Rugrats No More

Rugrats No More

Chapter 13: New Day, New Challenges.

(New School Year at Yale)

Jonathan walked briskly to class. He was able to get into the swing of things quickly. He ensured to do smart things like avoid registering for anything over the internet except for an e-mail address and he didn't use his real name. He was determined to never be found by his biological parents. He absolutely hated them.

"Excuse me," someone said, "do you know a Professor Tufton?"

"I have a class with him now," Jonathan responded, "just follow me."

Both kept walking and Jonathan turned to face his companion just as he was about to enter the lecture hall.

The person behind him was a male of 5'9, had red hair, green eyes and wore a green shirt, black pants and white sneakers. He also held a green folder.

"Thanks," he said and hurried in, "Mr. Tufton you forgot to sign my letter."

Jonathan just smiled and went to find a seat.


(Noon at Redman Boarding School in England)

Karrie sat in a bathroom stall sobbing. Her parents had decided to keep Tommy Jr. and send her away. She knew when her mother and brother didn't meet them on the plane that something was wrong. But her father claimed that they must've been delayed and would be on the next flight.

How dumb am I? – Karrie

"You crying again Pickles?" a voice taunted.

"Go away!" Karrie shouted.

There was laughter from outside. The girls at the boarding school saw her as a stupid crybaby foreigner.

"Get out!" an older voice ordered.

The laughter stopped and there was hurrying of terrified feet.

Karrie sniffled and wiped her eyes. Soon she came out to face her rescuer.

"Crying again?" the woman demanded, "when will you just face facts?" she asked, "your parents sent you here and you just have to get used to that."

"I miss home Mrs. Ripley," Karrie said tearfully.

"A lot of girls miss home dear," Mrs. Ripley comforted, "now come, lunch time's almost over."

Karrie wiped her eyes and followed the teacher quietly.


(Meanwhile at the Pickles Residence)

"You have to go to school sometime!" Kimi shouted, "Tommy Jr. get out of bed."

Tommy Jr. lay in silence. He had at first been angry and adamant when he realized that he and Karrie were tricked. He couldn't believe his parents would go this far to separate them. But when he realized Karrie wasn't coming back, he was furious. And since his tantrums didn't work, he did the opposite. He just sat, ate, and lay around in silence.

"This will not bring Karrie back!" Kimi raged, "she'll never come back if you keep this up."

Tommy Jr. kept quiet. He knew if she could lie to him once she'd do it again. He'd never believe he'd see Karrie again until she was right in front of him.

Kimi suddenly stormed in and grabbed her son by the collar.

"You want the truth?" Kimi snarled, "why your father was willing to take Karrie so far away?"

Tommy Jr. turned to her despite himself.

"He has another son," Kimi revealed, "before me, before you."

Tommy Jr.'s eyes widened.

"And his mother's Angelica," Kimi added.

"LIAR!" Tommy Jr. screamed.

Kimi smirked. She let him go and continued to press his buttons.

"Is he away like he used to be?" Kimi pressed, "he's only here more often now because I found out and threatened to tell everybody."

"He has…he was with his cousin?" Tommy Jr. asked, "Karrie and I would've hidden our relationship to the public eyes," he said, "maybe she'd adopt a child and he'd call me uncle."

Kimi tried not to show how horrified she was at how deeply her children thought all this.

"And he lied to him, his name's Jonathan," Kimi said, "he ran away from home when your father decided to send him away because Chuckie found out," she said, "Chuckie had to even stop him from hitting her again, at least that's what Angelica told me," she lied.

"He hit Angelica?" Tommy Jr. asked in disbelief, "he was willing to send his son away?" he asked, "was he to be shipped off to England too."

"Not so lucky, Bolivia," Kimi responded.

"Are you serious?" Tommy Jr. demanded, "that hypocrite!" he shouted, "and I have his name!"

"He had hoped you'd be a mini him," Kimi said, "maybe a track star like his son."

"Where is he?" Tommy Jr. asked.

"No one knows," Kimi said honestly, "and Angelica's the only one torn up about it."

"I want to change my name," Tommy Jr. said suddenly.

"So you can be a bed lump?" Kimi demanded, "I don't think so."

"I'll go to school," Tommy Jr. said, "I'll be the…I'll be the model son you want."

"Really?" Kimi asked suspiciously.

"You can keep Karrie away as long as you need to," Tommy Jr. said, "I'll prove that my word's good," he added.

"Ok, but your dad's a part of it too," Kimi said, "he won't let up until he feels 'secure'."

"Hypocrite," Tommy Jr. muttered, "would you mind if I changed my name to Kyle?"

"No," Kimi said simply.

Not as long as I get what I want. – Kimi

"How about we go downstairs," Kimi suggested, "I'll even make that sandwich you like."

"Ok," Tommy Jr. said softly, "mummy, do you regret having me?" he asked, "do you wish for a better son?"

"No, but I can only speak for myself," Kimi told him.

"Of course," Tommy Jr. agreed and followed her downstairs.


(4pm at an Internet Café)

Angelica sat staring at the list of sites for finding people. She finally gathered the courage to search for her son on her own. She'd never forgive her father for deceiving her. But she knew that couldn't be her focus right now. Jonathan had to be her top priority.

"Looking for something?" a voice asked.

Angelica jumped then turned to see Mrs. Deville. She always hated the woman just before becoming a teenager. None of that changed since her return.

"Can I help you?" Angelica asked rudely.

"No, but I'm here to deliver a message," Mrs. Deville said, "my son's coming back tomorrow," she announced.

"Phil?" Angelica asked, "is Lil flying down from France to see him?"

"No, she's busy with her fashion line there," Mrs. Deville said, "anyway, I just want to tell you to stay away from my son," she told Angelica.

"Excuse me?" Angelica asked incredulously.

"You heard me," Mrs. Deville responded, "stay away from him, only say hi and goodbye."

"I'm not going to pollute your precious son," Angelica said, "he was barely my friend when I left," she added.

"But he had a big crush on you," Mrs. Deville countered, "I want to limit chances of that happening again."

"Don't worry," Angelica said dryly, "Phil isn't my type."

"I know your type," Mrs. Deville said scornfully.

"If you don't get away from right now…!" Angelica started to explode.

"Take it outside!" a monitor snapped, "this is a family café," he added.

Angelica snarled at Mrs. Deville who only smirked.

"I'll only warn you once," Mrs. Deville told Angelica, "next time I'll take action," she threatened.

"Are you threatening me?" Angelica demanded.

"Ok out, both of you," the monitor ordered.

"Fine!" Angelica shouted, "drop dead you ugly old hag," she spat at Mrs. Deville and stormed out.

Mrs. Deville's eyes became slits.

If she goes near Phil, she's dead. (Mrs. Deville's thoughts)