The Angel and the Demon

Chapter 3: Reflections

The night was an especially crystal clear as the clouds rolled playfully across the southern sky as if they were so much cotton candy being folded around Cammy's apartment. She had been puzzled for quite some time now, and Vega's introduction into the mix was driving her up the wall. So she sat there on the roof of her eight-story apartment with her feet quietly dangling over the edge. It had been days since the tussle in the interrogation room and could not help but reminisce. She had on her favorite oversized American football jersey that her first partner gave to her before she went to work with Interpol. The Jersey was proof of her ever-changing life, despite her attempts to bring some margin of stability to it; everything always changed. So she just clung to her jersey and hunted the man that had made her what she was today.

Suddenly, a hand landed ever so gently on her shoulder. Cammy nearly jumped out of her skin in surprise, but turned to find the face of her new partner. Ryu looked at her with his haunting barley colored eyes that shimmered as if the sun had just risen over the Brazilian sugar cane fields. They were strange eyes that had seen much but did not remember any of it. They were her eyes. "You're going to catch cold out here." Ryu said as he placed a blanket around her shoulders. That's right he had gotten an apartment just two floors above her own.

"Ryu, do you think that Vega's telling the truth?" inquired Cammy as she continued to stare at the stars wistfully.

"He passed a lie detector test."

"People like him could say they were the embodiment of goodness and light with the detector not saying anything out of the ordinary." Cammy scoffed.

"Look at it this way, It doesn't matter if he's lying or not. If he isn't then you have a sister we need to save; if he is then we're one step closer to finding Bison and ending his tyranny once and for all." Explained Ryu nonchalantly.

Cammy turned to face Ryu and looked at him with an interest she once reserved for Colonel Wolfman. She was astounded by his wisdom and decided that had to have been some kind of Japanese monk in his previous life before he lost his memory. The night was only five hours from midnight, and Cammy decided that it was still too early to sleep. Cammy sprung to her feet and landed inches away from Ryu. "Ryu, do you know how old you are?" she asked completely on the spur of the moment.

"What?" Ryu was caught off guard.

"How old are you?"

"I can't remember, but Colonel Wolfman says I'm in my early twenties…"

"Why don't we make today your birthday until you can remember your real birthday?"


"Good! It's settled then. Go get some clothes on I'll take you to this great Tex/Mex restaurant I know! Whad'ya say, Come on."

"Tex/Mex? In Britain?"

"Of course, silly. Now, lets see what I have to wear." Cammy chimed happily without paying any attention to what Ryu had said earlier. Cammy was a girl and sometimes acted the part as all girls did. The fact that Cammy did not remember her childhood or anything that related to only served to amplify her need for such things. Ryu prayed that when she did discover her past that it would be a happy one filled with laughs and happiness. However, neither of them knew, despite their warrior's senses, of the figure shrouded in the darkness of the air that surrounded it. The figure was small and slim in a form fitting reinforced body suit that resembled Cammy's field uniform. In fact the figure even had a similar hairstyle with radiant blonde hair drawn tightly back into two braided ponytails. There was one major feature that separated them completely, the mask. This figure possessed a damascus mask with two blood red eye holes that shone with an eerie life all their own. In an instant the figure vanished as if disappearing into the wind itself.

A second too late, Ryu turned his head to the spot the figure had been only seconds before. He could not place the sense of familiarity that seemed to permeate his being. "Yo drowsy!" called Cammy as Ryu was forcibly snapped form his delirium, "Come on, and let's get going." Ryu's attention turned back to Cammy who was wearing a pair of second skin low-rider jeans and a large sized bandanna as a tube top. She had taken the time to unbraid her hair into long, perfectly groomed, hip length, blonde tresses. Ryu's jaw was firmly attached to the floor, which Cammy found rather funny as she grabbed her long coat. "Listen, as funny as you look right now, luv, women don't usually find staring attractive."

Ryu quickly composed himself and grabbed the leather jacket Cammy helped him pick out and armor, but Ryu could not forget the strange sensation that had come over him. It both burned like fire and wailed with sadness; he had never felt anything like before. However, Ryu had things to do and it was never wise to have your mind on anything but the fight.

Hey guys sorry for the long hiatus on this fic, just filler for now tho. Oh and any girl who has been wronged probably knows what that feeling that Ryu caught on wind was. Wink, wink, hint, hint, say no more. (o.)