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Requiem of Dance

She tried to pull her hand out of the crazy vampire's hand as he dragged her to what looked like the center of the dance floor. The fit proved futile as his grip was stronger than Starfire's when she dragged her to the mall.

"I don't want to do this!" protested Raven loudly over the people and the blasting music.

The vampire ignored her and continued on his trek to the middle of the dance floor. As if understanding his motive, the people in the center of the dance floor parted enough to give the two a nice circular space. He pulled the struggling empath right up to him and gripped her hip with his free hand, holding her close to him.

"Getting the one you want: Lessen One!" Sin said, grinning down at her glaring face. "Get him to notice you. We will do this by flaunting what 'assets' are available, and my dear, you are very well-endowed in all departments."

She almost slapped him, but he had a grip on her one hand, and the other was still trying to push his other hand off her hip.

"Now, we will get him to notice these wonderful assets by the most basic, but effective, techniques…we seduce the poor boy till he can't help himself!" Sin stated.

"I don't want to seduce him or anyone!" Raven replied sharply, her cheeks flaming red.

"When you're actually telling me the truth, then I'll believe you," Sin retorted just as sharply. "Now then, let's begin…" He started to move when he immediately stopped. "Oh, this won't do at all!" He turned his head to the DJ working the music and spoke with a booming voice. "Hey, DJ…Rip it hot and rip it good!"

The DJ looked up from his booth and smiled knowingly, giving the vampire a thumbs-up and started working on changing the music. When he made his selection, he started it up, and the dance floor's lights blazed red and focused in the center of the dance floor, right where Raven and Sin were standing.

"…Please, don't let him be watching…please, please!" Raven murmured to herself over and over again.

"But, my dear, that's exactly what we're trying to do here," Sin countered, roaring with a dark laugh and swinging her around, at the same time, his hand reached up and undid the clamp of her cloak and twirled it off her skillfully as she can to a halt on the opposite side of him. He threw the cloak to the side and as it landed on the ground, the music started up. Techno started slamming the tone out like a electric heartbeat before a guitar roared excitement.

"I just assumed you were a Marilyn Manson fan," Sin snickered, seeing her realization of the song the DJ picked. He pulled her hard against his body and leaned down so his grinning face was by an inch from hers, just before the beginning of the song. his eyes full of dark mirth.

I…don't want to know you're name

But I…want your private number baby

All I know is that to me

You look like lots of fun

Open up your lovin' arms

I want some, want some

He started moving her around him, getting her to move with his fluid turns and running one hand up the small of her back. Raven flushed at the contact and tried to not think about what she was doing and just let her body do as he was moving it, hoping that her friends weren't watching them and that she could get out of this embarrassing situation, fast.

What she hadn't realized was a single red eye had locked on her the moment all the lights had focused on the center of the place.

I set my sights on you, and no one else will do

And I, I, I, I, I…got to have my way now, baby!

All I know is that to me

You look like lots of fun

Open up your lovin' arms

Watch out, here I come!

You spin me right round, baby right round

Like a record, baby, right round round round

You spin me right round, baby right round

Like a record, baby right round round round

Raven was surprised that she was starting to loosening up quickly to this. The song and the atmosphere of the club was letting giving away to some of her inhibitions she first had and now let her body almost melt like hot metal with the vampire's unnatural graceful moves, moving her shapely legs and hips swoon around his long ones and spinning around him, leaning against his frame as she did. He turned her and twirled her, letting their legs flow in the same direction, then on the last twirl, he pulled her arms back so her back arched up, knowing just how this position would look to anyone watching them, which as he noticed was almost the entire place. His grin grew wider.

I don't want to be your friend now baby

But I wanna move in a little bit closer

All I know is that to me

You look like lots of fun

Open up your lovin' arms

Watch out, here I come

In the crowd around the two dancing, Robin hadn't realized he had let go of Starfire, who didn't seem all that upset that he wasn't holding onto her anymore. His remaining eye absorbed every move Raven made with the vampire, amazed that she was being this free and loose in a crowd…and so alluring. His body moved before his mind did, heading to the dancing duo, not even hearing Starfire yelp and calling after him.

You spin me right round, baby right round

Like a record, baby, right round round round

You spin me right round, baby right round

Like a record, baby right round round round

All I know is that to me

You look like lots of fun

Open up your lovin' arms

Watch out, here I come

You spin me right round, baby right round

Like a record, baby, right round round round

You spin me right round, baby right round

Like a record, baby right round round round

When the song died down, there was a long pause of silence in the club. No one moved or spoke a word as everyone stared in amazement at the two who had just danced so wondrously, and so captivating to some of the more hot-blooded members in the crowd. Raven herself was just realizing what she had just pulled off and turned around to stare at Sin, who had began to slowly applaud her.

"Marvelous, my dear, simply marvelous," complimented Sin, bowing his head to her. "I haven't had such a good dance partner in a long while."

"I-I really was good?" uttered Raven softly, knowing he could hear her.

Sin stepped up to her, putting his hands on her shoulders and slowly moving her to turn. "Just turn around and see for yourself."

Once she was fully turned around, she came face-to-face with the one man that had been on her mind almost every moment since the entire incident. Robin stood before her, the uncovered portion of his face was stretched out with pure amazement. Shyly, she started to look away but then caught herself halfway, slowly bringing her face back up to his.

"…G-Guess I over did it, hmm?" said Raven softly.

When he remembered to close his mouth, he nodded vigorously to her. "That was great!"

She smiled some, brushing a lock of her long hair back behind her ear. Then suddenly she was sent flying right at Robin by a force from behind. A loud 'oomph' escaped her lips and found her face now lying on Robin's armored chest, feeling his arms had wrapped around her to catch her. She shoot a glare at the culprit that had done the deed, seeing him just smirking at the two.

"What? You two were just standing there, oogling each other," said Sin with amusement. "We're here to party, so dance already!"

"Uh, er…" stuttered Robin and Raven.

Sin sighed in exasperation, letting his head hang, and waved a hand in the DJ's direction. "Maestro?"

The DJ had already popped a new CD in the player when the hand waved, and started up a wordless song, but the music was slow and deep indicating clearly for anyone it was for a slow dance.

"Do I have to tell you what to do now?" said Sin, looking up at the two and tapping his plated foot. When he saw the two just staring back at him with confused expressions, he groaned. "DANCE!"

The two jumped at his words and wrapped their arms around each other.

"Thank you!" shouted Sin, throwing his arms up in the air, and started walking away. "I need a drink…these kids…Oy!"

The two glared at the retreating vampire and once he had worked his way around the crowd and out of sight did the two remember the fact that they were holding onto each other.

"Umm, so Raven…wanna dance this song?" asked Robin nervously.

Raven could barely nod her head as her stomach was flying wildly with butterflies.

He placed both hands on her shapely hips as he wrapped both of hers around his neck, and the two wordlessly began to move with the music. At first, their movement was stiff and uncertain, but as the music moved along, the two started to unwind and move more comfortably and smiling almost. Their moment was almost ruined when a certain redhead started moving toward them, but before she could utter a word, a silver-skinned hand reached out and grabbed her arm.

"Nuh-uh, Star-baby," abolished Argent, pulling her away from the pair. "You haven't been the most positive person around Robbie tonight. Let him have some fun without feeling bad for existing."

Starfire jerked her arm away from the plasma-wielder. "And what is that supposed to mean? I have always been there for him in any way that I could."

Argent snorted a rude laugh. "You've been anything but helpful since Robbie's been turned into a vampire. I think the two of you need some space for a bit and let him just relax."

"You don't understand how it's really going, do you?" accused Starfire.

"Enlighten me, love," said Argent curtly, narrowing her eyes at the redhead.

"The more time we waste here, the more likely we cannot turn Robin back into his normal self," said Starfire, waving her hand at the dancing pair, who were completely oblivious that they were close and talking about them. "I feel that Sin is doing all this on purpose to keep us from finding his cure."

"Do you now?" snipped Argent, crossing her arms and tapping her cheek in irritation with her teammate. "So…you wanna ruin what little fun he is having and forget everything else and find this 'cure' so he can be normal for you, is that right, love?" she had spoken quickly, eyeing Starfire with a questioning look.

"Yes, for me, I…!" said Starfire before halting as she realized she had fallen into a word trap with Argent.

"So, all that matters is what you want, not Robbie?" accused Argent, frowning heavily at her now.

"That's not what I meant! You're taking this the wrong way!" said Starfire heatedly.

"Oh, I'm sure I understand exactly what you meant, Star. And I have to say, you may be kinder than anyone I've ever meant when it comes to 'normal' people, but when it comes to something strange and weird to you, you can be a pretty stuck up bitch!" said Argent bitterly.

From the bar, Sin and Todd perked their heads up, looking at each other with a deep knowing look.

"…A cat fight is about to happen, isn't it, Todd? Please, tell me, I don't wanna look around, I just don't wanna," moaned Sin, staring at his glass.

Todd looked out into the dance floor, and sighed, wishing he could report better tidings. "Yes, boss…a nasty cat fight is about to break out with that redhead and a silver-skin gal."

"Silver?...I was sure it would be with Raven," said Sin in alarm, turning around sharply on his stool and glared. "Fuck…that redhead is gonna be a pain in my ass. I just know it."

Todd shrugged his shoulders before a serious look passed over his face. "…Should something amiss happen to that redhead, boss?"

Sin glanced at him for a long moment, contemplating the very notion, then shook his head begrudgingly. "No, as much as that would be easy, I fear the repercussions would be un-repairable should it ever be found out that I had a hand in her disappearance..."

"Pity…well, good luck dosing the fire then, boss," whistled Todd, smiling at his employer and quickly getting himself busy.

"…Thanks a lot, jerk," grumbled Sin, sighing as he started marching toward the arguing pair. "There just had to be a problem like this tonight, didn't it?"

As he neared the two, he could hear their words getting more heated by the moment and was beginning to actually worry that the two might break into a fight. Only two things made him want to prevent this. One of them was that if these two started fighting, they would most likely use their respective powers and cause damage to his club. The other reason was that it would spoil the night for everyone, especially since things were just starting to look good for his now acclaimed son. He had just arrived beside the two when Starfire's hand suddenly jerked back and started glowing.

"You will take back what you said, Argent!" shouted Starfire angrily, her rage manifesting in her now glowing eyes.

Argent remained calm and rose her chin up in defiance. "I won't cuz' it's true!"

"I know I'm going to regret getting between two angry women…but what's going on here?" sighed Sin.

Starfire whipped around and pointed accusingly at Argent. "She just stated that I did not love my beloved, that I'm more concerned with having him be the way I feel he should be!"

Sin sighed and glance over at Argent, his posture slacking and showing minimal tolerance. "Did you?"

"I did and I won't take my words back. Since all of this started, this twit's been only concerned about making things the way they were before," said Argent sternly, standing straighter.

Sin closed his eyes for a moment and then sighed once more. "Is that all ?"

"What do you mean, is that all?" yelled Starfire, her rage starting to get the better of her, due to all the stress and pint up worry that she has had to endure until now, and with no outlet.

Sin slouched on his right hip, folding his arms just under his chest and very slowly opened his eyes, which were now glowing a dark, angry red.

"Don't test me, princess," said Sin coldly, so much so that the words seemed to actually make her shiver. "I will be frank with you. I don't want you here, I never did and will, but because you mean something to Robin, I have to tolerate your existence. But I will not allow you to continue this behavior while in my place. If you are so fearful of what I and Robin are…then just go back to your tower and continue pretending that things are still they were before." He snarled at her, seeing her flinch back in fear at his long fangs. "But understand this, that world will never come back, it's lost forever…broken and already gone cold. This is the real world you are in now, princess. There is no sugar-coating to it and will only get worse if you keep thinking that way."

Starfire was inwardly fuming. She wanted to prove this creature wrong, that things can go back to way they were, that there was always a light of hope in any dark situation, but then she remembered exactly what sort of creature he was. He never can see any light because it would kill him, he could not grasp anything other than what lay in the shadows, and she pitied him for that state, just as she now pitied the state of her lover…

A cold hand instantly found itself around her neck and was squeezing painfully before it suddenly let go of her and she started grasped for air.

Sin pulled his hand back, sneering at her in disappointment and contempt. "I knew I had you pegged from the start."

"W-What happened?" asked Argent with worry, not understanding why he started attacking Starfire then stopped.

"Feeling pity is like lacing poison on your fingernails," said Sin darkly, fighting to keep his hand from going back at the alien's throat. "All it ever does is slowly kill the one you love every time you touch them."

"I do feel pity…I feel it because you never will have hope, being what you are, and now you're forcing Robin to share that sad fate. I won't allow you to do that to him, I will do everything I can to fix him from what you've done to him!" declared Starfire, rubbing her aching throat.

"Fix me?"

The three turned around to see Robin was now standing beside them with Raven behind him and looking very worried. As she should, the turmoil that was boiling inside of him was nearly choking her sensitive psyche.

"Robin, this has gone on long enough. We must return to the tower and see to your recovery," stated Robin, walking over to him and grabbing his hand. "This place is nothing but dread and darkness…you cannot stay here anymore."

"Fix me?" repeated Robin, staring blankly at Starfire with his only eye, seemingly seeing right past her or at something more.

"Yes, Robin. We must go, now!" stated Starfire more firmly, pulling at his hand to lead him out to the exit.

Yet again, she forgot he wasn't physically weak as he was once before. Her action easily came to a halt when he planted his feet more firmly and yanked his hand out of her grasp.

"I never felt pity for you, Starfire. Not once, even when you were going through your transformation when you were younger. I always believed in you and always saw the person inside you," said Robin sadly, his lips twitching in anger.

"Robin, this isn't the time. You aren't yourself and are experience emotions not your own," responded Starfire simply.

"That's not the point, Star," replied Robin lowly. "I never…!"

Sin stepped in between them, putting a hand over Robin's mouth. "Stop, Robin. You aren't yourself as she said, and you're not used to the feelings toiling around inside you. You need to stop and calm down before you say something you will regret, and believe me, you will regret saying them later on." He turned his head to side, keeping Robin in his sight but his voice addressed Starfire. "Leave now. I will not have your misguided feelings work on my son anymore tonight." His body stiffened and a feeling of danger flowed from his body. 'If I have my say…you won't ever put him through this kind of pain again.'

"He is not your son," said Starfire lowly, her eyes and fists beginning to glow.

"In all context of what he is and that I was the one that sired him, he is. I have been as respectful as I can be with someone like you, princess…but patience is not a virtue I am known for," snapped Sin, starting to get very angry with this alien woman, and feeling very disappointed in her.

After all the time he had seen her help others with their differences, he thought she would have been the most understanding of all after his son's change…how much he regretted for Robin that he had been proven wrong about her. He knew just how much he loved this woman, the one now treating him like a leper victim, a fearful one at that.

"Once all of us leave than I'll gladly go and never return to this forsaken place," spat Starfire, glaring at everything around her and then throwing all her distrust and aggression at Sin himself. "You are a dangerous being, Sin. And I will not have Robin become such a vile thing, I saved him from another monstrous person who wanted him to follow his way, and I will not let another do so, ever!"

"Ah…I know exactly the situation you are referring to my dear," chuckled Sin but no amusement echoed in it. "He was forced to serve him as his apprentice, this Slade fellow…he made him do things he knew Robin would object to, even fight the friends he had made unknowing hostages." His tone began to darken and the space they occupied was beginning to feel very cold, so much so, that the people around them had begun to move away from the chill the air that was now crawling out from the group, or more precisely, from the vampire. "But there is one sufficient difference between that monster and myself, princess. One major factor that makes this situation far different from what Slade had forced upon him."

"And what would that be?" demanded Starfire, not believing him for a minute.

To her shock, and almost everyone who had been watching the whole scene…Sin dropped to one knee before Robin, bowing his head and extended his arms toward the exit of the club.

"I give him total and absolute freedom to do as he chooses. If he wishes to leave on his own accord, then he can do so," said Sin, keeping his head bowing, his long flowing black hair pool around his face and hiding it from all to see. "He is not my slave, even in all vampiric traditions, he is my servant, but he is also my son and as any caring father would do, would give him the right to make his own decisions as to what he wishes to do. It is all that I can do after I forced him to turn from the light and become one with the darkness."

From the bar, Todd stared in total disbelief. "…In all my years…never have I seen the vampire Sin…bow to anyone." He glared at the redhead, then turned to Robin. "Boy...you have no idea just how much pride my boss is holding back for you. No one has ever earned this form of respect from him, not even from the oldest of old vampires." He came around from the bar and, he too, bowed down before Robin in the same manner as Sin.

Soon everyone in the place fell to one knee before them as the music stopped, the lights all halted, and a deafening silence now ruled the once lively club.

"…Sin, you…you don't have to do this for me," said Robin after he got over the situation. "I'm nobody that special to have you bow to me."

Sin remained in his place. "You are, my boy…and only you because you are now my son, and only to my blood will I show this form of respect, no other."

Starfire was beginning to feel ashamed, somewhat.

"Please…let us go home, Robin," she pleaded to her lover.

Robin did not reply to her. He found he could only stare at the bowing vampire, who had appointed himself his new father figure and mentor. Everything he may have known about vampires and their ways was forgotten the moment this powerful man got down on his knee for him. He could sense its deeper meaning, this otherworldly sense he now had whispered over his sensitive ears that his was truly serene, and from his missing eye, he could feel it itching and ache some before his vision expanded, In that moment ghostly imagines appeared over the kneeling vampire. One looked like the old man he had encountered back in Limbo, smirking at him and arms folded in his ragged sleeves. The other…looked feminine in shape but he could not make her entirely out, but he could 'feel' she was smiling down at Sin and at him. The female figure placed a hand on Sin's back, and as she did, Sin jerked his head up slightly, looking to have felt the tender touch the woman gave him. Before he started to turn his head to see who had touched him, the woman and the old man vanished from Robin's site along with half his vision, and a feeling of gratitude and content waved through Robin. Somehow that person had told him to trust this vampire, that he was safe with this man.

He was still all so inexperienced with this supernatural feeling. So much had changed in him and around him, but the feeling in his chest, that feeling of rightness told him what he needed the most to know. And the one thing his adopted father had taught him was always trust your inner instincts, they were the only thing that will never lie to you.

He walked over to Sin, who was looking slightly startled, moving his head slightly left and right, looking for the presence he had just felt touch him. Robin kneeled down on both knees and placed his hands on Sin's shoulders.

"I don't know what I'm getting myself into. Being a vampire was something I never ever expected to become…but until I feel that something is going wrong, I'm willing to give this a try," said Robin with as much serenity as he ever sounded in his entire life, and now his unlife.

"Robin! You cannot be serious about this!" shouted a very upset Starfire.

Robin turned his head, to glance over his shoulder, but the side of his face that he choice was his masked side. "Go home, Starfire…"

"…W-What?" stuttered Starfire, not believing her ears.

"I said, go home…neither of us are acting like ourselves, and I don't trust myself right now to say the right things…or act the right way. But I need to remain here, with this vampire, to understand things better," said Robin, his voice devoid of any emotion. "And if you cannot understand that…then I don't know who you are."

Her mouth began to gap, quivering with no sound as she tried to speak, yet no word came to her aid. Todd stood up and took the redhead by the arm.

"Come on, missy. You've overstayed your welcome here."

She started to resist him, then felt another hand, a warm hand.

"I'll take you home, Star…I'm not feeling very welcomed here, either," said Beast Boy, glancing briefly at Raven, who averted her face from him. "I think it's for the best tonight..."

Wordlessly, she gave up and let the changeling lead her out of the club and when the doors slammed shut behind them, there was never a louder sound ever than before when they closed.

Sin and everyone in the club got back to their feet, the crowded people all now staring at Robin with a look of awe and curiosity now. As for Robin, he could not figure out why they were giving him that look, or how to get them to stop.

Sin quickly broke the awkward moment for his son when he drew his attention to the DJ. "Get that music playing again! This isn't your break time!"

Startled by the sudden shout, the DJ quickly started up the music again and the flashing lights all returned to moving around the club. Soon everyone had returned to their previous business, dancing and laughing carefree. Around that time, the rest of the Titans moved in to join the little group out in the dance floor.

"Rob, you sure about this?" asked Cyborg critically.

"I'd be dead two times over if it weren't for this guy, it would be wrong of me if I didn't give him my trust," said Robin. He then drew them away from the bar, finding a semi-peaceful corner for them all to discuss. The few occupants that had been close by moved away to give the team some space, two of them nodded to Robin respectively.

When they seemed to have enough privacy, Robin addressed the remaining team. "Like I said just a while ago…I'm going to see where this leads me, I'm not going to deny that there are too many risks and factors, but we don't know anything about vampirism, and what I saw when I was changing was nothing I can hope to describe with words gives me any hopes that I can simply be cured, at least not easily."

"Can you try and tell us what you saw?" asked Cyborg, now curious about what Robin had experienced during his change, and from the looks of everyone, they too looked interested.

"…Blood," answered Robin simply. "I saw nothing by blood all around me…and faces, ghostly faces in that blood…" He then explained what he could that transpired when he was that dark place, when he mentioned the old man, Sin halted him.

"…He talked to you?" said Sin, his grin long gone and replaced with a gapping mouth. "The old one actually talked to you directly?"

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?" wondered Robin.

"He never talks to anyone save for one thing, one reason," said Sin, his pale skin actually turning a shade paler. "When he bind the change…what else happened, Robin, tell me, this is very important."

"A-After I was surrounded in blood, I couldn't hear everything he said…b-but I changed…I turned into something different, and I was scared…then I think he called me a Darkborn," said Robin, fighting of the memory of that moment when he was being covered in that eerie blood.

To their amazement, Sin's skin paled even more, so much that even his lips turned blue, giving him a more corpse-like appearance. "He…called you a Darkborn?"

"Yeah, isn't that same title for a fledgling?" said Robin, not understand why Sin looked so worked up.

"Robin, there are many things that you don't understand yet about vampires…but the title of Darkborn is anything but a simple fledgling," said Sin seriously, gripping the hero's shoulder. "Darkborn are vampires…with remarkable potential. That's all I can say for now." He smiled widely and all the mirth he had shown before shined brightly in his red eyes. "Oh, this is going to be so exciting!"

"…What?" said the entire group.

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