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It was a sunny Saturday morning in the T tower and everything was going great. Except for the fact that Cyborg and Beast Boy were arguing over breakfast, Beast Boy wanted Tofu eggs and of course, Cyborg wouldn't settle for anything without meat. The two eventually ended up playing a game of Halo for it.

Starfire had discovered the joy of stamps and had covered most of the tower with every one she could find. She would fly around the room sticking them to the lamps, the TV and the titan's faces. Raven eventually got ticked off and took the stamps and hid them in the closet. Of course Starfire found them and resumed her activity.

Speaking of Raven, she was busy trying to meditate and of course, having a heck of a time doing it. Every so often she would yell at BB and Cy to stop arguing over who was going to eat the pavement, and act like civilized human beings. Personally she didn't see why they even played seeing as how Star had managed to cover the screen with stamps.

Terra had returned and was at the current moment listening to her CD player and playing Asteroids on the computer. (Honestly, I don't know why. It just seemed like a good game at the time.) After doing this for an hour she walked over to BB and Cy to cheer them on. Of course she was more on Beast Boys side. She leaned against the couch behind him and watched for a little while before Ruffling his hair and flicking his ears, causing him to lose interest in the game until Cyborg shot him with a shotgun.

"Dude! Come on! I wasn't even paying attention!" Beast Boy was pretty upset right now and told Cyborg he wanted a rematch. Both of them began to argue about breakfast until Terra finally said she would cook a different breakfast for both of them. Both guys happily agreed as long as Beast Boys was animal free.

While Terra went off to cook breakfast Starfire zoomed up to Robin's room and began to put stamps everywhere. The Boy wonder opened his mouth to say something but was quickly silenced by a stamp with a clown face being smashed over his mouth. Robin blinked and shook his head repeatedly in a stupid attempt to rid his face of the stamp. Eventually he pulled it off, but not before he was able to tackle star and put stamps all over her face as well.

"You know Star, sometimes I can't understand you at all. You're a mystery."

Starfire looked at him strangely. "I am a mystery? Is a mystery not something you read for enjoyment in solving puzzles?"

The boy blinked many times before he was able to figure out a way to explain this one to her. "Well it just means that because you're not around her, I just don't get some of your customs. What you think is fun, and what I think is fun are two entirely different things. It's nothing bad or anything."

"Oh." The alien seemed to understand better now. "Well if you will excuse me good friend Robin, I must now participate in the grand old tradition of stamping!" Before she flew off Robin was quick to snatch the stamps from her hand without her noticing. They didn't call him the boy wonder for nothing. Robin tossed the stamps aside and followed after star only to find…..

A mess.

"Will you both shutup?! I'm trying to meditate!"

"Well excuse me little miss darkness! I was THIS close to beating the last level on legendary and SOMEBODY forgot to shoot the banshee before a covenent got into it!"

"Are you blaming this on ME?! Oh for gods sakes Beast Boy! Tell me, WHO was it that let the hunters catch me in the hallway?! Hmmm?!"

"GAH CRIMONY!! The stoves on fire!!! AIEEE!!!!"





SHUT THE @$%(* UP!

"Excuse me but will all of you SHUT UP!!!!!"

Everyone stopped in their tracks and stared at Robin who was breathing quite heavily. "Okay. That's it. Were going to Chicago for a vacation. Go get packed!


Beast Boy and Terra sat in his room packing. Terra's room had recently become infested with strange looking bugs and she had opted to bunk with him rather than sleep in the basement.

"Hey Beast boy? Question."

"Yeah? What's up Ter?"

Terra lifted up a pair of Beast Boys Boxers and giggled quite loudly. "Weapon of mass destruction?" she said reading the label carefully pasted over the crotch.

Beast boy turned a bright red and snatched the undergarments back from Terra, hiding them under his bed. "You didn't just see that."

"Oh I did." Terra said quite obviously in some sort of a seductive tone. "and to be honest…" she tilted Beast Boys chin up with her index finger. "I liked it."

"R-Really?" Beast Boy squeaked out.

"Nope." Terra said giggling playfully. She ruffled his hair and once again tweaked his elf ears making him blush even deeper.

"You are pure evil you know that?" Beast boy said shoving her softly.

Terra shoved him back and the two began the shoving contest of the century. That was until Beast Boy turned into a Gorilla and shoved her into the wall. He quickly morphed back into a human and rubbed the back of his head. "heh heh… umm….. oops?" Terra tackled him and the two began wrestling until they ended up on top of each other staring into the others face.

"ummmm… Beast boy… could you.. you know… move?"

"nope. This is what you get for getting into my underwear." Beast boy relaxed his body weight and refused to move. Terra began to squirm trying and failing repeated times to move out from under him until she got an idea. She reached her hand out and began playing with Beast Boys ears. Beast Boy immediately tensed up and fell over on his back with his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth.

"And what was this you were saying about revenge?" Terra asked continuing to rub his ears. "You know, your ears feel just like velvet." For a while it seemed like this could go on forever. Beast Boy was loving every second of this, and Terra herself was enjoying spending some quality time with her crush. This was all perfect until Cyborg walked in with Raven in tow. The sight that met their eyes was something like this:

Terra pretty much straddling Beast Boy with her face pressed against his ears with the elf under her twitching madly and muttering something about Tofu Burgers. All of them minus the distraught (HEY! I used a big word!) Beast boy, stared at each other until Cyborg and Raven slowly eased out the door and into the hallway. Cyborg soon poked his head back in and quickly said, "Robin says it's time to go."

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