Chapter One:

Buried Alive By Love

Author's Note:

Hello again. Right, so I decided, since I'm not getting so good at updating, I'm going to go ahead and start writing properly again. This is a strange hybrid I wanted to create. It's a cross between Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, as well as adding a touch of some other games/books (The Bouncer, Tekken, and some others).

I'm writing this on a cloud of fluffiness. I've just read 'Bookworms and… Booya' by Mintbaby, and it is the cutest thing you've ever read. Slightly nauseating, but still…

The entire fic is based around HIM's 'Love Metal' album. Before I begin each chapter, a section of the lyrics will be written. The chapter is named after the song the lyrics came from. I suggest HIM's album, it's great and Valo is sooooo fit! ^_-

You like my little Usagi-esque face? More like Chibi-Usa isn't it?

Sorry if I overload you with new characters. If you want some information on them please e-mail me and I'll send you a word document with each of the characters broken down on it.


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If I should die before I wake

Pray no one my soul to take

If I wake before I die

Rescue me with your smile.

Sora woke up. Had he done it? Had he really sealed the darkness away?

"Sora? Sora! You're home!" A girl with auburn hair ran forwards and engulfed him in her embrace. Sora struggled free, and looked at her.

"Sora?" She frowned. He stood up and looked around the beach. If the darkness had been sealed, then that meant that everything was exactly as it should be… Which meant that Riku…

"It's been five years… Won't you even look at me?" Kairi asked. Sora turned and met her eyes, and she gasped and looked away. That gaze was so intense, too much… It wasn't the look of a nineteen-year-old, it was the look of a hardened warrior…

"Where's Riku?" Sora asked, his voice seemed strangely forced. Kairi stood up and took a deep breath.

"He was the one who told us where you were, before he passed out. He's back at the hospital-" Kairi stopped when Sora quickly made for the water.

"Sora? What's got into you? We haven't seen each other for five years and all you can do is ask where Riku is! I've missed you so much and all you can think about is him! The one who's fault it is that everything wasn't resolved all those years ago!" Kairi exploded. Sora stopped and looked over his shoulder at her.

"You've changed Kairi. So have I. And so has Riku. You'll understand, but until then, you've got to trust me that one day, you'll know everything. Until then, stick by Riku and me. I don't think we're ready to tell anyone what happened yet…" Sora then dived into the water and swam to the other island.



"Riku?" Sora moved forward into the room. He heard Selphie, Tidus and Wakka's gasps of delight as they rose to greet him, but he shook his head at them and went immediately to Riku's side.

"You are not gonna die," Sora whispered fiercely. "I haven't beaten you up enough yet." He smiled grimly. Riku's eye lids fluttered open and he smirked.

"What makes you think you could ever beat me Sora?" He asked. Sora grinned.

"Hey, who holds the record? Certainly ain't no Heartless commanding evil entity I know," He joked. Riku laughed, then winced.

"I gave up the 'Heartless-commanding' part five years ago," He said sarcastically. Sora took Riku's hand.

"Why'd you do it?" He asked. "Why'd you go get yourself pummeled like that for me? I mean, you were in no condition to fight, you didn't have back-up for Donald or Goofy-" Sora stopped, biting on his lip. Donald and Goofy had paid with their lives for Sora's tardiness…

"Don't blame yourself Sora. It's that bastard Heartless that's the things behind it all," Riku then coughed pitifully.

"I know… But… You die… You know I can't live without you…" Sora clutched his best friend and comrade's hand as though he could stop Riku's life from leaving him just by squeezing his hand.

"C'mon Sora. I thought you were stronger than that," Riku's words hit home. Sora felt tears spring into his eyes.

"It's not fair! Why did it have to be you? I was prepared to die! I was prepared to give my life instead. It shouldn't be you there. You should have taken the Keyblade when you had the chance and let me be the one lying there-"

"ENOUGH!" Riku's stern command made Sora jump and fall on his rump.

"I did this for the same reasons you would have done it for me…" Riku grasped Sora's hand again.

"You can't die. If you'd have begged me to live, I would have lived for you. Just to stop you from crying. Please don't make me cry Riku…" Sora begged, and buried his face in the two boy's entwined hands.

"What's going on?" Kairi's voice suddenly broke through the tension in the room.

"Riku's dying," Selphie said morosely.

"No he's not! He won't die!" Sora yelled. He used his free hand to brush strands of hair from Riku's face. "Promise me you won't die!" He demanded.

"I can't promise that-" Riku began but Sora clenched his fists.

"Promise me!" He shouted. Riku closed his eyes.

"I'll try not to make you cry anymore Sora…"



Sora sat on 'Riku's Island'. It seemed strange to be here without Riku. It wasn't fair that Riku should be on his deathbed… All because he, Sora, had gone to see Cloud…

"Why did it have to be me? Why couldn't it have been someone else? Leon would have made an awesome Keyblade Master… Or Cloud… Or Yuffie… Or…" Sora realised he was talking aloud and closed his mouth.

Wishing it away won't help. He told himself firmly. He had to think of a way to bring Riku back… Only, the magic and skills he'd picked up were forbidden to be used… He'd promised Mickey…

But Mickey hadn't known that Riku was going to die.

"Hey Sora!" Selphie walked over and sat next to him.

"Hi Selphie…" He replied. Although he hadn't seen her for five years, he still wasn't ready to talk to her yet. Right now he needed to think of a way to save Riku…

"There are some guys at the shack who say they've been looking for you… They're kind of weird," She giggled. Sora stood up and nodded to her.

"Thanks Selphie. Let's go," He walked away, leaving her to follow.

Once at the beach, Sora saw a group of people, looking lost and nervous. He smiled for the first time since he'd got to the island.

"Sion!" He yelled and waved. He ran forwards and embraced the man.

"How's it going little bro?" Sion asked. Sora pouted.

"I'm only twenty minutes younger than you!" He protested. Sion laughed.

"You're still my baby bro," He ruffled Sora's hair. Sion looked almost exactly like Sora, except his face was slightly more pointed, more defined. Whereas Sora was cute, Sion was handsome…

"Whoa whoa whoa… You have a brother?" Selphie asked. Sora nodded, then turned to the rest of the group… Sion Barzahd, Ninja Taki, Volt Krueger, High Summoner Yuna, Zell Dincht, Tifa Lockheart, Lee Chaolan and Zidane Tribal… All who's ancestors had once lived in the Destiny Islands…

"Good to see you guys," Sora ignored Selphie's idiotic question and greeted his 'team'. It was this group, plus himself, Donald, Goofy and Riku, who had defeated the Heartless once and for all.

"Likewise," Zell replied. Sora and Zell clasped hands in their official 'buddy' handshake. Sora proceeded to this this handshake with everyone in the group.

"Where is Master Donald? Or Sir Goofy? Where is Riku?" Yuna asked. Sora sighed.

"Donald and Goofy are dead. Riku is dying," He said, flatly. The group gasped as one.

"Who are these people? Who is Donald, who is Goofy and what the hell are they doing on our island?" Selphie demanded. She took a few steps forward and stood, almost like a face off with Sora.

"These are the people who saved the universe Selphie," He told her, plainly.

"I want to help Riku. I have plenty of White Magic, I may be able to save him," Yuna put forward. Sora whipped around to face her, almost pushing Selphie over in his eagerness.

"I'll help," Zidane put forward. "Where is he?"

"There's a shack, over there," Sora pointed out a large wooden house. The two healers looked at each other and nodded, jogging off towards the house.

"Sora, I'm waiting for an explanation here!" Selphie poked him playfully. His chest swelling with hope, he turned to Selphie.

"Okay, okay… The two gone off to help Riku are Yuna and Zidane. Yuna is a legend in her own right. She defeated the biggest evil to ever threaten her world. She's also highly skilled in the healing arts. Zidane is also a legend. A Thief King who saved his world from being resorted to nothingness. He's got very steady and fast hands, which makes him Yuna's assistant. He's also pretty mean with a knife," Sora explained. Selphie nodded. Then she gasped.

"He's got monkey hands! And a tail!" She pointed, excitedly. Sora grinned.

"Yeah, he's a Genome. They all have those. Zidane's one of a kind though. Like, the best of the best, right? That's because the soul that made him, came from here," Sora gestured about him.

"Yuna doesn't look all that powerful…" She said. He cocked his head to one side…

"Physically, she's not all that… However, it's her determination that makes her stand out. Her will is enough to make mountains move out of her way. She's the only reason why half of us didn't give up. That and the fact that she promised kisses if we beat the Heartless," Sora smiled slyly. Yuna was pretty, but she had changed a lot since they first met her.

She had been wearing traditional summoner clothes, from her home world. However, over the journey, she'd discarded those, for clothes easier to fight in. She'd replaced her staff with guns and left the art of summoning behind.

"The name's Zell Dincht," Zell stepped forward and held his hand out. "Sorceress slayer, brawler, and all-round dense blonde. Brawn rather than brains you could say." Selphie shook his hand. Sora grinned.

"Zell was a real asset to the group. He has limitless amounts of passion and gave the team a few laughs along the way," He clapped Zell on the shoulder.

"Shame you were laughing at me rather than with me," Zell rubbed the tattoo on his right cheek. Selphie giggled and turned to the next person.

"Tifa Lockhart, brawler like Zell, only I've taken a few less hits to the head," Tifa grinned at Zell, who took it in true Zell style and laughed it off. "Also saved my world from evil." Tifa had long brown hair, a pretty round face, and, well, oversized breasts… She wore shorts and a tank top for ease of movement with her brawler moves.

"Pleased to meet you," Selphie shook her hand.

"Lee Chaolan. Unlike these guys, I actually am in a grey area. I'm not evil. Not good either. My story is long and I'll tell it some other time," He bowed and then sat down in the sand, unbuttoning his shirt and sunbathing.

"Right…" Selphie looked up at Sora, who shrugged and moved on to the next person.

"The name's Volt Krueger, wrestler, bouncer, personal guard, planet saver, death bringer, general fighter," Volt grunted. Selphie looked a little frightened, seeing as Volt's facial piercings made him look like some thug.

"Sion Barzahd. Sora's twin brother, bouncer, martial artist, world saver," He shook her hand. Selphie seemed a little overwhelmed.

"Taki," The last woman offered and fell silent. Sora sighed.

"I know that's a lot to take in, don't worry about it," Sora told Selphie. Selphie nodded.

"Sora!" Yuna called from the hospital shack. "You better come here!"



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