Note: I've put a new character, Diane, in. Just imagine she is Ed's great friend from high school. Hope You don't mind. Please review. Thanks!!!


CHAPTER 0NE: meeting


It was a nice day. I was sitting in Goat correcting some tests, as suddenly I didn't see anything before me. Someone has covered my eyes with his hands.

'' I'm not in the mood. Who is it?'', I said angrly, '' I'm serious. ''.

'' OK, OK... '', the familiar male voice said. He removed his hands and I turned to face him. And I was suprised. A tall darkhaired man was standing in front of me.

'' Ed Stevens!!! '', I jailed, '' Oh, my God! I can't belive this! What... how... ? '', I was stunted.

''I see you're suprised.'', he said.

'' Sure. What are you doing here?''

'' Wow. I was hoping for a little bit more optimistic welcome.''

'' c'mon. You know what I mean. How come you are here?'' I asked at last.

'' well, lot of things happend.'' He said seriously and sit beside me.

''what?'' I was curious.

'' firstly, I divorced. Obviously mailman made my wife happy.'' He laughed.

''i'm sorry.'' I smiled.

''it's ok. And secondly, I wanted to see my sweet home and friends.'' I smiled. ''and since we are at friends I was hoping for a big hug from my best friend.'' His big cute smile made me hug him. I was so happy he returned. If there is something I really like at Ed was his jokes. He was so funny. Ed is one of those guys who would have done everything for their friends. He was so charming and cute, you can't resist him. I've been knowing him for 15 years and we are still best friends. Everybody loves him. He is type of person that you just love. You can't hate him.

'' hey, you wanna go with to Molly at school. I need to give her something.'' I asked.

'' yeah, sure.''

We stood up and left the Goat.