A Harry Potter Fanfic....

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1. The Devil, The Coffee and The Kiss

It was all her fault. She did this to me. Draco Malfoy thought as he wandered the corridors. No. It was the two of them, he thought. I did not bring this on myself.

No. It's the muggles…

Suddenly, Harry Potter came around the corner. On his own for once. He had had a posse of Gryffindors following him ever since that night. He glared at Potter as he passed. Potter gave a worried look and hurried on. Well, at least one good thing had come of this, Draco thought, as his memory flashed back. Strange. It was a year ago…


It was the first week of term at Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy, The Prince Of Slytherin (as the girls called him) had returned. He was annoyingly handsome, and he knew it. That was the reason Harry Potter hated him - and it was obvious.

Yes. Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived. Luckily, Draco didn't have to put up with him. Except for Thursdays. That day, the teachers had managed to put all of his lessons with the Gryffindors. Five lessons, too! Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, Arithmancy (which, fortunately for him, he only shared with Granger, but still.) Defence Against the Dark Arts (which was pointless for all the Slytherins - they wanted to learn the Dark Arts, not protection against them!) and Potions, which he was going to now.

Draco stood up. All the girls in the hall gasped and scrambled over one another to see him. He gave them all a look, at which they all swooned, and left the Great Hall. When he got outside, he walked along the corridor to see a girl he had never seen before. She was obviously from a different school - she wore sky blue robes and pearly shoes. She checked a piece of parchment, then muttered "Potions. C'est le cachot."

Luckily for Draco, having a French mother, he understood. The girl wanted to go to the dungeons. At the same time as translating the girls' words in his mind, he was taking in her face. She had long, waist length white blonde hair, and her eyes were pale. Well, might as well take advantage of my multilingual - ness, he thought.

"Bonjour, Mademoiselle," he said, walking up behind her.

She jumped and turned around. "Oh, bonjour!" she smiled. The girl looked Draco up and down. She seemed impressed.

"Tu parler Anglaise?" he asked.

"Oui!" she cried. "What is the point of coming to an English school if I cannot speak its language?" She had a strange accent, like a mix of a few different ones.

Draco nodded and gave her a rare, genuine smile. All his evil smiles were saved up for Gryffindors. "I heard you saying something about the dungeons?"

"Oh, yes. I need to go to some of the lessons. The headmaster asked me to choose a House. I need to go to the Potions class."

"Well, I'm going there myself. Would you like me to take you?"

"Please," she said, gazing at him. Ah well. It's only a matter of time when a Malfoy meets a girl. Oh, how half of the school is going to be disappointed…

Draco began to walk, and the girl fell into step next to him. She asked about the Houses of this school, and he told her 'The Word According To Malfoy' as people called it.

Suddenly, a thought sprung into his head. What if she was muggle born? He could be trying to make friends with a Mudblood!

"You are a pure blood, aren't you?" Draco asked the girl. Suddenly she twisted around, a fierce look on her face. She raised her hands, which looked like they were contorted into claws.

"Do I look like a Mudblood to you?" she hissed. My parents go so far back…"

Draco smirked. "I wasn't implying anything," he said calmly. They had stopped in the corridor. He took her arm and led her on. "I don't even know your name yet," he smiled, another genuine smile. No! Malfoy's don't fall in love! People fall in love with them! Number 65 in the Malfoy family rules!

The girl batted her long, white eyelashes at him. "Kamini Beau Diablo," she said. Her eyes were huge and a misty white colour. "My mother is French, my father is Spanish. It translates as Kamini the Beautiful Devil."

To Hell with the rules! She's gorgeous! A beautiful Devil, in fact…

"And you?" She asked. "What is your name?"

"Malfoy," Draco replied. "Draco Malfoy." Suddenly, he spotted a group of people ahead. "I'd try and keep out of the way of these three," he muttered in Kamini's ear.

"Who are they?" She asked as the trio came out of the shadows.

"Well, the one in the middle - that one, there - with the glasses and the dodgy hair? That's Harry Potter." Draco's voice was scornful.

"No!" Kamini was shocked - her eyes widened and her lips formed a small 'o'.

"Yes," Draco sighed. Nice one Draco. She's going to become part of the Potter fan club. The next thing I hear will be 'can I have his autograph?'

"I will go and see this Potter," Kamini said. Draco looked dejected. She spotted him and said, "Do not worry. I am not trying to make friends with him." She walked up to them and asked their names. Potter began to talk, and Draco was delighted to see that Kamini looked decidedly unimpressed. Draco listened carefully, and Kamini yawned obviously.

Potter frowned. "Have you met anyone else?"

Kamini smiled superiorly. "As a matter of fact, I have."

"Who?" Granger asked. Draco could see the dread dawn on her face. She knew what Kamini was about to say.

"A lovely boy," Kamini said, her voice stretched elegantly. She slipped into French accidentally. "Son nom est Draco Malfoy."

"Malfoy?" Potter asked incredulously. "Not Draco Malfoy?"

"Oui." She turned and walked back to Draco, who was scowling at the Dream Team. "Tonto."


"Sorry. Spanish - Father. You get the picture. Anyway. Idiot! He is definitely not a Pure Blood."

Draco shook his head, grinning at the unnecessary intermission, then stopped. Malfoy's don't grin! he yelled inside his head. But to Kamini, he said "I know. His mother was a Mudblood."

"And he is trying to pass off as a Pure Blood?" Kamini closed her eyes as though pained greatly. "What is the world coming to?" she sniffed haughtily.

Draco smirked. "We're here," he said. He pointed to the classroom door.

"Well, I have already chosen my House, but I think I should stay and find out what the Head of my House - this 'Snape' - is like."

They entered the dungeons. "Explain who you are, why you're here, and that you want to be in Slytherin," Draco muttered in her ear.

She did as he said, then came to sit by him, smiling. "He seemed pleased. He is a perfect Head of House."

The lesson was very enjoyable. Kamini knew a lot about Potions, more even than Draco, which was fun for him. Snape had been instructed to let the students try to make a complicated Anti - Gelosa potion (well, they were sixth years) to diminish jealousy. He handed out sheets with the ingredients on.

"If you had done the homework last week thoroughly, you would know how to make this Potion." He moved towards Draco and Kamini. "Of course, Draco can explain what to do," he said to Kamini.

She looked up. "Sorry Professor - I did not hear you." She indicated to the workbench, on which was the full ingredients, strewn out in small piles, and they seemed to be in a certain order.

"I take it that you've done this before?" Snape asked.

"Oh, yes. We did this just before I left," she replied, smiling.

"And what school was this?"

"Beauxbatons," she said.


Draco went down to the Great Hall the next morning a lot earlier than usual. He hadn't been able to sleep. In fact, it was about four o'clock. He didn't expect anyone to be there, but three people were. Two Slytherins and a Gryffindor.

Granger looked up from her book and lifted an eyebrow. "What happened to you?" Draco didn't say anything - he just shook his head. He sat down at the Slytherin table, far away from Blaise Zabini and Kamini, who were doing what looked like Arithmancy together. He didn't particularly care that Blaise was flirting furiously at Kamini, he just dropped his head to the table with a thud.

"Coffee," he groaned. "I need coffee."

"Malfoy, have you ever got up early before?" Granger asked brightly.

"This isn't early - this is the middle of the night." Draco growled, straightening up. He looked at Granger. How did she get up at this time and not be falling asleep in her Defence Against the Dark Arts book? The muggle phrase 'bright eyed and bushy tailed' suited her at the moment, even though 'bushy haired' was better. Draco pointed this out. "I don't even know why I'm yelling at you. I should either be asleep or drinking coffee! How do I get coffee I need coffee give me coffee now." he mumbled as his head hit the table again.

"Just call a house elf." Granger replied.

Draco's eyes were still closed as he sat up again. "How?"

Granger sighed impatiently. "Watch." She pointed her wand at the floor and called 'house elf' to the air. With a small 'pop', a house elf appeared. "May I have some more toast please?" she asked pleasantly. 'Pop.' The elf was gone, then 'pop' was back, holding an enormous stack of toast. "Thank you." Granger said, smiling, the house elf bowed and 'pop' was gone again.

"Why are you so polite?" Draco asked Granger.

"They have feelings, you know."

Draco frowned. "No they don't."

He summoned an elf (pop!) and asked for as much coffee as possible - they brought what seemed like a gallon. Draco fell on the cup, drinking deeply. He didn't notice that his mouth was burning. Yes! Coffeeeeeeeeeeee!


Hermione's eyebrow was pointed like a spear, she was lifting it so much. She shook her head and went back to her book. What was Malfoy like? Did he realise that his hair hadn't been gelled? As soon as she had that thought, she watched him raise a hand to his head and run it back over his white - blonde hair. Hermione found herself gazing over at him. He glanced back. He was pretty gorgeous, she realised. And he hadn't been nasty to her this morning.


Draco carried on drinking his coffee, until a lock of hair fell into his face. He pushed it back irritably. He looked up. Granger was staring at him. He took another sip of coffee. What did I make that remark about her hair for? It's not even bushy any more. She's quite pretty, now I think about it. He stopped himself. No. NO. NO. Mudblood, Mudblood, Mudblood. Draco drove that thought into his head. Granger is a Mudblood. Anyway, he looked over at Kamini, who had moved from sitting by Blaise, I've got a perfectly good one at the moment…


"You fancy her."

"I don't."

"Yes you do."

"I do not."

"Don't lie."

Draco was fighting the temptation to swing round and smash Blaise's face in. He had been taunting him all through Arithmancy about how he'd been 'staring longingly' at Granger all lesson. "Granger is a Mudblood. Do you expect me to like her?"

"Of course. I can see you two now." Blaise put on a ridiculously high voice. "'Oh Draco! Let me kiss you forever!'" He kissed the air above him.

"Like I'd kiss her." Not a bad idea…could be interesting…NO. Yes. NO. YES. YES. YES! ok. Yes wins. Draco sighed. "ok. Maybe I would."

"I knew it! I knew you liked her!" Blaise was triumphant.

"Well, she is pretty." Draco pointed out.

"Hmm. I see what you mean. Since the tooth shrinking she did - and her hair - did she straighten it?"

"Think so."

"Hey, Draco? Sudden thought."

"Clever you," Draco snarled.

Blaise ignored him. "Even though you would kiss her, it's not as though you could."

"What do you mean?" Draco's question was pointless. He knew what it was.

"Gryffindor - Slytherin. Mudblood - Pure Blood. Potter and Weasley - Crabbe and Goyle. Dumbledore - You - Know - Wh - "

"ok, ok. I get it. We are opposites. Complete opposites." Draco raised his eyebrows. "But opposites attract…" he trailed off hopefully.

"Ha! You wouldn't dare kiss her." Blaise taunted.

"ok. I wouldn't. But I will. Later."


Three days later…

"You won't. You won't. You won't." Blaise muttered manically under his breath.

"I will. I will. I will." Draco hissed back. "Now shut up, I'm concentrating." They were trying to get a large collection of Jarveys into boxes at the end of their Care of Magical Creatures lesson, during which they had to take notes on them, whilst being insulted rudely by the overgrown multicoloured ferrets.

Unfortunately for Draco, Potter had whispered something to them, and they had been yelling at him about his short experience as a ferret in their fourth year. Draco had cursed one of them, and a particularly small, annoying black one now had ears on it's back. Hagrid had almost given him detention for 'disfiguring his precious beasts'.

After this lesson, Draco was in a particularly bad mood. It took one more 'you'll never kiss her' from Blaise before it happened.

"I'll prove to you that I'll do it."

"Bet you can't." Blaise's eyes glinted wickedly.

"I'll do it now." Draco said, surprising himself.

Blaise looked delighted. "In front of Diablo and all the Gryffindors?"

Draco hesitated. What would Kamini say? Oh, who cares. "Yeah. Sure. Right now." He stalked off to the library, where he knew Granger would be, along with the Dream Team. And Kamini. And half the Slytherins, along with some Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. He was almost dreading this now. Stupid adrenaline…

Draco entered the library and spotted Granger almost immediately. She was surrounded by scrolls of parchment (but not Potter and Weasley, strangely), reading and re - writing her potions homework. Draco sighed irritably. Trust Granger…Better get this over with.

He walked up to her, and tapped her on the wrong shoulder. She turned to see who it was, and seeing no - one, turned the other way. She gasped and jumped up out of her seat. "Ma - Malfoy? What do you want?"

Draco didn't even need to turn to know Blaise was behind him somewhere, making sure he did this. This was the muggles fault too.

He frowned slightly, then grabbed hold of her robes and pulled her forwards. He kissed her, and to his surprise, she kissed him back. Draco was just getting used to the feel of her lips on his own, when he pulled back and fled. When he got out of the library, he ran through the corridors - left, left, right, left, right. He leant against the wall, panting. He wiped his mouth and spotted Blaise. He straightened up. "Told you I'd do it."

The next thing he knew, he heard footsteps behind him, an angry voice, and saw stars as something collided with the back of his head.