Rugrats No More.

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Inspired By: Rugrats Midlife: Reunion by Billy-o

Prologue- A NOT SO Typical Day

Angelica Pickles, 34 years and a grouchy waitress who worked at 'Hoochie Mama' glared at the teenage boy who was strumming his electric guitar to his heart's content. Sometimes she didn't know what to do with the boy. He had blonde hair like her, but he had his father's eyes and a much more lean and muscled physique.

The boy looks up to see his mother tapping her high heeled shoes at the door way and watching him with foreboding eyes.

"How many times have I told you not to play that thing in the night time?" Angelica asked softly but her stiff voice foreboded louder talking on the horizon, "I got complaints from people for miles as I walked home Jonathan, MILES!" she cried and Jonathan fell over.

"Give me the guitar," Angelica said suddenly and Jonathan clung to it protectively and shook his head, "gimme it!" she cried as soon both her and her son were tugging at each end of the guitar.

"Angelica I'm here!" Tommy Pickles cried from downstairs and sounded rather annoyed, "I've been calling for a while now and I kind of have to get home to my wife, if you know what I mean," he said almost coyly as Jonathan took the opportunity of Angelica's surprised gasp to pull the guitar away and run from his room.

"Dad!" Jonathan cried happily as he opened the latches and locks on the door, "it's so good to see you!" he cried and flung himself on his father who nearly fell over.

"Hey I'm not strong like I used to be son!" Tommy cried as he playfully pushed him off and entered the house, "hi Angelica," he said enthusiastically as she showed up at the top of the stairs, "how's everything?" he asked as she looked down at him condescendingly.

"So you came," Angelica said emotionlessly as Tommy smiled wryly at her comment.

"I always come Angelica," Tommy said simply as he planted a quick kiss on Jonathan's head, "you know that," he said as Angelica quickly walked down the stairs and grabbed Tommy by the shoulder of his business suit.

"You follow me to the kitchen!" Angelica cried angrily pulled Tommy away from Jonathan.

"Awww, Mom!" Jonathan complained as she pushed Tommy into the kitchen and locked the door.

Jonathan suddenly grinned. He knew what they're doing in there. They couldn't fool him. He sat on the sofa and slowly started to strum his guitar.

(Meanwhile in the Kitchen)

Angelica quickly locked the door and dropped the key into her bosom. Seconds later she and Tommy were kissing each other madly. Fingers running through hair, lips moving rapidly over lips and down each others necks, they were really getting passionate.

Angelica suddenly stepped back and started to fix herself as if she simply needed to add a bit more eyeliner to her eyes, while Tommy struggled to straighten his crumpled suit.

"What if he finds out Tommy?" Angelica whispered suddenly and Tommy turned on her, an undeniable rage suddenly in his eyes.

"He won't know anything if you keep your mouth shut," Tommy hissed at her softly, "he doesn't have to know about me being your cousin and that we never really divorced because we were never really married," he snapped harshly at her, "also, my wife Kimi doesn't have to know that my cousin who's now living in Canada has a child for me," he hissed again, "she thinks that I flew here for a business meeting!"

"But what if...." Angelica asked again still insecure.

"Just keep your mouth shut," Tommy commanded and then he suddenly leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips, "just keep your big mouth shut.

End of Prologue

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