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Part 2a

Overcast skies heralded rain, which only seemed to accent the dour mood around the Tendou home. Normally, it would be just another rainy Sunday, but Nabiki just had to turn on the news to catch the stocks. She regretted it almost immediately, as the first coverage to pop up on the screen was not the Nikkei index as she'd been wanting. Instead, she caught an eyeful of more gristly details on the Tokyo killer's handiwork.

This time, two more bodies had been found, not more than two hundred meters from one another in an aqueduct. If there had been any doubt as to the connections between the killings, this had removed it. While the station that was covering the scene wasn't able to get past police lines for actual footage, one of the reporters first on the scene had been able to get a good view. The female reporter was now presenting the stations viewers with a first-hand description of the bodies.

"This is Morioka Jun reporting for a live channel five broadcast. This reporter was able to catch a glimpse of one of the recent murder victims, though I am unable to give our viewers a snapshot just yet. The body appeared to be in much the same shape as last night's discovery. Is this a related case, we won't be able to tell until the body is taken to forensics. After checking with the local police, we have however, found out that the number of reported missing persons this week has indeed increased a dramatic seven percent. How many more women out there have fallen to these bizzare killings," Ms.
Morioka's face was replaced by a news anchor from the channel five studio giving a hasty weather report.

Nabiki rolled her eyes and searched for another channel covering the crime scene, thoughts of checking the Nikkei all but forgotten. Channel five was hardly reliable, and often covered boring and utterly pointless bit of supposedly breaking news. It was probably due to their ace reporter, the woman who'd just been on the screen. Nabiki thought she'd probably done more than a few favors in order to get where she was, especially regarding such a big assignment as these murders. "What a load, it would help if the police were more forthcoming about this." She wondered if they had any leads at all,
or if they were just sitting around, scratching their collective asses.

Maybe Ranma was right, she grumped, flicking past channel after channel, finding nothing worth actually paying attention to. Unless there was some sudden breakthrough, the short-haired woman speculated that this case would either go unsolved, or continue unabated. The second was a far more terrifying thought, which she quickly pushed aside. When the front door suddenly closed behind her,
Nabiki felt herself suddenly tense up. Looking over, she was relieved to see it was only Kasumi coming back from the store. "Hey sis, is it raining out there yet," she asked to cover her embarrassment, not that Kasumi would've made any comments even if she had seen Nabiki almost leap up off the couch at her arrival. The older girl shook her head in the negative.

"No, but it's going to start pouring any minute, I can feel it."

Shaking her head at her sister's reply, the girl on the couch wondered when Kasumi had started sounding like such an old woman. "Feel it, she can't be serious," Nabiki muttered to the empty cushion next to herself. For some reason, she was reminded of Ranma, and Jusenkyo. Perhaps her sister wasn't so far off then.

"Have you seen Akane, or Ranma today?"

"Hmm, no. I think she went out for a jog, or she could have just been chasing after her fiancé, who knows with those two," Nabiki shrugged.

"Well, as long as they are out together then. I don't like all this business with those poor girls on tv."

The middle Tendou stared hard at her oblivious sister. "What are you talking about sis, you just went to the grocery store. You certainly didn't ask for anyone to go with you."

"Yes, I know. I feel quite safe. Those girls they found were so much younger."

"Kasumi! Who do you think you are, an old woman? You're barely a year older than I am, and last I checked the victims were anywhere from their late teens to mid-twenties. You're just as vulnerable as Akane, or I!"

The makeshift housewife shirked back slightly at her sisters verbal onslaught. "I know, I know! But,
somebody had to go out to the store, and since you're just sitting there laying around doing nothing, that someone was me! Father certainly wasn't going to do it, and don't even mention Mr. Saotome," the plastic bags in her hands were rustling with the tremors running down Kasumi's arms.