"What?" Raven stared at Cyborg for a minute. "Can't a girl wear a dress?"

Cyborg simply being stupefied beyond all reason nodded, "Uh huh" and did the best he could to stop drooling.

"Can we go now? This is really getting awkward."

Cyborg simply being stupefied beyond all reason nodded, "Uh huh" and did the best he could to stop drooling.

"um Cyborg.. Earth to Cyborg...." Raven was getting a little agitated now.

Cyborg simply being stupefied beyond all reason nodded, "Uh huh" and did the best he could to stop drooling.

Raven slapped him upside the head once to get his attention. "are we going to go eat, or are you just going to stand there?"

Cyborg gave his head a few shakes and regained his composure. "err.. Sorry. I just uh... thought um... well you know... I... HEY! would you look at the time! We'd better go!" having finished his blather, he grabbed Raven and pulled her out the door.

"Oh fantastic...." Raven grumbled.

Shall we now return to our favorite little changeling?

Beast Boy and Terra had finally reached their destination of Navy Pier. (god I love that place. you should try their Coney dogs! Fantastic and... Oh wait.. losing track! my bad!) The two of them looked around. to the left, to the right,(take it back now ya'll. lol cha cha slide.)

"Sooo... Terra... any ideas?"

"I have one. hot dog eating contest?" Terra looked at beast boy with a mock sarcasm look on her face.

"Hey! You know I don't eat meat!" Beast Boy proceeded to give his, "You have any idea how much pain those pigs had to go through?" speech, and tried to ignore the fact that everyone in the pier was looking at him.

"Um... beast boy.. no offense but I don't think anyone cares...."

Beast Boy looked around to see everyone had resumed their original places and had gone back to simply walking around bored. "Damn."

"C'mon, let's ride on the ferris wheel! It's the perfect time!"

"Why's that?"

"Because it's so dark, no one else'll be able to see what we're doing up there." She answered in a slightly seductive tone.

"Are you serious?!" beast boy quickly perked up.

"Nah. just wanted your undivided attention." terra giggled and ran towards the wheel leaving a rather confused Beast Boy behind.


"Are you sure there's no gravy in here?" Cyborg was looking up at the waiter.

"No sir. no gravy here." the waiter looked down again to see Cyborgs eyes staring at him. "Is there someting wrong sir?"

"Is there Gravy now?"

"No sir. May I take your order?"

"Rae? Go ahead and tell this Nazi what you want to eat."

Raven sighed at the immaturity of her date. "Please excuse him. he's mentally retarded."

"HEY! Not only is that not a dish, I'm not retarded!"

"Well I wore a dress for you. And Maybe if your real nice, and if you agree to what I say, and don't cause a commotion, I'll wear it again."

"Yeth Honey..." Cyborg crossed his eyes and started acting like a retard to mock Raven.

"I'll have some herbal tea, and a salad, and he'll have the kiddies macaroni and a juice box."

"Yeth Hon- Hey wait a minute!"

The waiter, not wanting to see how this ended up, rushed off to give the chefs the order.( assuming they had juice boxes in gourmet restraunts.)

"what was that all about? You could have at least given me something with meat in it!

"Beast Boy doesn't eat cheese either Cyborg." Raven knew all about Cy's tradition of telling beast boy about all the meat he had eaten just to piss of the vegetarian, and she smirked when she saw Cyborgs grin.

"Hey Yeah! Your right!" Cyborg activated his T signal and called Beast Boy, but the connection was "busy". (If you don't get that joke, then I pity you. I truly do.)

"Is he not picking up?"

"Ten bucks says he and Terra are going at it." Cy said with a grin.

Raven giggled in spite of herself but covered it up by acting like she was coughing.

Cyborg ignored this and went back to amusing himself by playing with the table cloth.

"Cyborg, is there any reason why your eating the tablecloth?" Raven asked him.

"I'm hungry, and if I remember correctly, you ordered me a kiddie sized macaroni…. Jerk." Cyborg proceeded to spit the tablecloth out of his mouth after realizing imagining that it was an ice cream sundae didn't make it one.

The dinner soon arrived and Cyborg was quickly done with his macaroni, and juice box which, to his surprise wasn't half bad.

"Hey that wasn't half bad!" Cyborg announced, stating the obvious. "In fact that was the best macaroni and cheese I've ever tasted! I have to get the recipe!" Cyborg quickly rushed into the chefs hall to ask for the recipe.

Raven sighed and began counting to herself, "three, two, one…."

Suddenly Cyborg could be heard yelling something about how he didn't care about the chefs mothers secret recipe, and how the chef had promised to keep it forever so he swore on his mothers grave. He wanted that damn recipe you slimy pompous toad.

Raven sighed, swallowed the last of her meal, promptly dragged cyborg out the door conveniently forgetting to pay the check. (whoopsie, I made the titans bad people. Tee hee!"…. okay the tee hee had to be the gayest thing I've ever done…)
Well, how will this little event turn out? You'll have to wait until the next chapter, but for now….

Mean while….

"Beast Boy, I love you, and you're the best friend I've ever had, but that was the STUPIDEST thing you've ever done." Terra and the elf were walking towards the exit of navy pier which seemed to be emitting large clouds of smoke from it.

"Hey it could've happened to anyone… anyone….anyone…." Terra looked at Beast Boy Strangely for some sort of explanation as to why he was repeating himself. "Okay somebody roll the flashback already!"

Me: Ooops. My biscuit.


Beast boy could be seen walking towards the ferris wheel with Terra. Suddenly he stopped unbeknownst to Her and looked at a lever. The lever read in big bold letters, "EMERGENCY FERRIS WHEEL LEVER DO NOT PULL! WHAT? YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND THAT SIMPLE CONCEPT? DON'T PULL THE FRIGGIN LEEEVEEEERRRR!!!"

Beast Boy scratched his chin and looked around cautiously looking to see if anyone was around. Upon realizing no one could see him, his hand slowly reached towards the lever….

"Beast Boy! C'mon! The rides gonna start!" Terra called from a distance causing Beast Boy to let out a sigh of defeat.

"You win for now lever of Satan! But I vow to come back! And when I do, I shall pull you!" Beast Boy suddenly realized the sexual sound of this phrase and waved to the people nearby pointing and calling him a pervert.

"Beast Boy! Let's go!" Terra yelled again.

The Changeling was about to go when he saw a dog on a leash, tied up and left alone. "Poor little guy. Here, I'll let you off, and you go find something good to do with yourself. Beast Boy unlatched the dog and quickly found out why he was tied up.
"AHHHH!!!!! RABID DOG!" Beast Boy could be seen running like hell with the angry dog in hot pursuit. Beast Boy ran right past the lever, not noticing that the chain attached to his pants had wrapped around it. The lever was pulled, the ferris wheel broke loose, and all hell was unleashed. (Why there's a ferris wheel release button I can's say. I just had to get poor little beast boy in trouble.)


"Uh huh…" Terra looked at him sarcastically before flipping up the ground under him.

"Hey… that hurt.." Beast Boy looked up in pain from under the pile of rocks. "That wasn't necessary you know!"

"Sure it was. I say the painful way is the best way." A chibi Terra could be seen thumping Beast boy upside the head with a bat while smiling happily. "And I don't lie!"

"Sure you do. The time you said you weren't working for slade… The time you betrayed us all… and what about the time you said you were going to dress up as Cinderella for Halloween, but you actually dressed up as a hook-" Beast Boy was cut off by Terra slapping her hand over his mouth.

"I told you to never speak of that again." terra was looking around, her eyes wide with fear that her secret may have been exposed to the general public. "I picked up that costume by mistake. I thought it was a more modern version of Cinderella! I mean c'mon! cut me some slack BB!" Terra patted him on the back and removed her hand from Beast Boys mouth when he licked it.

"Uh huh… modern version…. Right…." The two of them walked away with Terra still trying to convince Beast Boy she really hadn't dressed up as a hook- (Gets beaten up by Terra. "NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN!"), and with the entire Navy Pier crumbling behind them, the rest of the night promised fun activities, and donuts for all!


Stay Tuned for the next chapter, BB And the joys of plastic surgery! OOO…. THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD!
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