The Angel and the Demon

Chapter 1: Amnesia

            Hi everybody my name is Sevish and I'm new to the Street fighter fanfiction. I was browsing the pages of in the street fighter section and I could not seem to find any kind of good Ryu/Cammy fanfiction so I decided to make an attempt. Here it is.


            The wind swept harshly across the cold snow filled concrete streets of London as a young blonde girl, wrapped in a heavy coat and hair in tight braids, walked toward a certain apartment building near the MI-6 headquarters. She had just finished her grocery shopping and was getting ready to come down off of the celebration of the first anniversary of her acceptance into MI-6 special ops. At nineteen she was the youngest woman/person to ever get into MI-6. She was enjoying the privileges that came with it. There was a small to do at lunchtime but right now she was planning to indulge herself with her cat, Artimus, when she got home. This was not meant to be as she saw a brilliant flash of light burst the darkness of the alleyway. She dropped the groceries on the sidewalk and rushed into the alleyway, but she found only young Japanese man that looked about maybe a year or two older than her, lying face down in the snow nothing more than karate gi pants clothing him. He was bleeding profusely from a gash in his fore head "Oh, bloody hell." She cursed as she easily slung the man's right arm around her shoulder, despite the fact that he completely dwarfed her small frame. Luckily her apartment was very close and she drug him there, after picking her groceries off the ground, with ease.

            With in a few moments she had him out of the cold and into her apartment where she promptly bandaged his head and gave him a cup of coffee. It seemed that the gash on his head seemed worse than it was. She got into some normal clothes and approached the disorientated man and sat down in front of him. "Where am I?" he asked shakily.

            "You're in London," She responded "My Name is Camilla White, but my friends call me Cammy. What's yours?" The young man rubbed his head thoughtfully and pointed his jet black eyes directly into hers.

            "Ryu…" he answered

            "Ryu, Is that it?"

            "That's all I can remember."

            "Amnesia, huh? Well, get some rest. In the morning I'll take you to my office and we'll see if we can do any thing for you." Said Cammy

            "Wait, you don't know me. I could be some serial rapist or something and your just going to let me stay?" worried Ryu as Cammy just laughed and turned to her guest. Ryu had not noticed it before, but she was an incredibly beautiful young woman.

            "What you just said and the look on your face when you said it makes me believe that you are not. Besides, I can take care of myself." She shot him a smile that could melt the paint off a blast furnace. Ryu lay down on the floor of the living room as soon as she left and let himself drift into sleep. Cammy, on the other hand, could not sleep despite the comfort of her bed. She wondered what was going on. To tell the truth she was not letting him use the living room as a bed out of the goodness in her heart. She had been intrigued with the flash of light. Colonel Wolfman had been in her position just years before. It had all happened the exact same way, the bright flash of light, the gash in her head, Ryu had been through the exact same experience as herself, whatever that experience was. So she continued to ponder such things until her eyes forcedly shut from fatigue.

            The next morning Cammy got up at roughly nine in the a.m. and walked to living room, however, her guest was gone. Cammy began to panic, the answers he might have had to offer her gone, just like that. That was until she heard noises coming from the kitchen. When she arrived, she found Ryu cooking a large pot of Rice. When Ryu noticed the extra presence in the room he turned to Cammy and smiled. "Hello, I hope you don't mind. I made breakfast, I figured it was the least that I could do to repay your kindness." He said as he scooped a large helping of it and set it on the bar for her.

            "Rice for breakfast?" wondered Cammy.

            "I don't know why I made it but it just seemed to come naturally. It's better than it looks." He coaxed as they both began to eat. Cammy marveled at the taste and nearly lost herself in the smile that her approval brought on. She looked him up and down and noticed that he had the same white pants on as the night before. It was about this time that she noticed that she had not changed out of her sleeping wear. Normally this would not have been a problem, but there was now a man in her apartment and she realized that her underwear my not be appropriate at the moment. Despite the fact he was just as naked as she was at the moment. After she put on a pair of second skin jeans and an over sized sweatshirt. She gave him a jacket that he zipped to his neck and the duo then left for Cammy's work.

            With in minutes they had reached their destination and Cammy waved her security badge several times and finally managed to get Ryu inside the building. They stopped at the main information desk and applied for a temporary pass. "You finally get yourself a boy friend Cammy?" asked the lady as Cammy just blushed.

            "Just gimme the damn pass!" she griped quietly

            "Hit a nerve, did I?" The information Lady chimed victoriously as Cammy snatched the pass and gave it to Ryu.

            "Come on we're gonna go see Colonel Wolfman. Maybe he can help us find out who you are."

            After a few minutes of walking and a short elevator ride they stepped out and walked into a cold dark room. "What in the world?" wondered Cammy as both she and Ryu tensed up. They both felt the presence of twenty different people all around them. Suddenly, the lights flashed on and the entire floor heard a loud battle cry of 'surprise'. People were coming out of the woodwork with poppers and streamers, and then just as suddenly as it started, it dissipated and a tall man with normal light brown hair walked to the front and smiled brightly at Cammy.

            "Colonel, What's going on?" wondered Cammy "My anniversary was yesterday."

            "Yes but thanks to the intelligence we received from Shadowloo agent you captured, we were able to severally cripple Bison's drug running opportunities on British soil."

            "That's great news!!" chimed Cammy as Colonel Wolfman then turned to Ryu who was quietly standing next to Cammy, minding his own business.

            "Cammy, who is this security breech?" he asked

            "His name is Ryu, I found him on the street in the exact same way you found me Colonel Wolfman."

            "Really? That's strange. Fellow, lets get you a full work up." Said Colonel Wolfman as he looked at Cammy's old jacket and the white Karate gi pants that Ryu wore. "And some better clothes." He added

            Hours later Ryu had gotten a clean bill of health from the agency doctors as Colonel Wolfman retrieved Ryu a pair of regulation pants and boots in addition to a white tank top that seemed a little too small for him. Suddenly a loud ruckus sounded one floor below as sounds of crashing and screaming was heard through out that floor and the one Cammy and the others occupied. Without thinking Cammy ran for near by stares followed quickly by Ryu and Colonel Wolfman. When they arrived one floor lower, they beheld a horrendous since of carnage. When they reached the prison cell that had contained the prisoner Cammy captured. Only to see a tall longhaired blonde man was standing over the large sized black man's corpse with three protruding claws puncturing the prisoner's throat. The Blonde man straightened himself and turned a masked face toward the group and laughed. "Colonel Wolfman, you have been quite the thorn in my masters side."

            "Who are you?"

            "My name is Vega and I've come to kill you, sir." Said the blonde man as he seemingly disappeared in a blur of motion. Appearing just behind Colonel Wolfman with claw poised to strike his spine. Luckily Cammy had seen this and managed to pull Colonel Wolfman out of harms way, but took the claw to her shoulder. Cammy cried out in pain as the weapon pierced her to the bone. Ryu's instincts jumped into over drive as he set a kick into the blonde haired man's face, causing his mask to fly across the room.

"My face, MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!!!" Vega crowed as he set his sights on Ryu.

            Ryu lowered his guard and looked at the strange man as he charged toward Ryu with his claw out stretched. Ryu dropped at the last possible second and kicked the man's legs out from underneath him. As the man fell, Ryu's instincts told him to crouch and prepare his fist. As Ryu concentrated he felt a warm rushing of water in his fist that just begged to explode. "Shoryu-ken!!!" He yelled as he let the energy in his fist erupt into the blonde mans chin. Vega collided with the ceiling and rebounded, landing in an awkward position on his neck, instantly unconscious.

            "You're a fighter?" wondered Cammy as she held her bleeding shoulder.

            "Guess so." Answered Ryu "Cammy your arm!"

            "Get a med team in here now!" ordered Colonel Wolfman. Cammy, sitting down in an effort to keep herself from going into shock, pulled Ryu close to her. "You have to tell me where you learned that technique."


Well there it is my first attempt at a Street Fighter fanfiction, let me know what ya'll think. I only write to entertain so let me know how I'm doing, any questions, comments and/or flames are welcome.