here's the time where Kami-chan introduces you to other characters, basically, my cousin Meiling and the guy she met in Beijing, Touya. That old guy met my cousin in Altar of Heaven in Beijing, where they've come to know each other's past. Pretty fast, eh?

I also, somehow, show my soft side to that Nakamura-guy… I told him that my cousin had run away a month and a half ago. Surprisingly, he knew as to why Meiling ran off… well… I guess he really did have weird, imagination. (smirk) and you know what…? (bends down and whisper something) I think Nakamura has a secret… for when I hugged him (blushing) he… eh… somehow, I felt a bulge in his front… I wonder what it is?

Chapter 5
– My friends from soccer varsity and I decided to go to the well-known bistro in the east, called Eastpack. Well… actually, I don't want to go there but Mao insisted to go since his cousin is having a gig in that place. What more, I've been a bit suspicious about the pretty waitress that my friends were talking about… they said that Nakamura and her have same first names… never knew Shun was a unisex name. But unfortunately, when we get there, we didn't see her. But its okay, I'm just curious, that's all… (shrugs)

Back to Meling and Touya… well, they seem to be getting close that my cousin even goes to that old man's apartment 5am in the morning. Is she courting him? That's Meiling for sure. (thumb's up!)

The next day… we had our exhibit… for the new museum in the school. Well, I'm not bragging, but the main attraction was my painting of the beautiful angel—the one in my room. I'm really confused as to why Nakamura looked at my painting as if he would faint. He and that Matsumoto guy sure knew the girl. Well… it's to be expected since Tomoyo was Nakamura's cousin while Matsumoto was their classmates in Japan. Have I told you they were classmates in Japan?

And there's more… I also told Nakamura about my feelings for his cousin. You should have seen his face… he was really shocked! Which became intense when I told him that I've paid his fee in our excursion in Xi'an. (shakes head) That guy sure is stubborn.

And then we parted ways after the training, but guess what I saw when I get back at the shower room to claim my watch…

Chapter 6
– it was Nakamura talking to Matsumoto. What else? Well… (blushing) Nakamura is a girl afterall… (gnawing his fingers) ehehehe… he—she's really pretty with only a towel o—wait! What am I saying! (scrutinizes the surrounding) I hope no one heard me. (sigh)

Well… it's our field trip to Xi'an. And as always, Nakamura—No, Sakura and I share the same room for the night wherein I teased her since she doesn't know that I knew her secret—being a girl. And the next day, we climbed Mt. Hua Shan and had a bonfire on the evening. I followed her to the forest since I know she couldn't stand seeing our classmates stripping in front of the fire… and there we saw the spirit on Lan Zhi waiting for her lover who she thought was I. And in the end, Zhong qing, her husband showed up and help us. So, to return the favor, we let our bodies—Sakura and I—to be possessed by them for the time being so they could hold each other's body… b-but… as a gift… I opened my eyes to found out that I was kissing the softest lips of all… Sakura's. (flushing) Shhh…. Don't tell her okay? I think she doesn't know it since she passed out that time.

Lastly, after four hours of sleeping, she regained consciousness and I told her that I knew she was a girl.

Chapter 7
– This one is really shocking! I became very worried to the Nakamura-girl that I gave her curfews, which was definitely weird of me. Furthermore, I even get mad but then dismissed the thought when I saw her brought Chang on our condo and even asked me to let him sleep in my room! Is she really that kind?

As I was saying, I dismissed the argument and let Sakura do what she wants. But when I get back in the condo I saw Meiling! That's why I have a hard time sleeping with Sakura since that she-brat insisted that we sleep together--Sakura and I—because she knew that we were both guys afterall! If she only knew… (sways head)

And as the night comes… Meiling and I had a talk about the engagement thingy and we come up to a plan that Meiling will object to our engagement. We also talked about her trip in Beijing. Hmp! If I know better, she's in-love with the Japanese guy!

The next day, Meiling left again but asked me to deliver a parcel for Sakura… I think they're becoming too close, ne? I wonder if Meiling knew that Sakura was a girl… oh, no! What if she had a crush on her?

So, I brought it to Sakura's work… but what I saw there gave me a shock…. Sakura was the Angel I've been telling you about…

That night, we had a big argument, which ended in an interrupted kiss… gosh! I really thought I had a chance to kiss her again! (snaps fingers)

Chapter 8
– I'm in love! I'm in love! Bwahahaha! Li Xiao Lang is in love! And guess who the girl is? It's none other than her! The witty, sarcastic, stubborn brat I've ever encountered… Sakura. But she didn't know what I feel… I think she's still mad about that attempted kiss… to the point wherein we had another fight in the field, this time… I was really worried when the guy kicked her shin but she's so stubborn! She didn't listen to me when I say that she needs to rest her feet. But in the end… we won and celebrated it in a bar… which brought Sakura back to her past… a déjà vu, indeed. She was drugged again, this time, from our opponent, the Dragons.

Chapter 9
– Thank God! Sakura was now awakened! She's been sleeping for three days and I'm a bit anxious about it. That's why when she woke up, I couldn't stop to reach her hand and squeezed it. Just to let her know that I'm at her side.

We had another serious argument… I think this was the third time (First is when I found out she was the singer, next is when we're in the bar and she somehow told me about stupid brotherhood of men.) She's really serious… it was really my first time to see her that cold… she's really mad about her past… that's why I pushed her… I let her spill it as to make her heart light… but in the end… somehow… I regret it… for this was the first time I really saw her crying. And I didn't like one bit. It was really heart breaking… about her past. About her relationship with the bastard Takao… his real identity… heck! He really is dumb for cheating on Sakura like that! Didn't even expect that he was ex-boyfriend of Kaho—Touya's first girlfriend—and that he ordered Kuno to rape Sakura so he could get back at her for declining his marriage proposal. But what really pained Sakura was when Kaho committed suicide because of guilt. (Bowing down) How I wished I were there to comfort her or even stop it from happening.

We became close friends, since then. You also found out my hang-ups for flowers, ne? Moreover, I also took care of her until her last bandage was gone and I introduced her to my family, as Nakamura Shun since it's my birthday.

The events in my house are sure tiring since I have to hide Sakura when Meiling brought Touya over. Moreover, mother didn't even tell me about the engagement! Oh boy…

Chapter 10
– it was the next day after my birthday that I toured Sakura to different places in Hong kong… our first stop was the Jade market then the Flower market and we even passed by the well known Bird Street. Of course! We didn't left the place without giving her something, like the Jade necklace, dresses and some flowers since she got mad at me for giving her gifts. Afterwards I introduced her to Fanren's friend. Then we hit the road to where Sakura wanted to spend her day… Ocean Park! Hahaha! She's still a kid afterall!

And again… Sakura surprised me with her wit! She knew many languages! She's really something eh? That's why it made me laugh when Shi Fei Xi, my ex-fiancee, and her meet. Fei, sure was speechless when Sakura told her that I'm her fiancé. How I wished! (sigh)

Chapter 11
– It's the second part of my surprise… I brought her to Teddy bear Kingdom because Maki, her manager and friend, told me that the Japanese beauty love teddy bears. But that's not all… I also gave her the teddies she wanted to have, especially Alfonzo. God! It was really hard for me to collect those teddies… but oh well… the things you do for love. ;) Likewise, I also brought her to the famous Petrus. Hahaha! The looks on the guests' faces were really priceless! Who wouldn't, anyways, when you saw people wearing casual clothes in a formal restaurant? Who cares! At least I've made Sakura smile.

Chapter 12
– We're back again to my cousin and Sakura's brother… God! It really gives me the creeps when I think about how old Sakura's brother was… well anyways, age doesn't matter… and I think I would rather go into Touya's good side if I want to live longer. Who knows what he'll do when he knew I love his sister. (sways head)

At last! The identity of Sakura was revealed to the school! I'm really thankful that the Dean arranged with me about Sakura… I hope they'll keep their mouth shut. Well… the school's reputation was at stake also, so why would they reveal such secret, right?

But in someway, I'm also mad for when they knew Sakura's identity; guys keep on following her wherever she goes that I have to guard her 24/7. But it's okay, since I love what I'm doing. That's why I gave her another surprise by taking her to a convention where she met Tomoyo. I'm sure glad to see her like that… she's really happy. But her happiness end soon when that bastard Wai-san insulted her. But hah! I think I did gave him some lecture… :)

Chapter 13
– Surprise! Surprise! Hehehe! Sakura surprised me by letting me go to my father's graveyard. And boy! I was really surprised since my father and I have some things we didn't want to talk about. That's why Sakura and I had a huge argument again! And this time, it's a serious one. (sways head)

Actually, I was a bit scared when I yelled at Sakura. I thought I will lost him because of my pride. But thanks to Eriol, he knock some senses into my being! (shhh) don't tell him okay? I don't want four-eyes to be smug and all! I also talke to my mother and she told me all about father. But I guess it's hard for me to accept everything, right? Hey! The one you believe in your whole life was fraud, so it's really hard when you know the truth, eh?

Then, I confronted Sakura but not before hearing the: I don't love Syaoran speech. It was really disappointing in my part, but oh well… if she only wants friendship then that's it:) at first she didn't want to talk to me, but in the end we pulled things up then boom! We just go and fly kites!

Then since it's the Seven sister's Festival, I just brought Sakura at what we called the lover's Rock wherein different stories like how Vega and Altair met again for this year and of course, about my good 'ol friend Linag Shanbo. I think we have the same story, eh? About falling in love with our dorm mates who we knew was a guy at first then a real lady after all. (shrugs) oh well, that's the mystery of life. And then lastly, I just tell Sakura once again that I'm always at her side no matter what, after seeing her with different expression on her face.

So, that's it! I hope you now recall what happen! Hope you like this one! Hehehe! Keep on reviewing!

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. I don't own any CCS character or the places in Hong Kong, Beijing, Xi'an and other countries that were included. Other names, characters, incidents and places are product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. :)

- 'Finding Myself In Your Eyes' -
by: K a m I n a r I - c h a n

Chapter 14: No Room For Words

Warm gust slowly sweeps off the fallen leaves on the street as hot and humid weather curtains the place once more, signaling that summer will be ending after a few more weeks, while students who attended their special semester happily waves at their classmates and trots their way to their own destinations.

Since Hong Kong is a fast changing state, most universities offer special classes on breaks to decrease the workload in schooldays and eventually making graduation earlier than other schools. Thus, today is their last day, giving every student their week off before entering again another school year—which is always on the first Monday of September.

"Hence, giving me a great opportunity to clear things out…" the lady in peach mandarin sleeveless blouse muttered as she seated herself cautiously at the metal bench, fearing that her white capri will get dirty in the process. And I'm ready for it… She whispered back, scrutinizing her surroundings for things that can amuse her.

The park was jam packed—maybe because of the school break, making it a perfect time to truly enjoy summer. Moreover, it's normal these days to have a fine sunny one suited for a walk or just plain sitting at the bench while enjoying the breeze of afternoon.

Yes, just a normal day…

But also a perfect time to fulfill one's promise…

My promise…
she added in her thoughts,as her soft candle-like fingers placed the box, shaded with pink and brown diagonal lines, together with cups of steaming hot cocoas beside her. Small circles of white clouds from the hot cocoas reminded her of the past, making her smile and then frown after sometime. So many things happened, ne? She asked no one while turning her gaze to the boy that's busily playing with his plastic bike which was designed like a horse.

"I see, you still have hang-ups for children, eh?" a man he longed to see said, making her turn to him. "Am I late? Did I make you wait for so long?"

"Well, I must say that you're late but it wasn't long enough to make me sleep in here." She teased, smiling at his childish concern, while making a space for the guy to sit in.

"Well, that's a relief..." the guy replied back as he sat beside the young lady, not knowing what to say—well… too shocked to say anything. Then, "So… what do you want to talk about? You know, I was really surprised when you told me earlier that you want me to meet you here."

Gazing at the speaker on her right, "A-a… ano…" she stuttered.




"I-I… I want you to…" Should I do it…? She thought, still looking at the man beside her. As far as she knows it, everything was fine until the question of his arrival came up. Blast! She actually smiled at him without being nervous or angry. But something's holding her back… Stop it! You must do this, Sakura. You 'can' do this. You've been waiting for this moment, right?

"Hey…?" the guy said, burrowing his brows in the process while looking to the hesitant eyes of the lady, "What were you trying to say?"

Feeling that her voice had come back, "I want you to tell me everything…" she muttered softly, bowing her head at the same time.

"Pardon me?" inching his face at the bowed head of the lady he used to love…

The lady he still loves.

"I think I didn't hear you correctly."

"I mean…. That night… you see… I have a feeling that you didn't do It." giving questioning looks at the gray eyes before her while biting her lower lip. She too was surprised when she first decided to meet him. But, "…I think I have the right to know it, Matsumoto."

He smiled, "So… he did change you, e—"

"Please!" Sakura snapped, "…d-don't change the topic." whispering back her request.

"But you do know the answer, ne? I've told you in the shower room, back then…."

"B-But w-why?" she insisted as her eyes starts to become glossy; she couldn't help but feel a little nauseated at what she's hearing. She shouldn't be surprised, right? Because somehow, she came to a point wherein she believed what the black-haired guy had said. "Why just now…?" she asked again, lowering her gaze once more and intertwining her hands to her lap, "Back then… why didn't you—"

"Do anything?" Swaying his head as he fixed his stare at the sky.

She nodded.

He sighed. "Ever since my father died, which is also Takao's father… I became an orphan—an orphan with nowhere to go. And you see, I was only thirteen at that time…" slouching his back a little, "That's why I have no choice but to live with my father's real family—to Takao's family. And as expected, they treated me like some trash… but not Takao..."


"He was the only person in my father's legitimate family who actually acknowledged me as a person…" Wincing at some events that had occurred in his life.

Sakura mumbled solemnly. Try as she might, she couldn't help but feel a little sorry for her so-called best friend. She then gazed back at the sad face of the young man, not knowing what to do. Honestly, it was really her first time to see him like this. She never thought that such loneliness could be seen in those deep gray eyes she once loved… But he's like Syaoran… always keeping things to his self…. She thought while remaining silent for the young man to continue.

"…Then after three years, I said to myself that I couldn't stand his family, treating me like some dirt… that's why I decided to live alone. Heck! It's about time, eh?" smiling sadly, while looking at the birds, "After that, Takao and I still contacted each other. He helped me with my financial needs since he became the sole heir of their family company… I think he was fond of me for when we first saw each other in our father's burial… he said that he was really happy to know that he has a little brother for real…" he then paused, as another sad shadow marred his face. "… but believe me when I say I'm regretting everything concerning Takao."

"W-what do you mean?" Sakura said, still not tearing her eyes off the serious lad.

Returning the same look with bitter smile, "Sakura, the first year of our friendship was all real…"

"…we became friends because I wanted to. But when Takao knew that you were Touya's sister… that's where our friendship ends…" closing his eyes while going back to his slouching position, "…for I've comply with Takao's plans... You could say that it's one way of showing my sincere thanks for all the things that he had done for me…" forcing the side of his lips to move upwards as he opens his eyes to take another look into Sakura's face. And it was no surprise that he'd be seeing what she has on…

An emotionless face…

Earlier, he was almost sure that he had seen an expression he knew too well… a face that Sakura was well known to have…


But then, maybe he's hallucinating. Yeah… just daydreaming… he thought, although part of him is still hoping that Sakura did soften her gaze at him. However, experiences made his beloved cold over the years. So he couldn't blame her for having stoic appearance.

All of these were a great shock in her part…

Nevertheless, in someway, he couldn't help but also get angry. Everything is okay as it is, right? He intended to keep everything in his self—to not let anyone know about the truth. Why asked all of a sudden, Sakura? Don't you know that you'll only hurt yourself by hearing everything? He pleadingly thought. If there's one thing that he wanted to do for Sakura, it's that he wanted her to have a peace of mind.

To protect her from the hurts, pains and truths the world was offering… because…

Truth hurts.

But you asked for this, right? And there's no turning back…
as he looked down again, heaving a sigh as he continue. "You remember Kaho, right?" receiving a nod from his serious listener.

"Three years ago… she embarrassed Takao in front of his clients. She broadcasted that Takao raped her in an important meeting which is really upsetting." Seeing the raised brow of Sakura, he lifted up his hands in defense. "I know, I know, he deserved it… but you see, Takao have skills of getting away with things that he sent for the security to throw away the mad woman outside the convention. But that doesn't end there…"

"He wanted to take revenge on what she had done. That's why when he found out that Kaho was going out with your brother; it became a perfect chance to ruin her life…by ruining your life." He said, almost whispering the last words.

"I-I don't understand?"

"Sakura, he wanted her to feel guilty through you. It was fool-proof plan. Since we've been friends for a year, my knowledge about your weakness was used by Takao."

"Making it easy for him to make me fall for him, right…?" she muttered, returning her gaze at her fixed hands.

He nodded. "But in the process, I quitted… For I couldn't stand to see the one I love to get hurt by other people through me…" softening his gaze to the confused emerald pools. "Sakura, I love you."

"I-I—" Sakura bit her lower lip as surprise could be seen on her solemn face. She could feel her heart beating loudly like a time bomb ready to explode any second now. Why just now? She asked him silently, looking over at the loving eyes she once adored. She doesn't understand everything. If she had known earlier, then… then…

Then what?

I-I d-don't k-know…
swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat. Somehow, if Kuno told her about this before, she knew that she'll immediately reciprocate the feeling and even try her best to forgive him.

But now…

She doesn't understand. She feels like she doesn't own her feelings anymore; that she doesn't know herself any longer. She needed to hear more. She needed to know everything.

Kuno smiled inwardly, too shock, eh? Why become so surprised? As he sways his head, "You don't have to say anything. You don't have to respond, either. I'm just telling you to give you a concrete reason as to why in the middle of our plan… I stopped."

Emerald met gray ones.

"Yes, I stopped… I realized that I couldn't do it anymore…" thumbing Sakura's right cheek. He could feel that she's trembling, but he didn't mind. Then, he smiled. "To see you hurt… is too much. That's why I thought that I would just pretend to go on with our plan… t-to r-rape you… But the truth is… I would stop when you totally lost your consciousness…."

"B-But why?"


"Why?" Sakura said once again, bringing down his cold hand from her face and then grasping it tightly as if it would help her erase the uncertainties in her mind. "W-Why didn't you tell me…?"

Because, you wouldn't believe me! You're too kind to even believe everything I did…and I know it'll break your heart if you hear the truth…
he wanted to say that to her… about her kindheartedness and the trust she puts on people. "You see, I made a counter plan to Takao. Of course, Takao will think that I really do it because you'll look sad and all the next day… But at the end of the day, I plan to tell you everything… t-that nothing happened… And that I will tell you all about what Takao's been plotting."

Clicking his tongue, "Yet, I was stupid. Takao... he's two steps ahead of me that I didn't know he let some people took our pictures on that night… I only found out about it the next morning when I saw it at school." staring softly at the surprised lady, placing his other hand above hers. "I'm sorry, Sakura… I tried to find you and explain everything, b-but…"

"Takao found you first."

He nodded.


"So, I finally found you…"

A deep masculine voice interrupted Kuno's thoughts about how he will explain the pictures to Sakura. He was really shocked after seeing some scandalous pictures of Sakura and him, thus, he needed to clear things between them before Kuno make some appearance… but... "You…?"

Smirking, "Miss me, little bro?" as blue eyes twinkled in delight. "I thought you'd go ballistic and all that's why I immediately go and find you…"

"It was you…?" he said. Shocked could be seen in his face. He couldn't believe it! "But, why? I-I thought we had better pla—"

"Of course I have better plan!" Takao said, emphasizing the word 'I'. "…when I first saw your reaction about our final arrangement… you somewhat had that worried look on your face."

"That's why you asked me if I'm sure about it?"

"Quite right!" snapping his fingers, "And you even said yes… demo… I couldn't risk the last plan that's why I work ahead of you… Kuno, always remember that I'm older than you and that I'm practically the one who raised you… besides… I know what love looks like when I saw one."

"Because you also fall for her, right?"

Takao sniggered. "I wouldn't ask her to marry me if I'm not, eh…? But she decline and I came back to my senses… unlike you. You were basically attracted to her charms to even betray your own brother."

That does it! He has no escape. He thought that he had hid his feelings well. But I was wrong… very wrong. He dejectedly reflect as he turns his back from the man he so-called, brother.

"Uh-Uh…!" Takao warned, tapping his left foot on the grass, "Don't even think about telling Sakura… Do you think she'll ever believe you? After seeing herself almost naked in your bed?" the guy sneered, "Kuno… you're really just a kid…. anyway, congratulations! Congratulations for doing a great job…"

---------------End of Flashback---------------

"I'm sorry, Sakura… I tried to find you but as you've said earlier, he found me first."

"And that I was too late when I found you both." Sakura said soullessly. Actually, it was more of a statement than a question. Of course, she remembered that encounter. Who would have forgotten it anyway? She thought bitterly while still gazing down at the big hands that were engulfing her small ones. That scene could be labeled as the turning point of my life. She added forlornly while recalling the feeling she had felt that day.

The bitter reality of betrayal…


Why did you do this, Kuno? Why?
Sakura thought as hot tears stings her eyes. Everything is so absurd! She thought that waking up and almost naked in Kuno's room was just a dream. That until now, she's still dreaming. "Why did you do this?" she whispered to nothingness, gripping the pictures of her and Kuno as she tries to run as fast as she could, away from the building.

She then stopped upon reaching her favorite place, the Sakura tree at the back of the school's gym. She needed to think. She needed to find Kuno and asked him what's happening.

"Congratulations for doing a great job..."

Sakura alleged as she try to hide herself behind the sturdy tree. Why is he here? She added as she then took a small peek at whom the guy she loves was talking to. Kuno-kun… What are they doing here?

"The plan was successful, right? So you it's just right that I congratulate you… little brother… I know I could count on you… Heh! You should have seen Sakura's face after seeing the photos." turning his back from the gray-eyed lad, "Blech! She and Kaho were just the same… hah! What do they think of themselves? They accused me of something and cut off the engagement just as they pleased? Hah…! They should know better than that…"

As the man of her dreams walk out of her life just like that…

…And the man she trusted surprisingly looked at her teary red eyes.

---------------End of Flashback---------------

Bowing his head once again, "Yes… you were late when you found us…" remembering the pale and misty face of his beloved. "That time… that time when I saw you… I just knew that I couldn't explain myself to you… you've just heard the words I dreaded for you to hear..." sighing deeply, "Moreover, Takao really had a point… Do you really think that you would still believe me after you saw yourself ragged in my bed?"

"I-I…e…" craning her neck to him with wide eyes. She was speechless. It's as if the sky above and the ground below were crushing and suffocating her all at once. All this time, she thought that Kuno had betrayed her. That she was the one that was offended in the situation. But, I was wrong… I-I'm sorry… she apologized silently, realizing that the young man was the one who really suffered from the past.

She sighed. "S-Still… why do you keep it on yourself? I could have—"

"Believe me?"


He smiled. "You're really kind…" he mumbled to his self, still not removing his stare at the dusts in his shoes. Then, his attention changed when he heard rasp breathings. "Please…" he pleaded while putting pressure on Sakura's delicate hands. "Don't… do it." He said in almost great desperation. He knew what's going to happen. And it would be really hard for him to look at the cause of the sounds for he believed that what he'll see next would definitely break his heart.

"N-No…" Sakura whispered back, shaking her head simultaneously. "You are… you're the one who's kind." she added, feeling another wave of stinging sensation hits the upper portion of her nose making her head ache. It's always like that when she forced herself not to cry. And the pounding of her heart made it even worst, because she wanted to scream, but she couldn't. It's as if her throat runs dry.

But as the birds started to frighteningly shoot up from the trees towards the sky with such grace and swiftness… she knew that she couldn't act tough any more… especially when gray eyes started to stare at her with culpable look.

She cried.

"Shhh… please, Sakura." He said after the young lady's breakdown. Seeing her like this makes him really sad, especially when she has nothing to do with it. And then, for the first time after the incident, he did what he really longed for to do.

He hugged her.

Back then, when they were still friends, embracing her was the fastest cure every time Sakura feels really bad about something—may it be about Takao, the memory of her mother, her brother's over protectiveness or even about ghosts. It's as if, his cuddle will erase her pains and keep her from the cruel ways of the world. "Shhh… Please, stop it. I'm not worth it…" he said, as Sakura buried her head in his chest.

"Stupid! You're very stupid!"

"That's what my father's rightful family told me every time…" he kidded while accepting every punch that the young lady was giving his chest. "You don't have to feel sorry, Sakura. I'm the one who decided not to tell you about it."


"Look…" removing his hold to her, as he cautiously hold Sakura's chin, leveling her eyes to him. "…I'm okay. There's no harm done. So, please stop crying. D-Don't feel guilty about everything…" choking at his own words, his heart constricting at the picture before him. "I'd rather see you mad at me, than like this… haven't you even thought of why I hid these things from you…?" sighing deeply, "It's because I don't want to see you hurt."

"And making me live in lies will not hurt me? Making me believe that I was the victim rather that you?" looking defiantly with her tear-streaked features. She doesn't care anymore if someone saw her like this. God! She's been burying herself for two years for just what…? Some lies? No. it's not really about embarrassment or anything. It's more of the guilt that's eating her heart this time.

She sighed, "I know that I cursed you and even prayed to gods to punish you, but..." softening her gaze, her heart a bit light as she looked into his eyes, "You don't deserve to live with a truth like that… I'd prefer knowing the truth than get mad at you for some false reasons… t-that—"

"Shh…" placing his index finger to her quivering lips. Swaying his head, "…let's not talk about this, ok? Past is past… I told you everything because you asked me to… So, maybe it's fair enough that you just repay the favor I did for you with a smile... ne?" as Sakura's sobs and the gentle blows of the wind mixed in his ears like a lonely sonata.

How many times do I have to see you cry?
Kuno silently queried while swaying his head in the process. It was really hard for him to do this. It was so unfair! Why is it that every time they have to talk, he would have to see pain and tears radiating in her face? Maybe, that's my karma… he solemnly thought while gazing at the lady beside him. But I promise you, Sakura. This will be the last time that you'll let those tears fall from your eyes…

"Donuts…?" he asked after sometime, gazing at the box behind the weeping lady. Having heard a soft 'un' together with hiccoughs, he then smiled. "With chocolate frosting I presume?"

"Aa…" Sakura responded in half-whisper, as she slowly lifted her eyes to the man beside her. She then forced herself to beam, "…and I have hot chocolate, too…" while handing the box and cups of hot cocoa.

"You still knew my favorite, eh?"

She bowed a little. She didn't know how she survived talking to him like this after everything that had happened…

But now… she knows.

"Of course…" giving out her true smile while looking back at the surprised man, "…because, you're my best friend."


"Snacks, Sir?"

"No, thanks." Syaoran said politely while waving his hand to the flight attendant. That was the tenth time that the black haired lady approached him and asked him to have the plane's specialty; and also the tenth time that he almost scolded the flirty employee. Even he himself, was surprised about what kind of control he had when talking to that woman because if he's still the old Li-heir, he could have melted the poor stewardess with his death glares. Heck! He wouldn't even be flying in a commercial plane if he's still the ol'-callus-guy from Li family.

"No, thanks." Syaoran said politely while waving his hand to the flight attendant. That was the tenth time that the black haired lady approached him and asked him to have the plane's specialty; and also the tenth time that he almost scolded the flirty employee. Even he himself, was surprised about what kind of control he had when talking to that woman because if he's still the old Li-heir, he could have melted the poor stewardess with his death glares. He wouldn't even be flying in a commercial plane if he's still the from Li family.

But… people change…
he thought, smiling inwardly at the cause of his new attitude. He then creased his brows at the thought of Sakura, talking alone with that guy.

Two days after their big fight, Sakura let out the bombshell about talking to Matsumoto while he was preparing for his important convention overseas. And of course… his first reaction was to grit his teeth together with an earth-shattering 'No!'

But as expected, they just discuss it with a debate until he finally gave up.

Besides, he knew in the first place that he has no right to forbid her from doing it. And she literally knocked some sense into my head! Chuckling while cradling his sore jaw and remembering the annoyed emerald pools when he teased her about her 'undying love' for Matsumoto. Man, she sure knows how to fight for what she wants….

Gazing absentmindedly through the oval glass window, I wonder what happened to her…? He finally thought, even though they just saw each other yesterday morning.

You're just not used to see kawaii Sakura-chan to be with some other guy…

You're just angry now, for the 'little idiot' as you've said had fought you back and even won…

And I think you're also frustrated because Sakura had somehow made it into your hard skull that she's not some other girls that you can just boss around, ne?"

The thoughts made Syaoran inwardly smile. Now he understood what Eriol had told him over the phone when he ranted about Chang-guy sleeping in his bed because of Sakura's stubbornness. She's really one of a kind… he alleged remembering all the stunts that the emerald-eyed lady had pulled in her four-month stay in Hong Kong.

But that's also the reason why I'm worried…
he added, creasing his brows while looking at the stratus clouds outside. She's trying to be strong… by facing everything concerning her past… but…heaving a sigh, "Could you really handle the truth when all it will do is hurt you in the end…?"


"…in our next training, I want all of you to condition yourself for thirty laps."


"Hey! Not because the season has ended we should also stop training. I would say that this is a great opportunity for us to do better so the opponent will be surprised the next time we meet." He said seriously but impishness could be seen in his ocher orbs. Payback time! He inwardly thought after seeing the sour faces of his friends. Well, it's their fault for always teasing him about Sakura. "So you choose: continue our training until 6pm or thirty laps in the field the next practice? Take your pick." Seeing that no one want to answer, "So I guess I'll see you all on Monday." Zipping his bag then waving his free hand at his teammates before going out.

Maybe, I really need to talk to her.
Syaoran thought after sometime. He's really worried about the young Japanese lady that he couldn't even think clearly. He then smiled after realizing what his friends had told him. But where could I find her? She didn't even come to our nininbaori practices… creasing his forehead in confusion. For as Mao have said earlier, Sakura's always in a hurry... And not only that!Maki's been telling him that the stubborn mule wasn't even attending her job for a week now.

What's happening, Sakura?
He desperately questioned no one while tucking his left hand in his pocket and kicking the smashed tin can that's blocking his way.

It seems that she's slipping again from him. And it really makes his heart tighten a bit. Please, Kami-sama. Don't take her away from me. Swallowing the big lump that has formed in his throat whilst bumping the person he unconsciously needed in the situation. "You!"

"Ah! Just who I wanted to see" the person said, smirking a bit while waving his hand to the offended wolf. "Nihao, Li."

"Stop the friendly talk, Matsumoto." Syaoran stated coldly, firmly clutching the duffle bag on his right hand. "What do you really want?"

"Hey! Keep it cool, man…" the gray-eyed lad defensively said, raising both of his hands this time, "I'm not here to fight with you, Li… I'm just here to tell you to take care of Sakura…"


Matsumot sniggered, "You should have seen your reaction just now, Li! Hahaha!" Placing his right hand onto the light post for support while his left ones in his tummy.

What the? Why's he laughing?
He thought, gritting his teeth at the same time as it formed a perpetual frown on his handsome face. Seeing that it will still take time for the Japanese guy to stop guffawing, he decided to continue his search for Sakura. Che, I have no time for some lunatic.

"Matte!" (Wait!)

"What do you want?" he snapped, glaring daggers at the hand on his arm. "I have no time for you, you see. I-I still need to find someone, ok?" turning his body to the black-haired guy and bringing up his head, only to be struck by serious gray eyes.


"I know you're the one Sakura's been looking for all her life. Even though she doesn't know it yet…" Kuno earnestly acknowledge, tugging his lips upward into a small curve, "…I'm very sure that you're the one."

"I-I don't understand…? Why are you saying these things?"

"I have only short time to get things straight… Actually, I'm running out of time…" smiling sadly as the guy starts to walk, passing the baffled wolf and leaving him in contemplation. "See ya!"

"Wait!" the captain of soccer team yelled, stopping the other captain from trotting. "I-I know you didn't do it." Shaking his head and paralleling his brows together. He knew that Kuno knows what he's been talking about for he saw how the young Japanese guy's muscular shoulders slumped, signaling him that he had caught his attention.

"Do what?"

"About Sakura, I mean…" he said softly as the black-haired guy turned towards him. "I know that I'm not in the position to inquire you about your past with Sakura. But… S-Sakura… She would never befriend a guy who isn't honest in the first place… I-I mean, she has a talent to know who's the good guy is and who's the bad ones…"

"Do you really believe what you're saying?"

Syaoran shook his head.

"Thought so…" He sighed, "Because we both knew that she doesn't believe that anyone could be really evil… That—"

"—People are good in nature because only their problems made them bad." They said in unison while mirroring each other's smirks.

"Well that's Sakura for sure." Syaoran commented, shrugging his shoulders in the process.

"Hell right! She'll try dying until she found that spark of good in every person."

"And that's what she did to you, right?"

"And to you, too." Kuno replied which was a big understatement to Syaoran's ears, making the chestnut-haired guy nodded in response.

"I guess… she did that to every person she encounters."

"You're right." as Kuno smiled, tucking his hands in his back pockets. "Earlier, I was in doubt if I made the right choice in giving you the responsibility of taking good care of Sakura." turning his body away from the Li-heir, then, "And now… I'm certain that you would do your job better than what I did. You're a nice man, Li."

---------------End of Flashback---------------

"Mr. Li?"

"A-h! That's me." Getting out from his train of thoughts and looking back at the source of voice. Not again! He groaned secretly while only emotionless face could be seen from the outside. "What is it now? I don't want any snacks."

"Oh, that wasn't I'm going to tell you, Sir." The stewardess said, beaming widely for Syaoran to see her perfectly whitened teeth. "We're going to land in few minutes and I would just like to suggest that you should be fastening your seatbelt by now."

"Oh." Dumbfounded at what he had heard. He then shook his head, what a space cadet you were, Syaoran! Mentally kicking his self while locking his seat belt in place, If Sakura's here, she'll never let you get away for your stupidity. He thought, smiling after seeing a picture from the magazine the woman put earlier for entertainment.


The sun is setting...

Everything is in total silence.

It's as if it would be a great crime if someone dared to utter a word or even hum one. But from time to time, the lonely swish of the falling leaves and the murmur of summer wind could be heard in the place. Even the donuts were long forgotten. Cups of steaming cocoas from earlier were now just crumpled beside the two shadows in the park, as they both calm their senses, together with the soft lullabies of nature.

When was the last time I felt like this…? This feeling of peacefulness…?
The young man thought, gazing at the still lady next to him.

He smiled.

"So… you finally found it, huh?"

"W-What do you mean?" Sakura whispered back, still cautious that her voice would break the beautiful setting of the sun from the horizon.

Heaving a breather, "Sakura, even though we've been only true friends for a year, I could say why you're truly here…" nodding his head, not leaving the emerald orbs in the process, as if urging her mentally to spill what's on her mind.

"Well, I guess… you know me too well…. And maybe more than I know myself…" Biting her pink lips as it slowly curved upwards. "…you see, I've just come to know two days ago what you've realized when you first met me here in Hong Kong…" bowing down her head and hiding her eyes from her bangs. "Besides… I promised you, didn't I?"

As silence engulf the place once more.

Soft hues of orange, yellow and red glisten on Sakura's copper locks making it like a halo in her head while her hands glow in reddish light, reflecting the bloody rays of the setting sun."I promised you that I'd tell you when I found out what's lacking…" she paused, taking in a deep breath, "…remember?"

"It's him… Am I right?"

Shrugging her shoulders, "I admit, I love him… but I don't think he's the one… it's the one that I'm trying to find…" as she beamed, "Heck, I don't have any idea what am I finding at all…" playing the hem of her blouse concurrently. Then, "A-Are you sure you don't know how—"

"Sakura…" he huffed, forcing a smile as the young lady averted her gaze to him, ".… stop trying to live yourself in a fantasy you didn't even know what will be the ending…"


"No…" placing his index finger on her lips, looking earnestly on the deep innocent green eyes. "…your knight in shining armor and horse doesn't exists in our time…" he whispered for only Sakura to hear. "Live in the reality… people love you…" bringing down his hand to the cold bench. "He loves you."

She gasped at the sudden statement of the young man. "You're wrong. It's too good to be true… and I don't think he feels the same way…" she said somewhat wishing that she should've not entertain the thought in the first place. "True, that he told me he admires the girl in the picture who was I. But, after knowing everything about me… I know that I would just be a friend to him…"

I know we had a fight earlier, but that doesn't mean that I would break my promises to you… you're my f-friend…

my friend…

my friend…

my friend…

"Yeah, a friend to him… and nothing more." remembering what Syaoran had told her when she was having an argument in her mind about her true feelings for the young Chinese man.

"Then just continue to love him… do you even tell him about your feelings?"

Shaking her head in negation, "I decided to love him from afar… we both know that Syaoran has a life, long before I came here… and I know that he had planned his life, long before I met him…" as she mumbled the last words. "I don't want to interfere anything concerning him…"

"And just leave it like that?"

She nodded. "Besides, we both know that sooner or later, I'll go back to Tomoeda… so why start admitting something when in the end I will just leave everything?" biting her lower lip, keeping herself not to cry again. I've had enough for this day… she thought, linking her hands together. "I don't want to confuse him… I mean, keeping inside what I feel for him is far better than putting our friendship in jeopardy."

"Yeah, until you go crazy because the feeling you have there will eat you up inside." He said sarcastically, fanning his hand at the same time. "And oh, heard about the theory of foul farts? Scientists say that the more you suppress it, the more it will produce a disgusting smell as it reveals itself unconsciously in the crowd."


"Hahaha! Just joking! Hehehe… okay, okay." catching his breath for a while before becoming composed again. It's such a great feeling of hearing again his name from the lady who trusted in him so much. Heck! He never thought that he'll be hearing that soft, melodious-pitch of 'Kuno-kun' from her mouth. But I guess… this will be her farewell gift for me. He thought sorrowfully, focusing again his mind to the lady beside him. "Sakura… I know you hate risks… but what's the point of living if you don't take risks?"

"Love is like a sport—may it be in basketball or soccer… you'll give everything without knowing what you'll get in return… but why do you think people still love to play, even though they knew that they have the possibility to loose in the end?" placing his right hand to Sakura's soft cheek, "It's because they still believe that they'll get what they really want… the feeling of self-fulfillment." He stopped; you should better thank me later, Li. he kidded mentally, though his heart is slowly being crushed.

He then creased his forehead as he placed back his hand on the steel surface, "So what if he didn't return the love…? At least be happy that the feeling grew in yours… isn't that enough reason to tell him what you feel? Sakura… it's better to tell him and be rejected than to not do it and think of what ifs for the rest of your life."

She beamed.

(Beautiful) Kuno thought, lovingly gazing at the ethereal beauty before him. People who saw Sakura always tell that her smile brightens up every room. There's no dark place when the young Japanese lady beams. And again, as dark clouds slowly appear in the sky, she proved that her smile could illumine any place, making it brighter by the glowing of lamp posts that's surrounding them. If I didn't know who you are, I might have mistaken you for an angel sent to redeem lonely people like me…

"You know…I was wondering why I became friends with you in the first place… now I know why…" she murmured, still not removing her smiling feature, "It's because, you're always there when I need help…"

"Don't say that… I didn't help you… I-I r-ruined your life."

"Of course not…" swaying her head from right to left, "I totally understand what you did. It's one way of showing me how much you really care for me… and I thank you for that… to tell you the truth, I think I also owe something to your half-brother"


"You see… I thought I love him, but he has to break my heart for me to know what true love really is..." as images of the Li-heir popped out into her head, making her angelic smile more heavenly than before. She then remembered the times wherein she hammered herself mentally for even picturing the handsome face of the young man. But now… she's just glad that she did. Then, "Oh! So, what are you doing this summer break?" changing the topic before the place starts to be somewhat melancholy.

"Me? Hmm… I'm going overseas… and maybe I'm not going back in here…"


"As if you didn't know me, Sakura…." He smirked as he pinched her cute nose, making the baffled lady creased her brows and shaped her mouth in letter 'O'. "Ever since, you know that I want to tour the world… besides, I'm twenty and the court gave me the inheritance that my mother left for me…" crossing his arms and placing his right index finger in his cheek, as if scratching invisible dirt. "If you stay like that for couple more minutes, I might place you in my aquarium. Gees, Sakura! You look like a flower horn in an auction!"

"Hmp! At least I know that I'll be pricey if someone bought me."

"Hahaha! You still never fail to amuse me, you know…" causing Sakura to pout cutely. "What about you? What will you do this break?"

"Well, nothing important… unless—"

"Unless you do what your heart wants you to do…" he suggested, taking Sakura's hands into his. "Tell him, Sakura… before it's too late…"

"Tha—" as a cute Barney ring tone interrupted their conversation. "Sorry. Just a sec, ok?" Grabbing her silver cell phone and pressing the call button in it. "Hello…? Oh, it's you… I'm fine!" waving her hand in irritation, bringing about a snort from the black-haired guy. "So why did you call? Uh-huh… uh… You sick dum-ass! Why? You're asking me why…? Nani? Heck! As if I want to welcome you…" she paused. Then, "Okay, okay, I'll go home—No! I can go home by myself! Okay, okay! Bye!" she yelled, immediately shutting the phone off. "What's so funny?" as her eyes formed into slits hoping that her gaze would penetrate the young man's skull.

"Do I really have to answer that?" he asked, laughing once more at his angry friend. "That guy, he's really good in fulfilling promises."


"Ah, nothing!" flailing his hands protectively. "I think I should also go… I'm running late for my flight…"

"You mean you're going now… as in this day and time? B-But, we just patched things up!"

He nodded, "Time is gold, ne? And that's the beauty of it… we will part ways with no resentments in our hearts."

"Ahh… so, if I haven't called you to meet me in here, you wouldn't even tell me the truth, eh?"

He sighed as he slowly stood up in his seat. "Well… you got me in ther—"

"—What? Don't be ridiculous! Besides, where will you stay? What will you do when you get to your destination? Why go there in the first place?" standing up also as she hastily fixed their trash, then putting it in the nearest bin.

"Because I want to." He shouted back as heads, from other people, turned to them. "So, support me, ok?"

"Well… I don't really know…" she whispered back, not knowing if the Japanese man heard her or not. So many thoughts… so many emotions… so many things that just happened… I feel like I will burst anytime…. Why…? Why did it have to end this way…? She forlornly thought while unhurriedly marching back to the captain of the basketball team. She then looked at the smiling lad that's waiting for her.

Earlier, she just decided that she'll never part with the young man. That she'll do everything in her power as to not let her best friend go in his planned trip. That she'll forever see that smiling face of his—supporting her, helping her and even defending her from Syaoran's sarcastic remarks.

She had just imagined the three of them laughing and screaming their brains out from each other. And that he'll be giving her a 'go-for-it' look whenever she failed to tell the man she loves about her true feelings. That it'll be just like the old times… I don't understand… why are you leaving me again…?

"Aww… don't look at me like we wouldn't see each other again."

"But we both know that it'll be like that…" she muttered, languidly seizing the hem of Kuno's shirt while resting her head on his chest. I feel like my knees will give up… I couldn't even afford to lift a finger. "And I will be very worried."

Don't do this to me, Sakura…
he silently pleaded. He couldn't walk away from her if she starts to cry now, right? "Support me, ok?"

Seeing that she'll never convinced him, she just nodded to let him know that she will do what he requested of her.

"That's my girl." He stated, triggering a soft chuckle from the solemn lady.

"Okay, daddy!" she yelled, organizing herself and brushing some imaginary dusts in her Capri pants. "I decided that I'll just accompany you to the airport. And maybe, surprise Syaoran for a change."

"Oh, no you don't." waving his index finger "Don't worry about it, besides, I don't want a monster howling while I'm boarding." He smirked.

"Stupid!" she exclaimed, hugging for the last time the guy she knew she would always remember and forever thank for. "I will miss you…"

"Same here…"

As silence engulfed them…

Once more.



Now where is she…?


God! When will she come home?


I should have gone to that place.


Maybe, they just decided to eat dinner outside.


But she said she'll come home right away, right?


"Arrgh! You're driving me nuts, Sakura!" Syaoran yelled furiously, roughly combing his fingers to his unruly chestnut hair while pacing back and forth in the living room. Every now and then, he would look at the door, hoping that he'll see a bubbly Kinomoto Sakura in it.


"Glad you still remember to come home. Heh! I was even surprised that you knew how to get here." He said sarcastically yet deep concern could be seen in his amber eyes. "Hey? Are you okay?" he asked afterwards, as the young lady stood still near the door, her back facing him while absentmindedly clutching the gold knob. "Sakura?"

"A-Oh!" Snapping out of her thoughts as soon as she heard the soft call of her name from the guy she loves. "Hi… Syaoran…" She half-whispered—still staring at the cold knob in her hand—not knowing what to say next. She then stepped back at the white door and turned her body towards the speaker.

Okay, Syaoran. One step forward and two steps back…
"Have you just seen your face in the mirror? God,you look like a mouse that had been squashed by an elephant!"

"First, I'm a fish. Next I'm a mouse. What's for later… mosquito?"

"Haha! Nice one, eh? Is that a new joke from Matsumoto?" As Sakura shook her head in knock-back while the Li-heir sauntered his way to the downcast lady. "Hey… did your conversation go well?"

She nodded.

"So… are you okay?"

She bowed for the second time. Then, "Oh, I'm sorry." Giving a peck on the young wolf's cheek, making Syaoran looked like a tomato monster.

"What's that? I'm not going back to Japan." Remembering the day when the young lady gave her kiss on his cheeks to be given to her father and brother.

Just give them that and I'll be at ease about their condition.

He remembered Sakura saying that. And I still couldn't believe that I did that… I almost throw up when I did that to her brother… picturing the surprised look of Fujitaka and a disgusting one from Touya. The things you do for love…

"As if you really did that to them..." she said dryly while directly looking at the young man's broad chest, preventing her cheeks to flare up like the first time she kissed him. "And that's neither for my father nor for Touya..."


"I didn't have enough money to buy you a welcoming gift. So…" bowing her head and connecting her index fingers as if she could gain confidence in that manner. "I hope my kiss will compensate for it."

"Oh, is that so…" man, Sakura is sure dense in some things… grinning down at the uneasy lady before him, I was just teasing her back then… "It's so cheap! You couldn't even afford to buy one."

She snorted, "Puh-lease, don't flatter yourself too much, okay?" then, "Enough of this…" walking passed the laughing guy while pressing her fingers in her throbbing forehead, "I'm so sad to have any energy left to fight you—I'm okay…" she immediately added, feeling his worried eyes on her back.

"Don't you want to eat first? I cooked some pasta…" following the auburn-haired lady towards her room.

"No, thanks… I'm still not hungry…"

"Sakura…" he anxiously whispered as Sakura turned around to look at him straight in the eye. "I'm in my room okay…?" Gazing intently at the emerald pools, while searching for some glint of happiness in it.

"Arigatou…" she faintly replied, closing the door between them. Heaving a breath, she weakly paced towards her bed—not before bumping something—which caused her to stop but not to look at the reason.

Upon the fall of her body in her bed, memories of gray-eyed lad flooded her thoughts. She then closed her eyes after feeling the stinging sensation in her nose.

"Late last night, I was going through some old things…When I saw a picture of you, my best friend..." She sings softly, puffing deeply to prevent the flow of tears that's building in her eyes.

"It reminded me of days when you were mine… You had a way that always left me here… with a smile. I want those sweet days back again…c-cause baby." choking at her words while feeling a big lump in her throat.

It's a sunny day but you're not around

That all rain might as well be pouring down

It's such a shame, cause my heart's on the ground

Just wanna be cool with you a-gain…

She sighed. She never dreamed up that she'll be singing this song again. It was her first song that she wrote right after the incident. Back then, she was waiting for the gray-eyed lad to come over to her and explain everything. But after knowing that the guy had run away from Japan, she decided right then and there that she'll not think of him anymore.

Sometimes I sit by the fire and reminisce,

About the time that we spent in front of it...

And that old flame will ne-ver be the same…

Until you came back here and re-kindle it.

I just wanna share my heart with you again, cause baby…

It's a sunny day but you're not around

That all rain might as well be pouring down

It's such a shame, cause my heart's on the ground

Just wanna be cool with you a-gain…

"Just wanna be cool with you a-gain…" softly whispering the last lines. Yet again... I'm singing this song right after you left… she dejectedly murmured glancing back at the teddy bears that were patiently looking at her with loving eyes.

"What do you think, Alfonzo?" grabbing the red bear that's nearest to her. "What do I do now…?" she faintly whispered, staring straight at the bear's beady eyes. Her gaze then slowly shifted at the slightly opened green paper on the bear's chest and starts to read what the paper could offer her in that small opening..

All I want to say is that when you're tired, lonely and depressed from the things that come your way… don't forget to smile and remember that someone watches over you. Like Alfonzo… and me and all the other bears that you have... We're not going anywhere… don't ever forget that, ok?

She smiled. Just what I needed… she thought, picking up the paper and then folding it again in Alfonzo's chest. It was the letter that Syaoran gave to her together with the red bear. And sure enough, it made her heart a bit lighter but, still… I don't know what to feel or even do at the moment… as she stood up and walked to the French glass doors that led her to the balcony.

Being in the 18th floor of a building is really beneficial, especially if you want to calm your nerves by looking at the view and making you feel like you're on top of the world. The scenery is just plain charming. Everything below her is glowing gaily as leaves continue to dance with the wind. And beyond the horizon, she could see the glimmering sea and the harbor, urging her to go there and feel the salty air of the place.

"Remember the time we first met…?" she asked no one while looking up in the stars that were now twinkling brightly in the black curtain. "The stars back then weren't out because it was raining really hard… I was about to meet Tomoyo on the place you were sitting… at the Doughnut Shop…" imagining a 17-year-old Matsumoto savoring the white puffs of mist from the blue cup. "You were sitting contentedly while enjoying the warm steam of hot chocolate on your face…"


Tomoyo sure set a perfect time to watch movies. Sakura said, handing out her bill at the cashier and then lifting the tray of chocolate donut and hot cocoa. She then looked at the rainy scene outside. I think I should've watch the news a bit longer… sighing dejectedly after not seeing a bobbing raven-hair inside the store. Ever since she and Eriol got together, she became late in our meetings… heck! Who knows what they're doing in their free time… walking slowly to the crowded room. She then stopped at the place Tomoyo and her used to hang-out, but sadly enough, someone is currently sitting in it.

There goes my favorite spot.
She thought, scanning the room for any vacant seat. Unluckily she found none. Looking back at the black-haired guy on corner of the store, she furrowed her brows and walked towards him, remembering something.

"Umm…Hi! Aren't you the new transfer student in our class? Let's see…. Matsumoto, right?" She happily asked, giving out her big smile. The guy nodded as he also looked back at her.

Placing down the tray on the table, she gave out her hand for a handshake, which the young man complied. "I'm Kinomoto Sakura…um…may I sit with you?" nervously beaming at the serious guy. "Oh, I'm sorry for being rude… but I my friend and I have this agreement that we would meet in here. But I think she'll be late…" frowning at the thought of the amethyst-eyed lady. "And since you're the only one that's familiar to my eyes, I decided to asked and sit with you… so… may I? Ahehehe…"

"I don't mind…" the guy said as gray eyes looked down again at his food. "Besides, I think the food is more delicious when with company."

"You're right!" sitting adjacent to the young man. She then started to pick up her donut, but not before gazing at her companion. She saw some hesitant movements, causing her to look at his hand with a donut in it and a hot chocolate beside it.

She smiled. "You don't have to be shy… besides," getting hold of her donut and instantly dipped it in her hot beverage. "I'm also doing it." As she received a deep chuckle from her new friend.

---------------End of Flashback---------------

Shaking her head, "You should have seen your face back then. I think you were holding your breath after seeing me do that trick… but I guess I don't regret it… for I made you smile." tucking some hairs behind her ears, "From then on, I think we never leave each other's side…"

"We were so close that when I told you about Takao, a frown had formed on your face and even mimic the expression of my brother, Touya…" laughing out a bit while recalling some events with Kuno, "I thought you were just protective back then that's why every time we talked; you keep on telling me to be careful with Takao…"

Yes, I stopped…

I realized that I couldn't do it anymore…

To see you hurt… is too much.

Sakura, I love you

"But then again… I don't know you at all…" gripping the cold bars beneath her hands.

Haven't you even thought of why I hide these things from you…?

It's because I don't want to see you hurt.

"You were always secretive… but I think it's also my fault." Sighing deeply, bringing down her head in shame, "…I always think of myself and not bother to even know about your past… I detested you for no reason at all… and still in the end…"

Sakura… I know you hate risks… but what's the point of living if you don't take risks?

So what if he didn't return the love…? At least be happy that the feeling grew in yours…

It's better to tell him and be rejected than not to do it and think of what ifs for the rest of your life.

"You still find time solving my problems that doesn't even concern you…" she said, biting her lower lip to prevent herself from letting out a soft cry. She was trembling, and she knew it. But it's more of her inner feelings than that of the breeze of summer night. Mixed emotions were the ones that's soaring her heart right now. I should be happy, right? She queried into nothingness.

Staring up on the crescent moon, "I should be happy after knowing the truth, right?" gentlymumbling and then waiting for some answers from the shiny celestial object in the sky. "But… why do I feel so lonely…? So sad…?"

"All this time, I believed that I lost my guy best friend… t-that I couldn't erase the past… t-that I wouldn't even laugh with him again… I'm hurting… ta-su-ke-te…" (Help) she pleaded to the moon above.

Feeling that she couldn't take it anymore, she hurriedly walked back in her room and then opened the wooden door, only to find…

"Syaoran…" she breathed out.

Emerald met Amber.

If earlier event was confusing, facing the man you secretly love is worst—especially when he's wearing that very warm look in his eyes, leaving her mouth almost dry. She tried once again to speak, to tell him what's bothering her. But all that left her trembling lips were just plain puffs of air.

I don't know what's happening… I feel too weak to utter anything… too shocked to even tell him everything.
She desperately thought while looking straight at the ocher orbs. Her mind is scattered and everything was blank. Her conversation with Kuno earlier was now taking effects in her mind. Bringing her to the reality of the situation… that she was free… Free from the ghost that was hunting her in the beginning.

What will I do…?
She mentally asked the silent guy in front of her. What will I do? Syaoran, onegai… help me… she pleaded not knowing what to act next.

And then…

He nodded.

As strong arms crushed her lithe form and tears slowly gushed over her pallid cheeks.

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